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 "DAVID and ISABELLA ELDER and those who came after them"         Return to ORVILLE ELDER genealogy
by Orville ELDER,
published 1928, Washington County, Iowa.

Found the reference on page 106,
 for  "PETER ELDER group of Norfolk VA" - but a different story and he doesn't actually mention the name "PETER ELDER".
Most of these  names are in Lee ELDER's "PETER ELDER" book, including Ruth Elder, "Aviatrix."

 Their Descendants' DNA differs from those in
so someone may have told the story to account for finding other ELDER

Page 106-108.
  Just recently Ruth Elder, of Anniston, Alabama, coming into prominence as a cross sea aviator
invited the attention of the public to the name in an unusual way.
Noticing that Ruth's father's initials were the same as my own: "J. O."
I dropped a note to him making inquiry about his family.
He referred me to Mr. John Howard Elder, of Decatur, Ga.
as one who was better informed about Elder ancestry, and from
Mr. J. H. Elder I received a letter which would connect our family with three Elder brothers
who came to the colonies in 1655.
The following are the parts of the letter which bear upon that point:

                     Decatur Ga.
                     November 29, 1927
Mr. Orville Elder
My dear Sir:
  Yours of Oct. 31 would have had my attention before
now but for the condition of my eyes--in 1911
I had an unfortunate fall that made an invalid of me--for seven years.
I hope to dispel your seeming doubt as to the Elder family in the United States--descending from three brothers.

In 1655--1. Daniel Elder--2. David--3. John Elder found  themselves in London, Eng. orphans.
After discussing their situation with the gloomy prospect for a
career in England, they determined to go to the American Colonies.
They had a friend, a ship captain, trading with the Colonies.   They
consulted him, and he advised them to go to the Colonies, as they would
have better prospects than in England for success.  They then informed
him they had so many "lbs. and shillings," which proved one far short, but
he advised them that he would carry them over on his next trip, provided they
would pay him as soon as they could make it after arrival, which they, or rather John Elder did.
  They were landed at Norfolk, Va. 1656.  The Captain
went to see a merchant for whom he had brought over goods, etc.
In their conversation the merchant informed the Captain that he was in
need of a clerk.  The Captain informed him that he had brought over
three fine young men, recommending them highly, that he would bring
them to his place of business the next morning, which he did.  The merchant
selected John, who afterwards married his daughter, succeeded his father-in-law
at his death and made a fine success.  I am descended from John.
   Daniel and David went with the Captain until they arrived at Annapolis, Md.,
Anne Arundel Co., where they bid their benefactor farewell.
They settled there.  After one year, Daniel left, went to Pennsylvania, where he remained one year,
going from there to New York, afterwards to Connecticut, then to Dorchester, Mass, where he settled in 1667.
  David Elder, after residing a number of years in Maryland, moved to
Pennsylvania, not far from Harrisburg.  So you see, you are descended from David.

  When in Philadelphia and New York, I made it convenient to go see your relatives.
David D. Elder, Philadelphia, was a fine man, as well as all the rest, upholding the traditions of the family for honor,
integrity, etc., etc. David was in business on Chestnut St., Elder & Bentley.

   John Elder's descendants are scattered all over the U.S.
Virginia--married Mary Matthews, the daughter of Dan Ephriam Matthews and
granddaghter of George Matthews,  Stanton, Augusta County.
They had seven sons: 1 George--2 Ephriam--3 Joshua--4 -- 5 David--6 William--and 7 John-- and one daughter.
Of these sons, Ephriam and David were Revolutionary soldiers, serving the the Virginia line, others in the Continental Army.
For service of Ephriam and David Elder, see Roster Virginia Revolutionary Soldiers, Page 152--George, Roster page 397--404 and 460.
They served in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.
Hence, their names appear on roster of each state.

  I am descended from David Elder, who married Mollie Reade of Brunswick County, came to Georgia in 1807, died 1853, age 93.
His oldest son, Edmund Elder, wa my grandfather.  He married Nancy Hall Tigner, Clark County, Georgia.
My father Phillip Tigner Elder was their oldest son, born 1812, died 1853.  He married Talitha Anna Bassett.
I an their youngest son, now in my 78th year.
  Rev. Wyche Elder, son of David, and brother, Edmund Elder, my grandfather, moved from
Clark County, Ga. to Roanoke, Ala in 1835.  He is the great grandfather of Ruth Elder.
Her grandfather was Edmund Elder, father, James O. Elder, Anniston, Ala.
  I have met all of James O's family except Ruth.  They are fine people.
She has one uncle in Texas: one Wm D., Cleveland, Ohio; one Jesse, Anniston, Ala.;
one John Tillman Elder, Atlanta, Ga., one of the largest wholesale and brokerage houses in the city.

Have you coat of arms of Elder family?

   Hon. Robert H. Elder of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, a descendant of John Elder,
who moved from Virginia to Kentucky, writes me that one of Daniel Elder's descendants resides in that city, but did not give his name.
  John Elder, who went from England to San Francisco, Cal. in 1848 is the only Elder
I have been able to locate that is not descended from the three brothers, Daniel, David, and John.
With highest regard,
Very truly yours,
John Howard Elder,
Decatur, GA
#305 Morgan St., E. Lake
Name:   David D. Elder
Home in 1880:  Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Age:  41
Estimated Birth Year:  abt 1839
Birthplace:  Pennsylvania
Relation to Head of Household: Self (Head)
Spouse's Name:  Catharine S.
Father's birthplace:  Pennsylvania
Mother's birthplace:  Pennsylvania
Occupation:  Stationer
Marital Status:  Married
Race:  White
Gender:  Male
Household Members:
Name  Age
David D. Elder  41
Catharine S. Elder  36
Louisa Elder  13
Grace A. Elder  10
Mary K. Elder  8
Robert T. Elder  6
David D. Elder  4M
Louisa Stoever  61  (Mother-in-law) (1819)    SEE LOUISA STOEVER in Cumberland Co PA*
Haddessad Stoever  27
Jane Freeman  19
Sophia Grant  28
Source Citation: Year: 1880; Census Place: Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania;
Roll: T9_1182; Family History Film: 1255182; Page: 66.3000; Enumeration District: 487; Image: 0719.

Name:   David Elder
Age:  11
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1839
Gender:  Male
Home in 1850 (City,County,State):  Washington, Dauphin, Pennsylvania
Household Members:
Name  Age
Robert S Elder  50 (1800)
Hannah Elder  38
David Elder  11  (1839)
Ann Elder  5
Emma Elder  0
Jane Elder  15
Mary Elder  17
Rosetta Elder  13
Thomas Elder  4
Victoria Elder  10
Source Citation: Year: 1850;
 Census Place: Washington, Dauphin, Pennsylvania;
Roll: M432_775; Page: 427; Image: 419.
DAVID D. ELDER married (1-30-1866) Sarah Catherine Stoever
Google Books: Dodson Genealogy, 1600-1907 (page 159)

Name:   Louisa Stoever
Estimated Birth Year:  abt 1819
Age in 1870:  51
Birthplace:  Pennsylvania
Home in 1870:  Mechanicsburg, Cumberland, Pennsylvania  *
Race:  White
Gender:  Female
Post Office:  Mechanicsburg
Stoever, Charles  60  PA (Clergyman) (1810)
Source Citation: Year: 1870; Census Place: Mechanicsburg, Cumberland, Pennsylvania;
Roll: M593_1333; Page: 437; Image: 208.