Query - Find parents of  JOHN ELDER m. Margaret SCOTT (b. Northern Ireland)
Resided in  Centre Co PA
 Son: John ELDER, b. 28 Jan 1821 Centre Co PA  m. Nancy K. McMUNN, b. 20 JAN 1826 Clarion Co PA
   Son:  Robert George ELDER b: 12 FEB 1860 in Clarion Co, Pa m. Cora Helen GROAT b: 30 MAY 1862 IOWA.
Rita Harvey sent info from her relative Myrtle:
Husband John Elder
Husband Father Mathew Husband Mother Jane McConnell
Wife Margaret Scott
born Ireland.  Children listed
Another sheet
Husband Mathew Elder
Married 12/15/1796 Path Valley Pres. Church Franklin Co.PA
Father Robert Mother Mary
Jane McConnell and list children.


 Scans sent by Rita Harvey (9/4/2009)
Page 1
Elder/Flynn book - Centre Co and Clarion Co PA - Chapter 2 - page 1
page 2
Elder/Flynn book - Centre Co and Clarion Co  PA- Chapter 2 - page 2
Also, another version is printed in
Elder Family Newsletter, Vol. 1 #2 - Apr., May, June 1993 - page 13
(but no mention of Robert ELDER, b. 1730, Perth Scotland)
Article "The Elder Brothers..."
by Cheryl Ann (Elder) Stone (and Myrtle Eloise Flynn Elder Thompson)
Scanned and posted

References from:
 "The Timleck-Hancock and Bradley-Groat Genealogies" online:
Robert Groat Elder married Myrtle L. FLYNN
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Why is Nancy K. listed as "Nancy K. ALLEN" and Married,  in 1880 census?  Did she re-marry after 1870?

Name:   Nancy K. Allen
Home in 1880:  Clarion, Clarion, Pennsylvania
Age:  53
Estimated Birth Year:  abt 1827
Birthplace:  Pennsylvania
Relation to Head of Household:  Self (Head)
Father's birthplace:  Pennsylvania
Mother's birthplace:  Pennsylvania
Occupation:  Keeping House
Marital Status:  Married
Race:  White
Gender:  Female
Household Members:
Name  Age
Nancy K. Allen  53
Clara E. Elder  15
Source Citation: Year: 1880;
Census Place: Clarion, Clarion, Pennsylvania;
Roll: T9_1117; Family History Film: 1255117; Page: 79.2000;
Enumeration District: 65; Image: 0163.
Name:   Nancy Elder
Estimated Birth Year:  abt 1828
Age in 1870:  42
Birthplace:  Pennsylvania
Home in 1870:  Clarion, Clarion, Pennsylvania
Race:  White
Gender:  Female
Post Office:  Strattanville
Household Members:
Name  Age
Nancy Elder  42
Munson Elder  19
Jasper A Elder  17
Edward Elder  15
Sarah M Elder  12
Robert G Elder 10
Malissa Elder  8
Clarra E Elder  5
Source Citation: Year: 1870;
Census Place: Clarion, Clarion, Pennsylvania;
Roll: M593_1326; Page: 397; Image: 112.
Photo of Sarah M. Elder Kifer and husband

by Victoria DiLuciano
# ID: I1817
# Name: Nancy K. MCMUNN
# Sex: F
# Birth: 20 JAN 1826 in Clarion County, PA

Father: John MCMUNN b: 1805 in PA
Mother: Margaret MCINTYRE b: 1808

Marriage 1 John ELDER b: 28 JAN 1821 in [Centre County, PA]
    * Married: 2 SEP 1847 in Washington, PA

   1.  Sarah Margaret ELDER b: 20 SEP 1858 in Clarion County, Pa
   2.  Munson ELDER b: 1851
   3.  Jasper Newton ELDER b: 3 JUN 1854 in Clarion County, PA
   4.  Edward ELDER b: 25 SEP 1856
   5.  Robert George ELDER b: 12 FEB 1860 in Clarion County, Pa
   6.  Melissa Elizabeth ELDER b: 6 MAR 1862
   7.  Clara E. ELDER b: 19 JAN 1865

# ID: I1816
# Name: John ELDER
# Sex: M
# Birth: 28 JAN 1821 in  [Centre County, PA]
# Death: 12 OCT 1865 in [Asbury, Clarion Co PA}

Father: John ELDER
Mother: Margaret SCOTT b: in Northern Ireland

Marriage 1 Nancy K. MCMUNN b: 20 JAN 1826 in Clarion County, PA
    * Married: 2 SEP 1847 in Washington, PA

# ID: I0375
# Name: William [S.] ELDER
# Sex: M
# Birth: 30 JUL 1826 in Franklin County, PA
# Death: 9 SEP 1887 in [Clarion Co PA]
# Fact 2: Was Reared in Centre County, PA

Father: John ELDER
Mother: Margaret SCOTT b: in Northern Ireland

Marriage 1 Lucy KIFER b: 1828 in Clarion County, PA
   1.  Anna S. ELDER b: in Clarion County, PA
   2.  Clark ELDER b: in Clarion County, PA
   3.  Alice ELDER b: in Clarion County, PA
   4.  William ELDER b: in Clarion County, PA
   5.  Margery J. ELDER b: in Clarion County, PA
   6.  Glen D. ELDER b: in Clarion County, PA
   7.  Adam J. ELDER b: 5 JUL 1854 in Clarion County, Pa
Asbury Cemetery stone:
ELDER, William S. - July 30, 1826 to October 9, 1887
Lucy (his wife) - March 25, 1828 to February 16, 1956

# ID: I1887
# Name: Robert George ELDER
# Sex: M
# Birth: 12 FEB 1860 in Clarion County, Pa

Father: John ELDER b: 28 JAN 1821 in Center County, PA
Mother: Nancy K. MCMUNN b: 20 JAN 1826 in Clarion County, PA

Marriage 1 Cora  [GROAT]
by Teresa Gaskell
# ID: I26541
# Sex: M
# Note:
Marriage 1 CORA HELEN GROAT b: 30 MAY 1862 in IOWA.
   4.  Living ELDER

Transcribed from the paper files of Rita Utt Harvey - Letters by her "Great Aunt Anna" and others.

.".Ella ION has completed an ELDER Family Tree.
Myrtle has been working on one for her kids for several years.
She has traced her own family and our Dad and Mother's as far as she could.
So she is interested in all this, too.
  They told me that 4 Elder Brothers came to America from Ireland and
2 were killed by Indians and the other 2 settled in Centre Co Penn.

  "Myrtle wrote me that Clive Gwinn said all the Gwinns, Elders and Mooneys came
from Curlsville PA, and for me to contact a Mr. Curl there.                                               [Curllsville, near Clarion, PA]
  So while at Beaver Falls, I drove up about 100 miles north and contacted the Curls.
They were lovely old people and knew the Gwinns, and all their wives and the Mooneys.
But never heard of Dad.  They had a book, like a family Bible,
with the names dates etc. of all the old
(Letter Page 2):
familys of Clarion Co. but Dad's wasn't there.  Many other Elders.
I found out later, it was because his Father died before the book came out.
Then he told me Ed Mooney, a brother of Bill's lived up the road.
When I told Mr. Mooney ( a man 87) who I was and asked if he knew my Dad,
he said, "Robby Elder! I'll say I do!"
You know Aunt Saddy always called Dad Robby, and I found out later that was the name he went by
until he came West.
 Mr. Mooney said Dad came to Curlsville and worked two summers to go to school at Edinboro.  [in Erie Co PA]
That is how he met the Gwinns.  But he didn't know where he came from.
Said he could remember when Dad and Howard Gwinn could beat everyone else on Debate Night
at the Licking Presbyterian Church.
He visited in our home in Garfield in 1903 - stayed about a year with Bill, wanted
to know all about Bill's family, the Gwinns, Stivers, Jacksons, etc.
I went to Clarion 10 miles and stayed all night.
 Next morning I started sifting thru the Elders.
 I found an old lady 90 who was the widow of Will Elder, a cousin of Dad's.
She sent me to her son Russel, out past Strattanville, by the Asbury church (Methodist).
 There I struck pay dirt, as Dad and Mother had visited in the home in '28.
  He and his wife were so very understanding.
They took me to the Asbury Church Yard and found our Grandfather's
tomb stone, John Elder, born 1821 - died 1865, when Dad was 5 yrs
  I met Russel's sister, a Mrs. Haines, the most attractive woman I
nearly ever saw, and she is our third cousin.
  They had a plot of the Church Yard.
There are 6 other graves, one is Munce, Dad's brother.
 The others have no markers. But I presume one is our grandmother's...."

Bio of Robert George ELDER and Cora Helen GROAT

Robert George ELDER, born Feb. 18, 1860, Clarion Co Penn - died Oct. 1935, Garfield [Whitman County] Wash.
Cora Helen GROAT, born May 31, 1862 in Iowa - died Oct. 1935, Garfield, Wash.

Cora Helen GROAT, daughter of Rev. E.G.O. and Delia GROAT was born in Iowa.
As a child she was a pianist and a soprano soloist in her father's Baptist Church and
lived in various towns in Iowa.  Cora moved with her parents to the Territory of Washington
in the 1890's.  She obtained a teaching job in a newly built school in Garfield, Wash.
The school was a two-room school and she taught the 4 lower grades.

Robert George Elder, son of John and Nancy Elder was born in Clarion Co., Penn.
His life was a struggle for at the age of 5 his father died.
Robert started work in his Grandfather's sawmill at the age of six
carrying bales of shingles on his head.  As a child he was called Robbie and as
an adult he went by Bob.  He always made his own living and at one time worked on a
farm for room and board and 50 cents a month.  Through all of this he
managed to educate himself and go onto put himself through Edinboro in [Erie County] Penn.
He also helped his younger sister get an education.
At the age of 19 he came out west to Washington Territory and taught
school for one year.  Realizing he needed more education he returned to Penn.
In his late 20's he returned to the territory and settled in Garfield where he
became Principal and taught the four upper grades in the two-room school.
Five months after he met Cora Helen Groat, they were married in Garfield on Nov. 27, 1888.

Robert and Cora Elder saved their money and bought 160 acres of wheat
land from the railroad for $8 an acre.  This land layed at the foot of
Steptoe Butte, which is the highest, treeless butte in the U.S.
The Butte is a National Monument named after Col. Steptoe who fought the
Indians from this vantage point.  About 1898 Robert rented the land out and
moved into town again where Robert became owner-editor of the Garfield Enterprise,
a weekly newspaper.  Many of his editorials were picked up and reprinted in the
Portland Oregonian, Seattle Times, and the Spokane Review.

Robert Elder, who had great patience, a splendid sense of humor, was a
very conservative Republican and a great lover of justice.  These interests
led him into county politics where he was on the Garfield School Board and
some State Agricultural Offices and Vice-Pres of State Bank.

Cora Elder died of cancer at the age of 72.  A week later Robert at the age of 75
was killed in an auto accident when a semi-truck crashed into him while trying
to avoid a boy on a bicycle.


"Edinboro University of Pennsylvania was founded as the Edinboro Academy,
a private training school for Pennsylvania teachers in 1857,
by the region's original Scottish settlers.
It is the oldest training institution west of the Allegheny Mountains and
the second oldest in all of Pennsylvania.
As a people, the Scots were both hearty and hardy.
Their commitment to teaching and learning, their work ethic, and
their strength of family tempered by upbringing in the great Highland Clans
have brought a unique perspective and commitment to all we do at Edinboro University today..."

# ID: I109167
# Name: George Washington ION
# Given Name: George Washington
# Surname: Ion
# Sex: M
# Birth: May 1862 in , Clarion, PA
# Death: 24 Dec 1939 in , Clarion, PA
# Ancestral File #: 1GPN-FVJ 1 2

Marriage 1 Anna Susannah ELDER b: Mar 1859 in Clarion Co, PA
    * Married: 27 Apr 1886 in Strattanville, Clarion, PA
   1.  Blanche Bessie ION b: Apr 1887 in , Clarion, PA
   2.  Ella Bell ION b: 22 May 1889 in , Clarion, PA
   3.  Meade E. ION b: 7 Apr 1892 in , Clarion, PA

   2. Abbrev: Ancestral File (TM)
      Title: Ancestral File (TM)
      Author: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
      Publication: June 1998 (c), data as of 5 JAN 1998

# Name: Anna Susannah ELDER
# Given Name: Anna Susannah
# Surname: Elder
# Sex: F
# Birth: Mar 1859 in Clarion Co, PA
# Death: in Clarion Co, PA
# Ancestral File #: 1GPN-FWQ 1 2

Father: William B. ELDER b: 30 Jul 1826 in Franklin Co, PA
Mother: Lucy KIFER b: 1828 in Clarion Co, PA

Marriage 1 George Washington ION b: May 1862 in , Clarion, PA
    * Married: 27 Apr 1886 in Strattanville, Clarion, PA

# ID: I108028
# Name: William B. ELDER
# Given Name: William B.
# Surname: Elder
# Sex: M
# Birth: 30 Jul 1826 in Franklin Co, PA
# Death: 9 Sep 1887 in Westmoreland Co, PA 1

Marriage 1 Lucy KIFER b: 1828 in Clarion Co, PA
    * Married:
   1.  Margery J. ELDER b: 1851 in Clarion Co, PA
   2.  Adam John ELDER b: 5 Jul 1854 in Clarion Co, PA
   3.  Glen Dove ELDER b: 1856 in Clarion Co, PA
   4.  Anna Susannah ELDER b: Mar 1859 in Clarion Co, PA
   5.  Alice D. ELDER b: May 1862 in Clarion Co, PA
   6.  Clark ELDER b: Mar 1866 in Clarion Co, PA
   7.  William M. ELDER b: 1869 in Clarion Co, PA

Name:   John Elder
Age in 1860:  38
Birth Year:  abt 1822
Birthplace:  Pennsylvania
Home in 1860:  Clarion, Clarion, Pennsylvania
Gender:  Male
Post Office:  Clarion
John Elder   38  abt 1822  Pennsylvania
Nancy Elder   36  abt 1824  Pennsylvania
Munson Elder     9   abt 1851   Pennsylvania
Newton Elder    7  abt 1853  Pennsylvania
Edward Elder    5  abt 1855  Pennsylvania
Sarah Elder    3  abt 1857  Pennsylvania
Robert Elder   6.12 abt 1859  Pennsylvania
Source Citation: Year: 1860; Census Place: Clarion, Clarion, Pennsylvania;
Roll: M653_1095; Page: 97; Image: 99.
(William on same page, age 33 with family)

Name:   Russell Elder
Age in 1910:  6
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1904
Birthplace:  Pennsylvania
Relation to Head of House:  Son
Father's Name:  William M.
Father's Birth Place:  Pennsylvania
Mother's Name:  Eva
Mother's Birth Place:  Pennsylvania
Home in 1910:  Clarion, Clarion, Pennsylvania
Marital Status:  Single
Race:  White
Gender:  Male
Household Members:
Name  Age
William M. Elder   41
Eva                           36
Vera                         15
Leanore                   13
Nellie                       11
Hazel Elder               8
Russell Elder            6
Margaret Elder         4
Arthur                     1.2
Source Citation: Year: 1910; Census Place: Clarion, Clarion, Pennsylvania;
Roll: T624_1329; Page: 12A; Enumeration District: 6; Image: 902.

Atlas 1877 Land plats for ELDER, McMUNN ION, CURL, FRAMPTON, etc. in Clarion Co PA,ClarionTp.jpg