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Thanks to Larry Cornwell for sending the DAR record of Margaret Rice MABBUTT,
wife of Waldo Louis MABBUTT,  Residence: 302 Davenport, Richland, Washington
DAR Chapter: Columbia River
DAR Record # 399578, approved Jan 30, 1951
Patriot: JAMES ELDER, Pennsylvania                            See more about JAMES ELDER (1712-1818) of FRANKLIN CO PA

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Thanks to Alfred Young for sending handwritten copy of Orphans Court Records:

Cumberland County, PA Orphans Court Records,
Docket (Book) 2, Page 174, 176, 177
Year 1773, February
"Upon the petition of Joseph Thorn eldest son of JOHN THORN late of Hamilton township Yeoman
Deceased to the Court setting forth that his Father Died Intestate
owner of two small Tracts of Land Situate in Hamilton Township in this county adjoining
Lands of George Mathews John Hindman John Bussard and the North Mountain
including a small improvement; and containing in the whole two hundred and Forty Acres or Thereabouts:
That he left Mary his Widow (now the Wife of a certain Robert ELDER) and lawfull Issue
Five Children namely Joseph (the Petitioner) James, Martha, Ester, & Ann:
That the said Lands cannot be Divided amongst all the children of the Deceased
without predudice to ...the whole and praying the Court to appoint an Inquest to view and value the same Lands...."