Mystic Quebec

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Mystic is just north of Bedford. Not sure how many kilometers. The Vaughan Cemetery is just up the road from a Roman Catholic church which has the "Union Cemetery" right beside it and the Vaughan Cemetery can be seen from the road. It is a small hill in a farmer's field with barbed wire around it and a gate. You have to first go through a gate into the farmer's field and walk a bit to the mound (hill) where the cemetery is. Looks like it is maintained as the grass seems to be cut. Not sure if the Vaughan cemetery is one of them. I have photos of the Vaughan cemetery from different angles as well. There is a barn and a silo a short way from the cemetery mound.


ORIN VAUGHAN - son of Clark R. Vaughan and Elizabeth ? Born: 1833 Died: May 9, 1857

Aged 24 years, 11 months Have photo.

JOHN VAUGHAN - husband of JANE M. BOCKUS Born: February 17, 1831 Died: March 24, 1911

Have photo

They had 4 children, Edwin, Ada E., Emma Jane and Elnora. Elnora is buried at the Vaughan Cemetery but I couldn't find the other children's graves.

JANE M. BOCKUS - wife of John Vaughan

Born: Sept 30, 1830

Died: April 5, 1913

Have photo

ELNORA VAUGHAN - 1st wife of Robert Arthur Brown and my great grandmother

Born: December 12, 1870

Died: June 3, 1890

She died 11 days after giving birth to my grandmother Hazel. Aged 19 years,

5 monhts, 22 days.

Have photo


Born 1854

Died 1922

Didn't see a gravestone for him

ADE E. VAUGHAN - wife of Irwin Unwin

Born: February 26, 1862

Died September 17, 1917

IRWIN UNWIN - husband of Ade E. Vaughan

Born July 1, 1854

Died October 17, 1932

Have photo

Both names on gravestone. Both buried at Union Cemetery in Mystic.

EMMA JANE VAUGHAN - wife of John J. Larkin

Born: November 10, 1867

Died March 13, 1949

Married: John J. Larkin in 1896

Buried at Union Cemetery in Mystic

JOHN J. LARKIN - husband of Emma Jane Vaughan

Born: August 25, 1869

Died March 18, 1949

Married: Emma Jane Vaughan in 1896

Buried in Sherbrooke, Quebec

Have photo of the house they lived in.

My grandmother HAZEL ELNORA GOUGH (nee Brown) was raised with John and Emma

HAZEL ELNORA BROWN - my grandmother and wife of Frank Leslie Gough

Born: May 23, 1890

Died: February 10, 1971

Married: Frank Leslie Gough April 28, 1920 Both are bured at the Union Cemetery in Mystic.

Have photos

HIRAM VAUGHAN - husband of Eliza A. Bockus

Born: October 2, 1828

Died: February 11, 1913

Have photo.

Grave stone inscription: One we loved has gone up yonder but we cannot mourn or weep since within the arms of glory he so calmly fell asleep.

His siblings are Clark R. Vaughan, John Vaughan (as above) and Caroline Vaughan.

ELIZA A. BOCKUS - wife of Hiram Vaughan

Born: December 15, 1831

Died: January 12, 1892

Have photo

Grave stone incription: Farewell dear mother sweet thy rest Wearly with years and worn with pain Farewell till in some happy place We shall behold thy face again

CLARK R. VAUGHAN - husband of Elizabeth ??

They had a son Orin

Didn't see a gravestone for him

CAROLINE VAUGHAN - wife of ?? Stone

Didn't see a gravestone for her

ONAM VAUGHAN - husband of Dorothy Davies Didn't see a gravestone for him.

DOROTHY DAVIES - wife of Onam Vaughan

Died: March 16, 1886

Have photo.

JAMES ALONZO VAUGHAN - husband of Jane Nancy Moore

Born: July 24, 1829

Died April 24, 1892

Married: Jane Nancy Moore May 16, 1861

Didn't see gravestone for him.

JANE NANCY MOORE - wife of James Alonzo Vaughan

Born: January 8, 1831

Died: April 17, 1883

Have photo. Gravestone now imbedded in the ground, not upright.

They had 3 children, Frank Ashton, Dorothy Elizabeth and Flora Azubah

FRANK ASHTON - husband of ??

Born: June 1, 1869

Died January 23, 1960

Didn't see a gravestone for him

They had 2 children Hazel Mae and Ashton C.

HAZEL MAE - wife of Charles D.A. Grasse (Jr.) She married him Sept 2, 1933 Didn't see a gravestone for her


Born: November 13, 1871

Didn't see a gravestone for her

FLORA AZUBAH - wife of John Henry Gough II Born July 21, 1862

Died: April 2, 1940

Married: John Henry Gough July ??, 1891 in Sutton, Quebec Both buried at Union Cemetery in Mystic Have photo


Born May 5, 1828

Died December 28, 1888

Have photo


Born September 30, 1853

Died July 3, 1888

Have photo

Gravestone inscription: Gone Home

Gravestone now imbedded in the ground, no longer upright.

MELVIN VAUGHAN - husband of Jane ??

They had a son Albert Earnest

Didn't find a gravestone for him


Have photo of gravestone

HOLLIS VAUGHAN - husband of Alma ??

Died: July 14, 1944

Have photo with Hollis, Alma and Audrey's names on it Grave stone

inscription: God had taken his children Hollis, Alma, Audrey home

ALMA VAUGHAN - wife of Hollis Vaughan

Died: May 3, 1944

They had a daughter Audrey

AUDREY VAUGHAN - daugher of Alma and Hollis

HENRY NELSON BOCKUS - husband of Virtue A. Vaughan

Born: 1817

Died: Sept 13, 1878

Was a Captain

Aged 61 years

Didn't see a gravestone

VIRTUE A. VAUGHAN - wife of Henry Nelson Bockus Have photo Gravestone was split in two but looks like someone repaired it and the pieces are mended together with a steel brace.

They had a daughter Mary


Born: 1850

Died November 24, 1860

Aged 10 years, 11 months, 11 days

Have photo

AMANDA M. VAUGHAN - wife of Allen Bockus

Born: 1851

Died May 7, 1873

Aged 22 years

Have photo

ALLEN BOCKUS - husband of Amanda M. Vaughan

Born: Aubust 22, 1842

Died April 5, 1895

Didn't see a gravestone

CHARLOTTE VAUGHAN - wife of James Boomhower Born 1831 Died Sept 23, 1909 Aged 76 years Have photo Grave stone inscription: She believes and sleeps in Jesus

JAMES BOOMHOWER - husband of Charlotte Vaughan Born 1828 Died January 7, 1898 Aged 70 years Have photo Grave stone inscription: Asleep in Jesus They had 3 daughters, Emily J., Lizzie V. and Clara E.


Born March 20, 1873

Died March 21, 1874

Have photo


Born October 11, 1871

Died March 26, 1874

Have photo


Died April 6, 1887

Aged 22 years, 9 months, 3 days

Have photo

GEORGE W. BOOMHOWER - husband of Mira ??

Died March 5, 1886

Have photo

MIRA ?? - wife of George W. Boomhower\

Died April 30, 1883

Aged 32 years 11 months 16 days

Have photo


Elmer W. Corey

There is an Ada E. Corey 1881- 1964 who was married to a George A. Bockus 1884-1962. Not sure if she is related to the other Coreys in the Vaughan Cemetery. Ada and George are both bured at the Union Cemetery in Mystic.

I have visited the cemetery as some of my relative are buried there. I  have taken photos of most of the gravestones and marked down names and dates.

Some of the gravestones are in bad shape and not readable and others are broken in half.