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The “Monuments Men” were a group of 345 or so men and women from thirteen nations who comprised the Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives section during World War II. Many were museum directors, curators, art historians, and educators. Together they worked to protect monuments and other cultural treasures from the destruction of World War II. In the last year of the war they tracked, located, and ultimately returned more than 5 million artistic and cultural items stolen by Hitler and the Nazis. Their role in preserving cultural treasures was without precedent.

The Monuments Men remained in Europe for up to six years after the conclusion of fighting to oversee the complicated restitution of stolen works of art. During that time they played instrumental roles in rebuilding cultural life in the devastated countries of Europe by organizing temporary art exhibitions and music concerts. Art and culture mattered greatly then – and today – to the Monuments Men.

Upon returning home, many of the Monuments Men and women had extraordinarily prominent roles in building some of the greatest cultural and educational institutions in the United States. They became directors and curators of world renowned museums such as the Met, the MOMA, the National Gallery of Art, the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Toledo Museum of Art, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and many others. Other revered institutions, such as the New York City Ballet, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the National Endowment for the Arts, were the tangible results of ideas of the Monuments Men.

This is my ongoing research on these individuals - if you have any additional information to share - please contact me , Nancy Cunningham

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My Research- Names include : 
1. Beaufort, Rene
2. Beer ( de Beer ), Samuel
3. Bernholz, Charles
4. Bleecker, Paul O
5. Boell, Jesse E
6. Born, Lester K
7. Buchman, Julius
8. Buckingham, Russell
9. Bumbar, Julianna ( Glinski)
10. Child, Seargent B
11. Clem, Harold J
12. Corrigan, Gordon
13. Downey, Glanville
14. Fujishiro, Motoko
15. Gabriel, Richard
16. Gilbert, Archey
17. Giuli, Thomas
18. Grinbarg, Morrie
19. Hammon, Stratton
20. Hauschildt, Kurt F
21. Henraux, Albert
22. Holland, Eleanor
23. Johnson, Lorin K
24. Kates, George N
25. Kinzie, Joseph R
26. Koberstein, Freeman G
27 Kormendi, Andre
28. Kuhlke, Richard
29. Lacey, George T
30. Maehler, Wolfgang
31. Markus, Werner
32. McGinn, Elizabeth
33. Mutrux, Eduardo
34. Ossario, Frederic E
35. Pilliod, Henri
36. Pleasants, Frederick
37. Popham, Walter
38. Prochaska, Ladislav
39. Risom, Ole
40. Willess, Lester