Descendants of Robert Coleman of Nansemond County Virginia 1684-1930; Chapter 3: Robert Coleman, III and Susanor Unknown

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Descendants of Robert Coleman of Nansemond County Virginia 1684-1930

Chapter 42:  Descendants of Zilpha Coleman and Henry Pitt, of New Albany, Indiana

(25) Zilpha Coleman, born c1752, married Henry Pitt.  I found more from the PITT-L archives on him.  Henry Pitt is said to have been born in Isle of Wight VA.  He married Zilpha Coleman in Edgecomb County, NC.  Henry received bounty land in Sumner County, TN for his military contribution in the revolution.

In addition, we have a pension record for Henry Pitt of Sumner County, TN:

AGE 74
[Navey, William R.]

There is a Henry Pitt in Isle of Wight County Virginia shown on the 1704 Quit Rent Roll. [Wertenbaker, 1922]

There is a Henry Pitt listed as owner of 12 slaves in 1778.  [William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine, 1917]

In the Isle of Wight County Records, p 219, the will of Edward Chetwyne, dated Sept. 7, 1649 mentioned as legatee and as executor a Henry Pitt.  [William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine, 1899]

On page 225, c.f., we find:

Deed noting that Capt. Henry Pitt was deceased.  Mr.
Thomas Pitt "sonne and Heir."  His widow Anne married Capt. James Powell.
Before she married Henry Pitt, she was the widow of Mr. Robert Watson.  Dated 27 Aug. 1666.

On page 227, c.f., we find:

Coll. James Powell and Anne my wife, lately the relict of
Captain Henry Pitt deceased c1667.  Thomas Pitt was his son
and heir, 1667.

On pages 237 and 238, c.f., we find:

Robert Pitt and Henry Pitt were sons of William Pitt and Mary
Pitt, of Bristol.  William Pitt was son of Thomas Pitt, who made his
will in May, 1613.  Thomas Pitt, who patented lands previous to 1646,
on the Appomattox, was probably another brother.  Robert Pitt's sister
Maud married Dr. Richard Russell, of 
Lower Norfolk Co., referred to
by John Ferrar in his verses as that "learned physician."  Russell appears
to have removed to New England, as did Mary Pitt, another sister, who
married Andrew Newell (Mary Pitt died Sept. 26, 1684).  (See New
England Hist. and Gen. Mag., Vol. 45, p. 151; and Vol. 49, p. 255.)  
Robert Pitt was a member of the Council and Lieutenant Colonel.  His wife
at time of death was Martha, sister of Col. John Lear.  He had issue:
  1.  Robert Pitt, dead before 1672, leaving son Robert;
  2.  Lt. Col. John Pitt;
  3.  Hester Pitt, m. Col. Joseph Bridger, Esq., of the Council;
  4.  Elizabeth Pitt, m. Mr. Nosworthy;
  5.  Mary Pitt m. John Brassuer.

  His son, Lt. Col. John Pitt, mar. after 1677 Olive Hardy.  He appears to
have had:
  1.  Robert Pitt, dead before father, m'd Sarah, dau. of Col Arthur Smith;
  Sarah mar. secondly, Rev. Andrew Monro,
  2.  John Pitt,
  3.  Henry Pitt,
  4.  James Pitt,
  5.  Sarah Pitt, m. Mr. Nosworthy,
  6.  Prudence Pitt, m. Driver.

Capt. Henry Pitt, brother of Col. Robert Pitt, m. Ann, widow of Robert Watson,
and she m'd, thirdly, Col. James Powell.  Issue:
  son Thomas, born 1636, who m. Mary,
  grandson John Pitt,
  grandson Wm. Pitt,
  dau. Hester Bridger,
  dau. Elizabeth Nosworthy,
  gr. son Robert P., son of Robert Pitt,
  dec'd, dau. Brasheire.
Dated 6 June, 1672; proved June 9, 1674.

On pages 253, c.f., we find:

Will of Coll. John Pitt, of Bristoll, now living in the Isle of
Wight Co. Virginia:  My Father Coll. Robert Pitt; devises lands
in Chuckatuck Creek, Newport, in Isle of Wight Co. (de-
vised by his father) to his sons, John, Henry, James; his death-
head ring to his son John, his seale ring to son Henry; to James
Pitt his strong-water still and furniture and silver tumbler
marked J. P.; to Henry Pitt a silver Tankard marked J. PMC;
a silver tumbler marked S. P.; to son John my silver salt cellars.
Dau. Sarah Nosworthy 5 shillings, Martha Nosworthy 5 shil-
lings, dau. Prudence Driver 2 cows; dau. mary Drury 5
shill.; dau.-in-law Anne Bromfield 12 sheet weh her mother gave
her more yn what is due to her of her ffather Mr. John Brom-
field's estate.  John Pitt Exor.  Dated 28 Nov., 1702; pr. 9th
Jan., 1702-3.  Inventory of John Pitt, 163L, 9s, 4d.

In the 1860 U.S Census for Perry Township, Lawrence Co, IN Microfilm Series M653, Roll 276, page 764 at the bottom of the page:

House 85
Pitt, John,  36, farmer
      Sally, 30
and continuing on the next page:
Pitt, G. M.  13, male
      M. V.,  6, fem.
      S. A.,  2, fem.

Henry and Zilpha (Coleman) Pitt had several children as listed in his will.
[Chandler, 2000].

The remainder of this chapter, except where otherwise noted, contains information provided by Joyce Powell in personal correspondence.
[Powell, 2008b]

Recall in Chapter 3, we had mentioned this family:
(25) Zilpha Coleman and husband Henry Pitt had these children:

(1233)  1.  Stephen Pitt,    b. c1780
(1234)  2.  John G. Pitt,    b. 12/17/1782
(1235)  3.  William Pitt,    b. c1784
(1236)  4.  Robert Pitt,     b. c1786
(1237)  5.  Joseph Pitt,     b. c1788
(1238)  6.  Catherine Pitt,  b. c1790
(1239)  7.  Susan Pitt,      b. c1792
(1240)  8.  May Pitt,        b. c1794
(1241)  9.  Elizabeth Pitt,  b. c1796
[Powell, 2008b]

(1234) John G. Pitt married on 03/13/1808 in Sumner Co, TN to Susannah Strother, daughter of Richard and Susan Coleman Strother. Susannah Strother Pitt was born 07/30/1790 in TN. She died 04/10/1860 in New Albany, IN.
[Powell, 2008a]

John G. and Susanna Pitt left Sumner County, TN for Indiana in 1828 or '29, settling first in Lawrence County, IN. In 1832, they relocated to Green County, settling in New Albany. A hand written note gives a different date of death: 04/08/1859.

(1234) John G. Pitt and wife Susannah Strother had these children:

(1242)  1.  Albert G. Pitt,         b. 07/10/1809 in Sumner Co., TN
(1243)  2.  Alexander Pitt,         b. 04/29/1811 in Sumner Co., TN
(1244)  3.  Catherine Pitt,         b. 06/06/1814 in Sumner Co., TN
(1245)  4.  James Pitt,             b. 05/18/1816 in Sumner Co., TN
(1246)  5.  Henry Franklin Pitt,    b. 02/22/1819 in Sumner Co., TN
(1247)  6.  Elizabeth Pitt,         b. 11/04/1821 in Sumner Co., TN
(1248)  7.  John C. Pitt,           b. in Sumner Co., TN
(1249)  8.  Letitia McConnell Pitt, b. 08/30/1825 in Sumner Co., TN
(1250)  9.  William C. Pitt,        b. 08/31/1827 in Sumner Co., TN
(1251) 10.  Robert Hix Pitt,        b. 08/19/1830 in Lawrence Co., IN
(1252) 11.  Mary Susanna Pitt,      b. 09/12/1832 in Lawrence Co., IN
[Powell, 2008b]

(1242) Albert G. Pitt was born 07/10/1809. He married Ann Nugen in Lawrence Co., IN. He died 09/23/1834. Two children resulted from the union, both of whom died young.
[Powell, 2008b]

(1243) Alexander Pitt was born 04/29/1811 and died 03/28/1873 in Jerseyville, IL. He married Ann Cline, 12/07/1837 in New Albany, IN. Ann was born 06/25/1806 in North Carolina and died 12/21/1879 in Jerseyville, IL.
[Powell, 2008b] and
[GEDCOM file download from labeled "Pitt,Alexander" viewed on 06/14/2008, by the author]

(1243) Alexander Pitt and wife Ann Cline had children:

(1253)  1.  James Pitt,         
(1254)  2.  Williamson E. Pitt, 
(1255)  3.  Letitia Pitt,       
(1256)  4.  Alexander Pitt,     

(1254) Williamson E. Pitt married Mary Ann Casey 04/22/1863 in Jerseyville, IL.

(1254) Williamson E. Pitt and wife Mary Ann Casey had children:

(1257)  1.  Leila Francis Pitt, b. 08/21/1869, New Albany, IN, d. 03/03/1925, Quincy, IL.

01257Pitt, Leila Francisb. 08/21/1869, Carrolton, IL, d. 02/21/1942, Springfield, CO. C  

(1244) Catherine Pitt was born 06/06/1814 and married John Buzby in New Albany, IN. John was born c1812 per the 1860 U.S. Census of New Albany, Floyd County, IN.
[Series M653 Roll 257 Page 447]

(1244) Catherine Pitt and John Buzby had these children:

(1258)  1.  Ann Buzby        b. NA
(1259)  2.  Thomas F. Buzby  b. c1840
(1260)  3.  Benjamin Buzby   b. c1844
(1261)  4.  Susan Buzby      b. NA
(1262)  5.  Joseph Buzby     b. c1850
(xxxx)  6.  Joine? W. Buzby  b. c1853
[year of births approx. from 1860 U.S. Census, New Albany, Floyd Co IN, pg 447]
Catherine Pitt died 02/13/1895 in Crandall, IN.
[Powell, 2008b]

(1245) James Pitt was born 05/18/1816. He married Lydia J. Stetler 06/06/1852 in New Albany.

(1245) James Pitt and Lydia J. Stetler had these children:

(1263)  1.  William H. Pitt
(1264)  2.  James E. Pitt
(1265)  3.  Clara M. Pitt
(1266)  4.  Charles N. Pitt 
(1267)  5.  Hattie B. Pitt  
(1268)  6.  Joseph Chester Pitt
(Hand written: Died at New Albany Feb 20th 1889). [Powell, 2008b]

(1246) Henry Franklin Pitt was born 02/22/1819. He married Ellen Miller in New Albany. Henry was drowned on 04/27/1852, just 33 yrs old.
[Powell, 2008b]

(1246) Henry Franklin Pitt and Ellen Miller had these children:

(1269)  1.  Samuel Pitt
(1270)  2.  Albert Pitt
(1271)  3.  Eliza Pitt
[Powell, 2008b]

(1247) Elizabeth Pitt was born 1821 TN. She married Benjamin F. Lone in New Albany, IN, 1842.
[Slater, 2005]

(1247) Elizabeth Pitt and Benjamin Lone had these children:

(1272)  1.  Scott Pitt
(1273)  2.  Benjamin Pitt
(1274)  3.  May Pitt
(1275)  4.  Anna Pitt
(1276)  5.  Edward Pitt
(1277)  6.  infant Pitt
[Powell, 2008b]

(1248) John C. Pitt was born 1821 TN. He married Miss McDole and lived in and near Bedford, IN.

(1248) John C. Pitt and Miss McDole had these children:

(1278)  1.  Monroe Pitt
plus two or three girls.
[Powell, 2008b]

(1249) Letitia McConnell Pitt was born 08/30/1825. She married Isaac Buzby.

(1249) Letitia McConnell Pitt and Isaac Buzby had these children:

(1279)  1.  Isaac Buzby
(1280)  2.  William Buzby
(1281)  3.  James Buzby
(1282)  4.  Alice Buzby
(1283)  5.  Coro Buzby
(1284)  6.  Eva or Ettie Buzby
[Powell, 2008b]

(1250) William C. Pitt was born 08/31/1827. He married Frances R. Evans in New Orleans, LA, 04/19/1866. William C. Pitt died in New Albany, IN on 10/05/1880.

(1250) William C. Pitt and Frances R. Evans had these children:

(1285)  1.  George W. Pitt
(1286)  2.  William Thomas Pitt 
(1287)  3.  Laura Fredonia Pitt 
(1288)  4.  Benjamin Guy Pitt
(1289)  5.  Susan Frances Pitt  
[Powell, 2008b]

(1251) Robert H. Pitt was born 08/19/1830. He married Jane Streepy at New Albany.

(1251) Robert H. Pitt and Jane Streepy had these children:

(1290)  1.  Florence A. Pitt
[Powell, 2008b]

(1252) Mary Susanna Pitt was born 09/12/1832. She married George English in New Albany, IN.

(1252) Mary Susanna Pitt and George English had these children:

(1291)  1.  Frank English
(1292)  2.  Fannie English 
(1293)  3.  Charles English
(1294)  4.  Belle English
[Powell, 2008b]

(1239) Susan Pitt, born c1792, married Samuel Dorris.

(1240) May Pitt, born c1794, married Britton Rogers.

(1241) Elizabeth Pitt, born c1796, married James Harder.


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