Index of Proper Names for The Robert Coleman Family From Virginia to Texas 1652-1965

The Robert Coleman Family From Virginia to Texas 1652-1965

by the late J. P. Coleman, 51st Governor of Mississippi. Original Published 1965.

Alphabetical Index of Proper Names

The index references contain a file number, a colon, and an index number.  Each reference is a hyperlink to an occurence of the proper name in one of the files.

The files are numbered as shown below:
  No.    File Name     Title  
  1    robtvatxc00.htm  Foreword-The Great Adventure & Biographical Data of Those Who Made
This Book Possible
  2    robtvatxc01.htm   Colemans in America prior to Jamestown and Plymouth
  3    robtvatxc02.htm  Mrs. Jennie I. Coleman's Introduction to the History of the
  Robert Coleman Family.
  4    robtvatxc03.htm  The Robert Coleman Family in Virginia, 1652-1756.
  5    robtvatxc04.htm  In North Carolina, 1756-1775.
  6    robtvatxc05.htm  William Coleman of Fairfield County, South Carolina.
  7    robtvatxc06.htm  Thomas Coleman.
  8    robtvatxc07.htm  Charles P. Coleman.
  9    robtvatxc08.htm  Fairfield County, South Carolina.
  10    robtvatxc09.htm  Charles Coleman, who died 1788.
  11    robtvatxc10.htm  Francis Coleman, 1744-1823.
  12    robtvatxc11.htm  Robert Coleman, who married Elizabeth Roe.
  13    robtvatxc12.htm  The Children of Robert Coleman and Elizabeth Roe.
  14    robtvatxc13.htm  Williams Charles Coleman.
  15    robtvatxc14.htm  William Ragsdale Coleman, son of Wylie Coleman,
Including a diary of his trip to Texas, 1851.
  16    robtvatxc15.htm  Robert Coleman of Mt. Moriah, son of John Roe Coleman.
  17    robtvatxc16.htm  Griffin B. Coleman of Old Concord, son of Francis Roe
  18    robtvatxc17.htm  Griffin Roe Coleman of Winston County, son of Wylie Coleman.
  19    robtvatxc18.htm  Isaiah Daniel Coleman, son of Allen R. Coleman.
  20    robtvatxc19.htm  The Colemans of Clay County, Mississippi.
  21    robtvatxc20.htm  The Yalobusha County Colemans.
  22    robtvatxc21.htm  The Bluff Springs Colemans.
  23    robtvatxc22.htm  The Genealogical Section from the Diary of
      Mrs. Jennie I. Coleman.
  24    robtvatxc23.htm  The Genealogical Section by Mrs. Etta Rosson.
  25    robtvatxc24.htm  Fairfield County South Carolina Colemans
  26    robtvatxc25.htm  Colemans of VA, KY, SC, and AL
  27    robtvatxc26.htm  Early Virginia Coleman Land Patents
  28    robtvatxc27.htm  Chronology of Events in Virginia, 1607-1756
Index numbers are coded in this fashion:
Proper Names, Last shown first:

Z,     6:2524 , 6:2527 , 6:2532 , 6:2541 , 6:2557 , 13:5323 , 13:5326 , 23:15112
Z, (Book     19:10718
Zahn, Peter A.     24:20828
Zerebable,     25:21468
Zerebable, 10th     23:14658
Zetrousers,     23:15850