Chapter 11: Robert Coleman, who married Elizabeth Roe.

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The Robert Coleman from Virginia to Texas, 1652-1965

Chapter 11:  Robert Coleman, who married Elizabeth Roe.

     CHAPTER 11

     by J. P. COLEMAN

     As will be seen from the writings of Mrs. Jennie I. Coleman,
     appearing in other pages of this work, Robert Coleman is thought to
     have been born about the year 1745. He married Elizabeth Roe. At
     this writing, July, 1961, it is not known whether they were married
     in Virginia or North Carolina. Since Robert the elder is known to
     have been in Halifax County, North Carolina, by 1756, when
     presumably Robert would have been only eleven years old, the
     marriage must have taken place in North Carolina, unless
     Robert Coleman, Jr crossed the nearby boundary into Virginia for his
        This couple had fourteen children.
        They are as follows:

                                   BIBLE RECORD

        Robert Coleman and Elizabeth Roe, his wife:
          Robert Coleman born about 1745
          Elizabeth Roe born Feb. 20, 1749


        David Roe Coleman, 1st son, born May 19, 1765.
        John Roe Coleman, 2nd son, born April 2, 1768.
        Robert Roe Coleman, 3rd son, born February 1, 1769.
        Wiley Roe Coleman, 4th son, born October 27, 1771.
        Allen Coleman, 5th son, born November 7, 1773.
        Griffin Coleman, 6th son, born May 20, 1775.
        William Coleman, 7th son, born March 6, 1776.
        Sarah Coleman, 1st dtr., born November 8, 1778.
        Elizabeth Coleman, 2nd dtr., born September 8, 1780.
        Solomon Roe Coleman, 8th son, born October 29, 1783.
        Francis Roe Coleman, 9th son, born July 12, 1786.
        Zerevable Coleman, 10th son, born November 28, 1789.

- 91 - .


        Henry Jonathan Coleman, 11th son, born June 22, 1793.
        Ancil Roe Coleman, 12th son, born April 22, 1796.

                            FAMILY RECORD OF THE ROES
                                 (in same Bible)

        "The Roes came to South Carolina from Halifax County, NC."
         David Roe was born October 18, 1747.
         Elizabeth Roe (mother of David Roe Coleman) was born 
         February 20, 1749.
         John Roe, was born February 6, 1751.
         William Roe, born April 20, 1754.
         Andrew Roe, born April 26, 1756.
         Solomon Roe, born August 6, 1759.
         Francis Roe, born December 18, 1761.
         Mary Roe, born February 25, 1763.
         Pattey Roe, born December 14, 1764.
         Benjamin Roe, born November 10, 1766.
         Salley Roe, bonn June 13, 1769.
         Joseph Roe, born May 17, 1770.
         Nancy Roe, 5th daughter }    Twins, born October 3,1772.
         Hancil Roe, 9th son     }

        This Bible is in permanent possession of Misses Julia and
     Mary Faucette, R. F. D., Blairs, South Carolina.
        The following notes were among papers of David Roe Coleman, and
     are now also in possession of the Misses Faucette:
        l. "John Roe died in 1780, in Chester County, S. C., on
     Sandy River, of the smallpox." (signed) David Roe Coleman.
        2. "My cousin, David Giles Thomas, of the State of Alabamy, left
     for home this morning. He is the son of Athanacious Thomas, and his
     wife, Sarah Crosby, late of South Carolina. April 27, 1854. 
     David Giles Thomas, (is) the son of Athanacious and his wife,
     Sarah Crosby. My cousin Mary, the daughter of John Roe, of Halifax,
     North Carolina, Roneoak. June the 2nd day 1854."
        Mrs. Jennie I. Coleman stated that Robert Coleman was a Major in
     the British Army prior to the Revolution.
        This seems to be incorrect, as shown by the following documents:

- 92 - .

     Your Reference .........               PUBLIC RECORD OFFICE,
     P.R.O. Refeence 11583/ny66 CDR.              CHANCERY LANE, W.C.2.

        All Letters to be addressed to
     The Deputy Keeper of the Records.       Telephone: Holborn 0741, 0742.

                                                   2 September 1950.

      Dear Sir,

                                  Robert Coleman

              I have to acknowledge receipt of your letter of August 16.
      I have to inform you that the name of Robert Coleman does not
      appear in the printed Army Lists of commissioned officers during
      the period 1702-1761. It would not be possible to search the
      War Office Records preserved by this Department unless some
      indication of a Regiment in which Coleman served can be given.

                                Yours faithfully,

                                (J.E. Fagg)
                                   for Secretary

      Mr. J.P. Coleman,
         Judge of the Circuit Court,
         5th District of Mississippi,


- 93 - .


        In 1897, W. C. Ford wrote two books. One was entitled 
     "British Officers Serving in America 1754-1774." The other had the
     same title for the years 1774-1783.
        There is no Coleman listed in either of these books as being
     British officers in America for the period 1754-1783.


        Land Deed Book K, Page 386. July 9, 1795, Bolling Wright sold to
     Robert Coleman, Jr., 100 acres on a branch of Broad River, called
     Beaver Creek, being part of land granted to Andrew Feaster on
     December 12, 1787. D. Coleman was a witness.
        Land Deed Book K, Page 222. January 11, 1796. Ephriam Liles sold
     Robert Coleman a Negro named Pleasant, twenty years of age. D.
     Coleman is a witness.
        Land Deed Book N, Page 13. James Sims and Daniel Rogers of
     Chester County, on the 11th of December, 1797, sold Robert Coleman,
     of Fairfield County, 180 acres of land on the middle fork of
     Beaver Creek, bounded by Wade Hampton and others. David Coleman,
     witness to the conveyance.
        Land Deed Book N, Page 14. January 29, 1799. Wade Hampton, for
     $200.00, sold John Coleman 100 acres situated on the branch of
     Beaver Creek at Broad Rover. D. Coleman and Andrew Feaster were
        Land Deed Book N, Page 346. On the 14 of March, 1801,
     Robert Coleman, Sr., and wife, Betty Coleman, with D. Coleman,
     Robert Coleman and Isaac Coleman for witnesses, for $60.00, sold
     Rubin Manning 54 acres of land on the headwaters of Beaver Creek,
     waters of the Broad river.
        Land Deed Book P, Page 236. January 18, 1805, Robert Coleman
     sold to David Coleman 229 acres of land on Bonney's Fork of 
     Beaver Creek granted to William Mazyck on the 13 day of October,
     1772, by his Excellency Charles Montagues Governor, and then 
     conveyed by William and Isaac Mazyck to the said Robert Coleman, Sr.
     Situated on the road from Liles' Ferry to Chester Courthouse.
        Land Deed Book U, Page 93. 7 September, 1807, Robert Coleman
     sold to David Coleman 229 acres of land on Bonney's Fork of Beaver
     Creek, being part of a 450 acre tract granted Robert Coleman, Sr,
     the 6 day of February, 1786.

- 94 - .

                                              THE ROBERT COLEMAN FAMILY
                    (WILL BOOK 5, PAGE 495, FAIRFIELD COUNTY)
                              WILL OF ROBERT COLEMAN
     South Carolina     }
     Fairfield District }


        I Robert Coleman, Sr. of the State and district aforesaid, being
     of sound mind and Memory though weak of Body, Do make and ordain
     this my Last will and Testament in Manner and form following, that
     is to Say, I Give to my Sons David, John, Robert, Wiley, Alen,
     Griffith, and Solomon Coleman One Cow and Calf each, the prime of
     my Stock of Cattle--l Give to my Son Francis and Daughter Elizabeth
     Coleman the Tract of Land whereon I now live to be Equally divided
     between them Shear and Shear alike, to them and their heirs forever
     I Give to them also all the rest and residue of my stock of cattle
     hogs sheep & c for the purpose of paying my debts and legacies,
     Together with what debts may be owing to me, also all my house hold
     firniture plantation tools & c for the same purpose I give to my
     son Henry Jonathan Coleman my negro woman Rachel to him and his
     heirs forever, also three Hundred dollars to be paid to him by my
     executors when he shall come to the age of twenty one years, the
     said three hundred dollars to be raised by debts owing to me, if
     there shall be so much owing, but if not so much, the balance not
     raised thereby, to be raised out of my stock, house hold furniture
     plantation tools & c given above to Francis & Elizabeth I give to
     my daughter Sarah Mobley, also one feather bed and furniture to be
     paid to her by Francis and Elizabeth my son and daughter--it is my
     will and desire that the whole of my property above mentioned given
     to Francis and Elizabeth Coleman; together with the whole of debts
     owing to me, be the fund out of which all my debts be paid,
     together with the ballance which the debts owing to me shall fall
     short in raising the three Hundred dollars as above given to Henry
     Jonathan--it is my will and desire, that my son Henry Jonathan,
     shall learn the Hatery Business with one of his brothers Wiley or
     Griffith--(In testamony whereof I have here unto set my hand the
     thirtieth day of Sept. 1809--
        It is my will that my sons Wiley and Francis, shall execute this
     my will.

                                                     ROBERT COLEMAN
     the presence of
     Abraham Jones
     Wm. Franklin
     Allen Coleman

- 95 - .


        On the 14 day of November, 1809, this will was admitted for
     probate before John Buchanan, ordinary, and Wiley Coleman, and
     Francis Coleman were named Executors. This shows that Robert
     Coleman evidently died in the year 1809. His wife Elizabeth must
     have preceded him in death. At least, she is not mentioned in the
        The signature of Robert Coleman on his Will dated September 30,
     1809, with Abraham Jones, William Franklin, and Allen Coleman as
     subscribing witnesses, is very clearly the same handwriting as that
     of the Robert Coleman who was a subscribing witness to the last
     will of Charles Coleman, dated December 31, 1787, and is the same
     signature as that appearing on the bond of the estate of 
     Charles Coleman dated May 26, 1788.
        I, J. P. Coleman, have examined the original signature in all
     three instances in the office at the Probate Judge at Winnsboro and
     there can be no doubt of these being the signature of the same man.
        On the back of the will of Robert Coleman, dated September 30,
     1809, is the following notation:
        In the Court of Ordinary for the District of Fairfield on the
     14th day of November, in the year of our Lord, One Thousand, Eight
     Hundred and Nine, personally appeared William Franklin, who
     deposeth on oath that he did see the within named Robert Coleman
     subscribe his name to the within as his last will and testament.
     That the said Robert Coleman, deceased, was then of sound and
     disposing mind, memory and understanding to the best of the
     knowledge and belief of this deponent. That Abraham Jones and
     Allen Coleman together with this deponent did at the request of and
     in the presence of the said testator and in the presence of each
     other subscribe their names as witnesses thereto.

        Lt. Anthony Allaire of Ferguson's Corp (Included in the Appendix
     of "King's Mountain and its Heroes") wrote in a diary in August,

          "Tuesday, 15th. Got in motion at seven o'clock in the morning,
     marched two miles to Lyles Ford [3 1/2 miles South of Shelton and
     about a mile North of Blairs] forded Broad River and proceeded
     seven miles to a Mr. Coleman's in the Moberly Settlement; halted
     during the heat of the day. Got in motion at seven o'clock in the
     evening; marched two miles to the Camp of the New York Volunteers,
     where we got intelligence that Gen. Gates lay within three
     miles of Camden with an Army of 7,000 Men."

- 96 - .

                       THB ROBERT COLEMAN FAMILY

        "Wed. 16th. Got in motion at seven o'clock in the morning and
     Marched two Miles to Mobley's Meeting House for convenience of
        "Thursday 17th. Got in Motion at nine o'clock in the morning and
     marched six miles to Rebel Col. Winn's plantation. Winn is at
     James Island, a Prisoner."

                           THE FAMILY OF ELIZABETH ROE,
                             WIFE OF ROBERT COLEMAN,
                                 WHO DIED IN 1809

        The names and dates of birth of Elizabeth Roe's brothers and
     sisters appear at a preceding page.
         She was the daughter of John Roe and his wife, Sarah. John Roe
     first appears in Halifax County, August 14, 1749. On this date,
     Book 3, Page 368, William Reeves sold 200 acres of land to John
     Roe. There were no identifying streams or water courses mentioned
     in the deed.
        At this same period, there was another John Roe in nearby
     Lunenberg County, Virginia. On May 18, 1751, Lunenberg Deed Book 5,
     Page 124, John Roe and his wife, Frances sold James Tatum 100 acres
     which John Roe had received by patent dated July 12, 1750.
        On February 19, 1754, John Roe and Sarah Roe sold to Sherwood
     Grimsley 200 acres of land "where Grimsley now liveth." Book 4,
     Page 553. Robert Williams and Charles Daniel were witnesses.
        On the same date, John Moorland and Dorothy, his wife, sold John
     Roe (spelled Rowe) 300 acres on the West side of Little Creek,
     South side of Roanoke River. Book 4, Page 555.
        On October 7, 1776, Book 13, Page 512, John Roe sold this same
     land to George Morris. No wife signed the deed, and since it would
     have been necessary to the legal conveyance of a homeplace, it must
     be presumed that Sarah Roe was dead by this date.
        Our next record of John Roe is that found in his Will, April
     20, 1778, reciting that he then lived in Camden District, South
     Carolina, but formerly of Craven County, of which Fairfield was
     later formed.
        This establishes, of course, that although John Roe sold out in
     Halifax, North Carolina, more than two years after the date of the
     Coleman sale, he very promptly joined them in Fairfield County. At
     some later date, he moved lo Pendleton District, now Anderson
     County, South Carolina, as shown by the following Will made
     twenty-four years before his death.

- 97 - .


        "LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF JOHN ROW, of Record at Page 32 of
     Will Book A of Anderson County Records, Anderson, South Carolina,
     formerly Pendleton District.

        Copied by J. P. Coleman and Frank Coleman on July 29, 1961.

                                                 South Carolina
                                                 Camden District

        IN THE NAME OF GOD, AMEN, the twentieth day of April, One
     Thousand Seven Hundred Seventy and Eight. That I John Row late of
     the County of Craven in the Province aforesaid, gentleman, being in
     health and perfect mind and memory, calling to mind that it is appointed
     for all men to die, I therefore make and ordain my last will and
     testament as follows:
        I first recommend my soul into the Hands of God who gave it me,
     secondly, my body for to be buried in a decent manner at the
     discretion of my executors and also all my just and lawful debts to
     be paid out of my estate and the remainder to be divided as
     follows, to-wit:

        ITEM: I give and bequeath to son, John Row, one Negro girl named
        ITEM: I give to son, William Row, one Negro boy named Sam to him
     and his heirs.
        ITEM: I lend to son, Andrew Roe, one Negro girl named Phyllis,
     to him and his heirs.
        ITEM: I lend to son, Solomon Row, one Negro girl named Karis him
     and his heirs.
        I lend to my son, Benjamin Row, 1 Negro girl named Lucy to him
     and his heirs.
        ITEM: I lend to my son, Joseph Row, one Negro named James to him
     and his heirs.
        ITEM: I lend to my son Hansile Row, one Negro woman named Hannah
     and the first child she brings to be given if it lives to my
     daughter, Mary, and the next child if she lives to bring any more
     to my daughter, Martha.
        ITEM: I lend to my daughter, Nancy, one Negro woman named
     Rachel to her (and her) heirs and the first child she brings if
     it lives to be given to my daughter, Sarah, and if she brings any
     more children to be given one to my daughter Frances and my house
     furniture to be equally divided between my daughters at my decease.
        This being my Last Will and Testament whereof I have to set my
     hand and afffixed my seal the day and date above written.

- 98 - .

                                          THE ROBERT COLEMAN FAMILY

        Witnesses Present: John Row, Andrew Row, Joseph Attoway.
                                                    John x Row

        Proved by the oath of Andrew Row "the only witness to be
     obtained," February 5, 1802.

        John's son, Andrew, was in what later became Anderson County
     earlier than February 9, 1796. On that date, Book C, Page 155,
     Andrew sold Isaac West 200 acres on Twenty-three Mile Creek. Andrew
     was still alive on March 29, 1806, for on that date he sold land in
     the same locality to Richard Robinson, Book H, Page 307.
        John's son, Solomon Roe, was in the area as early as 1788, as we
     shall see hereafter.
        John's son, Benjamin, went along with the others, as shown by a
     deed in which he sold 69 acres of land to Abraham Duke, Book K,
     Page 108.
        Hancil Roe, the ninth son and fourteenth child of John Roe, was
     in the same area as early as June 25, 1792. Book B, Page 21. On
     that date, called "Anselm" Roe, he purchased 150 acres from
     William Jackson on Twelve Mile Creek. His name regularly appears
     thereafter in the old Pendleton District Records (now at
     Anderson, South Carolina) through the year 1827.
        His wife's name was Mary, and she was the daughter of
     Thomas Watson. Deed Book L, Page 227.
        On November 7, 1809, Abraham Duke, Hugh Tatum, John Roe, and
     Nancy Roe recite themselves to be the heirs of Solomon Roe,
     deceased.  On that date, they sold land on Rock House Fork,
     Eighteen Mile Creek, Seneca River.
        The deed recited that Solomon had acquired this land in 1788.

- 99 - .


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