Chapter 20: The Yalobusha County Colemans.

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The Robert Coleman from Virginia to Texas, 1652-1965

Chapter 20:  The Yalobusha County Colemans.


     by J. P. COLEMAN

     We have seen in Chapter 12 that John G. Coleman and Giles C.
     Coleman were, respectively, the seventh and eighth children of John
     Rowe Coleman and his wife, Mary Beam. John Rowe Coleman was the
     second child of Robert Coleman and Elizabeth Rowe. 
        John Greene Coleman was born in 1805 and died in 1876. His wife,
     Mary Elizabeth (Coleman) was born in 1825, and died in 1899. 
        John Greene Coleman was the Administrator of the estate of his
     deceased father, as well as his brother-in-law, William Coleman.
     Sometime shortly before 1850, he moved to Yalobusha County,
     Mississippi, for the 1850 Census lists him, his wife, and three
     children, Abner E., 4, Jesse R., 3, and William, 1. The 1860 Census
     added two children, Nancy Ann, 10, and Jeanette, only ten months
        According to the Greene County records, John G. Coleman and
     Elizabeth Coleman were married on November 3, 1841, when
     she was sixteen years of age, and he was thirty-six. 
        At the 1870 Census, William D., then twenty-one, and Nancy
     Ann, then eighteen, were living with the John G. Coleman family.
     Professor Edward P. Coleman tells me that it is his understanding
     that William Coleman moved to Shawnee, Oklahoma. 
        Jesse Rowe Coleman, the second son of John G. and Mary
     Elizabeth, served as a Representative in the Mississippi
     Legislature from 1908 to 1912. The following is his official
     biography as the same appeared in the Official and Statistical
     Register of the State of Mississippi for 1908:

        JESSE ROWE COLEMAN, of Water Valley, was born September 15,
     1847, at Eutaw, Greene County, Alabama, the son of John Greene
     Coleman and wife, Mary Elizabeth (Coleman) Coleman. His grandpar-
     ents came from Wales to South Carolina, and thence to Alabama. Mr. 
     Coleman attended the county schools of Yalobusha County, served in
     the ranks of the Confederate Army when a mere lad, and had no
     opportunity for a college education. His occupation has always been
     that of a tiller of the soil, and his life has been quite devoid of
     incident. He is a Jeffersonian Democrat, a Universalist and member
     of the Masonic Order and of the Farmers' Union. He was elected to
     the House of Repre-

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                                                 THE ROBERT COLEMAN FAMILY
     sentalives November 5, 1907. He married November 1, 1876, Emma
     Laura Stevens, daughter of Silas P. Stevens and wife, Rhoda
     (Morgan) Stevens, of Columbus, Georgia. Mr. and Mrs. Coleman have
     two children: J. G. Coleman, of Water Valley, and Mrs. Eula Lee
     (Coleman) Gordon, of Tuscumbia, Alabama. 
        The really significant thing about this biography, written from
     information furnished by Mr. Coleman, is that he recites the
     family as coming from Wales. Also, his middle name was Rowe. 
        Dr. Edward P. Coleman, on a visit to my home on April 6, 1965,
     said that Mr. Jesse Rowe Coleman was a "true Universalist." That
     he kept a good horse, and would ride all over the county visiting
     his acquaintances, discussing religion and arguing the political
     issues of the day. He ran for office many times, but was elected
     only once. He was a man of such firm convictions and of such
     freedom in stating them that he did not stand on the popular side
     of the political issues of the day. 
        Jesse Rowe Coleman and Mrs. Emma Laura Coleman had two children
     as noted in the official biography. John G. was born in 1878, and
     died in 1964. His wife was named Alma. They had no children, but
     reared Miss Ethel Hollowell, who presently holds public office in
     Tuscumbia, Alabama. G.htm#N012728">John G., known as "G" also ran for public
     Office a number of times. He would always make a good race but was
     never elected. 
        Giles C. Coleman was born January 2, 1810, and died August 16,
     1857. His wife, Susan Colvin, was born March 6, 1822, and died July
     17, 1863. They were married in Greene County, Alabama, May 3, 1836,
     when she was fourteen years of age. 
        At the 1850 Census, Giles C. and Susan were still in Greene
     County, Alabama, where they were listed with children: Mary, born
     1838; John, born 1840; Sarah, born 1843; Isabella, born 1846;
     Thomas, born 1847; and Francis (Murphy), born 1849. 
        On October 8, 1851, Giles C. Coleman and Susan Coleman deeded
     160 acres about six miles North of Eutaw to Isaac Mobley, Book R,
     Page 441. lt was then that they moved to Yalobusha County,

        He and his wife are buried in the Coleman graveyard, between
     Coffeeville and Water Valley, and just East of Mississippi Highway
     7. My good friend, Representative Joe N. Bailey, Jr., located this
     cemetery for me on January 11, 1962. In August, 1963, when I was a
     candidate for a second term as Governor of Mississippi,
     Representative Bailey and I.htm#N012766">I visited this cemetery together. I am
     told that it is situated on land which was originally owned by
     William Coleman, son of John G. Coleman, and
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     John G. Coleman is buried there by the side of his brother,
     Giles C. Coleman. 
        Sarah Jane Coleman, daughter of Giles, born 1843, married her
     first cousin, Jonathan, son of Robert Coleman, of Choctaw County,
     Mississippi, and she is the subject of a considerable portion of
     Chapter 15. 
        The 1860 Census of Yalobusha County lists Susan Coleman as
     living in the Center Beat, Oakland Post Office, lists children,
     John, Sarah Jane, lsabella, Thomas, Franklin, and Savilla. 
        Of Giles Coleman's children, Thomas married Alenlie Gordon,
     Savilla married C. M. Gordon, whose nickname was "Clump," and
     Isabella married Gus Gordon. 
        Francis Murphy Coleman, son of Giles Coleman, who also married a
     Gordon, Harriett, died in 1924. He is buried at the old
     Tabernacle Cemetery, southeast of Water Valley, near the Calhoun
     County line. He was one of the "straight laced" Colemans, no
     cussing and no frivolity. He was the hardest working man in the
     whole area. 
        The children of Frank M. and Harriet G. Coleman were:
        1. John D., moved to Lafayette County.
        2. Annice, married Will Higginbotham, no children.
        3. Corrinne, who burned to death and is buried at Tabernacle.
        4. Vollie Pearson Coleman (twin) born June 11, 1883, died
           March 20, 1962. Married Mary Farrell, a highly respected school
           teacher. She was born December 17, 1886, and died May, 1920.
           About 1922 he married Mary Eudora Gholson. Vollie P. and
           his first wife are buried at Bethel Baptist Chureh, southeast of
           Water Valley.
        5. Ollie Gordon (twin) born June 11, 1883, killed in a grade
           crossing accident when struck by southbound passenger train
           No. 23 while returning from a call. He said from the age of four
           that he was going to be a doctor. Ollie and Vollie went to school
           in Tula, Lafayette County, and to High School in Water Valley.
           Both went to G. R. C. College, Henderson, Tennessee, and Ollie
           attended medical school in Nashville, Tennessee. Except for four
           years at Batesville, he practiced medicine all his life at 
           Coffeeville. Was County Health Officer.
        Children of Vollie Pearson Coleman and Mrs. Mary Farrell Coleman:

        Dr. Edward P. Coleman, now of the Engineering Department,
          University of California, Los Angeles, born 1910.
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                                                 THE ROBERT COLEMAN FAMILY
        Wilson Wayne, born 1911, killed on a hunting trip in 1923.
        Mary Annice, born 1913, lives in Memphis, Tennessee.
        Fern Lee, born 1916, died 1950 in Memphis, Tennessee, buried
          at Bethel.
        Leslie Farrell Coleman, born 1918, graduate of Mississippi, now
          County Agent at Raleigh.
        Children of Vollie Pearson Coleman and Mrs. Mary Eudera Gholson

        Frances Corrinne, lives in Los Angeles, California.
        Lucille, lives at Palo Alto, California.
        Jack Anderson, Wilmot, Arkansas, graduate of Mississippi State,
          Smith Hughes Teacher.
        Sammy Benford, graduate of Ole Miss, lives in New Orleans,
        Helen Gholson, lives in Los Angeles, California.
        Howard Gordon, living on the old Vollie Coleman farm.
        Children of Dr. Ollie Gordon Coleman and Mrs. Catherine Brister

        Fay, Scarsdale, New York.
        Nell, Columbia, Missouri.
        Hazel, Chattanooga, Tennessee.
        O. G. Coleman, Jr., killed early in World War II.

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               [PICTURE]                             [PICTURE]

                  Twin                                 Twin                       
     Ollie gordon Coleman at age 31 in     Vollie P. Coleman at age 20 in 1903.
     1914. M.D., general practice, Bates-  Graduated Fried-Haridman College,
     ville. Miss.                          Henderson, Tenn.

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