Chapter 21: The Bluff Springs Colemans.

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The Robert Coleman from Virginia to Texas, 1652-1965

Chapter 21:  The Bluff Springs Colemans.

     CHAPTER 21

     by J. P. COLEMAN

     One of the most prominent families in the Northern part of Choctaw
     County, in the Bluff Springs area, South of Eupora and South of Big
     Black River, was that of Absolom M. (Abb) Coleman, Confederate
        His grandson, Earnest E. Coleman, who served for approximately
     twenty years as the Marshal of Eupora, was one of the writer's most
     cherished friends. 
        This is a large and extensive family, and they are all descended
     from Robert Coleman of Mill Creek, Union County, South Carolina. 
        We have already seen in the pages on Amelia County; Virginia,
     that William Coleman, Sr. died in Amelia County, where his Will was
     admitted to probate in 17Unknown. 
        His son, Robert, the Executor of his Will, moved, in 1754, to
     then Lunenburg County, occupying land on both sides of Allen's
     Creek, which empties into the Roanoke River in present day
     Mecklenburg County. 

        We there take up the thread as follows:
        Land Deed Book 4, Page 405, Lunenburg County, October 1, 1754,
     Thomas Hankings to Robert Coleman "of Amelia County" 368 acres on
     both sides of Allen's Creek. 
        Book 4, Page 275, November 8, 1755, Nicholas Major, Jr., sold
     Robert Coleman 142 acres on the South side of Allen's Creek. 
        Land Deed Book 5, Page 120, December 31, 1757. James Tucker sold
     Robert Coleman 100 acres on the lower side of Allen's Creek. 
        Land Deed Book 6, Page 538 Lunenburg County, Virginia, December
     1, 1761. Robert Coleman and Ann, his wife, to John Alloway, 142
     acres on Allen's Creek and Mountain Branch. 
         Deed Book 10, Page 90, Lunenburg County, Virginia, November 9,
     1764, Robert Coleman, Lunenburg County, with Christopher Coleman
     for a witness sold Thomas Farrar 140 acres on Allen's Creek. 

        Cumberland Parish, Lunenburg County, Virginia. Tithes, June 10, 1764.

        * Descendants of Robert Coleman of Union County, South Carolina,
     formerly of Amelia and Luenburg Counties, Virginia. 

- 267 - .



          Robert Coleman
          Phil Coleman
          Abner Coleman
          Christopher Coleman
          James Coleman
          William Coleman
          Stephen Coleman, Cornwall Parish
          Richard Coleman
          Cluverius Coleman

        Land Deed Book 10, Page 34, Lunenburg County, November 27, 1764,
     Robert Coleman of Lunenburg County to Christopher Coleman 168 acres
     on the South side of Allen's Creek at the mouth of Easter's Branch.
        Mecklenburg County Records, Boydton, Virginia, Book 1, Page 194,
     August 26, 1765, Christopher Coleman to James Easter, 168 acres on
     the South side of Allen's Creek. 
        Office of the Secretary of State, Columbia, South Carolina,
     grant from the Honorable William Bull, sixth Governor of South
     Carolina, September 9, 1774, to Robert Coleman for six hundred
     acres on both sides of Mill's Creek. Recites that the land had
     originally been granted to Robert Coleman by the Governor of North
     Carolina on April 28, 1768, but by the running of the boundary had
     fallen within the limits of South Carolina. 
        Mill's Creek is a branch of Pacolet River.
        North Carolina Land Grants, April 28, 1768. 200 acres to
     Christopher Coleman on Mill Creek in Mecklenburg, County, North
     Carolina.  (Later South Carolina). 
        Phillip Coleman, 150 acres, Mecklenburg County, March 1, 1788,
     on the waters of Coldwater. 
        600 acres granted to Robert Coleman, of which we already had a
     record, was entered January 1, 1766. 
        Colonial Rccords of North Carolina. Vol. 8, Page 78.
     Protest of Citizens of Anson County, about 1769.
          William Coleman
          John Coleman
          Aquita Jones
          E. Pickett

- 268 - .

                                                 THE ROBERT COLEMAN FAMILY
          Anthoney Matthis
          John Matthews
          James Matthews
          John Liles
          James Liles
          Thomas Pickett
        Vol. 8, Page 517.
        William Coleman proves claim for six days going against the
     Cherokee Indians. So did Phil Coleman, Sgt. David Allen, Samuel
     Clowney.  Proved November 28, 1771. 
        Phillip Coleman is of the Lunenburg family headed by Robert
     Coleman, and from Allen's Creek. David Allen must have been from
     the same locality in Virginia. 
        Christopher Coleman was a witness to deeds dated May 13, 1775
     and July 29, 1778. 

        Land Deed Book B, Page 109, Union County, South Carolina. July
     30, 1786. Robert Coleman deed to Abner Coleman recites that Robert
     Coleman, late of said District, died intestate, the owner of six
     hundred acres of land, which said land fell by descent to Robert
     Coleman, son of Christopher Coleman, as the heir-at-law to said
     real estate. Sold to Abner Coleman one-half of the said six hundred
     acres on the North side of Mill's Creek. 
        From this it appears that Robert Coleman, the original settler,
     died intestate. His land thus descended by the rule of
     primogeniture to his eldest son, Christopher. Christopher having
     died intestate the land then descended to his son, Robert, grandson
     of the first Robert. 
        There is much tradition to the effect that these Colemans were
     loyal to the King at the time of the Revolution, particularly
     Christopher, who is said to have been the owner of Christie's
     Tavern, made famous in John P. Kennedy's book, "Horseshoe
     Robinson." Christopher Coleman is supposed to have refugeed to
     Charleston, where he died during the War.  Moreover, one Col. Bob
     Coleman, not otherwise identified, commanded the tories at the
     battle of Mobley's Meeting House in Fairfield County.  In any case,
     if they were loyalists, these Colmans must have been highly
     inoffensive ones, as their lands were not confiscated. 
        Robert Coleman, the original settler, died in 1783, and Phillip
     Coleman died in 1785. Fragmentary records of their estates may be
     found in the Courthouse at Abbeville, South Carolina. 

- 269 - .



        Absolom Coleman, thc son of Robert and Treassy Coleman, who was
     born October 25, 1784, was the first of this line of Colemans to
     move to Mississippi. He settled in Attala County, in Section 4,
     Township 13, Rangc 6, near the present day village of McAdams. 
        His will, dated February 11, 1838, is of record at Page 145 of
     Will Book A of Attala County, Mississippi. The will recites that it
     is made in his own house, "being now about to depart this life."
     Evidently, he did not pass away as expected, for the Will was not
     proven until December 2, 1839. 
        The Will names his wife, Martha, and children, Robert, Elisha,
     Samuel, Miles, John, Absolom, Jr., Giles, Henry, and Mrs. Sara
        Robert Coleman and Elisha Coleman Executors. 

        Cause No. 318, Chancery Court of Attala County, filed November
     16, 1871, shows Miles Coleman died 1851, without issue. Martha
     Coleman died August 4, 1870. 
        John Coleman also deceased, leaving children, Absolom and Emily,
     with R. A. Biggers Guardian. 
        Samuel Coleman, Giles Coleman, and Absolom Coleman still living
     in 1871. 
        Absolom Coleman, the son of J.htm#N013132">John, was the father of the late J. 
     Henson Coleman, Justice of the Peace, District 4, Choctaw County,
        Absolom Coleman, who died in Attala County, 1839, was the
     father of Robert, who moved to the Bluff Springs area of Choctaw
        This Robert, in turn, was the father of Absolom Melton Coleman,
     the ancestor of the numerous progeny in Choctaw Bluff Springs. 

                      MRS. W. C. DUNLAP, EUPORA, MISSISSIPPI
     Robert Coleman, born July 11, 1812
     Married to Eliza Calcote on Feb. 29, 1839.
     She was born Nov. 13, 1821.

     Absalom Melton Coleman, Feb. 26, 1840.
     Stephen Coleman, July 13, 1841
     Lemuel Coleman, Dec. 18, 1842
     William Phillip Coleman, March 8, 1845

- 270 - .

                                                 THE ROBERT COLEMAN FAMILY
     Charley Coleman, April 81 1857
     Ella Darthult Coleman, Dec. 30, 1859.

                                 NEXT GENERATION
     Absolum Melton Coleman married Lucy Hudson Brook on October 18,
     1860. She was born Sept. 12, 1842.
                Louretta Coleman, June 25, 1862
                William Phillip Coleman, Dec. 5, 1865
                Eliza Carolyn Coleman, Sept. 27, 1867
                Alice Ella Coleman, Feb. 7, 1870
                Sarah Jane Coleman, Oct. 12, 1871.
                Emma Darthula Coleman, March 29, 1873
                Fannie Lealier Coleman, Feb. 23, 1875
                Mary Sue Coleman, Oct. 6, 1876
                Lucy Alma Coleman, Jan. 8, 1879
                Ada Lee Coleman, Dec. 1, 1881
                Robert Samuel Coleman, Jan. 17, 1883.


     Louretta Coleman and Charlie Ashley, August 15, 1880.
     Alice Ella Coleman and Joseph Harrison Lawley, Jan. 29, 1887.
     Eliza Carolyn Coleman and John William Savage, Oct. 18, 1887.
     William Phillip Coleman and Mary Brook, Dec. 18, 1887.
     Sarah Jane Coleman and Waltcr B. Mitchell, March 15, 1891
     Emma D. Coleman and William Bagwell, April 5, 1891.
     Fannie Lealier Coleman and John H. Bollis, Nov. 10, 1895.
     Mary Sue Coleman and Charles A. Lamb, Dec. 5, 1897.
     Lucy Alma Coleman and Jim Tom Lamb, Dec. 11, 1898.
     Ada Lee Coleman and Oscar M. Herring, March 4, 1906.
     Robert Samuel Coleman and Mary Ada Morrow, Nov. 14, 1906.

            3.5 miles west of Miss. Highway 9, South of Eupora, Miss.
     R. COLEMAN                          LUCY HUDSON, his wife 
     b. July 11, 1810                     9-12-1842 
     d. Oct. 10, 1882                     8-14-1919 
- 271 - .


       7-13-1841                    MAN
       1-2-1907                   12-5-1865
     SARAH M., his wife           6-27-1946
       2-11-1842                IDA BROOKS, his wife
       3-21-1922                  5-10-1867
     WM. P. COLEMAN               3-27-1954
       d. July 13, 1863         W. W. BAGWELL
       Age 18 y 4 mos. 5 days     3-19-1865
     A. M. COLEMAN                8-13-1918
       2-26-1840                EMMA COLEMAN BAGWELL
       3-7-1908                   3-29-1873

     Joseph Abbie Coleman, Oct. 17, 1856-April 16, 1945
     Margaret Elizabeth Coleman, June 15, 1852-Jan. 4, 1936
     John Henson Coleman, Dec. 16, 1883-June 20, 1960
     Clara Rook, June 1, 1886

                                GENEALOGICAL INDEX
     1st Generation,    William Coleman, who died in Amelia County,
                            Virginia, 17Unknown
     2nd Ceneration,    Robert Coleman of Amelia, Lunenburg, and Union,
                            died 1783.
     3rd Gcneration,    Christopher Coleman, who died during the Revolu-
                            tionary War.
     4th Cencration,    Robert Coleman, who died in Union County, South
                            Carolina, 1823.
     5th Gencration,    Absolom Coleman, who died in Attala County, Mis-
                            sissippi, 1839.
     6th Generation,    Robert Coleman, who died in Choctaw County, Mis-
                            sissippi, 1882.
     7th Generation,    Absolom M. Coleman, who died in Choctaw County,
                            Mississippi, 1908.
     8th Generation,    William Phillip Coleman, who died in Choctaw
                            County, Mississippi, 1946.
     9th Generation,    Ernest E. Coleman, who died in Eupora, Mississippi,
                            April, 1960.
- 272 - .


     right: Mrs. Alma Coleman Dunlap (Mrs. W. C.); Mrs. Mary Coleman Lamb
     (Mrs. C. A.); Mrs. Ada Coleman Herring (Mrs. O. C.); Gov. J. P. Coleman;
     Mrs. Liza Coleman Savage (Mrs. J. W.); Mrs. Fannie Coleman Verhine
     (Mrs. Luther). Photo taken at Coleman Family Re-union, Bluff Springs
     Church, Choctaw County, Mississippi, August, 1956.


     From left to right: Mr. and Mrs. Ernest E. Coleman, J. P. Coleman, and
     Merrill Herring. Photo taken at same reunion. (Photos courtesy Mrs. Sarah


                    UNION COUNTY, SOUTH CAROLINA, CENSUS, OF 1800
                         Joseph Coleman         John Coleman
                         Males                  Males
                         Under 10 years     1   Under 10years      2
                         10 to 16 years     1   10 to 16 years     1
                         16 to 26 years     1   26 to 45 years     1
                         Over 45 years      1   Females
                         Females                Under 10 years     3
                         Under 10 years     4   10 to 16 years     1
                         10 to 16 years     3   26to45 years       1
                         16 to 26 years     1   Abner Coleman
                         26 to 45 years     1   Males
                         William Coleman        16 to 26years      1
                         Males                  Females
                         16 to 26 years     1   Under 10 years     1
                         Females                16 to 26 years     1
                         16 to 26 years     1
                                                William Coleman
                         Abner Coleman          Males
                         Males                  Under 10 years     1
                         Under 10 years     1   10 to 16 years     1
                         10 to 16 years     2   16 to 26 years     1
                         Ovcr 45 years      1   Over 45 years      1
                         Females                Females
                         Under 10 years     1   Under 10 years     1
                         25 to 45 years     1   10 to 16 years     2
                         Over 45 years      1   16 to 26 years     3
                                                Over 45 years      1
                         Robert Coleman
                         Males                  Rubin Coleman
                         Under 10 years     1   Males
                         10 to 16 years     3   Under 10 years     2
                         26 to 45 years     1   26 to 45 years     1
                         Females                Females
                         Under 10 years     3   Under 10 years     2
                         10 to 16 years     2   10 to 16 years     1
                         16 to 45 years     2   26 to 45 years     1
                         Over 45 years      1   Over 45 years      1

- 274 - .

                                                 THE RORERT COLEMAN FAMILY
                     UNION COUNTY, SOUTH CAROLINA, CENSUS OF 1810
                   Abner Coleman   (.htm#N013319">(544)  Robert Coleman  (570)
                   Males                  Males
                   16 to 26 years      4  Under 10 years      1
                   Over 45 years       1  10 to t6 years      1
                   Females                26 to 45 years      1
                   10 to 16 years      1  45 plus years       1
                   Over 45 years       2  Females
                   (Slaves 1)             10 to 16 years      1
                   Phillip Coleman (570)  45 plus years       3
                   Males                  (Slaves 6)
                   Under 10 years      1  
                   16 to 26 years      1  Richard Coleman  (524)
                   26 to 45 years      1  Males
                   Females                Under 10 years      3
                   16 to 26 years      1  10 to 16 years      1
                   (Slaves 5)             26 to 45 years      1
                                          45 plus years       1
                   Mary Coleman    (570)  Females
                   Mates                  10 to 16 years      1
                   10 to 16 years      1  26 to 45 years      1
                   Females                Abner Coleman   (524)
                   16 to 26 years      2
                   26 to 45 years      2  Males
                                          Under 10 years      3
                   45 plus years       1  10 to 16 years      1
                   (Slaves 13)            Females
                                          Under 10 years      2
                   Robert Coleman  (570)  10 to 16 years      1
                   Males                  16 to 26 years      1
                   16 to 26 years      1  26 to 45 years      1
                   (Slaves 2)

                       ATTALA COUNTY, MISS., CENSUS OF 1850
     Elijah Coleman, born 1813, South Carolina.
     Agnes, his wife, born 1814, Virginia.

- 275 - .



     Absolom, 9, born Mississippi.
     Mary Coleman, 8, born Mississippi.
     Jane P., 7, born Mississippi.

     Robert Coleman, born South Carolina, 1812.
     Elisha, born Mississippi, 1822.
     Absolom, 11, born Mississippi.
     Stephen, 8
     William P., 6

     Martha Coleman, 52, born South Carolina.
     Samuel Coleman, born 1822, South Carolina.
     Absolom, born 1831, South Carolina.
     Giles, born 1834, South Carolina.
     Henry, born 1837, South Carolina.

                    ATTALA COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI, CENSUS OF 1860
     Samuel Coleman, 38, farmer,  Elisha Coleman, 47, b. S. C.
       b. S. C.                   Agnes, 46, b. Va.
     Martha, 4, b. Miss.          Mary C., 16, b. Miss.
     Elizabeth, 2, b. Miss.       Martha S., 9, b. Miss.
                                  George W., 7, b. Miss.
     Martha Coleman, 40, b. S. C.
     Henry, 22, works on farm, b. Absalom Coleman, 31, b. S. C.
          Miss.                   Sarah C., 23, b. La.
                                  Miles, 8, b. Miss.
     Robert Coleman, 49, farmer,  Mary J., 6, b. Miss.
         b. S. C.                 Henry, 5, b. Miss.
     Eliza, 40, b. Miss.          Ruffin, 2, b. Miss.
     Absolom, 20, pupil, b. Miss.
     Stephen, 18, pupil, b. Miss. James Coleman, 55, b. S. C.
     William, 15, b. Miss.        Cyntha, 48, b. N. C.
     Robert, 5, b. Miss.          G. W., 21, pupil, b. Miss.
     Ella D., 4/12, b. Miss.      Mary J., 19, B. Miss.
                                  Sarah J., 15, b. Miss.
                                  Canada, 6, b. Miss.
- 276 - .

                                                 THE ROBERT COLEMAN FAMILY
                              BLUFF SPRINGS COLEMANS
     Stephen D. Coleman     1842  Miss.     Absalom M. Coleman 1840 Miss.
        Sarah          1847
        Rolia A.       1869

     Robert Coleman    1812  S. C.    Lucy H.    1845  Ga.
        Eliza E.       1822             Luretta    7
        Robert H. C.   1855             Wm. P.     5
        Ella D.        1860             Eliza C.   3
                                        Alice      3 1/12

        Land Deed Book A-Page 19, contains a conveyance dated July 2O,
     1778, between David George and William Williams; Christopher Cole-
     man is a witness. 
        In like manner, Page 24 contains a conveyance dated May 13,
     1775, between Joab Mitchell and Richard Hawkins, on which
     Christopher Coleman is a witness. This Deed recites that on the
     10th day of February, 1775, William Bull, Lt. Com., granted a
     plantation containing 300 acres to the said Joab Mitchell, being
     on Mill Creek and beginning on Robert Coleman's corner. 
        On May 10, 1786, Land Deed Book B, page 67, William Harrison
     conveyed to Abner Coleman, 125 acres of land on Mill Creek and
     adjoining Coleman line. 
        Land Deed Book B, Union County, South Carolina, page 108. dated
     29th day of July, 1786, Robert Coleman, grantor, Abner Coleman,
     grantee, recites that Robert Coleman is a resident of 96th District
     in State of South Carolina. Bargains, sells and conveys to Abner
     Coleman. one-half of the land, containing 600 acres and formerly
     belonging to Robert Coleman, deceased, and now falls to Robert
     Coleman by dissent, as heir-at-law. All on the North side of
     Clark's Mill Creek, including Colman's old fields. No significance
     to the attesting witnesses, and recorded the 23rd of June, 1788. 
        July 29, 1786. A similar instrument recorded at page 109 of said
     Book B, refers to Robert Coleman as heir to Robert Coleman,
     deceased, of 96th District in the State of South Carolina; recites
     that the said Robert

- 277 - .



     Coleman died, intestate, and being possessed of 600 acres of
     land, which fell by dissent to Robert Coleman, son of Christopher
     Coleman. Land is situated on the North side of Mill Creek,
     beginning at Robert Coleman's hickory. 
        Book B--Page 67--refers to Mill Creck as being a branch of Pacolet
        Land Deed Book A--page 479--Union County, June 22, 1787, William
     Coleman and Mary, his wife, to Nicholas Harris, 197 acres
     formerly granted to James McEwean, Sr., and conveyed by McEwean
     to William Coleman, as appears by a certificate recorded in the
     Registrar's office ff South Carolina, for 500 acres of land in
     Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, on a branch of Fair Forest of
     Mill Creek. 
        Book D, page 83, February 1, 1794, Robert Coleman conveys land
     to John Coleman, with Absalem Coleman as a witness, being 150
     acres, in which it is recited the above tract of land (shown on the
     plat) represents a tract of land, the property of John Coleman,
     being part of a tract originally granted to Christopher Coleman,
     then the property of Robert Coleman, by the deceased of Christopher
     Coleman, conveyed by the said Robert Coleman unto John Coleman. 
        Land Deed Book D, pagc 434. John Lewis sells to Philip Coleman
     110 acrcs, being part of a tract originally granted to Robert
     Coleman, beginning at a maple on the bank of Mill Creek. January
     18, 1796. 
        Book G--page 137, November 2, 1801, William Coleman, of Union
     County, conveys to Philip Coleman, son of the said William, 11
     negro slaves and other property. 
        Book G--page 139--November 2, 1801. William Coleman, of Union
     County, conveys to Robert Coleman, of the same County, for
     $280.00, a tract of land containing 140 acres, being part of a
     tract originally granted to Robert Coleman on Mill Creek. 
        Land Deed Book H--page 437--December 27, 1805. John Gibson
     conveyed a certain tract of land to William Coleman; significance
     of this is that it was done in the presence of Philip Coleman and
     Patsey Coleman. 
        Land Deed Book I--page 4--February 20, 1808. Robert Coleman, of
     Union District, conveyed to John Coleman fifteen acres, being a
     part of a tract granted to said Robert Coleman. No further
        Land Deed Book K--page 285--January 16, 1811. Patsey Coleman,
     Philip Coleman, Elizabeth Coleman, John Guiton, Thomas Lantrip, Ann
     Thompson, Francis Coleman and Charlotte Coleman, for $70.00 paid by
     Robert Coleman, Jr., relinquished to him the 121 acrcs on which he

- 278 - .

                                                 THE ROBERT COLEMAN FAMILY
     then lived adjacent to John Coleman. No reason given for the con-
        Land Deed Book K--page 267--January 21, 1811. Robert Coleman
     conveyed to Philip Coleman the land where Robert then lived,
     containing 220 acres. 
        Land Deed Book L--page 107--September 13, 1811. Abner Coleman,
     Sr., conveyed to Hezekiah Coleman, all of Union District, 90 acres
     on the North side of Mill Creck, being a part of a tract granted
     to Robert Coleman, refers to Abner Coleman Jr's. spring. Susannah
     Coleman, wife of Abner Coleman, Sr., relinquished dower. Signed by
        Land Deed Book L--page 129--Decomber 3, 1811. Hezckiah Coleman
     sold the same land to Philip Coleman; and Abner Coleman, Jr., and
     Richard Coleman were witnesses. Elizabeth Coleman, the wife of
     Hezekiah Coleman, relinquished dower. 
        Land Deed Book O--page 195. November 24, 1817. Robert Coleman
     conveyed to Absalem Coleman 83 acres on Mill Creek, water of the
     Pacolet; lands originally granted to Christopher Coleman. John
     Coleman and Rubin Coleman were witnesses; no relinquishment of
        Land Deed Book O--page 195--November 24, 1817. Philip Coleman
     conveyed land to Robert Coleman; Martha Coleman, wife of Philip
     Coleman, relinquished dower. 
        Land Deed Book P--page 59. John W. Gregory conveys two tracts of
     land to Absalem Coleman, on December 19, 1818. John Pool and Robert
     Coleman were witnesses. 
        Land Deed Book P--page 355--October 15, 1819. Joseph McKnight,
     with Hiram Coleman as a witncss, conveyed to Robert Coleman and
     others 3 1/2 acres of ground for a meeting house and a burying
     ground being situated on the road from Grindle Shoals on the
     Pacolet to the Widow Hail's. 
        Land Deed Book Q--page 390--December 24, 1820. Robert Coleman
     conveyed to Bartley Coleman all that tract of land where Robert
     Coleman now lives, 120 acrcs, more or less, being a part of the
     survey originally granted to Robert Coleman, Sr. Absalum Coleman
     and Rubin Coleman were witnesses. 
        Land Deed Book S--page 130. John Coleman conveyed lands to Treacy
     Coleman, with Hiram Coleman and Bartley Coleman as witnesses.
     Isabel Coleman, wife of John, relinquished dower. January 11, 1825. 
        Land Deed Book S--page 319--May 1, 1826. Treacy Coleman, by
- 279 - .



     mark, in the presence of Rubin Coleman and Bartley Coleman,
     conveyed to John Coleman the same land. 
        Land Deed Book W--page 80--August 17, 1832. Absolem Coleman
     conveyed 240 acres of land on Mill Creek to Thomas Walker;
     witnesses, Bartley Coleman, Robert Coleman, Elisha Coleman;
     acknowledged before Rubin Coleman, Justice of the Peace. 

                  OF UNION COUNTY, S. C., WHO DIED JUNE 18, 1823
           WIFE:          Trecy
           SONS:          Absalum, has received $228
           SONS-IN-LAW:   John Pool, has received property
                          William Young, same
                          John Ashley
                          Absalum Ward, husband of Nancy Coleman.
           DAUGHTER:      Trecy (Theresa) who later married a Gossett
           GRANDSON:      Elisha
           Executors:     Sons, Absalum, Bartley, Reuben.

                                  JULY 29, 1957

     Bartley Coleman and Elizabeth Coleman, his wife: their children's ages:

           Treassy Coleman         Born: June 15, 1810
           Robert Coleman          Born: January 4, 1812
           John Coleman            Born: September 12, 1814
           Elizabeth Coleman       Born: January 20, 1817
           Christopher Coleman     Born: November 14, 1819
           Rubin Coleman           Born: September 11, 1821
           Mary P. Coleman         Born: August 18,1 823
           Allenmartin P. Coleman  Born: August 23, 1825
           Buary P. Coleman        Born: September 14, 1827
           William Coleman         Born: September 5, 1829
           Carline Coleman         Born: October 17, 1832
- 280 - .

                                                 THE ROBERT COLEMAN FAMILY
          Robert Coleman and Treasey, his wife: their children and ages:

           Mary Coleman            Born: August 16, 1783
           Absolem Coleman         Born: October 25, 1784
           Elizabeth Coleman       Born: July 13, l786
           Bartley Coleman         Born: February 18, 1788
           Elisha M. Coleman       Born: February 13, 1790
           Sarah Coleman           Born: May 3, 1792
           Treasey Coleman         Born: Novembcr 29, 1794
           Ann Coleman             Born: December 28, 1796
           John Coleman            Born: February 12, 1799
           Rubin Coleman           Born: March 8, 1802

          Absalom Coleman and Patty, his wife: their children and ages:

           Robert Coleman          Born: July 22, 1811 
           Elisha M. Coleman       Born: November 9, 1812
           Eliza Coleman           Born: Dccember 17, 1813
           Samuel Coleman          Born: October 2, 1815
           Miles Coleman           Born: September 15, 1817
           Sarah Coleman           Born: October 3, 1819
           John Coleman            Born: August 25, 1821
           Jane Coleman            Born: February, 1824
           Treasey Coleman         Born: December 21, 1825
                 Elizabeth Coleman died April 29, 1910
                 Robert Coleman died June 18, 1823
                 Absalom Coleman died September 8, 1839
                 Treasey Colcman died July 15, 1838
        John Coleman and his wife, Isabel, their children and ages:
           Robert S. Coleman   Born: May 15, 1824
           Cherlesler Coleman  Born: January 11, 1820
               John Coleman died 1833, age 34 years
               Treasey Gossett died March 5, 1857
               Ruben Coleman died February 16, 1859
               Isabel M. Coleman died September 15, 1853.

        Rubin Coleman marricd Letitia Faucett on May 31, 1827.
           Franklin Coleman        Born: June 3, 1829
           Elizabeth Coleman       Born: May 28, 1831
           Henry James Coleman     Born: March 8, 1833
           Sarah Ann Coleman       Born: February 7, 1835
- 281 - .


           John Marshall Coleman    Born: August 19, 1837 
           Charles Lipscomb Coleman Born: July 3, 1841 
           Mary Coleman             Born: August 4, 1843

        Original Patent in the possession of Mr. and Mrs. Dave Coleman,
     of Jonesville, South Carolina, seen on July 29, 1957. Patent signed
     by William Bull, Governor of the Province of South Carolina, on
     September 9, 1774, to Christopher Coleman for 200 acres of land
     confirming an original patent from the Governor of North Carolina
     on the 26th day of October, 1767; which said land, by the
     continuation of the boundary line, lately run in pursuance of his
     manifest instructions between the Province and North Carolina now
     follows within the limits of this Government (South Carolina)
     situated on the Mill Creck of Packlet, adjoining Robert Coleman
     land, etc. 
        Originally entered in the General Land Office on March 16, 1775.
        Mrs. Dave Coleman has in her possession a memorandum which says
     that Robert Coleman ,married Elizabeth Smith, sometimes called

                          CEMETERY NOTES--GILEAD CHURCH
                             Bartley Coleman
                                 February 18,1788
                                 December 24,1870
                                 Soldier War 1812.
                             Elizabeth Poole, his wife
                                 March 8,1791
                                 March 8, 1870
                             Reuben Coleman's Grave
                                 Age 56 years, 11 months, 8 days.
                               His son, William G.
                                 January 15,1849--December 13,1926.
                               Emma A., his wife
                                 April 4, 1854--October 15, 1922.
        Honorable D. G. Coleman, J. P., Jonesville, South Carolina,
     showed us the Cemetery, Gilead Church (Baptist) 1 miles North of

- 282 - .


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