Chapter 23: The Genealogical Section by Mrs. Etta Rosson.

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The Robert Coleman from Virginia to Texas, 1652-1965

Chapter 23:  The Genealogical Section by Mrs. Etta Rosson.

     CHAPTER 23



     Along with Cousin Jennie I. Coleman and Donald B. Clayton none has
     been more industrious or effective in the preservation of the
     family genealogy than Mrs. Etta Rosson, formerly of Shelton,
     but now of Columbia, South Carolina. 
        About 1950, Mrs. Rosson completed a book on Coleman-Feaster-
     Mobley Genealogy which was deposited in the DAR Library in
     Washington. The following pages are entirely her handiwork, the
     product of long and diligent labor. Much of the information
     appearing in her DAR book appears in the pages preceding and is not
     here included simply to avoid duplication. 

        We wish to give her full credit for the wonderful contribution
     she has made to this book. 

                                                      J. P. COLEMAN

                                     TABLE I 

     1. ROBERT FITZ COLEMAN born 27 August l 789, died September 7,
     1842, at 11 A.M. Married (1st) Susan Feaster, daughter of John
     Feaster and Drucilla Moberley. Susan Feaster died January 16, 1829.
     Their children who lived to maturity were:
        (a) Drucilla, born October 23, 1812. Married Judge William Cole-
            man. Children:
            1. Elizabeth, married Honorable A. K. Allison, oF Florida. He
               was twice governor of that state. His life may be found in all
               Florida histories. He was arrested and incarcerated with Sec-
               retary Trenholm, of Davis' Cabinet. There is surviving one
               child by this marriage, Sarah Fannin, who married Ross
               Gilliam Harris, of Quincy, Florida. She is prominent in the
               work of the Eastern Star and served as Grand Matron of the
               order in that state.

- 341 - .


            2. Rebecca, died childless.
            3. Isabelle, married Boone.
            4. David Roe, married a Miss Wilcox.
            5. Henry, married Miss Gormley. Children:
               a. Ernest M., lived at Cuthbert, Georgia. Prominent musician
                  and teacher.
               b. Carrie, married D. L. Luper.

        Both Ernest and Carrie are descendants of Solomon Coleman and
     William Coleman, his father. Ernest was the last male descendant of
     that branch. Town of Coleman, in Randolph County, Georgia, was
     named for Andy Coleman (The Mobley Book). 

            6. Caroline   } These two resided at the old home, Spring
            7. Mary Eliza }  vale, Georgia.
            8. Alice, married J. A. Slaughter. Children:
               a. Mary Elise, married Sumate Walters. (Children, Amarine,
                  Alma,,Robert, William, Ethel, Lewis, Julian, Lucia Bell).
               b. William Slaughter, married Frances Walters. (Children,
                  Mildred, Martha, Darius).
               c. Belle Slaughter, married Woodson Bealle. (Children,
                  Alice, Susan, Harris, Mary, Hattie, Edith).

        (b) Edith F. Coleman, born November 10, 1814, married (1st)
            Mike Atkins. Children:
            1. Susan, married John Cox. (Children: Mike, first married
               Lucinda Peacock, children, Atkins and William. Mike mar-
               ried second Cliff Arthur, children, Sallie, Sue, Arthur. The
               other Cox children are: Ella, Robert, Thomas, Chapel, and
               Frank. Mike Atkins, Jr. married Ella Allison, daughter of
               (Governor Allison, and half sister of Sarah Fannin Allison
               Harris, children, Sallie, Floride, and James. Of the three,
               James, unmarried; Sallie, married James Dunne, and Floride,
               married Alex Perry, child, Kathleen.

            Edith F. Coleman, married (2nd) Andrew Hancock. Children:
            2. John Hancock, married Parolee Cile. Children: Pearl, Flor-
               ence, and Lynn.
            3. Joseph Hancock, married Susan Sutton. Children: Charlton,
               Arthur, Robert, Susan, Wilton, Sallie, Augusta, and Ruth.

- 342 - .

                                                 THE ROBERT COLEMAN FAMILY

            4. Jack Hancock, married Eliza Gotchings. Children: Ralph,
               Todd, Eliza, Cleveland, Josephine (address Lumpkin, Geor-
               gia) .
            5. Sallie Hancock, married Phil Gotchings. Child: Seymour,
               Cordele, Georgia.

        (c) Eliza T. Coleman, born October, 1817, died November 28,
            1890. (Daughter of Robert Fitz Coleman and Susan Feaster).
            Married four times:
            (1st) Martin Coleman, son of Solomon Coleman and Betty
                  Elam. No children.
            (2nd) James Brennen. No children lived to marry.
            (3rd) John Quirns Arnett. (See children below).
            (4th) Wesley Mayfield. (His mother was Susan Proctor). No
                  children. Born March 1, 1820, died May 12, 1912.

        John Quirns Arnett (born 1804, died August 10, 1856, near Goshen,
     Lincoln County, Georgia, aged 52 years), and Eliza Coleman had the
     following children:

     1. Berry Arnett, born December 25, 1839, died childless.
     2. Feaster Arnette, killed in War Between the States. Born Novem-
        ber 26, 1837.
     3. Susan Arnette, married Dr. Andrew Cameron. She was born June
        10, 1842, and died July 20, 1870, at 10 A.M. of Pneumonia. They
        had three boys, only one of whom lived to maturity, Dr. Samuel A.
        Cameron, a graduate of the Charleston Medical College, who died
        in February 1872, unmarried.
     4. Robert Coleman Arnett, graduated from the Medical College, at
        Louisville, Kentucky, and married February 17, 1874, Mary Martin
        Evans. Children:
        1. Susan Coleman Arnett, born December 26, 1874.
        2. John Coleman Arnett, born October 14, 1876.
        3. Robert Evans Arnette, born December 29, 1878.
        4. Mary Evans Arnett, born April 21, 1880.
        5. William Julian Arnette, born December 18, 1888.

        (1) Susan Coleman Arnette, married Edwin Raymond Lucas, of
            Hartsville, South Carolina. February 28, 1907. Children:
            1. Eleanor Simons Lucas. Single.
- 343 - .



            2. William Ernest Lucas, married Mary Husted, Toledo,
               Ohio, April 21, 1938. (Three children: Barbara, Deborah
               Arnette, and Charlotte Hardee).
            3. Susanne Lucas, married Benjamin Pratt Gasque, Novem-
               ber 14, 1946. Lives at Marion, South Carolina. (Chil-
               dren: Susanne Lucas and Benjamin Pratt, Jr.).

        William Ernest Lucas, an A.B., M.A., University of South
     Carolina, 1931. Also, Degree of Law, Harvard, 1934. Practicing
     Attorney 1350 S. LaSalle Street, Chicago, Illinois. Residence, 318
     Oxford Road, Kenilworth, Illinois. 

        Eleanor Simons Lucas, Librarian, University of Florida, Gainesville,

        Susanne Lucas Gasque, is the 9th Susanne in line named for Susannah
     de Ruel, wife of Edward Moberley, Sr.

           (2) John Coleman Arnette, married Marie Agnes Simonton.
                1. John Coleman Arnette, Jr., married Virginia McDaniel.
                     1. Julian Randolph Arnette.
                     2. Jacqueline Elizabeth Arnette.
                2. Sarah Elizabeth Arnette, married Julian N. McIllwain.
                     1. Joan Coleman Mclllwain.
                     2. Richard Mclllwain.

           (3) Robert Evans Arnette, married Sarah Hall, and had children:
               1. Robert E. Arnette, Jr., married Doris Jean Nipper.
                    1. Robert Evans Arnette, 3rd.
                    2. Richard Hall Arnette.
               2. Dan Hall Arnette, died at age 16.
               3. Mary Caroline Arnette, married Robert Miller Brice.
                    1. Robert M. Brice, Jr.
                    2. Sarah Wallace Brice.
               4. Berry Feaster Arnette, married Ann Maree Owens.
                    1. Samuel Berry Arnette.

- 344 - .

                                                 THE ROBERT COLEMAN FAMILY

               5. Francis Davis Arnette, married Mary Isabelle Turner.
               6. John Winn Evans Arnette, married Phylis Jean Pelton.
                    1. John Charles Arnette.
                    2. Peter Michael Arnette.
               7. Edward Mobley Arnette, married Sarah Frances Wylie.
                    1 . Edward Mobley Arnette, Jr.
               8. William Julian Arnette, married Catherine Sue Turner.
                    1 . Julia Catherine Arnette.
               9. John Quirns Arnette, married Jeannette Thelma Dickey.
              10. James Douglas Arnette, married Patricia Patrick.
           (4) Mary Evans Arnette, married Merryman Edwards Wood-
               ruff, June 23, 1910, and died one year later. No children.
               She was born April 21, 1880.
           (5) William Julian Arnette, single, lived in San Francisco, Cali-
               fornia, and was an official of the Fidelity Mutual Life In-
               surance Company.

        John Quirns Arnette married (1st) Frances Elam, daughter of
     Martin and Mary Elam. Frances Elam Arnette died November 8, 1855,
     by lightning. 

        (d) David Roe Coleman, Jr., born January 25, 1820.
        (e) John Feaster Coleman, married and moved to Texas. Born
            March 17, 1822.
        (f) Andrew Edmond, born November 15, 1824, married Bettie
            Williford and moved to Randolph County, Georgia.
        (g) Susan, born January 16, 1829, died September 18, 1862, mar-
            ried the famous physician, Dr. Samuel W. B. McClurkin, born
            August 19, 1821, died February 2, 1885. Children:
              a. Eliza, born June 21, 1854, married Robert Mills. Children:
                 1. Edna Mills, married Pryor. No children.
              b. Sam, born February 9, 1861, died September 8, 1901, lived
                 in California.
              c. Eugene.
              d. Strauss, married. No children.

- 345 - .


              e. Susan, married. No children.
              f. Isabelle McClurkin, married Robert D. Perry, a descendant
                 of Governor Perry, of Florida. Survived by three children:
                   1. Robert, married Etta Truesdale. Children: Robert, Jesse
                      Stevenson, William Banks, and Daniel.
                   2. Helen Perry, graduate of Fredericks College, Virginia,
                      married Hollis Garvin. Home at Kitchings Mill, South
                   3. Mary Louise Perry, unmarried. Worked in Columbia.
              g. Robert Coleman, born September 24, 1839, died January 15,

     2. WILEY FITZ COLEMAN (2nd son of David Roe Coleman and Edith
     Beam), was born March 10, 1792, died March 4, 1835, and buried near
     his home. Married about 1816, Nancy Elam. After his death she moved
     to Chambers County, Alabama. Children:
        (a) Sophia, born January 19, 18t7, died March 7, 1838, married
            Abener Fant, June, 1837. She is buried by her father, on road to
        (b) Wilson H., born December 27, 1821, died in Alabama, Au-
            gust 27,1841.
        (c ) Elizabeth, born January 21,1819.
        (d) Mary Edith, born December 16, 1824, married Willie Cofield, of
        (e) David Roe Coleman, born September 1, 1827, died August 20,
            1894, married Nancy E. Coleman, August 3, 1848. She was
            born March 6, 1830, died December 14, 1895.
        (f) Martha, born August 5, 1830, married Francis Tapley, of Ala-
        (g) Isabelle,born December 21, 1833.

     3. DAVID HENRY COLEMAN (third child of David Roe Coleman and
     Edith Beam). Born December 17, 1794, married Sarah Franklin,
     and moved to Greene County, Alabama, thence to Chickasaw County
     (now Clay County) Mississippi, where he died March 17, 1866. Chil-
        (a) Cecilia, born September 1, 1820, married a "Bains" and had two
            sons, Oscar and James (in 1840).
        (b) Sarah, born April 11, 1822.
        (c) Nancy, born April 20, 1824.
        (d) Albert, born March 31, 1826.
        (Above four children were born in South Carolina).

- 346 - .

                                                 THE ROBERT COLEMAN FAMILY

        (e) John Franklin, born April 10, 1828.
        (f) Edith, born November 14, 1830.
        (g) David Roe, born December 31, 1832.
        (h) Wiley Fitz, born May 22, 1835.
        (Above four children were born in Alabama).

     4. HENRY ALEXANDER COLEMAN (fourth child of David Roe Coleman and
     Edith Beam), was born September 5, 1797, died July 21, 1877, at 1
     o'clock A.M., Saturday. Married December 5, 1822, Chaney Feaster,
     born August 29, 1800, and died July 11, 1878. Their Children:
        (a) David Andrew Coleman, born September 16, 1823, died De-
            cember 15, 1865, of pneumonia. Married August 29, 1848,
            Sarah Ann Martin Yongue. Five Children:
              a. Henry Calhoun Coleman, married Anna Owens. Seven Chil
                 1. Dr. David Andrew Coleman, married Elizabeth Clowney.
                    Six Children:
                    a. Robert Henry Coleman, married Inez McLeod. 1 son,
                    b. Anna Glenn Coleman, married Howard Whitlock
                       (children: Anita, Howard, Jr., and Roger).
                    c. David Andrew Coleman.
                    d. Thaddeus Carmichael Coleman, married Hester
                    e. Margaret Coleman.
                    f. Mary Elizabeth, died at age of Three.
                 2. Mary Edith, single.
                 3. Sarah Isabelle, single.
                 4. Nell Williams, married Kennedy Dowtin, of McCormick,
                    South Carolina.
                 5. Henry Alexander (Hal), buried in France, World War I.
                 6. Hester Caroline (Carrie), single.
                 7. Rebecca Owens, married Paul Dowtin, of McCormick.
                    a. Daughter, Hallie Coleman Dowtin, married Pete Bar-
                       den, of Cameron, South Carolina.
                    b. Hester Caroline (Hattie), died single.
                    c. Chaney Isabelle, died single.

- 347 - .


                    d. David Roe Coleman, born June 3, 1857, died June 18, 1947,
                       married Lucy Hamilton, December 19, 1883. She was born
                       December 26, 1858, died January 26, 1945. 8 Children:
                         1. Elizabeth Hamilton Coleman, single.
                         2. Annie Yongue, single.
                         3. Helen Mills, married T. Albert Ladd, July 7, 1915. 5
                              a. Lucy Catherine Ladd, married (1st) Leroy Gucss. 2
                                 1. Helen.
                                 2. Bill.                
                                 Lucy Catherine Ladd Guess, married (2nd) Harry S.
                                 Cram, of Bluffton, South Carolina.
                              b. Albert Ladd, married Jonnie Bell Gregory. 1 child,
                                 Catherhie (Callie).
                              c. Annie Bess.
                              d. Margaret, married John Smith, of Arizona. 1 child,
                                 John, Jr.
                              e. Mary Jo Ladd, married Harry Sanders, of Columbia.
                                 1 child, Harry, Jr.
                           4. David Plumer Coleman, married Isabel (Belle) Propst.
                              6 children:
                              a. John Propst (Jack).
                              b. Sarah, married Cromwell Murray, of Columbia, chil-
                                 dren: Sally and Jerry.
                              c. Ethel, married Harry P. Maynard, of Belmont. 1 child,
                                 Harry Phillip, Jr.
                              d. Mary, married Thurston Bell, of Rome, Georgia. I
                                 child, Mary Dona Bell.
                              e. David Plummer, Jr. (D. P.)
                              f. Roe, died at age of 5.
                            5. Charles Howard Coleman, married Essie Mae Suber. 4
                               a. Martha Elizabeth.
                               b. Louise.
                               c. C. Howard Coleman, Jr., married Helen Keistler. 1
                                  child, Charles Howard, III.
                                d. Annie Laurie, married Ralph Mills, of Newberry.
                             6. Mary Coleman, married J. Rudolph Hamilton, of Edge-

- 348 - .

                                                 THE ROBERT COLEMAN FAMILY

                             7. Margaret, married Reverend Angus N. Littlejohn, of Jones
                                (Mary Coleman and Margaret were twins).
                             8. James Osborne Coleman, single.
                          c. William Yongue Coleman, married Mary Elizabeth Coleman,
                             daughter of Dr. Robert Williams Coleman and Nancy Mc-
                             Connell. Married at Columbia, South Carolina, on October
                             31, 1889. 6 children:
                             1. Fannie Maria, died at age of ten years.
                             2. Chanie Isabel, married Bernice Shellhouse, of Aiken
                                County, South Carolina. 5 children:
                                 a. Mary Elizabeth Shellhouse, married Woodrow Scott.
                                   4 children:
                                     1. Mary Elizabeth.  
                                     2. Billy.
                                     3. Kathryn.
                                     4. Dorothy Ann.
                                  b. Charles Luther, married Dora Vickers, of West Vir-
                                     ginia. 1 child, Alice.
                                  c. Robert William, married Florine Fanning, of Wagner.
                                     1 child, Robert W. Shellhouse, Jr.
                                  d. Frances Isabel, married James C. Epps, of Kingstree,
                                     South Carolina. 1 child, Frances Virginia Epps.
                                  e. Nancy Kathleen, married James S. Matthews, of Rock
                                     Hill .
                             3. Sara Kathleen Coleman, single.
                             4. Robert Yongue Coleman, married Mary Collier, of Rock
                             5. Mary Elizabeth (Mary Bess), single.
                             6. Nancy McConnell Coleman, married Guy M. Ross, of
                                Greensboro, North Carolina. Children:
                                   a. Mary Elizabeth (Betty).
                                   b. Guy Matthews, Jr., married Patricia Fields.
                                   c. Nancy Jo.
                                   d. Coleman DeVane.
     (b) Savilla E. Coleman, daughter of Henry Alexander Coleman and
         Chaney Feaster, born August 20, 1825, died January l9, 1877.
         Married, March 28, 1844, William Mobley Yongue, who died
         May 23, 1884, aged 59 years, 8 months, and 12 days. Children:

- 349 - .

        a. Sarah Hester, married November 28,
           1867, James B. Turner. 
           4 children:
           1. W. J., married Elizabeth Turner. Died survived by
              widow and children, Earl A., William J., Bertha Ray,
              and Louise.
           2. Robert Yongue Turner, married Sarah Isabelle Timms. 9
              a. R. Y. Turner, Jr.
              b. James Anderson Turner.
              c. Harold K. Turner.
              d. Katharine Thelma Turner.
              e. Sarah Elizabeth Turner.
              f. Charles Elbert Turner.
              g. Fred Turner.
              h. William Alexander, single.
              i. John Grady, single.
           3. Clarence K. Turner, married Annie Stuart. 3 children:
              a. Stuart L. Turner.
              b. Sarah Louise Turner.
              c. Elizabeth Turner.
           4. Pierce C. Turner, married Mamie Stevenson. 5 children:
              a. James B. Turner.
              b. Coleman Turner.
              c. Agnes Turner.
              d. Kathleen Turner.
              e. Isabelle, married Lawrence McKinnon. 1 child, Janie
                 Katharine McKinnon, married Howard S. Yarborough.
                 1 child, Grady Alexander Yarborough.
        b. Laura Yongue, born November 22, 1851, died April 13,
           1908, married Thomas D. Owings, born December 30, 1849,
           died February 22, 1912.
           1. Chaney Owings, married William Brooks. 8 children:
              a. Louise
              b. Annie
              c. Pauline
              d. Sarah
              e. Edith
              f. William
              g. John F.
              h. Charles M.

- 350 - .

                                                 THE ROBERT COLEMAN FAMILY

           2. Henry M. Owings, married Mary (Mamie) Coleman.
              5 children:
              a. Mitchell.
              b. Mary Elizabeth (Bess), married Ernest Bolin.
              c. Laura Bernice, married Bill Rabb, 2 children, Bernice
                 and Mitchell.
              d. Thomas.
              e. Robert Coleman.
           3. Savilla, married Robert Riddle, no children.
           4. Cora.
           5. Annie, married Thomas Howell.
              a. Annie Laurie.
           6. Sarah.
           7. Susan.
           8. William.
           9. Thomas Edith (?).
          10. Kate.
          11. Clara.
          12. James.
        c. Margaret Drucilla Yongue, born May 11, 1856, died October
           16, 1914, married John B. Propst, born September 14, 1852,
           died April 15, 1892. Five children:
           1. Eunice Propst, married Samuel S. Bolick.
              a. Samuel S. Bolick, Jr. (1st son).
              b. William Bolick, married Mamie Stevenson.
              c. Coleman Bolick.
           2. William Yongue Propst, married Maybelle Clark, 2 children.
              a. Elizabeth Drucilla, married Gross.
              b. William Propst.
           3. John Henry Propst, single.
           4. Stella Propst, married Jim Bolick.
           5. David Crosby Coleman Propst, single.
           6. Savilla Isabelle Propst, married David Plummer Coleman.
        d. Henry C. Yongue, single, born February 3, 1859, died August
           6, 1884.
        (e) Edith, born May 1, 1827, died November 9, 1827.
        (d) John Albert Feaster Coleman, born June 9, 1828, died suddenly
            of a heart attack April 30, 1898. Married October 13, 1853,

- 351 - .


            Julianna Stevenson, daughter of Samuel Hemphill Stevenson and
            Cynthia Yongue (daughter of Martin Yongue and Julianna
            Cameron). The Fairfield newspaper, News & Herald, said of his
            demise: "Mr. John A. F. Coleman, one of the most highly es-
            teemed Citizens of Feasterville, is dead. He was a Confederate
            soldier and a good citizen. Was captain in the 17th Regiment."
            Julianna Stevenson was born July 14, 1831, died December 3,
            1912. 6 children:
            a. Samuel Stevenson Coleman, born August 10, 1854, married
               (1st) Rebecca Gladden. 5 children:
               1. Jesse Gladden Coleman, married Geneva Fee.
               2. Kate Coleman, married John G. Wolling, Jr.
                  a. James William Wolling, single.
                  b. Estelle Wolling, married Joe Edmunds.
                  c. Samuel Wolling, married Mell
                  d. Julia Kate Wolling, married James Davis.
                  e. Jesse G. Wolling, married Francis Dickey.
                  f. Trez, died small.
               3. Annie Belle Coleman, married Ernest Eugene Coleman,
                  son of David Roe Coleman and Elizabeth Trapp. 8 chil-
                  a. Rebecca May Coleman, married Feaster Dye. 2 Sons:
                     1. Harold Dye.
                     2. Donald Dye.
                  b. Claude Wagner Coleman, married Inez Gantt. 1 dau-
                     1. Darnell Coleman.
                  c. David R. Coleman.
                  d. Ernest Eugene Coleman, married.
                  e. Marvin Gladden Coleman, married Mrs. Bernell Alex-
                     ander. 1 child:
                     1. Claudie Paulette.
                  f. Robert Trapp Coleman, married Florrie Wilkes.
                  g. Withers Memminger Coleman, married Emily Wade.
                  h. Pauline Coleman.
               4. John Albert Feaster Coleman, Jr., married Mamie Crow-
                  der. 1 child:
                  a. Samuel Stevenson Coleman, married Vivian Meade.
               5. Sarah (Sallie) Edith Coleman, married Bailey Crowder.
                  2 children:

- 352 - .

                                                 THE ROBERT COLEMAN FAMILY

                  a. Sarah Thomas Crowder, married Albert Swygert. 
                  b. Jeanette Crowder, married Thomas Carrington.  
        Samuel Stevenson Coleman married (2nd) Miss Alice Faucette. No

           b. Jeanette (Jennie) Isabelle Coleman, married Edward Wil-
              son Coleman. (She was his second wife.) 1 son, John Albert
              Feaster Coleman, died single. Jennie I. Coleman was born
              December 22, 1856.
           c. Sallie Drucilla Coleman, died young.
           d. Henry David Coleman, born January 29, 1866. Married
              Narcissa Wolling. 8 children:
              1. Mabel Janet Coleman, died single. ,
              2. Florence Benton Coleman, married John Beam. No chil-
              3. John Feaster Coleman, married (1st) married, (2nd)
              4. Henry David Coleman, died single, World War 1.
              5. Robert Julian Coleman, married.
              6. Samual Reginald Coleman, married.
              7. Narcissa Elizabeth (Narcie Bess) Coleman, married Jack
                 Gore. 2 children:
                 1. Jack Gore, Jr., married.
                 2. Betty Gore.
              8. Lula Wolling Coleman, married William C. Jeter. 2 chil-
                 1. Billy.
                 2. Harry.
           e. Mary Feaster Coleman, married Charles Washington Fau-
              cette, Jr. 5 children:
              1. Juliana Elizabeth Faucette, unmarried.
              2. Mary Louise Faucette, married Marion DeHone Ogburn.
                 1 child:
                   a. Marion DeHone Ogburn, Jr.
              3. Harry Coleman Faucette, married Caroline Hutchinson. 2
                 a. Charles Washington Faucette, married Margie Mc-
                    Gruder. 3 children:
                    1. Robert Charles Faucette.
                    2. Ann Shure Faucette.
                    3. Michael Coleman Faucette.

- 353 - .

                 b. Mary Eason Faucette, married George
                    Cunningham. 1 child:
                    1. William Cunningham.
              4. Andrew McConnell Faucette, married Gertrude Smarr. 1
                 a. Andrew McConnell Faucette, Jr.
              5. Mary Isabelle Faucette, single.
           f. Chaney Savilla Coleman, died single, when 13 years old.
           (e) Margaret Drucilla Coleman, born July 5, 1830, died January 7,
               1900, married July 18, 1855, James LeRoy Hunter, of Chester
               County, South Carolina. They lived at Powder Springs, Georgia.
               a. Mary Edith Hunter, married William S. Duncan, of Atlanta,
                  Georgia. 2 children:
                  1. James LeRoy Duncan, a graduate of Emory, married
                     Martha McKenzie. No children.
                  2. Martha (Mattie) Duncan, graduate of Agnes Scott Col-
                     lege, married Thaddeus Banks Johnson. 1 child, Thaddeus
                     Banks Johnson, Jr.
               b. John Henry Hunter, was a doctor, married Cora Bowen.
                  1. Frederick Coleman Hunter, graduated in pharmacy.
                  2. Anne Hunter.
           (f) Susan Isabella Coleman, born October 3, 1832, died january 29,
               1892, married August 17, 1853, Thomas Manning, of Marietta,
               Georgia. (Formerly of Chester County, South Carolina).
           (g) Henry Alexander Coleman, born November 3, 1835, died June
               5, 1863, from effects of a wound received at Battle of Manassas
               August 30, 1862. He married November 19, 1857, Jemima
               Rebecca Yongue, daughter of Robert Yongue and Hester Mo-
               berley. They had one daughter.
               a. Sarah Edith Coleman, married George R. Lauderdale. Lived
                  at Winnsboro, South Carolina, where he was a successful mer-
                  chant. Two sons:
                  1. George R. Lauderdale, Jr. 1 child: George Lauderdale, Jr.
                  2. David T. Lauderdale, an ARP Minister, was an honor
                     graduate of Erskine College, Due West. In 1951 he has
                     been Pastor of a Church at Lexington, Virginia, for 35

- 354 - .

                                                 THE ROBERT COLEMAN FAMILY

           (h) Mary Coleman, born January 7, 1838, died August 13, 1839.
           (i) Sarah (Sallie) Amanda Coleman, born January 28, 1840, died
               July 23, 1858. She married April 16, 1857, Andrew J. McCon-
               nell, known as "Dick." He was First Lieutenant oE Bailey's Com-
               pany, 17th Regiment, killed at the "Blow Up" at Petersburg,
               Virginia, July 23, 1864. She had died previously, with her in-
               fant, their first child. Therefore, there were no descendants.
           (j) Robert Charles Coleman, born January 31, 1842, was very small,
               and the pet of the family. Was 3rd Sergeant. Co. B, 17th Regt.,
               S. C. Volunteers. He was drowned while in bathing at Church
               Flats, Johns Island, near Charleston, South Carolina, while in
               service, as a Confederate soldier. Died June 6, 1862.

        NOTE: JEMIMA REBECCA YONGUE, married (2nd) Dr.  Owens. Her
     mother, Hester Moberley was the daughter Of Isham Mobley (son of
     William Mobley and Ann Osborn) and Susannah Mobley (daughter of
     Clement Mobley and Mary Fox). Clement Mobley was son of Edward
     Mobley and Susannah de Ruel. Both Edward Mobley, Sr. and Clement
     Mobley were Revolutionary soldiers. Also, Clement Mobley served in
     the Cherokee Indian War (record with South Carolina Historical
     Commission), which entitles descendants to membership in Daughters
     of Colonial Wars. All descendants of Charles Coleman, brother of
     Robert Coleman who married Elizabeth Roe, are also descendants of
     Clement Mobley. 

     5. WILSON HENRY COLEMAN, son of David Roe Coleman and
     Edith Beam, was born March 25, 1800, and married Mary Johnston in
     1828, in Alabama. 7 children:
        a. Elizabeth, born June 7, 1829.
        b. Martha, born November 14, 1830.
        c. Wiley Johnston, born September 9, 1832.
        d. Edith, born October 26, 1834.
        e. Mary, born January 6, 1837.
        f. Nancy, born September 12, 1838.
        g. Laura L., born June 8, 1846.

     6. ISABELLA COLEMAN, born September 13, 1803, died September
     10, 1838. Married Jacob Feaster. Children:
        a. Jacob Fry Feaster, born February 20, 1824, died August 28, 1902,
           married September 10, 1844, Elizabeth Stone.

- 355 - .


        b. Edith Drucilla Feaster, born July 24, 1825, died May 18, 1876,
           married Henry J. Lyles, February 6, 1844.
        c. John Coleman Feaster, born August 21, 1827, died January 14,
           1909, married Sallie P. Lyles, July 14, 1878.
        d. Elizabeth Susan (or Susan Elizabeth), born April 30. 1829, mar-
           ried February 1, 1848, Reverend S. M. Simons, of Lexington
           County, South Carolina.
        e. David Roe Feaster, born December 25, 1831, married March 18,
           1856 (1st) Victoria Rawls, died January 7, 1877. Married Feb-
           ruary 1, 1897 (2nd) Hattie Porter (Coleman) widow.
        f. Sarah Isabella, born November 3, 1834, died young. March, 1838.
        g. Mary Andrews, born July 11, 1836, died December 16, 1855.
           (Very beautiful and beloved).
     7. ELIZABETH, OR BETTY, COLEMAN, daughter of David Roe
     Coleman and Edith Beam, was born April 6, 1807, died in October 1880.
     Married lsaac Nolen, and moved to Alabama. Later moved to Smith
     County, Texas. 8 children:
        a. Isabella, born December 14, 1827, married John C. Coleman, of
           Alabama, in 1846. Both died of yellow fever. Left one son.
        b. Robert Wilson Nolen, born February 29, 1829.
        c. Andrew J., born April 30, 1830.
        d. Edith Mary Carolina, born March 3, 1833.
        e. Laura Ann, born September 15, 1835.
        f. Elizabeth, born June 3, 1837.
        g. Isaac Henry, born 1839.
        h. John Roe Nolen, born December 31, 1841.
     8. SALLIE COLEMAN, daughter of David Roe Coleman and Edith
        Beam, was born April 10, 1810, and died in 1815.


     1. Jacob Fry Feaster and Elizabeth Stone's children:
        1 William Feaster, died in the service of the Confederacy.
        2. Isabelle Feaster, died unmarried.
        3. Moses Feaster, married Belle Dickerson. 1 son, W. L. Feaster,
           graduate of Furman, later Principal of the Lancaster Schools.
           Moses Feaster was much esteemed by all who knew him. Was

     *She was the daughter of David Roe Coleman and Edith Beam.

- 356 - .

                                                 THE ROBERT COLEMAN FAMILY

           small of stature, a fair violinist, devoted to fox hunting, a base-
           ball enthusiast. Died in Union County where he lived the last
           years of his life.
     2. Edith Drucilla Feaster, married Henry J. Lyles. Children:
        1. William Woodward Lyles, a gallant Confederate soldier, was
           mortally wounded at Ft. Donaldson, and died unmarried.
        2. J. Feaster Lyles, married Carrie Evelyn Lyles. He was an instruc-
           tor in Kings Mountain Military Academy after the War. Was in-
           terested in history, mathematics, and geology of South Carolina.
           1. Henry J. Lyles, single.
           2. Mary Woodward Lyles.
           3. Isabelle Lyles, a Winthrop graduate, married William F.
              Hetrick, of Pennsylvania, later of Gainesville, Georgia.
           4. Jennie Preston Lyles, married William Gunter.
           5. Nicholas Peay Lyles, attended Clemson College.
           6. Florence Feaster Lyles.
           7. Edith Eliza Lyles.

     A. Coleman Lyles, brother of J. Feaster Lyles, married the widow
        Josephine Willie, nee Smith. Children:
        1. Arromanos Coleman Lyles, married Margaret Ella Cross.
        2. Edith Lyles, married Roland G. Hill, of Carlisle, South Carolina.
           1. A. Coleman Hill.

        A. Coleman Lyles was six feet tall, with the Feaster blue eyes and the
        Feaster nose. Was prominent in State and County politics in Union
        County, a member of the Legislature from that county, until his

     3. John Coleman Feaster and Sallie P. Lyles. One child, Thomas Feas-
        ter, lived to be eight years old.
     4. Susan Feaster and S. Milton Simons. Children:
        1. Virgil Pingree Simons.
        2. John Simons.
        3. Paul Simons.
        4. Ophelia Simons.

     (The above all died young).
     (The following married and lived in Arkansas).

- 357 - .


        5. Lizzie Simons.
        6. Cornelia Simmons.

     5. Mary Andrews Feaster, a beautiful girl, died unmarried, aged
        twenty years.
     6. David Roe Feaster, was a soldier in the Confederate Army, enlist-
        ing in the Buckhead Guards. Was a leader in his section in the cause
        of white supremacy in 1876. Married (1st) Victoria Rawls. (She
        was a sister of Maria Louisa Rawls, who married Nathan Feaster,
        son of Andrew Feaster and Mary Norris). Children:
        1. Annie Isabelle Feaster, married McConnell Coleman.
        2. John Rawls Feaster, died unmarried.
        3. Edith Caroline Feaster, married Preston F. Coleman.
        4. Mary Victoria Feaster, married Albert W. Clayton. Children:
           1. Philip Clayton, died a child.
           2. Donald P. Clayton, a Clemson graduate, married Miss Mary
              Wynnette Mathews, and lived at Birmingham, Alabama, 1
              1. Donald P. Clayton, Jr., married (1st) Mary Ann Geisking.
                 (2nd) Catherine Chapman.
           3. Edith Clayton, married William Brown Wright, and lived at
              Shelton, South Carolina. 2 children:
              1. Mary Wright, married Sumter Williams, Jr., of Orangeburg,
                 South Carolina, where they live. 2 children:
                 1. Victoria (Vicki) Williams.
                 2. Carolyn Williams.
              2. Edith Clayton Wright, married R. M. Ballenger, of Greer,
                 South Carolina, where they live. No children.
     5. David Robert Feaster, married Virginia Marks. Children:
        1. Donald Feaster.
        2. Edith Feaster.
        3. Jacob Feaster.
        4. Christine Feaster.
        5. John Feaster.
        They lived at Fordyce, Arkansas.
     6. Jacob Henry Feaster, is unmarried. A graduate of Peabody Nor-
        mal, of Nashville.
     7. James Polk, is unmarried.

     Captain David Roe Feaster on the death of his first wife married

- 358 - .

                                                 THE ROBERT COLEMAN FAMILY

     (2nd) the widow Hattie Coleman (nee Porter, of Ridgeway), widow of
     Henry Jonathan Coleman, Jr. Children:
       1. Charles McCants Feaster, Cashier, Bank of Carthage.
       2. Margaret Fry Feaster, married Dr. C. G. Cox.
       3. Roger Williams Feaster.
       4. Hattie Josephine Feaster, a teacher of Princeton, Arkansas.

        Captain D. R. Feaster's widow, lived on in Princeton, Arkansas,
     after his death. The family was an interesting one. His seven
     children by his first wife, her five by her first husband, and
     their six, made quite a family in all. A stranger would sometimes
     think she was mother of all, and, as far as her kindness was
     concerned, she was. 

     7. Sarah Isabelle Feaster, died young, single.

        Letter written by David Roe Coleman to his son, Wilson, of
     Greene County, Alabama:

        "South Carolina, Fairfield District, June 27, 1835.

     Dear Son:

        I take the present favorable opportunity to write to you a line
     in way of remembrance, as I have not had a letter from you for a
     great while, and inform you that your Father is still living and in
     good health.  (Blessed be God for his mercies). Hoping that you and
     your family are all well. I.htm#N018678">I believe I have not wrote to you since
     the death of your brother Wiley. His widow and children are well,
     and I think are likely to do well. They are very industrious and
     your namesake, Wilson, is much so. Wiley had but a very short
     sickness, from Thursday until Tuesday.  He was doing very well. I
     think it was the excessive cold was the cause of his death. I am
     certain I have never experienced so cold a winter. Our wheat crops
     are greatly injured, and great many entirely ruined. All the fig
     trees and chaney trees are killed. The figs will spring up again,
     but the chaney will not. Our prospects for corn and cotton is very
     good at this time. The seasons have been very good so far. Your
     brothers and their families are all well except Chany, Henry's
     wife. She has had a long spell of sickness that has seemed to
     threaten insanity, hut is getting better.  Isabella and her
     family are well. We expect Isaac and Betty to see us in July. They
     were all well when we last heard from them. I am in the 71st year
     of my age. I.htm#N018703">I am nearly as strong as I ever was, but not so active.
     I.htm#N018706">I.htm#N018705">I take a great deal of exercise, tho I work but little. I go into
     no excesses except reading. I think one third of the day is spent
     by me in reading. I

- 359 - .


     live much alone, and think that few men desires peace more than I
     do, and none love it better. To love God with all my powers and my
     neighbors as myself is my aim and end. l rejoice that I have lived
     a life of Temperance (in almost every thing). I have a good pare of
     spectacles and an excellent little rifle gun, and I.htm#N018716">I think I kill
     more squirrels than any man in the neighborhood. This serves as an
     amusement for me in my vacant hours from reading. Peace be with
     you, my dear Son. I add no more. 

                                                 D. R. COLEMAN

     Wilson H. Coleman.
     Sent by Mr. William Halsell."

                                     TABLE 2
                                  NANCY COLEMAN

     1. HIRAM H. COLEMAN, born April 30, 1803, died April 9, 1837. 
     Married February 4, 1827, Elizabeth (Betty) Beam, daughter of
     Albert Beam and Sally Mayo, and a niece of Edith Beam, wife of
     David Roe Coleman. Betty Beam was born April 8, 1808, and died
     February 18, 1892. Hiram died young, leaving his wife with five
     small children, as follows:
        (a). Susan R., born December 1, 1827. Married September 5, 1848,
             John Feaster Cockrell. He died March 6, 1889. Susan died
             December 27, 1850,leaving one child.
             1. Elizabeth Coleman, married Rufus Lumpkin, 1 child.
        (b). Nancy E. Coleman, born March 6, 1830, died December 14,
             1898. Married David Roe Coleman, Jr., August 3, 1848. They
             moved to Alabama and raised a family of 6 sons and 2 daughters.
             He died August 20, 1894. 8 children:
             1. Lizzie, married W. W. Gay.
             2. Hiram Fairfield Coleman, married Lena Waller.
             3. Edward Wilson Coleman, married ( 1st) Lola Jackson Marsh.
                2 children:
                a. David Roe Coleman, married Mayme Burley. 1 child:
                   1. Lola Marsh Coleman.
                b. James Marsh Coleman, died single.

- 360 - .

                                                 THE ROBERT COLEMAN FAMILY

             Edward Wilson Coleman, married (2nd) Jennet (Jennie) Isa-
             belle Coleman, February 2, 1897.
                a. John Albert Feaster Coleman, died single.
             4. Bedford Forrest Coleman, married Corrie Wallace.
             5. Robert Elam Coleman, married Lillie Belle Stevens.
             6. Julia Coleman, married James Howell.
             7. Phillip Mayo Coleman, married Maggie Smith.
             8. Nancy, died when about grown.
     (c). Robert Hiram Coleman, born October 1, 1832, died June 24,
          1862, at Augusta, Georgia. Married Julia Ann Feaster, Febru-
          ary 7, 1856. 2 children.
          1 . Robert Coleman, died single when about 18 years old, being
              accidentally shot by a friend while out hunting.
          2. Lewis Andrew Coleman, married Mazura Carter. Born June
             27, l868, died November 22, 1879. 7 children:
             a. Robert Feaster Coleman.
             b. Margaret Narcissa Coleman.
             c. George Wilson Coleman (lawyer at Palm Beach, Florida).
             d. Andrew Jackson Coleman.
             e. Lewis A. Coleman, Jr.
             f. Julia R. Coleman.
             g. Edith Isabel Coleman.
     (d). Edward A. Coleman, born May 2, 1835. Married September 23,
          1859, Nancy E. Coleman, who lived near the Propsts, Fairfield
          County. She was daughter of Major John Coleman, son of Wil-
          liam Coleman, brother of Robert Coleman who married Eliza-
          beth Roe, and also Charles Coleman, of the 1st generation in South
          Carolina. Edward died August 19, 1862, in Virginia "as a soldier."
          Estate Settlement, Winnsboro, South Carolina, Box 17, f. 140:
          "Departed this life in Virginia, as a soldier, 1862, and left as
          his heirs at law his widow, Nancy Coleman, no children, but a
          brother, H. S., and 2 children of his deceased brother, Robert H.,
          his sister, Nancy, wife of David R. Coleman, of Alabama, and a
          child of his deceased sister, Susan Cockrell, and his mother,
          Elizabeth Coleman."

     (e). Hiram S. Coleman, born October 6, 1837, died January 2, 1860,
          single, of consumption. He had gradated in medicine.

- 361 - .


     2. WYLIE ("SCREW") COLEMAN, son of Robert Roe Coleman and
        Nancy Coleman. Married Sallie Rainey, his first cousin. They settled
        where Henry and Elitia Jefferes later lived. Had 6 children.
        (a). Francis Daniel Coleman, born January 4, 1822, died April 19,
             1891. Married Susan Stone, born November 8, 1829, died June
             22, 1875. They lived and died where their son Wylie Coleman
             lived, and are buried at Beaver Creek Church. 6 children:
             1. Robert L., went to Tennessee. Married twice.
             2. Maggie, married Elmore Boney.
             3. Jacob F. Coleman, married three times.
             4. Sallie Coleman, married Henry Robinson.
             5. John Wylie Coleman, born October 20, 1856, died june 15.
                1928. Married Victoria C. Robinson, December 7, 1875. She
                was born January 18, 1859, died October 16, 1945. They
                had seven (7) children, as follows:
                a. John Francis Coleman, married (1st) Miss Carolyn
                   Kearse, of Olar, South Carolina. One child:
                   1. Erma Carolyn Coleman, married Julian McCullen,
                      Kinston, North Carolina. John Francis Coleman mar-
                      ried (2nd) Miss Addie Jenny, Fairfax, South Caro-
                      lina. They had six (6) children:
                         1. Mary Elizabeth Coleman, married Clyde Arnold.
                            One child:
                               Clyde Coleman Arnold.
                         2. Francena Coleman, married George Plough.
                            Charleston, South Carolina.
                              1. Shirley Plough.
                         3. Zenith Coleman, married Herman Hartz, Ridge-
                            land, South Carolina.
                              1. Susan Hartz.
                              2. Herman Hartz, Jr.
                         4. Jenny Coleman, married William Galloway, Latta
                            South Carolina.
                              1. Addie Jenny Galloway.
                         5. John Francis Coleman, Jr., died at age of one
                         6. Ethel Coleman, married L. B. Epperson, Atlanta.
                            Georgia. No children.
                      John Francis Coleman, married (3rd) Mrs. Glady
                      Thompson, of Smoaks, South Carolina. No children.

- 362 - .

                                                 THE ROBERT COLEMAN FAMILY
                b. Bertie Ray Coleman, married Jessup P. Eaddy, of Leo,
                   South Carolina, and Hamlet, North Carolina.
                     1. Alice Victoria Eaddy.
                c. Georgia Robinson Coleman, married Walker N. Sojour-
                   ner, Denmark, South Carolina.
                     1. Georgia Louise Sojourner, married Forrest R.
                        DeMont, Waltham, Massachusetts.
                     2. Mary B. Sojourner, married David L. Ballard (Joe),
                        Greensboro, North Carolina.
                          1. David L. Ballard, Jr.
                d. Susie Coleman, died at age of sixteen years.
                e. Robert Wylie Coleman, married Miss Sadie Wright,
                   Chester, S. C.
                     1. Robert Wylie Coleman, Jr., married Miss Kathleen
                        Vaughan, Chester, South Carolina.
                f. Minnie Louise Coleman, married (1st) Charles May
                   Adams, of Saluda, South Carolina.
                     1. Charles Coleman Adams, married Miss Julia Dukes,
                        of Greelyville and Chester, South Carolina.
                     Minnie Louise Coleman, married (2nd) James C. Ten-
                     nant, Chester, South Carolina. No children.
                g. Margaret Coleman, married Broadus A. Robinson, of
                   Blackstock, South Carolina.
                     1. John Francis Robinson, married Miss Dorothy
                        Timmons, of Darlington, South Carolina. No children.
                     2. Mary E. Robinson, married John Morley Kiliholtz,
                        of Baltimore, Maryland.
                          1. Charles Kiliholtz.
                          2. John Morley Kiliholtz, Jr.
                          3. Broadus A. (Alex) Robinson, Jr., single.

           6. Minnie Coleman, married Henry Tongs.
        Victoria C. Robinson's parents were John Elliott Robinson and Mary
     Hartin. Both are buried at Beaver Creek Church.

        (b). Polly, daughter of Wylie (Screw) Coleman and Sallie Rainey,
             married William McLane. 5 children:
               1. Sallie, married Robert Castles.
               2. Mary, married James Robinson.
               3. Jack, married widow Isa Yongue (nee Crowder).
               4. Silas, married Mattie Mobley.
               5. Fannie, married William Mobley.

- 363 - .


        (c). Seleta, married Jim Morgan. 1 child.
               1. Hiram.
        (d). Sarah Coleman, married Jesse Gladden. They are buried at
             Jeffares family cemetery, Feasterville.wille, Fairfield County, South
             Carolina. 2 children:
               1. Sarah Rebecca Gladden, married Samuel Stevenson Cole-
               2. John C. Gladden, married Mary
                    1. Sarah Rebecca.

               Samuel Stevenson Coleman married (2d) Miss Alice Faucette.
               No children.

        (e). Elitia Coleman, married Henry Jeffares, her cousin. 7 children.
               1. Lizzie Jeffares, married Sam Wright.
               2. Robert Jeffares, married Lizzie Hogan.
               3. Coleman Jeffares, died young.
               4. Ben Jeffares.
               5. Mattie Jeffares, married Ned Taylor.
               6. John Wylie Jeffares, died young. Thrown by a mule.
               7. Sam Jeffares.
        (f). Savilla Coleman, never married.

     3. JONATHAN DAVID COLEMAN, son of Robert Roe Coleman and Nancy
     Coleman married Sallie McLane. (She was called "Sallie D").  They
     lived at his father, Robert Roe Coleman's, old home place. Had no
     children. Raised as their own her nephew, Jones McLane. Jonathan
     "D" owned many slaves and land, carried on much business, was a
     successful farmer, and his land and money caused dissention in
     division.  Nancy Coleman, mother of Edward Wilson Coleman,
     inherited 1/4 of his land, getting most of the tract known as
     the "Grubbs" place, owned later by Edward Wilson Coleman and Marsh
     Coleman, his son. Very little of the balance of his property
     remained in the hands of his relatives. (Sallie McLane's father was
     Henry Mclane). 

                                     TABLE 3
                         DESCENDANTS OF WYLIE COLEMAN AND
                                  SARAH RAGSDALE

     (a). WILLIAM HEAD COLEMAN, born Chester District, South
     Carolina, December 13, 1830, died December 15, 1890, at Mineral

- 364 - .

                                                 THE ROBERT COLEMAN FAMILY

     Wells, Texas. He was a Confederate soldier in Walker's Texas
     Division, and served two terms as Sheriff of Lavaca County, Texas.
     One of his children, James H. Coleman, is living in Mineral Wells
     (1950); Hugh H. is living with him; Henry L. lives in Fort Worth,
     Texas, and Pearl (Mrs. M. J. Bisco) died some few years ago. 

     (b). SARAH SUSAN COLEMAN, born in Fairfield or Chester Districts,
     South Carolina, April 3, 1832, died January, 1919, at Taylor,
     Texas. Married William Ford. 4 children. Survivors at her death
     were: Mrs. R. C. Payne, Taylor, Texas; Mrs. Lillie Miller, Houston;
     Mr. Henry Ford, San Angelo, all now deceased (1950). 

     (c) . THOMAS BLEWETT COLEMAN, born October 12, 1833, Chester
     District, South Carolina, died November 21, 1919, near Granbury,
     Texas, interred at Hallettsville. Married Jane Simpson, July 7, 
     1870, daughter of David Butler Simpson, born Macon County, Alabama,
     September 16, 1851. Died, Maples Community, near Granbury, Texas,
     August 19, 1935 (interred Hallettsville, Texas). Eight (8)
     children, all born Lavaca County, Texas. 
       1. David William, born August 15, 1871.
       2. Ernest Head Coleman, born July 23, 1874.
       3. Hattie Coleman, born August 9, 1881, died October 4, 1882.
       4. George Thomas Coleman, born November 20, 1883, near Gran-
          bury, Texas. Died, April 21, 1938.
       5. Sarah Arabella, born October 17, 1886 (twin). Married William
          Fleming McKennon.
       6. (Twin), born October 17, 1886, died October 22, 1886 (age 5
       7. James Joseph Coleman, born April 28, 1891.
       8. Frank Ralph Coleman, born May 30, 1895, married Mallie Ada
          Little, January 20, 1920.

     (d). ELIZA JANE MACON COLEMAN, born September 10, 1835, died June
     20, 1880, Tuscaloosa, Alabama. 

     (e). REGINA BLEWETT COLEMAN, born December 17, 1836, in Winston
     County, Mississippi. Died October 7, 1921, Dallas, Texas.  Married,
     Winston County, Mississippi, September 1, 1859, Dr. David S. 
     Lemman, born Dayton, Ohio, June 11, 1815, died San Antonio, Texas,

- 365 - .


     June 15, 1892. During 1884-1885, Dr. Lemman was grand Master of the
     Texas Grand Lodge I.O.O.F. (Odd Fellows). 6 children:
       1. Lily Newport Lemman, born Winston County, Mississippi, Au-
          gust 28, 1860. Died April 1, 1861.
       2. Daniel H. Lemman, born San Antonio, Texas, July 8, 1862, died
          June 11, 1868.
       3. (Twin) lda Inez Lemman, born October 9, 1866, married Octo-
          ber 20, 1891, at San Antonio, Texas, to William Martin Cornett
          (born New York City, March 23, 1860, died, Dallas, Texas,
          March 20, 1948. He was a member of School Board 1888, among
          first Aldermen City of Dallas.
       4. (Twin) Eugene D. Lemman, born October 9, 1866, San Antonio,
          Texas, died same place.
       5. David S. Lemman, Jr., born San Antonio, Texas, May 10, 1869,
          died June 15, 1870.
       6. Ina May Lemman, born San Antonio, Texas, June 2, 1871, died
          Los Angeles, California, January, 1936.

     (f). LOUISA HARRIETT COLEMAN, born Winston County, Mississippi,
     September 15, 1838, died September 21, 1917, at Austin, Texas. 
     Married (1st) Dr. Wilkins, (2nd) Judge Coombs. 2 children:
       1. Norma, married Albert P. Tenison, of Dallas, Texas.
       2. Lena, married Mr. Griffiths. Lived at Austin, Texas.

     (g). HENRY JONATHAN COLEMAN, born Winston County, Mississippi,
     March 25, 1840, died March 8, 1862. Killed at the Battle of
     Elkhorn, Lavern, Arkansas. (Served under General Kirby Smith). 

     (h). ANNA REBECCA COLEMAN, born Winston County, Mississippi,
     November 26, 1841, died November 14, 1843. 

     (i). * MARY ANNA HARRISON COLEMAN, born June 23, 1843, at Winston
     County, Mississippi, died ---, married William Barham Simpson (Brother
     of Mattie Jane Simpson, who married Thomas Blewett Coleman), born
     February 1, 1841, died September 19, 1921. Married April 18, 1867. 

     (j). JAMES BURR HEAD COLEMAN, born January 13, 1845, Winston
     County, Mississippi. Died June 12, 1905. Was President First

     * Double Wedding. 

- 366 - .

                                                 THE ROBERT COLEMAN FAMILY

     National Bank, Coleman, Texas. (In February, 1949, his daughter,
     Mrs. Mary C. Johnson, was living at Alexandria Arms Apartment, 1801
     North Alexandria Avenue, Hollywood, California). 

     (k). * MARCIA MARENDA COLEMAN, born May 3, 1848, Winston County,
     Mississippi. Died ---. Lived at Coleman, Texas.  Married Pem A.
     Andrews, April 18, 1867. 
       1. Florence Andrews, married Jack H. Babbington. Lived at Cole-
          man, Texas.

        Ada Inez Lemman and William Martin Cornett lived in Dallas,
     Texas, where for many years she was pipe organist in the First
     Baptist Church. He was prominent in musical circles, individually,
     and as a member of a quartet which was much in demand throughout
     the State.  In the early 1900's he was Superintendent of the
     Poultry Department of the State Fair Of Dallas, Manager of Printing
     Department of Holland's Magazine and Farm and Ranch Magazine, a
     fifty year charter member or the Dallas Typographical Union, which
     he served as treasurer for over thirty years. 5 children:
       a. Ethel May Cornett, married Wallace Earle Hawley, April 6, 1944.
       b. Inez Esther Cornett, died an infant.
       c. William Lemman Cornett. Lives in Dallas, Texas. Married Feb-
          ruary 22, 1920, Virginia Kerns, at Dallas, Texas. 2 children:
            1. Christian Martin Cornett, born March, 1921, died, 1936.
            2. Mildred Cornett, now teaching in Dallas Public Schools.
       d. John Robert Cornett, born in Dallas, lives in La Mesa, California.
          Married Lorine Newton, Los Angeles. 2 children:
            1. Robert Lewis Cornett, living in La Mesa. California.
            2. Beverly Lorine Cornett, living in La Mesa, California.
       e. Ada Regina Cornett, married Walter P. Henderson, December
          5, 1930. Lives in Dallas, Texas.

       Eugene D. Lemman (son of Regina Blowett Coleman and Dr. David S.
     Lemman), married Fannie M. Johns, October, 1894. 4 children:
       1. Eugene Ford Lemman, born August, 1896, died January 7, I S97.
       2. Woodhul Thornton Lemman.
       3. Dorothy Lemman.
       4. Daniel H. Lemman.

       * Double wedding.
- 367 - .


        Ina May Lemman (daughter of Regina Blowett Coleman and Dr. 
     David S. Lemman), married Arch W. Lipscomb, November 5, 1895, San
     Antonio, Texas. 2 children:
       1. Loyd Lemman Lipscomb, lived in Los Angeles.
       2. Emily Cornett Lipscomb, lived in Los Angeles.

        Louisa Harriet Coleman, married (1st) Dr. B. B. Wilkins (2nd)
     Judge Coombs. 2 children by first marriage, none by second. 
       1. Lena Lide Wilkins, married D. A. Griffiths.
            1. Lula Griffiths.
            2. Hattie Griffiths.
            3. Homer Griffith.
            4. Norman Griffiths.
       2. Norma Newport Wilkins, married Albert P. Tenison. She was
          born December l2, 1868, died December 11, 1942, Dallas, Texas.
          He was born January 10, 1859, died March 14, 1913, Dallas,
          Texas. 2 children:
            1. Lena Tenison, married _ Slayton. Lived in Dallas, T,exas.
            2. Albert P. Tenison, Jr., born 1891, died 1932.

        Mary Anna Harrison Coleman, daughter of William Ragsdale Cole-
     man and Sarah Newport Head, married William Barham Simpson, had
     three children:
       1. Henry Simpson, lived in Dallas, Texas.
       2. (Twin) Sallie Simpson, married Mr. Pounds. Live in Brownwood,
       3. (Twin) Posie Simpson, married Mr. Gardenheir. Live in Brown-
          wood, Texas.

        James Burr Head Coleman, son of William Ragsdale Coleman and
     Sarah Newport Head, married Mary Livingston. 5 children:
       1. Casey Livingston Coleman.
       2. Charles Pelham Coleman.
       3. Mary Finney Coleman, married_ Johnson. Live in Holly
          wood, California.
       4. Clarence Coleman.
       5. Margaret Coleman.

        Marcia Maranda Coleman, daughter of William Ragsdale Coleman,
     and Sarah Newport Head, married Pem A. Andrews, at Hallettsville,
     Texas. Children:
       1. Florence Newport Andrews, married John Henry Williams-

- 368 - .

                                                 THE ROBERT COLEMAN FAMILY

          Babington, son of an English Army Officer, born September 23,
          1855, at Madras, India, died December 1, 1935, Coleman, Texas.
          2 children:
            1. Lucile Babington.
            2. Mabel Elizabeth Babington, married H. R. Fossler, of Vermil-
               lion, South Dakota.

       2. Lucile Andrews.

        Ethel May Cornett, daughter of Ada Inez Lemman and William
     Martin Cornett, married Wallace Earle Hawley, born June 29, 1894,
     Bridgeport, Connecticut. Served in World War, 56th Artillery,
     Alsace-Lorraine, Champaign Defense, Oise-Aisne, Aisne-Marne, St.
     Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne; Croix de Guerre, Purple Heart and Silver
     Star awards; Gassed and wounded. Retired as First Lieutenant, U. S.
     Army, Son of Arthur W. Hawley, 1860-1941; grandson of Eli Curtis
     Hawley, 1818-1899; great grandson of Abijah Hawley, 1785-1846;
     great, great grandson of Robert E. Hawley, Jr., 1762-1845 (served
     in American Revolution); great, great, great grandson of Captain
     Robert E. Hawley, Sr., 1726-179? (served in French-Indian and
     American Revolution Wars); great, great, great, great grandson of
     John Hawley, Jr., 1694; great, great, great, great, great grandson
     of Captain John Hawley, Sr., served in French-Indian Wars, was
     nineteen times Rep. to General Assembly, 1661-1729; who was seventh
     child of Joseph Hawley, 1603-1690. Born in England, came to
     America 1629-30. All others mentioned were born Stratford,
     Connecticut. Joseph Hawley was first Town Clerk of Stratford, was
     town Treasurer, some thirty-eight times Representative in
     Connecticut General Court. Second largest property owner, and
     Justice of the Peace when he died in 1690. Mentioned in most
     genealogies as important Founding Father, or immigrant Ancestor. 

                                  FAMILY RECORD

        Drawn from the family Bible at William R. Coleman's, in Winston
     County, Mississippi, November 29, 1844, by H. J. F. W. Coleman. 
     (Original copy made in 1844, now in possession of Mrs. J. W.
     Starnes, Ridgeway, South Carolina). 


        Wiley Coleman, Father, October 27, 1771.
        Sarah Ragsdale Coleman, Mother, October 15,1781.

- 369 - .


         William R. Coleman, October 4, 1800.
         Nancy Ann Coleman, December 6, 1801.
         Joseph R. Coleman, June 2, 1803.
         Sophia Coleman, January 16, 1805.
         Griffin R. Coleman, September 27, 1807.
         Elizabeth A. Coleman, April 4, 1810. (Twin)
         Robert F. Coleman, April 4, 1810. (Twin)
         Rebecca Coleman, December 20, 1812.
         Wiley W. W. Coleman, April 19, 1815.
         Henry J. F. W. Coleman, February 5, 1818.
         Sarah Coleman, December 25, 1819.
         Eli Coleman, January 8, 1824.


        Wiley Coleman to Sarah Ragsdell, in the year 1799.
        Nancy A.  to Richard Nolen, January 22, 1822.
        Joseph R. Coleman to Juliana Banks, February 5, 1824.
        Elizabeth A. Coleman to John Williams, October 12, 1826.
        Sophia Coleman to William Coleman, January 9, 1827.
        William R. Coleman to Sarah Head, January 26, 1830.
        Griffin R. Coleman to Susannah Cockrell, February 9, 1830.
        Robert F. Coleman to Margaret Smith, in the year 1832.
        Rebecca Coleman to John W. Robertson, February, 1835.
        Sarah Coleman to Wiley U. Gilmar, December 8, 1833.
        Wiley W. W. Coleman to Mary Coleman, February, 1836.
        Eli Coleman to Elenor Beaseley, in the year 1844.
        H. J. F. W. Coleman to Aley Cockrell, November 28, 1848.


        Wiley Coleman, October 16, 1824.
        Sarah Coleman, August 3,1820.

        John Williams, August 6,1836.
        Elizabeth A. Williams, May 8,1837.

      (The following is in different handwriting from H. J. F. W. Cole-
      man's) .

        Nancy Ann Nolen, July 6,1847.
        Eli Coleman, April, 1849.
        Richard Nolen, October,1851.

- 370 - .

                                                 THE ROBERT COLEMAN FAMILY

        Sophia Coleman, January 22, 1857.
        Joseph R. Coleman, June 16, 1859.
        Juliana Banks Coleman, December 21, 1871.
        Alice Coleman (Alcy), November 11, 1863.
        H. J. F. W. Coleman, January 20, 1891.

     2. COLONEL JOSEPH RAGSDALE COLEMAN, of South Carolina State
     Militia, son of Wylie Roe Coleman and Sarah Ragsdale (Ragsdell),
     was born June 2, 1803, died June 16, 1859, and married February 5,
     1824, Juliana Banks (Majoribanks), born March 11, 1804, died
     December 21, 1871. Both are buried at Fellowship Church Cemetery,
     near Woodward, South Carolina. Lived East of Blackstock, but
     attended Church at Fellowship (near the Samuel Moberley, Jr., home).
        It is said that Joseph was not a church member, but was inclined
     to the Baptist, so Juliana, who was Scotch Presbyterian, told him
     she would join with him, if he would join the church, so Baptists
     they became. There was no Baptist Church near, so they would go
     down on Saturday and spend the night with the Moberleys, and
     drive home Sunday afternoon.  They were both big and fat and had a
     buggy specially made, to which they drove two horses. 
        Joseph Ragsdale Coleman was evidently an officer in the State
     Militia. They had musters, and were taught to drill, etc. Some of
     his commissions, dating back to the 1830's, are in possession of
     Mrs. J. W.  Starnes, Ridgeway, South Carolina. 
        The inscriptions on the graves of this couple, at Fellowship
     Cemetery, are as follows:

        "Sacred to the memory of Colonel J. R. Coleman, who was born
        June 3, 1803. Passed away June 16, 1859, aged 56 years and 13

        "Sacred to the memory of Mrs. J. R. Coleman." (Stone broken
        and dates destroyed)

     There were eight children, as follows:
       1. Wylie R. Coleman, born January 3, 1825, died in Mexico (Mexi-
          can War), July 18, 1847.
       2. Sarah Elizabeth Coleman, born March 8, 1827, died September
          14, 1861. Married William Robinson, August 28, 1850.

- 371 - .


       3. Samuel Wyatt Coleman, born October 9, 1829, died August 4,
          1856. Buried in Strong Burying Ground, on Great Falls Road,
          East of Blackstock. Never married.
       4. Rebecca Jane, born June 29,1832. Died in infancy.
       5. Sicily Allenia, born June 1, 1834. Married Dr. T. F. Broom,
          December 1,1859.
       6. Henry Allen Coleman, born March 16, 1837, died January 6,
          1908. Married Harriett Matilda Coleman, daughter of James
          Buchanan Coleman and Aseaneth Davis, at Ridgeway, South
          Carolina. Dr. Henry Allen Coleman lived and died at Mandarin,
       7. Mary Hellender "Ellen" Coleman, born October 24, 1839. Mar-
          ried Thomas Nelson, October 24, 1872. Died at Simpson, South
       8. Walter Francis Marion Coleman, born September 21, 1846, died
          December 25, 1895. Married Cynthia Miller, January 6, 1870.

        W. F. M. Coleman was the father of Mrs. J. W. Starnes, Ridgeway,
     South Carolina. He is buried at Pleasant Grove Presbyterian Church,
     six miles from Chester, near the Great Falls Road. His wife's
     family lived near there, and her grandfather gave the land on which
     the church was built. 

        Wylie R. Coleman volunteered to go to Mexico December 8, 1846,
     and died of illness at Pueblo July 18, 1847. His name is on the
     iron Palmetto tree monument on the State House Grounds, Columbia,
     South Carolina. 

        Samuel Wyatt Coleman, third child above. is buried in the Strong
     family cemetery, on Great Falls Road, East of Blackstock, near
     where Joseph Ragsdale Coleman lived. Two infants of Joseph Ragsdale
     Coleman are buried in the Allen Coleman Cemetery, east of

     3. SOPHIA COLEMAN, daughter of Wylie Roe Coleman and Sarah
     Ragsdale, was born January 14, 1805, died January 22, 1857. Married
     January 9, 1827, (her first cousin) William Charles Coleman, son of
     Allen Roe Coleman and Sarah Coleman. 

     4. ELIZABETH COLEMAN, born April 4, 1810, died May 8, 1837. 
     Married John Williams, October 12, 1826. 

- 372 - .

                                                 THE ROBERT COLEMAN FAMILY

     5. GRIFFIN R. COLEMAN, born September 27, 1807, died May. 
     1870. Married Susan Coleman Cockrell, February 9, 1830.

     6. ROBERT COLEMAN, born April 4, 1810 (Twin). Married Margaret
     Smith, in 1832. 

     7. REBECCA COLEMAN, born December 20, 1812. Married John W. 
     Robertson, in February. 1835. Buried in Lebanon cemetery, Choctaw
     County, Mississippi. 

     8. WILEY COLEMAN, born April 19, 1815, died 1875.  Married
     Mary (Polly) Coleman, daughter of Solomon Coleman and Betty Elam. 
     Buried at Mashulaville. 

     9. WYATT COLEMAN (H. J. F. W.), born February 5, 1818, died January
     20, 1891. Married Ailsey Cockrell, November 28, 1848. She died
     November 11, 1863. 

     10. SARAH COLEMAN, born December 25, 1819. Married Wiley U. 
     Gilmar, December 8, 1833. 

     11. ELIHU COLEMAN, born 1824, died April,1849. Married Eleanor
     Beasley, in 1844. Eli settled in Georgia. 


     1. David William (Dave) Coleman, born Lavaca County, Texas, Au-
        gust 15,1871. 
     2. Ernest Head Coleman, born Lavaca County, Texas, July 23, 1874.
     3. Hattie Coleman, born Lavaca County, Texas, August 9, 1881, died
        October 4, 1882.
     4. George Thomas Coleman, born Lavaca County, Texas, November
        20, 1883. Died near Granbury, Hood County, Texas, April 21,
        1938. Interred Hallettsville, Texas.
     5. (Twin). Sarah Arabella (Sallie) Coleman, born Lavaca County,
        Texas, October 17, 1886. Married William1 Flemming (Billie)
     6. (Twin). Boy, born Lavaca County, Texas, October 17, 1886, died
        five days old.

- 373 - .


     7. James Joseph (Jim) Coleman, born Lavaca County, Texas, April
        22, 1891.
     8. Frank Ralph Coleman, born Hallettsville, Lavaca County, Texas,
        May 30, 1895.

                          CHILDREN OF W. R. COLEMAN AND
                                SARAH NEWPORT HEAD

     1. W. H. Coleman, born December 13, 1830, died December 15,
     2. Sarah Susan Coleman, born April 3, 1832.
     3. Thomas Blewit Coleman, born October 12, 1833.
     4. Eliza Jane Macon Coleman, born January 30, 1835, died June 20,
     5. Regina Blewitt Coleman, born December 17, 1836.
     6. Louisa Harritt Coleman, born September 10, 1838.
     7. Henry Jonathan Coleman, born March 25, 1840, died March 8,
        1862. Fell at the Battle of Elkhorn, Arkansas.
     8. Anna Rebecca Coleman, born November 26, 1841, died Novem-
        ber 14, 1843.
     9. Mary Anner Harrison Coleman, born June 23, 1843.
    10. James Burr Head Coleman, born January 13, 1845, died June 12,
    11. Marcia Maranda Coleman, born May 3, 1848.

        NOTE: Obituary for W. H. Coleman shows he was born December 3,
        1830, and died December 30, 1890. His wife was C. R. Coleman.

        CHARLES COLEMAN, SR. (We know of no relation of our Charles and
     Robert Coleman of the first generation, and give this data for the
     reason that there is a connection with our Coleman family by
     marriage, as follows, through Joseph Ragsdale Coleman's son). His
     will is on record in Fairfield County, Will Book Volume 3, Page 85,
     dated August 13, 1836, recording date unknown, but estate was being
     settled in 1842.  Brief of Will follows:

        "My daughter, Harriet M. Leggo.
        Son-James B. Coleman (Dr. James Buchanan Coleman).
        Son-George B. Coleman. "Land whereon he lives at present."
        Daughter-Malinda W. Boyd.
        Son-Charles S. Coleman.
        Son-Joseph R. Coleman.

- 374 - .

                                                 THE ROBERT COLEMAN FAMILY

        Daughter-Judith B. Simpson.
        Daughter-Sarah Ann Coleman.
        Daughter-Jane B. Coleman.
        Son-John A.I. Coleman.

        NOTE Before settlement of estate was completed, some of the
     children had married and were mentioned as follows:

        Malinda W. Boyd, husband John Keith.
        Sarah Ann Coleman, husband Thomas L. Simpson.
        Jane B. Coleman, husband John K. Smith.

        Husband of Judith B. Simpson referred to as William Simpson.

     Reference to "Charles" Coleman, son of George B. Coleman (1859).

     DAR Lineage Book, Volume 56, National No.55464:
     1. Charles Coleman served as armorer in South Carolina militia 178?-
        81. Born in Virginia 1762, died in 1842, in Alabama. Married
        Elizabeth Gibson. Their son, James Buchanan Coleman, married
        Asenath Davis, born 1815, died December 21, 1890, daughter of
        J. Thomas Davis and Esther Hines, of Longtown, Fairfield County,
        South Carolina. Their children:
          1. Essie (Esther) Ruth Coleman, married D. N. Durham.
          2. James W. Coleman, born December 2, 1844, died June 13, 1899,
             buried at Aimwell Presbyterian Church, near Ridgeway, South
             Carolina. Married Elizabeth Cason, born July 13, 1852, died
             September 28,1924. She is buried by him.
          3. Harriett Matilda Coleman, married Henry Allen Coleman, a
             Confederate surgeon, (who was son of Joseph Ragsdale Coleman
             and Juliana Banks (Majoribanks). Harriett Matilda Coleman
             was born October 7, 1842, died November 2, 1926. Dr. Henry
             Allen Coleman was born March 16, 1837, and died January 6,

          4. Minnie Coleman, married James A. Kennedy.

        The above Charles Coleman had a brother, Robert Coleman, and
     they lived over on the Wateree River. Robert sold land to Charles
     and returned to Virginia. 

        Number 3 above, Harriett Matilda Coleman and Dr. Henry Allen
     Coleman had daughter:
        1. Essie (Esther) Ida Coleman, born March 12, 1867, died Novem-
           ber 21, 1953, who married Henry Lee Coleman, son of George

- 375 - .


           Washington Coleman and Mary Elizabeth Stevenson, of Feaster-
           ville, South Carolina. (Henry Lee Coleman was grandson of
           Henry Jonathan Coleman and Mary Feaster). Essie and Henry
           Lee Coleman lived at Mandarin, Florida, in the Doctor's old

        Dr. Henry Allen Coleman and Harriett Matilda Coleman also had a
     son, who died as a child. 

        Essie Coleman (Mrs. Henry Lee Coleman), daughter of Henry Allen
     Coleman and Harriett Matilda Coleman, writes:

        "My mother's father bought the John Roseborough place in Ridge-
     way, bringing his bride, Acsaneth Davis, to it. He built the brick
     house with the labor of his slaves, about the time the railroad was
     put through Ridgeway, giving a right-of-way between him and Colonel
     Davis, who owned the opposite hill.  Bricks were made near the
     spring, and my mother said it was a beautiful sight at night when
     they were fired."

        ZEVEABLE COLEMAN, 12th child of Robert Coleman and Elizabeth
     Roe, was born November 28, 1789, and died very young. Is buried
     at the foot of his parents. 

        HENRY JONATHAN COLEMAN, 13th child of Robert Coleman and
     Elizabeth Roe, was born June 22, 1793, and died February 3, 1861. 
     On December 31, 1818, he married Mary Feaster, daughter of John
     Feaster and Drucilla Moberley, the ceremony being performed by his
     oldest brother, David Roe Coleman. 
        He was a soldier of the War of 1812, and among the Pension and
     Bounty Land Records in The National Archives, Washington, D. C., is
     a file #WO 10 397, COLEMAN, Henry Jonathan, relating to claims
     based on his War of 1812 service. The National Archives General
     Land Office records show that under the act of September 28, 1850,
     Warrant No.  14829 for 80 acres was issued to Henry J. Coleman on
     September 8, 1851, for his services. Other grants also were made to
     him for this service, on record in above office. He enlisted at
     Winns Bridge, South Carolina, (near Winnsboro), and served from
     October 6, 1814 to February 28, 1815, as Private in Captain William
     Nevitt's Company of South Carolina Militia. 
        Henry Jonathan Coleman acquired nearly 2000 acres of land, and
     owned forty or fifty slaves. Everything they wore and ate was made

- 376 - .

                                                 THE ROBERT COLEMAN FAMILY

     the place-cotton, wool, and hogs. The negro women during the winter
     months spun the cotton and wool, and wove the cloth for white and
        He was a hatter by trade, as well as a first class farmer. His
     slaves wore good clothes, and had plenty to eat. As a hatter, he
     made fine hats, beavers, etc. 

                                    TABLE 4
                                 AND MARY FEASTER

     1. JOHN FEASTER COLEMAN, son of Henry Jonathan Coleman and
     Mary Feaster. Married February 9, 1847, Miss Sarah (Sallie)
     (Gladden. Their children:
       1. Silas Gladden Coleman, died a child in 1863.
       2. John Gladden Coleman, born June 3, 1849, died single, Decem-
          ber 14,1919.
       3. Allen Feaster Coleman, married Mrs. Hodge in Louisiana.
       4. Mary Rebecca Coleman, born September 27, 1852, died October
          30, 1917.
       5. Charlie Fernando Coleman, born October 5, 1854, died Octo-
          ber 23, 1882.
       6. Sarah Edith Coleman, born February 29,1856, died November 3,

        John Feaster Coleman and Sallie Gladden were cousins, and her
     parents objected to the marriage for that reason. They fell in love
     when very young. Sallie told her parents she would wait until she
     was twenty-one years old, and if she still felt the same way, they
     would marry then.  They waited, and married. Two weeks before the
     last child was born, he died of typhoid fever, and Sallie was so
     grieved that she had no desire nor will to live. Her family tried
     to persuade her that she should live for the sake of her children,
     but she died April 8, 1856. They were second cousins, lived at
     Feasterville, and are buried at the Feaster Cemetery.  Little Sarah
     Edith Coleman was little more than one month old, was taken and
     raised by her grandparents, Mary Feaster and Henry Jonathan
     Coleman, Sr. She was a great pleasure to them, as well as her
     Uncle, George W. Coleman. In 1857 or 1858, she was carried by them
     to Preston, Georgia, to visit Sarah Caroline Coleman Mitchell,
     her mother's

- 377 - .


     sister "Mammy," as the grandmother Mary (Polly) was called by the
     grandchildren, was in good health, Edith was a beautiful plump,
     sweet baby. Sarah Mitchell's first baby, Ella, was a sweet baby,
     but very frail.  All enjoyed so much being together. 
        Sallie Gladden Coleman, knowing she would die, had "willed" her
     fourth child, Mary Rebecca Coleman, to her sister, Sarah Caroline
     Coleman. The latter was then engaged to marry Beverly C. Mitchell. 
     When her sister-in-law died, leaving her the child, she told Mr.
     Mitchell she had been asked to take the child, and if it did not
     suit him, she would release him from their engagement. He replied
     that he did not want to be released, "She will be our little girl,"
     and so they were married, and raised the child as their own. Mr.
     Mitchell had a nice home, and was kind to all. 

     (3). Allen Feaster Coleman married a widow, Mrs. Marcie
          Hodge, in Louisiana, and had two children:
            1. Janie Coleman, married Dr. Wiggins, of Arkansas.
            2. Allen Feaster Coleman, Jr., lived in Kingsville, Texas.

     (4). Mary Rebecca Coleman, died at the home of her sister, Mrs.
        Martin D. C. Colvin, Feasterville. She married November
        29, 1876, Joseph Carter Roney (born in McDuffle County,
        Georgia. 3 children:
          1. Anna Belle Roney, born December 17, 1877, in Ameri-
             cus, Georgia. Married December 5, 1900, Dobbins
             Holmes, of Clinton, North Carolina. He was born August
             13, 1869. 1 child:
               1. Dorothy Holmes, born September 12, 1904. Married
                  December, 1928, Archer Edmont Turner. No chil-
          2. Joseph Coleman Roney, born December 9, 1879.
          3. Charles Henry Roney, born January 5, 1884, died
             January 10, 1884.

     (5). Charlie Fernando Coleman, lived and died near Monticello,
          Fairfield County, South Carolina. Married February 2, 1876,
          Miss Alice Martin, of that place. 2 children:
            1. Charlie Martin Coleman, born January 12, 1877, died
               December, 1930. Married Miss Tina Rhames, of Camden,
               South Carolina.
                 1. George Rhames Coleman, born December 17, 1904.
            2. Claudia Coleman, born February 3, 1879. Married Wil-

- 378 - .

                                                 THE ROBERT COLEMAN FAMILY

               liam H. Suber, of Newberry County, South Carolina. 3
                 1. Mary Alice Suber, born March 5, 1903.
                 2. Gladys Coleman Suber, born August 30, 1906. Mar-
                    ried ---- Smith.
                 3. Elizabeth Suber, born November 5, 1913. Married
                    Carl Setzler.

     (6). Sarah Edith Coleman, married August 7, 1877, Martin
          Dennis Calhoun Colvin, born in Chester, South Carolina,
          September 5, 1852, died May 21, 1928. They were married
          in the Henry Jonathan Coleman home, then owned and
          occupied by her uncle, George Washington Coleman and
          his wife, Mary Elizabeth Coleman (nee Stevenson). The
          following children were born to them:
            1. Dennis Coleman Colvin, born March 24, 1879. Married
               Miss Essie Maie Rudisill, of Dallas, North Carolina, July
               22, 1909. Now living at Gastonia, North Carolina. 2
                 1. Sarah Elizabeth, born June 21, 1910.
                 2. David Coleman Colvin, born January 2, 1920.
            2. Eva Colvin, born February 18, 1881. Single.
            3. Charlie Fernando Colvin, born April 19, 1883, married
               at Tulsa, Oklahoma, January 18, 1919, Miss Dorothea
               Wier Hudson. 1 child:
                 1. Constance, born May 31, 1920.
            4. John Colvin, born April 29, 1885, died September 24,
            5. William Jerome Colvin, born October 15, 1886, married
               January 15, 1913, Miss Lillian Sipple, of Ridgeland,
               South Carolina.
                 1. Edith Sipple Colvin, born August 16, 1915.
                 2. William Jerome Colvin, Jr., born October 7, 1917.
                 3. Francis Meador Colvin, born November 3, 1919.
                 4. Martin Coleman Colvin, born November 3, 1919.
            6. Henry Gladden Colvin, born February 14, 1889, died
            7. Mary Alice Colvin, born April 23, 1892, married Thomas
               Mathias Adams. 1 child: Edith Emily Adams.
            8. Infant Daughter, born October 19, 1897.

     2. ELIZABETH DRUCILLA COLEMAN, daughter of Henry Jon-
- 379 - .


     athan Coleman and Mary Feaster. Married November 18, 1837, Mica-
     jah Boulware Pickett, in Americus, Georgia, and had the
     following children:
       1. Mary E. Pickett, born at Feasterville, South Carolina, in the
          Henry Jonathan Coleman home, November 25, 1839, married
          November 21,1861, Dr. Cadwaller Raines. Children:
            1. Ida, born November 18, 1862.
            2. Elizabeth Micajah Raines, born February 9, 1866. Married
               Steven R. Johnson. 5 children:
                 1. Elam R. Johnson, killed in RR wreck.
                 2. Sallie Schumpert Johnson, a fine musician.
                 3. Mary F. Johnson, married Charles Wells, March 4, 1917,
                    at Americus, Georgia.
                 4. Amos Steve Johnson, married Miss Alice Fussell.
                 5. Coleman Pickett Johnson, married Miss Annie B. Ellison.
                    1 child:
                      1. Mary Elizabeth Johnson.
       2. Sarah K. Pickett, born April 21, 1842. Married Amos Schumpert,
          February 1, 1863. 1 child:
            1. Amos King Schumpert, born July 24, 1878, Married Joel
               Walter Hightower. 4 children:
                 1. Edith Hightower.
                 2. Sarah Vashti Hightower.
                 3. Joel A. Hightower.
                 4. Sue Clifford Hightower.
       3. Louisa J. Pickett, born November 23, 1843, in Sumter County,
          Georgia. Married October 13, 1868, William Harvey. 2 children:
          (Died 1903) .
            1. Pickett Harvey, died young. (Born 1869).
            2. Mary Tabitha Harvey, born June 28, 1871, died 1910. Mar-
               ried Thomas W. Stewart. 1 child:
                 1. William A. Stewart.
       4. Emma Henrietta Pickett, born Sumter County, Georgia, May 13,
          1852, married October 27, 1870, John Rufus King. 4 children:
            1. Miriam Elizabeth King, married Emmett Eugene Cook, 1907.
               3 children:
                 1. John Rufus Cook, born June 27, 1908, Preston, Georgia. 2
                    children: Barbara and Betty.
                 2. Emmett Eugene Cook, born December 27, 1910.
                 3. Coleman Pickett Cook, born April 4, 1913.

- 380 - .

                                                 THE ROBERT COLEMAN FAMILY

            2. John Amos King, married Elizabeth Louise Stephens. 3
                 1. John Amos King, born November 4, 1907.
                 2. Frank Pickett King, born February 15, 1909.
                 3. Annie Margaret King, born November 13, 1910.
            3. Robert Lee King, married Lois Katherine King. 2 children:
                 1. Emma Frances King, born November 2, 1910.
                 2. Miriam King, born August 26, 1913.
                    (Robert Lee King was killed in an automobile wreck).
       5. Annie C. Pickett (1st), died quite young, single. Born February
          24, 1846, Sumter County, Georgia.
       6. Annie Pickett (2nd), died single. Born May 4, 1862.
       7. John Feaster Pickett, born December 26, 1848, Married Julia
          Brown, April 21, l875. 2 children:
            1. Mary Lorena Pickett, married D. C. Pickett.
            2. Eloise Elizabeth Pickett.
       8. Henry Coleman Pickett, born November 7, 1854. Married Evelyn
          Kellerher. No children.
       9. Micajah B. Pickett, Jr., killed in Cotton Compress at Eufaula,
          Alabama. Born January 4, 1860.
      10. Musco T. (or P.) Pickett, born April 3, 1857. Married Minnie
          McGarrah, February 26, 1885. 3 children:
            1. Jerome Pickett.
            2. Annie May Pickett.
            3. Edna Elizabeth Pickett.

        The greater part of Elizabeth Drucilla Coleman Pickett's married
     life was spent in Sumter County, Georgia. She died in Americus,
     Georgia, and is buried there. Her son, Henry Coleman Pickett, was a
     member of the New York Stock Exchange. He came home and nursed her
     in her last illness, seeing that she had everything desired and

     3. DR. ROBERT WILLIAMS COLEMAN, third child of Henry Jonathan
     Coleman and Mary Feaster, was born October 3, 1822, and died in
     1873. On November 9, 1847, he married Miss Nancy Amanda McCon-
     nell, who was born February 22, 1830. He was born, lived, died,
     and was buried at Feasterville, South Carolina (Feaster Cemetery).
     He was a fine physician, educated in New York City in medicine, and
     a lover of fine horses. Was of that temperament, it is said, that
     attracts a man's confidence and a woman's respect in professional
     life. He enlisted for 
- 381 - .


     the Civil War in the Buckhead Guards, but was unanimously picked
     out by the people to remain at home, the community feeling it would
     not do for him to leave. In 1861, he sent his brother, George
     Washington Coleman, to the military school at Kings Mountain to
     prepare him for the war, though George was only seventeen years of
     age. (Six of these brothers served in that War).
     During the Ku-Klux days, Robert Williams Coleman was the
     counsellor in his neighborhood. It is said that his judgment was
     never at fault, nor his counsel unheeded in those trying times.
     Five children were born to this marriage, as follows:
     1. Frances Maria Coleman, born November 10, 1852. Married Dr.
        Virgil P. Clayton. 1 child: (He married (2nd) Miss Jessie Sud-
          1. Daisy Lucille Clayton, born June 25, 1873, died March 3,
          1914. Married Robert Willis Buntz.
            1. Robert Willis Buntz.
            2. Daisy Lucille Buntz.
            3. Francis Marion Buntz.
            4. Albert Buntz.
          2. Andrew McConnell Coleman, born July 28, 1855, died Janu-
          ary 29, 1930. Married Annie Isabel Feaster, born January 30,
          1857, died October 9, 1901. 10 children:
            1. Robert Williams, born January, 1874.
            2. Thomas Woodward Coleman.
            3. Victoria Elizabeth Coleman.
            4. Andrew McConnell Coleman.
            5. Virgil Clayton Coleman.
            6. David Roe Coleman.
            7. Allen Griffin Coleman, born February 22, 1888.
            8. Nancy Ann Coleman, born August 26, 1890.
            9. Bennie Coleman.
           10. Lewis Coleman.

     Allen Griffin Coleman, Route #3, Box 395, Marshall, Texas,
     married December 14, 1921, to Maudie Mae Wood, born February 2,
     1899, El Dorado, Arkansas.  Children:
       1. Joe Allen Coleman, born September 7, 1922, Haynesville,
          Louisiana. Married October 12, 1957, to Marta June Bobbs.
          Children: Mark, Griffin, and Marta Jo.

- 382 - .

                                                       THE ROBERT COLEMAN

       2. Helen Ruth Coleman, born November 5, 1930. Married Ruben
          Vernon Wuensche. Children: Vernon Allen and John Anthony.
       3. Mary Elizabeth Coleman, born August 29, 1857, died January
          23, 1862.
       4. Sarah Jane Coleman, born September 12, 1860. Married Wil-
          liam B. Davis, of Wilmington, North Carolina. They later lived
          in New York City.
            1. LeRoy Coleman Davis, born December 25, 1881. Married
            Hattie E. Vail, September 30, 1901, Florida, New York.
            2. William B. Davis, born March 3, 1884, died May 19, 1888.
            3. Julia Elizabeth Davis, married Jerome I J. Lake, New York
            City, October 19, 1907.
            4. Mary Elizabeth Davis, married George W. Buchler, New York
            City, June 21, 1913.
              1. Coleman Beuhler.
            5. Mary Elizabeth Coleman (2nd), born September 6, 1862. Mar-
            ried William Yongue Coleman.

     It is said that when Robert Williams Coleman was studying
     medicine at Bellevue Hospital in New York City, he saw a house
     there he admired, came home and built one like it, in which he
     lived. Later, his daughter, Mary Elizabeth Coleman and her husband
     William Yongue Coleman, lived there. lt is still in the family.

     "COLEMAN Masonic Lodge No. 97, Feasterville, Fairfield District,
     was organized in 1860. The warrant of this Lodge, dated November
     20, 1860, was granted to J. C. C. Feaster, W.M., R. W. Coleman,
     S. W., and J. F. Coleman, J.W." (Page 575, Mackey's History of
     Freemasonry in South Carolina.

     NOTE: The above men were John Christopher Columbus Feaster, son
     of Andrew Feaster and Mary Norris (he built Clanmore, the Faucette
     home); Dr. Robert William Coleman and John Feaster Coleman,

     4. JACOB FEASTER COLEMAN, son of Henry Jonathan Coleman and Mary
     Feaster, married Marion Rebecca Meador, born July 19, 1831, died at
     home, March 11, 1879. He died of pneumonia, at Wilmington, North
     Carolina, while serving as a soldier in the War Between the States.
     His body was brought home by his body servant and

- 383 - .


     slave, Tone Shelton, and a friend, William Mabry. They were
     married February 22, 1848. 5 children:
     1. Mary Elizabeth Coleman, died young. A child.
     2. Silvia (Sibbie) Caroline Coleman, married Thomas W. Traylor,
        on December 20, 1866. 7 children:
          1. Fannie L. Traylor, born September 19, 1867, married Harry
          Gibson, of Columbia, South Carolina. 2 children:
            1. Henry L. Gibson, born January 13, 1889, married Miss
               May Ryan, of California. 1 child: Frances Lillian Gibson,
               born December 19, 1914.
            2. Lillian Coleman Gibson, born January 26, 1891, married
               Reverend E. D. Brownlee, August 11, 1914, Columbia,
               South Carolina. 1 child: E. D., Jr., born April 20, 1916,
               died July 12, 1917, at Sanford, Florida.
          2. Thomas W. Traylor, born April 16, 1873, died 1926, married
          Miss Maggie Boulware. 12 children:
            1. Fannie Eunice Traylor, born September 27, 1894, mar-
               ried Davis Boulware.
            2. Clyde May Traylor, born June 23, 1896.
            3. Thomas Herbert Traylor, born July 22, 1898, married
               Gladys Hill.
            4. Conrad Meador, born April 26, 1900.
            5. John Cornwell Traylor, born May 14, 1902.
            6. Silvia Edith Traylor, born September 24, 1904.
            7. William Lyles Traylor.
            8. Harvey Preston Traylor, born May 17, 1910.
            9. Chesley Traylor, born March 15, 1908.
           10. H. Coleman Traylor.
           11. Maggie Helen, born October 9, 1912.
           12. Horace Traylor, born June 21, 1915.
          3. Clarence Arthur Traylor, born October 11, 1882, died Septem-
          ber 23, 1912. Married Miss Minnie Belk. Had one child.
          4. Horace Cleveland Traylor, born December 13, 1884, married
          Miss Hattie Nesbit, of Spartanburg, South Carolina. (He is
          Judge, Probate Court, Fairfield County, 1950).
            1. Horace Traylor, Jr.
          5. C. Edna Traylor, born 1870.
          6. William Coleman Traylor, born December 10, 1871.

- 384 - .

                                                       THE ROBERT COLEMAN

          7. Preston Hampton Traylor, 1876. Died when he was 2 years old.
          (Five or six died as infants. No names).
     3. Jacob Feaster Coleman, Jr., born July 26, 1855, died July, 1925.
     Married Miss Hattie E. Robinson, of Union, South Carolina, on
     December 19, 1883. She died 1950. 3 sons born to them:
       1. Jacob Wallace Coleman, born June 5, 1885, married Miss
          Laura Aseaneth Kennedy, November 20, 1917, at Ridgeway,
          South Carolina. 1 child:
            1. Jacob Wallace Coleman, born October 30, 1919.
       2. Roy Meredith Coleman, born April 21, 1887, died single.
       3. George Franklin Coleman, born March 4, 1891, married
          Henres Kathline Buchanan, June 5, 1917, Winnsboro, South
            1. George Franklin Coleman, born August 21, 1918, married
            Miss Lucy Davis, Winnsboro, South Carolina. In 1950, he
            was a successful lawyer, practicing at Winnsboro, a mem-
            ber of the House of Representatives from Fairfield County.
            2. John Buchanan Coleman.

     4. Jonathan Meredith Coleman, born December 4, 1861, died Octo-
     ber 16, 1914. Buried at Baltimore, Maryland. Married (1st) Miss
     Stella Maltoon (or Mattoon) on May 20, 1886. 1 child: Stella,
     died December 8, 1908, an infant. He married (2d) Miss Katie
     Lenthecum of Baltimore, Maryland, April 26, 1900. (This was
     his wife's friend, and the wife requested that he marry her.)

     5. Rebecca May Coleman, died young. Born February 5, 1865, died
     June 7, 1882.

     Sarah Caroline Coleman, daughter of Henry Jonathan Coleman,
     played the piano beautifully, and Narcissa Feaster also played
     beautifully. It is said that on summer evenings one could hear
     both pianos being played, one at the Henry Jonathan Coleman home,
     and one at the Andrew Feaster home, both now owned by the Dickey

     5. CHANEY COLEMAN, daughter of Henry Jonathan Coleman and
     Mary Feaster, was born January 4, 1826, and died unmarried.

     6. SARAH CAROLINE COLEMAN, daughter of Henry Jonathan
     Coleman and Mary Feaster, was born April 9, 1827, and died September

- 385 - .


     19, 1890, at Americus, Georgia. Married June 12, 1856, Beverley C
     Mitchell, and lived at Americus, Georgia.

     From "The Mobley's and Their Connections," by W. W. Dixon: "She
     was one of the singularly beautiful characters that has enriched
     our history. She is yet spoken of as a favorite pupil of Mrs. Kate
     Ladd. There was never a sister more deservedly loved than she. This
     fair flower of womanhood, transplanted from our State to Georgia,
     spent its fragrance and had its fruitage in the sister state. Her
     body rests there at Americus, Georgia."
     Her husband, when they married, lived at Webster County. After
     th War he moved to Americus, where he died. His son, Henry Coleman
     Mitchell, received an appointment to West Point, but had to decline
     on account of measles, which impaired his eyesight. He has been City
     Alderman of his home town. Franklin Preston Mitchell was Postmaster
     of Americus for twelve years. Ella inherited her mother's talent
     for music and painting. Sallie was very much like her mother. After
     the War, Mr. Mitchell sold his cotton for $55,000 in gold, and moved
     to Americus, Georgia. Children:
     1. Ella Mitchell, born June 23, 1857.
     2. Sarah (Sallie) Mitchell, born December 10, 1858.
     3. Henry Coleman Mitchell, born january 9, 1860, died June 30
     4. Franklin Preston Mitchell, born November 29, 1862, died Febr-
        ary, 23, 1916.
     5. James Robert Mitchell, born September 14, 1867.

     Beverley C. Mitchell died July 20, 1889, at Americus, Georgia.

     Sarah Caroline Coleman Mitchell died September 19, 1890, 63 years
     and 5 months of age.

     7. DAVID ROE COLEMAN, son of Henry Jonathan Coleman and Mary
     Feaster, was born June 8, 1828, died Sunday morning, May 9, 1897,
     at 5 :35 o'clock. Buried at Feaster Graveyard, Feasterville, South
     Carolina, at 11 A.M. on May 10, 1897. He had his eyes injured
     while, blasting for his father in the construction of the S. U. &
     C. Railway (Spartanburg, Union and Columbia). He was sent to the
     Blind Institute Boston. He married (1st) Laura Elizabeth Crocks, of
     Newberry County, South Carolina, December 20, 18S5. She died July
     20, 1866 They were engaged when he was blinded, and he offered to
     release her

- 386 - .

                                                       THE ROBERT COLEMAN

     from the engagement, which she refused. 5 children were born to
     1. Mary lane Coleman.
     2. Laura E. Coleman.
     3. Sarah C. Coleman.
        (These three died as little girls, with diphtheria).
     4. David Roe Coleman, Jr., born April 25, 1863, died August, 1927.
        Married Ida Crosby, January 20, 1886.
           1. Elizabeth Coleman, married Paul West. No children.
           2. Edith Roe Coleman, single.
     5. John Robert Coleman, (Physician). Born September 8, 1865,
        died July 24, 1922. Married Mattie Chappell Rabb, December
        31, 1893. She died December 8, 1912. Children:
          1. Robert Carl Coleman, born June 8, 1895. Married Ida Mae
          Crowder. Children: Margaret, David Roe, Robert Carl, Jr.,
          and Elizabeth.
          2. Ruby Lucille Coleman, born March 2, 1898, married Andrew
          Frank Blair, of Blair, South Carolina, 1921. Children:
            1. Robert Coleman Blair, married Alice Wicker. Son: Robert
               Coleman Blair, Jr.
            2. Andrew Franklin Blair, Jr.
            3. Patricia Eugenia Blair.
            4. William Lawrence Blair.
          3. Phillip Allen Coleman, married Ethel Hedgepeth. 2 children:
          1. Martha Anne Coleman.
          2. Phillip Allen Coleman, Jr.
          4. Clyde Clayton Coleman, married Herbert Barrincau.
          5. A. Roe Coleman, married Adelaide Marks. Children:
           1. Clayton Coleman.
           2. John Robert Coleman.
           3. Roe Ellen Coleman.
          6. Grace Eileen Coleman, married Claude Hunter Ragsdale, Jr.
            1. Claude Hunter Ragsdale, Jr.
            2. Linda Eileen Ragsdale.
            3. Diane Ragsdale.

- 387 - .


          7. Julian Kinlock Coleman, married Martha Baker. Children:
            1. Mary Baker.

     DAVID ROE COLEMAN, married (2nd) on February 7, 1873, Elizabeth
     Trapp. 3 children:
     1. Mary Rebecca Coleman, born December 20, 1873. Married
        Henry Mitchell Owings, February 6, 1895. Their children.
          1. Henry Mitchell Owings, Jr., born March 30, 1897.
          2. Mary Elizabeth Owings, born January 22, 1900. Married
          Bolin. No children.
          3. Laura Bernice Owings, born February, 1909. Married William
          Rabb. 2 children: Mitchell and Bernice.
          4. Thomas David Owings, born October 29, 1911.
          5. Robert Lee Owings, born February 3, 1915. At home with

     2. William Henry Coleman, married Lottie Douglass Rabb (sister of
        Mattie Chappell Rabb). He was born August 10, 1876, died
        June 8, 1913. Married February 13, 1899. Lottie Douglass Rabb
        was born April 18, 1885. 6 children:
            (He lived on and farmed his father's home place).
          1. Howard Coleman, born June 18, 1901.
          2. Ansel Roc Coleman, born April 12, 1903.
          3. William Douglas Coleman, born November 25, 1904.
          4. Charley Rabb Coleman, born October 28, 1906.
          5. Albert Griffin Coleman, born August 17, 1908.
          6. Clarence DeLano Coleman, born October 18, 1911.

     3. Ernest Eugene Coleman, son of David Roe Coleman and Eliza-
        beth Trapp, was born March 18, 1878. Married Annie Belle Cole-
        man, who was born March 8, 1879.

     8. HENRY JONATHAN COLEMAN, JR. (1st), son of Henry Jonathan
     Coleman and Mary Feaster, was born January 3, 1830, and died as a

     9. HENRY JONATHAN COLEMAN, JR. (2nd), nicknamed "Foot," 9th child
     of Henry Jonathan Coleman and Mary Feaster, was born May 13, 1831,
     and died May 3, 1874. Married September 25, 1866, Hattie E.
     Porter, of Ridgeway, South Carolina. (She married (2nd) David Roe

- 388 - .

                                                       THE ROBERT COLEMAN

     Feaster): After his death, they would speak of his widow as "Hattie
     Foot." Children:
     1. Franklin Preston Coleman, married Edith Caroline Feaster. Chil-
          1. John Feaster Coleman, lived at Ramsay, Arkansas.
          2. James Rawls Colemans lived at Ramsay, Arkansas.
     2. Porter Feaster Coleman married Dora Halsell (a descendant of
        Hans Wagner, as well as her husband being one). Children:
          1. Blanche Coleman.
          2. Winnie Coleman.
          3. Lorena Coleman.
          4. Henry Foot Coleman.
          5. Hugh Gladden Coleman.
            (All lived at Princeton, Arkansas).
     3. Mary Emily Coleman, married R. W. Parham, of Arkansas. Chil-
          1. Wilkins Parham..
          2. Tabitha Parham.
          3. Nancy Parham.
          4. Margaret Parham.
          5. Mary Ellen Parham.
          6. Hattie Parham.
          7. Sue Parham.
          8. Paul Henry Parham.
          9. Jonathan Parham. Residence, Fordyce, Arkansas.
     4. Jacob David Coleman, married Lillian Hardeman. Children:
          1. Horace Jonathan Coleman.
          2. Nahela Elizabeth Coleman.
          3. Benjamin H.Hardeman Coleman.
          4. Henry Coleman..
          (All lived at Fordyee, Arkansas).
     5. Henry Jonathan Coleman married Rosa Gist. Children:
          1. Vanita Rose Coleman.
          2. Henry Jonathan Coleman, Jr.
          (Both of McAlister, Arkansas).
     6. David Roe Coleman.

     Henry Jonathan Coleman, Jr. (1831-1874), entered the Buckhead
     Guards and witnessed the bombardment of Fort Sumter. His enlistment

- 389 - .


     soon expiring, he re-enlisted in William Preston Calhoun Coleman's
     Company, was captured at Fort Stedman, Lookout, Maryland, and
     paroled in 1865. He received a severe wound at Kinston; a grape
     shot took him square in the check, went around the flesh and came
     out of the back of his neck. His widow left the state. The nickname
     "Hattie Foot Place" still clung to the place.

     10. FRANCIS WYLIE COLEMAN, 10th child of Henry Jonathan Coleman and
     Mary Feaster, was born May 23, 1833, and died unmarried.

     11. WILLIAM PRESTON CALHOUN COLEMAN, 11th child of Henry Jonathan
     Coleman and Mary Feaster, was born at Feasterville, Fairfield
     County, South Carolina, June 28, 1834. He attended the Arsenal
     School in Columbia, South Carolina, and was graduated in medicine
     in New York. He practiced in Louisiana, came back to this state and
     married Miss Jane Secrest, of Lancaster Court House, South
     Carolina. His brother, Dr. Robert Williams Coleman, had persuaded
     him to come back and take part of his practice, and he settled on
     the Hart Means place (beyond the Feaster Burying Ground, going
     toward Blairs), house still standing and owned by Lee Fee in 1950.
     He was a violinist of such sweetness and power that it should be
     mentioned.  Governor Means induced him to raise a company for the
     War Between the States. He got his brother, Dr. Benjamin Franklin
     Coleman, from Louisiana, to take the first lieutenancy. Means was
     the Colonel, 17th Regiment. Its operations were first at
     Charleston, then they went to Virginia.
     After the Battle of Malvern Hill, Andrew Mobley and John Banks
     swapped placed with George B. Coleman and Allan Griffin Coleman, so
     that they might be with their brothers, they having been
     transferred to the 6th Regiment.
     At the Battle of Second Manassas, Captain Preston Coleman had
     his leg shot off and was carried from the field by his brother, Dr.
     Frank Coleman;. His Leg was amputated above the knee. He died from
     the effects of typhoid fever after a lingering illness at his
     residence in Fairfield District, Feasterville, South Carolina.  He
     was Captain of Company B, 17th South Carolina Volunteers. Was an
     unusually handsome man.  Died January 31, 1863. No children.

     12. ALLEN GRIFFIN COLEMAN, 12th child of Henry Jonathan Coleman
     and Mary Feaster, was born October 24, 1835, and died July 7,

- 390 - .

                               THE ROBERT COLEMAN FAMILY

     1864, being killed on the front at Petersburg, Virginia, and buried
     in a cemetery there.
     He was educated at Kings Mountain Military Academy, went through
     the entire war, and was shot mortally July 7, 1864. He was
     considered the best soldier of his regiment, Major William Betsell
     told W. W. Dixon, at Union, South Carolina, in 1896. He spoke in
     highest terms of this soldier afterwards, saying to Colonel Fitz
     Hugh McMaster, that if he had a thousand such men as Allan Griffin
     Coleman, he would not be afraid of any line of troops in battle. He
     received a severe wound at Malvern Hill. Died single.

     13. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN COLEMAN, 13th child of Henry Jonathan
     Coleman and Mary Feaster, was born October 20, 1837. He was
     educated at Kings Mountain Military Academy and at the
     Arsenal, Columbia, South Carolina. Graduated in medicine in New
     York. He practiced in Louisiana until he joined his brother
     Preston's Regiment.  He was killed at the Battle of Brucetown,
     Virginia, on October 28, 1862, and is buried in Stones Brick
     Chapel, Brucetown, Virginia. Died unmarried. He was six feet tall,
     the handsomest of all, and his mother's favorite. He ranked as a
     Lieutenant at his death.

     14. RICHARD HENRY COLEMAN, 14th child of Henry Jonathan Coleman and
     Mary Feaster, was born January 15, 1839, and died unmarried.

     15. HIRAM LEE COLEMAN, 15th child of Henry Jonathan Coleman and
     Mary Feaster, was born January 18, 1840, and died single.

     16. GEORGE WASHINGTON COLEMAN, 16th child of Henry Jonathan Coleman
     and Mary Feaster, was born September 4, 1844, at Feasterville,
     South Carolina, and died at Columbia, South Carolina, February 4,
     He received his education at Feaster Academy, Feasterville,
     Fairfield County, and attended for a short time Kings Mountain
     Military Academy conducted by Coward & Jenkins, at Yorkville,
     South Carolina, leaving to enter the Confederate Service in April,
     1861, and returned to his old mother at her home July 4, 1865,
     then just from Federal Prison at Point Lookout, Maryland.
     He farmed at Feasterville until 1884, then at Cash's Depot, Ches-



     terfield County, South Carolina, for four years, then to
     Barnhamville, near Columbia South Carolina, for eight years, then
     to "Pine Top," a little.  farm four miles North of Columbia on the
     Asylum Road, and there built and lived for six years; then, to
     Bockman, Richland County, South Carolina, where he built up an old
     house and farm, until 1909. Then came back to Feasterville, to the
     old Henry Jonathan Coleman place, where he had been born and
     raised. He, and eight of his brother and sisters were born in that
     house, and eight before his father moved there.
     George Washington Coleman, married (1st) Miss Mary Elizabeth
     Stevenson, daughter of Samuel Hemphill Stevenson and Cynthia Yongue
     on March 12, 1867. 5 children:
     a. John Franklin Coleman, born December 31, 1867.
     b. Samuel Allan Coleman, born October 26, 1869.
     c. Henry Lee Coleman, born February 11, 1872.
     d. Sarah Isabelle Coleman, born October 22, 1874.
     e. George Wade Coleman, born February 6, 1877.

     Mary Elizabeth Stevenson Coleman died December 22, 1878, and
     George Washington Coleman married (2nd) his cousin, Annie Julia
     Lonergan, daughter of William A. Lonergan and Chaney Isabelle
     Feaster, daughter of Andrew Feaster and Mary DeSassure Norris.
     f. Lewis Andrew Coleman, born August 20, 1882.
     g. Julia Elizabeth Coleman, born April 1, 1884, at Cash's Dep.
        Chesterfield County, South Carolina.
     h. Robert Charles Coleman, born July 16, 1885, at Cash's Dep.
        South Carolina.
     i. Mary Feaster Coleman, born January 22, 1888, at Barhamville
        Richland County, South Carolina.
     j. William Lonergan Coleman, born May 25, 1890, same place.
     k. Virgil Preston Coleman, born March 23, 1892, same place.
     Annie Julia Lonergan Coleman died May 6, 1893, of typhoid pneu-
     monia. She was born February 3, 1859.
          a. John Franklin Coleman, married Eva Estelle Shields, in 18'
          3 children:
            1. George James Coleman, born January 1, 1894, married
               Selma Inez Braddock. 2 children:
                 1. Dorothy Inez.
                 2. George James.

- 392 - .

                                                       THE ROBERT COLEMAN

            2. Nellie Elizabeth Coleman, married Ray Weeks. 2 children:
               Ray, Jr. and Charles.
            3. John Franklin Coleman.
          b. Samuel Allen Coleman, born October 26, 1869. Married Miss
          Gertrude Isobel Shields (sister of Eva Shields, wife of his
          brother Frank), December 29, ]899, at Palatka, Florida. 6
           1. Samuel Stevenson Coleman, born October 23, 1900.
           2. Franklin Lee Coleman, born July 15, 1902.
           3. Feaster Shields Coleman, born June 13, 1904.
           4. Gertrude Elizabeth Coleman, born October 10, 1906, died
              August 25, 1907.
           5. Henry Jonathan Coleman, born June 24, 1912.
           6. Eva Elizabeth Coleman, born July 16, 1916. Married John
              Bates. 3 children.
          c. Henry Lee Coleman born February 11, 1872, married his
          cousin, Miss Essie Coleman, in January, 1923, S.htm#N020714">She was of S.
          Jacksonville (Mandarin), Florida. No children.
          d. Sarah Isabelle Coleman (Belle), born October 22, 1874, mar-
          ried November 15, 1892, at Columbia, South Carolina, Howard
          Leitner Allen, son of Hiram S. Allen and Rebecca Leitner. 4
            1. Etta Coleman Allen, born September 8, 1894, married (1st)
               February 27, 1915, Earl Finnstrom, a Swede, at Columbia,
               South Carolina. (2nd ) Braudie H. Rosson, at Augusta,
               Georgia, October 16, 1922. 1 child:
                 1. Henrietta Mayo Rosson, born June 12, 1934. Married
                 Reverend T. R. Morton.
            2. Hiram Shinn Allen, born July 13, l 896, married Alline
               Harmon, of Lexington, South Carolina, in 1919. 1 child:
                 Howard Lee Allen, born December 13, 1924, at Columbia,
                 South Carolina, married Phyllis Schmeltzer, of Grove City,
                 Pennsylvania. 2 children: Karen Lee Allen and Linda Mae
            3. George Coleman Allen, born April l 0, 1898, died May 27,
               1898, at Columbia, South Carolina, of smallpox.
            4. Mae Elizabeth Allen, born May 9, 1899, married Henry
               Grady Wright, Shelton, South Carolina, June 21, 1922. She
               was a graduate in Home Economics of Winthrop College.

- 393 - .


               They were married in the Universalist Church, at Feaster-
               ville, South Carolina. Children:
                 1. Henry Grady Wright, Jr., born April 21, 1923, married
                Miss William Z. Foster, in June, 1948. He served in World
                War II, and after that attended Clemson College, where he
                graduated in Electrical Engineering in 1950.
                 2. Howard Allen Wright, born August 6, 1926.
                 3. Isobel Kerr Wright, born March 16, 1932.

     Howard Leitner Allen died September 23, 1900, and his widow,
     Sarah Isabelle Allen married (2nd) Julian Redwood Shelton, of
     Shelton, South Carolina, November 5, 1916.

          e. George Wade Coleman, son of George W. Coleman, was born
          February 3, 1877, married (1st) Kate S. Skipper, at Tifton,
          Georgia, November 23, 1900. 3 children:
            1. Florence Elizabeth Coleman, married William E. Salter. 1
                 1. William E. Salter, Jr.
            2. Laurie Louise Coleman.
            3. George Wilbur Coleman, married Emily Reid.

          George Wade Coleman married (2nd) Mrs. Ida Hughes.
          f. Lewis Andrew Coleman, (first child of George Washington
          Coleman and Anna Julia Lonergan) married at Columbia,
          South Carolina, Mary Ella Crim. She died in December, 1931,
          at Daytona Beach, Florida. Children:
            1. Robert Lewis Coleman, married Mary Ellen Rowell, No-
               vember 21, 1947. No children.
            2. Henry Crim Coleman, married Sarah McHugh.
            3. Mary Sawyer Coleman, married Bradley Lanier Dansby, at
               Orlando, Florida. Children:
                 1. Bradley Lanier Dansby, Jr.
                 2. Lewis Coleman Dansby.
            4. Annie Lonergan Coleman, married Lloyd James Appleby, at
               Titusville, Florida, August 2, 1927. Lives at Shell Lake,
               Wisconsin. Several children.
                 1. Mary Elizabeth Appleby.
            5. Florence Feaster Coleman, married I. Owen Eubank, Jan-
               uary 10, 1930.

- 394 - .

                                                       THE ROBERT COLEMAN

            6. Julia Elizabeth Coleman, married Fleming A. Seay, October,
               1933. 1 child.
            7. Ella Serena Coleman, married Guy Nolan Pellett. 2 children.
            8. George Jacob Coleman, married Ruth Deishorst, February
               28, 1942.
            9. Polly Ruth Coleman, married Deore Jorgenson.
           10. Fannie Reuben Coleman, married Peter A. Zahn, February
               28, 1942.
           11. Edith Isabelle Coleman, married LeRoy G. Dickson.
           12. Lewis Andrew Coleman, Jr.

     Ella Crim Coleman was born August 24, 1880, near Cedar Grove
     Church, Lexington County, South Carolina. Died December 14, 1931.
     Ella Crim Coleman's mothers cousin, Mrs. E. V. Fox, wrote her the
     following, August, 1928:

     "There were four (4) Poindexter sisters (no brothers):
     Eliza Poindexter, married Fox. Her daughter, Mary Fox, married
       Alfred Norris, son of William Norris, II (and was the mother of
       Mrs. Mamie Tillman).
     Mary Ann Poindexter, married Jasper Sawyer, and was Mary Ella
       Crim's grandmother.
     Martha Poindexter, married Lee.
     Maria Poindexter, married Drafts.

          g. Julia Elizabeth Coleman (child of George Washington Coleman
          and Annie Julia Lonergan), was born at Cash's Depot, Chester-
          field County, South Carolina. Married Jesse Chappell, of Book-
          man, South Carolina, November 29, 1905. 7 children:
            1. Annie Belle Chappell, married J. L. Jerigan.
            2. Mattie Elizabeth Chappell, married Mack Tuttle.
            3. Drucilla Mobley Chappell, single.
            4. Jessie Chappell.
            5. Sarah Caroline Chappell.
            6. John1 Pope Chappell.
            7. Lewis Gladden Chappell.

          h. Robert Charles Coleman, son of George Washington Coleman
          and Annie Julia Lonergan, married Martha M. Harris, Novem-
          ber 7, 1911, at Dallas, Texas. She died at San Antonio, Texas,
          October 7, 1916, of acute indigestion. No children. Robert

- 395 - .


          Charles Coleman married (2nd) Mrs. Annie Hill, of Waco,
          Texas, November 18, 1917. No children.

          i. Mary Feaster Coleman, daughter of George Washington Cole-
          man and Annie Julia Lonergan, married her cousin, Norris
          Teague Froscher, April 8, 1914, at Titusville, Florida. 2 chil-
            1. Mary Norris Froscher, married Isaac Almand. 2 children:
                1. Mary Anne Almand.
                2. Richard Almand.
            2. James Lonergan Froscher, married Jean

          j. William Lonergan Coleman, married Mary Louise Hutchings,
          June 4, 1917, Pensacola, Florida, where they live. 1 child:
            1. William Lonergan Coleman, Jr., born at Key West, Florida.
          k. Virgil Preston Coleman. Single.

     Annie Julia Lonergan Coleman was born in Memphis, Tennessee.
     She was greatly beloved by her step-children, they feeling toward
     her as if their own mother.

     Captain E. J. Means organized Buckhead Guards. Henry Jonathan
     Coleman, Jr., Allen Griffin Coleman, and George Washington Coleman
     joined at Buckhead, South Carolina, the 6th South Carolina
     Regiment.  Left for Charleston April 11, 1861. Were there at the
     firing on Fort Sumter. They volunteered for ninety days. After the
     expiration of the ninety days, came to Summerville, South Carolina,
     to reorganize. Allen Griffin Coleman and George W. Coleman,
     brothers, volunteered again for twelve months. Served that time,
     then reorganized at Orange Court House, Virginia. Boykin Lyles
     was made Captain. Volunteered for three years, or until the end of
     the War. Allen and George W. Coleman served in that Regiment until
     the Battle of Malvern Hill, then swapped with two men to go to the
     17th (and then to the 6th South Carolina Regiment) under Captain
     Preston Coleman's (brother of Allen and George W. Coleman)
     Regiment. John Hugh Means was Colonel of that Regiment (17th).
     Joined and went in battle the next day. Colonel Means was killed
     that day. Captain Preston Coleman was shot in the leg, which had to
     be amputated. His brother, Lieutenant B. Frank Coleman (M.D.) was
     left there with him. As soon as he (Preston) was able to travel
     home, Lieutenant Frank Coleman came to our Regiment at Brucetown,
     Virginia (17th Regiment).

- 396 - .

                                                       THE ROBERT COLEMAN

     Lieutenant B. Frank Coleman was taken sick when there only
     fifteen days, and died. Is buried at Cranes Chapel (or Stones
     Chapel), a little church at Brucetown, Virginia. Allen G. Coleman
     was killed on battlefield at Petersburg, Virginia. Was shot one day
     and died the next.  He is buried in cemetery at Petersburg,
     Virginia. Henry Jonathan Coleman, Jr. was captured at Fort
     Steadman. George W. Coleman was with his company and served until
     April 1, 1865, was captured at Five Forks, Virginia, then carried
     to Point Lookout, Maryland, and put in prison. Was paroled, came
     home, reaching South Carolina July 4, 1865.

     Elizabeth Coleman, second daughter of D. R. Coleman, should cer-
     tainly be given mention as a pioneer. She married Isaac Nolen and
     moved to Indian Springs, Georgia. After her marriage she rode from
     her father's to Indian Springs on horseback, there being no
     railroads in those days, and very poor dirt roads--a horseback ride
     of 300 miles. She became the mother of ten children, and at the age
     of eighty years was living in Smith County, Texas. Truly a pioneer

                    JEFFARES CEMETERY
           (Feasterville, Fairfield County, South Carolina)

     Henry C., son of Henry and E. J. Jeffaress, July 11,
     1864-December 31, 1900.
     William Bennet Jeffares, June 12, 1865-July 1, 1932.
     Robert Rainey Jeffares, June 30, 1862-July 10, 1914.
     Sarah R. Coleman, wife of Jessie W. Gladden, married March 25, 1835.
       Died February 20, 1900.
     Jessie W. Gladden, September 7, 1827-November 7, 1873.


     WILLIAM COLEMAN, married Nancy Butler. He died about 1825 or
     1830. Purchased land from Robert Coleman, his brother, a part of
     the original grant from the King, and some of same was owned by his
     descendants up to about 1906. The family graveyard is in a clump of
     cedars on hill near the house place. Their children were:
       1. William Coleman.

- 397 - .


       2. Solomon, died about 1863, married Betty Elam, of Chester
       County, sister of Nancy Elam, wife of Wylie F. Coleman.
       3. Elizabeth, married John Butler.
       4. Abner Coleman.
       5. John (called Major John), married Polly Rainey.

     All the land came to be owned by Solomon Coleman and Major john
     Coleman. The former owned the part joining Mrs. Jennie I. Coleman's
     place on the East, and lived in the house that John A. F. Coleman
     ("Farmer John") lived in in 1904, he buying the land from Harry D.

       2. Solomon Coleman and Betty Elam had the following children:
       1. William Coleman, married Drucilla (Drucie) Coleman, daugh-
          ter of Susan Feaster and Robert Fitz Coleman. She was born
          1812. William Coleman moved to Randolph County, Georgia.
          and had several daughters, and only one son, Henry, who lived
          at the old place. William was a member of the Legislature of
          (Georgia in 1873. "I (Jennie I. Coleman's note) saw him in
          Atlanta then. He was a large man, of pleasant manners. Was
          an ardent Universalist, built a church himself on his place,
          and had a Convention meet there. Was called "Judge Cole-
          man." The Confederate War coming on reduced his property,
          causing changes that crippled the growth of Universalism every-
          where in the South. He and his family went into Spiritualism,
          and were very happy in the belief. His son, Henry, had one
          son, I believe. Several of the daughters never married."
       2. Martin Coleman, married Eliza Coleman, another daughter of
          Susan and Robert Fitz Coleman. Martin died within a few
          months after marrying, and his widow married (2nd) James
          Brannon, (3rd) John Q. Arnette, (4th) Wesley Mayfield.
       3. Isaac Coleman, born 1812, married Judith McShan, born 1815,
          a niece of John Feaster (son of Andrew Feaster and Margaret
          Fry Cooper). They went to Louisiana and lived there many
          years. Had two sons, neither married. The daughter, Nelly,
          came back here and married William Tucker, of Union County.
          He had considerable property. She had two daughters, Mrs.
          Clara Fant, and Ada (can't recall her married name). One son,
          William, did not marry. Daughter Nannie married William Je-
          ter, and Lou married John Jeter (cousins), of Union County,
          South Carolina. They also were men of property at the time.

- 398 - .

                                                       THE ROBERT COLEMAN

          The three daughters thus marrying and settling in Union
          County, South Carolina, the parents, lsaac and Judith Cole-
          man, came back from Louisiana to live with them, and died
          there a good many years ago. They, too, were Universalists.
          Nannie left three sons, Dr. Iranus, Clarence and Tom, and one
          daughter, Eva, who married Paul Jeter. They live near Car-
          lisle, South Carolina. The sons married, too. Louella and Adella
          were twin daughters, so much alike their friends could not tell
          them apart. Louella, married Jeter, had one son, Isaac Cole-
          man Jeter. Adelle married a native of Vermont, Colonel
          Twitchell, went North and died, leaving one son, Isaac Cole-
          man, of whom we know nothing.
            Judith McShand was daughter of Alice Feaster (daughter
          of Andrew Feaster, Sr.), and Hundley McShand.
       4. Iley Coleman, living in 1863, married a lady of Charleston.
          He was a lawyer in Memphis, Tennessee. For some unknown
          cause he killed himself by jumping in a well. In 1863, he (Iley)
          was in Memphis, Tennessee. (See Estate Settlement of Solo-
          mon Coleman, Fairfield County, South Carolina, records).
       5. Mary (Polly), the only daughter, married her cousin, Wylie W.
         Coleman, and they moved to Winston County, Mississippi. (He
         was son of Wylie Coleman). Had one son:
           1. Mortimer, lived at Winston County, Mississippi. Was a
           member of the Universalist Church there, a man of con-
           siderable wealth, and a member of the Legislature. Had
           no children.
     3. Elizabeth Coleman, daughter of William Coleman and Nancy But
        ler, married John Butler, and had one son.
         1. Martin Butler.

     5. John ("Major John") Coleman, son of William Coleman and
        Nancy Butler, married Polly Rainey. He owned the land called
        the "Reuben," Johnny Major, and Nancy Ed tracts. His descend-
        ants have died out of this vicinity. One grandson lived near Fair-
        burn, Georgia, and had several sons, but we know nothing of them.

     Solomon Coleman, died about 1863, left an estate of $25,000. His
     house was still in use in 1906, always known as the "Solomon
     House." His place was bought by Henry Alexander Coleman, and in the
     division of his estate, the Solomon farm fell to "Aunt Aisa
     Manning," of Georgia,

- 399 - .


     who got the rent from it till her death. Then her daughter,
     Cornelia, inherited it. She sold it to Harry David Coleman.  He
     lived on it in the old house, making good crops on the old land for
     several years, then sold to John A. F. Coleman. He did well there
     for two years.

     Solomon Coleman was considered a queer kind of man, but above
     the average. He married Betty Elam and raised a large family--very
     tall, large men were his sons.

                    ESTATE SETTLEMENTS

     Box 77, folio d6. Robert Fitz Coleman, names widow, Rebecca,
     stating that he died intestate, 1842. (NOTE: Rebecca was his second
     wife, she being a widow when he married her.)

     Box 19, folio 174. Estate settlement of Solomon Coleman, 1863.
     William Coleman, Administrator. Petition of William Coleman, of
     Randolph County, Georgia, names Isaac Coleman, of Bienville Parish,
     Louisiana, Iley Coleman, of Memphis, Tennessee, and Mary Coleman,
     wife of Wiley W. Coleman, of Winston County, Mississippi, "the only
     heirs." Solomon Coleman died being possessed of a personal estate
     of the value of $25,000. Signed, William Coleman, Buckhead, South
     Carolina, August 3, 1863.

     Box 14, folio 101. States John Coleman, Sr., died February 3,
     1862.  Jacob Feaster and Reuben R. Coleman, Administrators. Mary R.
     Coleman bought much personal property. Also, Jonathan D. Coleman.
     ( NOTE: This is probably Major John Coleman, who married Polly
     (Mary) Rainey.)

     Estate settlement of above John Coleman names widow, Mary Cole-
     man, and children: Reubin, Jonathan, Nancy, wife of Edward A.
     Coleman, six children of his deceased son, James Coleman, residing
     in Georgia, "whose names arc believed to be Mary Coleman, who is
     intermarried, do not know to whom; Nancy Coleman, Elizabeth Cole-
     man, John, William, and James Coleman, his only heirs at law."

     Box 17, folio 140. Edward A. Coleman (estate settlement)
     "departed this life in Virginia, as a soldier in 1862, and left as
     his heirs at law, his widow, Nancy Coleman, no children, but a
     brother, H. S. (Hiram S.), the two children of his deceased
     brother, Robert H., his sister, Nancy, wife of David R. Coleman, of
     Alabama, and a child of his deceased sister, Susan Cockrell, and
     his mother, Elizabeth Coleman."

- 400 - .

                                                       THE ROBERT COLEMAN

     Box 20, folio 185. l. H. Coleman, Administrator of Estate of
     Henry A.  Coleman, 1864. Mentions wife and 1 child. No names.

     1813. Estate Settlement of Susannah Coleman, Administrator,
     Solomon R. Coleman, Sr BONDSMEN: Solomon R. Coleman, Sr., Abraham
     Jones, Robert R. Coleman. APPRAISERS: Thomas S.  Herbert, John
     Feaster, John Coleman, Robert Coleman, Solomon Coleman, Junr.
     OATH: Before David R. Coleman, J. P. BUYERS: Robert F. Coleman,
     Wiley Coleman, Stephen Coleman, Rhoda Coleman.  HEIRS AND
     DISTRIBUTEES: Jacob Hosch, Abraham Jones, Phebe Jones, Stephen
     Coleman, An'd. McCulley, "my own share," Solomon R. Coleman.


     The following records are in South Carolina Historical
     Commissions books, Stubs to Indents.

                          Volume       Page
               Abner Coleman       X   729
               Charles Coleman     Y   266
               N021283" href="namendx_C.htm#N021283">Francis Coleman     N   221
               N021285" href="namendx_C.htm#N021285">John Coleman        N   120
               William Coleman     U   244

                       WAR OF 1812

     National Archives, Washington, D. C., has record of Henry
     Jonathan Coleman (WO 10 397) service in War of 1812, for which he
     received several bounty grants of land. They state he enlisted at
     Winns Bridge, South Carolina, and served from October 6, 1814, to
     February 28, 1815, as Private in Captain William Nevitt's Company
     of South Carolina Militia. His widow, Mary Coleman, applied for
     pension August 26, 1873. Record state he married in Feasterville,
     South Carolina, Mary Feaster, daughter of John Feaster, that she
     was aged 75 years in 1873, and died November 6, 1873.

- 401 - .


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