Genealogy Descendants Report

Genealogy Descendants Report


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60. Ali.Kholi AL-GOSAM-15 (ALWI-MUHAMMAD-1459, MUHAMMAD-ALWI-1358, ALWI-UBAIDILLAH-1254, ABDULLAH.UBAIDILLAH-1151, AHMAD.ALMUHAJIR-1049, ISA.ARUMI-940, MUHAMMAD.ANAGIB-835, ALI*AL-UREIDHI-730, JA'FAR*ASSADIQ-625, MUHAMMAD.ALBAGIR-514, ALI.ZAINALABIDIN-45, SAIDINA*HUSSEIN-ALI-ABITHOLIB-3(RA)4, FATIMAH.AZZAHRA-2(RAH)2, Unknown1) was born in Bayt Jubair, Yamen, died in 529h-Tarim, Yamen, and was buried in Zanbal Cemetery, Tarim.

General Notes: He was born in Bayt Jabry. He died 529H in Tarim, Yemen. Buried in the Zanbal Cemetery
He was latter known as AlHabib Ali Kholi Al-Qosam, meaning Ali of the uninhibited land of Qosam. He bought a huge plot for 20,000 Dinar and named this plot Qosam, after the same name of the land his great grand father, AlHabib Ahmad Al Muhajir owned in Basra. He cultivated numerous date trees and built his own house. This land eventually became a small town called Qosam, which still exist and maintains the same name. AlHabib Ali Kholi Al-Qosam latter moved to Tarim and built a mosque, which became known as Bani Alawy mosque. He was the first Bani Alawy to move to Tarim where he died in the year 529H, and was buried in Zanbal cemetery, Tarim. AlHabib Ali Kholi Al-Qosam was noted for his generosity, spends a lot to the needy and poor and was very versed in various disciplines of Islamic sciences. He was very pious and reached a unique spiritual stage of hearing Prophet greetings. While in prayers in his last siting "tashahud reciting:" Peace and Blessing of Allah be upon you, Oh the Prophet of Allah; AlHabib Ali and the people around him would hear the Prophet's reply 'And Peace be upon you Oh Habib Ali". He had 3 children, Muhammad Shohib Marbat (meaning Muhammad the owner of Marbat) , Abdullah, and Hussein.

Ali.Kholi married (name unknown).

Children from this marriage were:

+ 62 M    i. MUHAMMAD.SHOHIB.MARBAT-16 died in 551/556H-Marbat, Oman.

   63 M    ii. ABDULLAH-16 .

   64 M    iii. HUSSEIN-16 .