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Hundreds of people have used this website, which was created for Metro Archives in Nashville, over the years and I have appreciated your patronage and your comments. The site was a volunteer project and continued as such after I was employed at the archives. It was a labor of love and I would often spend my weekends and nights, researching to find new material, and adding to the website. After my retirement, a new archives website was created and mine was no longer needed. Most of the old material, databases and historical records, was copied to the new site and is no longer available here.

Researching, reading and writing about Nashville history still takes much of my spare time. This website provides a forum for sharing what I learn with family, friends, and anyone with an interest in Nashville history. My children are 10th generation Nashvillians, counting among their ancestors several pioneers. They are descended from Timothy Demonbreun, James Russell, John Rains, Abel Gower, Archibald Buchanan, John Binkley, Harris Dowlen, Jacob Castleman, Morris Shane and others who arrived in the settlement before 1800. Many were among the first to settle in Nashville. Some were signers of the Cumberland Compact. Some were participants at the Battle of the Bluff, and the Battle of Buchanan's Station. Thanks for visiting Nashville History.

I hope you will take time to visit my blog, also titled Nashville History This website created, designed, maintained and owned by Debie Cox. There is an implied copyright on all the pages of this site which contain intellectual property, including and not limited to, original essays, papers and other author created documents, including those credited to a public domain publication and published on this site.

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