The Siler Rolls

1851 Census of Cherokee's east of the Mississippi

Forsythe County, Georgia

Family NO.1
1692.  Catherine Autrey 	27	w	mixed
(William Autrey is the head of this family)
(Sister to Parker Collins, note added by B Benge)
1693.  Mary Ann Autrey		 9 	d	mixed
1694.  Martha Autrey		 7	d	mixed
1695.  Elizabeth Autrey		 5	d	mixed
1696.  Edward Parker Autrey	 3	s	mixed
1697.  Columbus Autrey		 1	s	mixed

Family NO.2
1698.  Parker Collins		25		mixed
(he married a white woman since the treaty)
(wife Mary Treblenote, added by B Benge)
1699.  Joseph Collins		 4	s	mixed
1700.  Martha Collins		 2	d	mixed
1701.  Susan Alice Collins	 1	d	mixed

Family NO.3
1702.  John Parker Collins	11	orphan	mixed
1703.  Ira Jackson Collins	 9	orphan	mixed
(these children live with John Miller)
(Parker Collins nephews, parents Joseph Collins and Mary Miller,
 added by B Benge)

Family NO.4
1704.  Nancy Mimms		29	w	mixed
(David (John?) Mimms head of this family)
(Sister to Parker Collins, Parents Parker Collins and Nancy 
Ann Cordery, added by B Benge)
1705.  Sarah Ann Mimms		14	d	mixed
1706.  Joseph Parker Mimms	 9	s	mixed
1707.  Eliza Ann Mimms		 7	d	mixed
1708.  Marcena Mimms		 5	d	mixed
1709.  Renvy Mimms		 2	d	mixed

Family NO.5
1710.  Henry Rogers 		27		mixed
(brother to William and George his wife was 
Louisa Jane Balckburn, added by B Benge)
1711.  Louisa Rogers		27	w	mixed

Family NO.6
1712.  Ann Chappel Lenoir 	29	w	mixed
(Siler did not record the head of household but my 
records indicate her husband was John Wilson Lenoir)
(sister to William and George Rogers, added by B Benge)
1713.  Henry Aldebert Lenoir	10	s	mixed
1714.  Mary Octavia Lenoir	 8	d	mixed
1715.  Thomas Rogers Lenoir	 3	s	mixed
1716.  (John)Albert Lenoir	 1	s	mixed

Family NO.7
1717.  Robert Rogers		47		mixed
(Brother to William and George Rogers, his wife Mary Ann Baptiste
divorced him in 1851, added by B Benge)
1718.  Charles Rogers		21	s	mixed
1719.  Gilbert Rogers		18	s	mixed
1720.  William Rogers		16	s	mixed
1721.  John Howard Rogers	13	s	mixed
1722.  Sarah E Rogers		11	d	mixed
1723.  Robert Lea Rogers	 9 	s	mixed

Family NO.8
1724.  Jackson Rogers		25		mixed
(brother of George and William Rogers,wife was Sarah Blackburn,
 added by B Benge)
1725.  Sarah Rogers		30	w	mixed
1726.  Laura Rogers		 6	d	mixed
1727.  Emily Cherokee Rogers	 2	d	mixed
1728.  Frances Crawford Rogers	 1	d	mixed

Family NO.9
1729.  John Rogers Sr.		73		white
(aka John "Nolucky Jack" Rogers, added by B Benge)
1730.  John Rogers Jr.		21	s	mixed

Family NO.10
1731.  Alvina Bell		21	w	mixed
(Siler didn' note it but her husband was Anderson Smith Bell)
(William Rogers and Mary Vann McNair were her parents 
, added by B Benge)
1732.  Alexander Stephen Bell	 2	s	mixed
1733.  William Joseph Bell	 1	s	mixed

Family NO.11
1734.  Cynthia Lowe		31	female	mixed
(Siler didn't note it but her husband was John Lowe)
(Sister to George and William Rogers, added by B Benge)
1735.  Julia Lowe 		 5	d	mixed
1736.  John Lowe 		 3	s	mixed
1737.  Sarah Alice Lowe 	 1	d	mixed

Family NO.12
1738.  William Rogers		46		mixed
(he was married to a white woman since the treaty, Mary, Wm, Sarah,
Elizabeth and John are her children)
(he was George's brother, 1st wife Cherokee Mary Vann McNair, 
second wife Anna Louisa Ruede, added by B Benge)
1739.  Henry Rogers 		19	s	mixed
1740.  David Rogers 		17	s	mixed
1741.  Robert Rogers 		13	s	mixed
1742.  Mary Rogers 		11	d	mixed
1743.  William Rogers 		10	s	mixed
1744.  Sarah Rogers 		 6	d	mixed
1745.  Elizabeth Rogers 	 5	d	mixed
1746.  Augustus Rogers 		 2	s	mixed

Family NO.13
1747.  Charles Harris		47		white
(Charles Harris is married to a second wife, the first 
wife was also a Cherokee)
1748.  Jane Harris 		31	w	mixed
(Sister to Parker Collins, Charles Harris's 1st wife was 
also a sister Sallie, added by B Benge)
1749.  Parker Harris		21	s	mixed
1750.  Thomas Harris		15	s	mixed
1751.  Narcissa Harris		13	d	mixed
1752.  Martha Harris		 8	d	mixed
1753.  Susannah Harris		 5	d	mixed
1754.  Charles Harris		 3	s	mixed
1755.  Lyndonia Harris		 2	d	mixed

Family NO.14
1756.  Nancy Cumpton		23	w	mixed
(Siler didn't note it but her husband was Willie Cumpton)
(she was Charles Harris's daughter by 1st wife Sallie Collins
, added by B Benge)
1757.  Sarah Malinda Cumpton	 2	d	mixed
1758.  Noah Cumpton		 1	s	mixed

Family NO.15
1759.  George Waters Rogers	25		mixed
(he was married to a white woman since the treaty)
(He was the son on "Nolucky" John Rogers and Sally
 Cordery, Charlotte's sister)
1760.  Augustus Rogers		 3	S	mixed
1761.  Labond Rogers		 2	s	mixed

Family NO.16
1762.  Susan Cobb 		20	w	mixed
((Andrew)Jackson Cobb is head of this family, Susan Cobb 
nee Vickery was Charlotte's Daughter)
1763.  Rufus Cobb		 3	s	mixed
1764.  James Henry Cobb		 2	s	mixed

Family NO.17
1765.  Jane Vickery		24	female 	mixed
(Not married)
1766.  Josephine Vickery	 6	d	mixed
1767.  Josephus Vickery		 4	s	mixed
1768.  Mary Vickery		 2	d	mixed

Family NO.18
1769.  Charlotte Vickery	64		mixed
(says not married but Charlotte Vickery nee Cordrey was the widow of
Henry Vickery, she also had a granddaughter by the name of Martha,
born 1843)
1770.  Martha Ann Vickery	 9	d	mixed 

Family NO.19
1771.  Jane Gravitt		29	w	mixed
1772.  James Gravitt		12	s	mixed
1773.  Cynthia Gravitt		 9	d	mixed
1774.  Mary Gravitt		 7	d	mixed
1775.  Caroline Gravitt		 5	d	mixed	
1776.  John Gravitt		 2	s	mixed
1777.  Thomas Gravitt		 1	s	mixed

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