Native American Genealogy

Native American Genealogy


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I have a few spots still open in my Native American Genealogy Class, the cost is $34.95 for the 4 week course where I go through each of the steps to researching Indian Genealogy.
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My new publication on the 1890 Cherokee Nation census has been released for publication, you can also order my 1880 Cherokee Nation census as well.
1880 Cherokee Nation Census Book
1880 Cherokee Nation Census CD
1890 Cherokee Nation Census Book
1890 Cherokee Nation Census CD

Index to the Guion Miller roll updated link 2 April 2001
Information on how to obtain Guion Miller claimsnew link 7 February 2001
Sequoyah Family files added 9 November 1996
Jim Hick's Website, genealogies of Descendants of Nathan Hicks, Sr; Descendants of John Downing, Major; Descendants of Moytoy; Descendants of Oo-loo-tsa; Descendants of Thomas Cordery (link sited added 10 September 1998

Native American Bookstores and Maps

Melodie Sander's Cherokee Genealogy Research Material

Kevin Cloud Brechner's Lecture on the White Buffalo Calf with Links
Karen's and Melodie's Choctaw Home page (added 16 June 96)
Lakota home page with links to other sites (added 16 June 96)
What's in a Name? (added 16 June 96)
Our General Native American Link page (added 16 June 96)
The Cherokee Page (added 20 June 96)
Travel Guide to Oklahoma by Paul Sarrett Jr. (added 20 June 96)
How To Guide for Native Americans by Paul Sarrett Jr (added 20 June 96)
Native American National Archives Resourches by Paul Sarrett Jr (added 20 June 96)
Native American Resources by Paul Sarrett Jr (added 20 June 96) Paul has send us the updated version of these files on June 30 so I have replaced them with the current ones.
Karen's page on the Melungeon's (added 20 June 96)
The Nargansett Home page (added 10 July 96)
North American Indian - Population Records Southeastern Tribes (AL, AR, FL, GA, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN) added 10 July 96

A New Link Page dividing information into Catagories (updated 5 May 2002)
Osage Resource guide by Melodie Sanders (added 25 July 1996)
Native American Newsletter, Usenet and Listservers (added 25 July 1996)
General Genealogy Help (Added 10 August 1996 )
Nancy Ward, Most Beloved Woman of the Cherokee's Family History (added 10 September 1996)
Listing of Available Material at the Seattle Branch of the National Archives by John Sloniker ( added 8 November 1996 )
Kevin Cloud Brechner's lecture on how to store and save documents (added 10 November 1996)
The First Nations of Canada, by Ed Mentz Sr. added 10 November 1996
The Siler Rolls (added 97 January 1)
The Chapman Rolls by Jerry Wright Jordan (up dated link sited added 10 September 1998)
The Outlaws (added 15 March 1997)
Black Indian Ancestory by Angela Walton Raji (added 15 March 1997)
Our PowWow links (added 15 March 1997)
Finding Cherokee Old Settlers ( added 11 April 1997 )
Ed Mentz lecture on the Myths and Desendants Pocahontas ( added 11 April 1997 )
Eagle of Millerton's home page Native American Poems and related themes, special on Inga-Lami which will benefit the Wings of America Program
Indian Schools

1812 Horseshoe Bend Muster Rolls
link site added 12 July 1999

General Native American Genealogy Links

Jerry Jordan's Home Page
(updated link sited added 10 September 1998)
Cherokee Woman Website (Sandi Garrett) link site added 6 November 1999
Runs with Ponies (Karen Phister) link site added 6 November 1999
The American Indian CD-Rom (link sited added 20 September 1998
So Your Grandmother was a Cherokee Princess
Native American Tribal Histories Lee Sultzman, First Nations Historian has done a wonderful job
American Indians [National Archives Microfilm Catalog]
Homepage Listing the Carlisle Students
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