The Siler Rolls

1851 Census of Cherokee's east of the Mississippi

Gordon County, Georgia

Family NO.9
1847.  John Wicked		41		mixed 
(married to a white woman since treaty)
1848.  John Newton Wicked	11	s	mixed
1849.  Rebecca Wicked	 	 9	d	mixed
1850.  Linville Wicked		 7	d	mixed
1851.  Sarah Wicked		 5	d	mixed
1852.  Lemuel	Wicked	 	 3	s	mixed

Family NO. 10
1853.  Lowrey Williams		50		white
1854.  Barilla Williams		47	w	mixed

Family NO.11
1855.  Amanda Cherokee Wiley	22	w	mixed 
( Robert Wiley is the head of this family, she was the daughter
 or Lowrey and Berilla Williams nee Lynch)

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