The Siler Rolls

1851 Census of Cherokee's east of the Mississippi

Accepted and Rejected additional claims

 A  Statement of persons who claim to have Cherokee blood with facts in 
each case for the Commisioners consideration
David Elliott			37	male
(son of Joseph Elliott)
Martha Elliott			16	d
Catherine Elliott 		13	d
John Elliott			 7	s
Richard Elliott			 5	s
Joseph Elliott			 3	s
Thomas J Elliott		11	s

Matilda Elliott			44
(widow of James Elliott, the son of Joseph Elliott)
Orilla Elliott			20	d
Mary J Elliott			18	d

Nancy Elliott			45
(Widow of Josiah Elliot, son of Joseph Elliott)
David Elliott			16	s
Louisa Elliott			13	d
Jonah Elliott			12	s

Mary Vaughn			35	
(daughter of Joseph Elliott)
Jonah Elliott			21	s
Martha Vaughn			16	d	
Mary Vaughn			14	d
David Vaughn			 9	 s

Matthew Killingsworth		55
(Widower, his wife was the daughter of Joseph Elliott)
William Killingsworth		24	s
Mahala Killingsworth		23	d
Henry	Killingsworth		18	s
Martha Killingsworth		16	d
Mary Killingsworth		 5	d
Matilda Dukes			22
(Matilda Dukes is the daughter of Matthew Killingsworth, family number 5)
William Dukes			 3	s
Mahala Dukes			 1	d

Caroline Johnson		22
(Daughter of Joseph Elliott , Family number 2)
Mary Johnson			 4	d
Tabitha Johnson		 	 2	d
Sarah J Johnson		 	 1	d

Mahala Hillian			53
(Widow, daughter of Joseph Elliott)
Jesse Hillian			19	s
Winford Hillian		17	s
James Hillian			12	s
Thomas Hillian			10	s
Nancy J Hillian		7 or 9	d

George Elliott			40	
(Son of Joseph Elliott)

	Joseph Elliot from whom the families named above descended was 
recognized so far as be allowed a reservation near Parkinsville, 
Alabama.  He claimed that he was half Indian and seems to have enjoyed 
many if not all of benefits according to the Cherokee Nation under the 
Treaty with the Government of the United States , from the best account 
of the history of the family, that I was able to procure their claims 
were always disputed. -  I can find nothing to show that the authorities
 of the Cherokee Nation has ever recognized them. , and several persons 
of good character and intelligence, were inclined to believe that the 
Cherokees declined receiving them into the Nation.  I found no other 
Natives who believe that the Elliotts are Cherokee, in appearances I did 
not think that they had the features of the Indians, thought their 
complexion is sufficiently dark.
Woody Russell			50
Barsheba Russell		49	wife
(She is the daughter of William Carter)
Robert Russell			18	s
Eveline Russell			14	d
John Russell			12	s

William Russell			26
(He is the son of Woody Russell)
Payton Russell			 4	s
Elizabeth Russell		 2	d
Barsheba Russell		 1	d

Nancy Gibson			20
(Daughter of Woody Russell)
Marelda Gibson		 	 1	d

Eliza Stratton			16
(Daughter of Woody Russell)

Thompson Carter			31
(Thompson Carter is the son of William Carter, lives in Haywood County, 
North Carolina)
Eleanor Carter			32	wife
William I or J Carter		12	s
Rebecca J Carter		10	d
James Carter			 8	s
Caroline Carter			 6	d
Matthew Carter	 	 	 3	s
Mix Carter			 1	s

Nelson Carter			53
(Nelson is the son of William Carter, lives in Polk County, Tennessee)
Elizabeth Carter		50	wife
John Carter			19	s
William Carter			14	s
Marion Carter			11	s
Martha Carter			 8	d
Margaret Carter			 6	s
Sarah Carter			 1	d

Frederick Carter		38
(son of William Carter, resides in Polk County, Tennesee)
Margaret Carter			37	wife
William Carter			16	s
Jackson Carter			14	s
Jesse Carter			13	s
Mary Carter			11	d
Nancy Carter			 9	d
Harriett Carter			 8	d
Andrew Carter			 5	s
Berry Carter 			 4	s
Henry Carter			 1	s
Susan Carter			 3	d

Ann Sourjohn			36
(daughter of William Carter, lives in Lumpkin County, Georgia)
Martha Sourjohn			18	d
Elizabeth Sourjohn		16	d

Tilmon Stillwell		60
Susan Stillwell			43	wife
(She is the daughter of William Carter, lives in Gilmire County, Georgia)
Telitha Stillwell		16	d
Fanny Stillwell			15	d
Harrison Stillwell		10	s
Hiram Stillwell			 6
Sarah Stillwell			 2	d

John Gibson			46
Morning Gibson			48	wife
(She is the daughter of William Carter)
Margaret Gibson			19	d
Lavina Gibson			17	d
John C Gibson			15	s
Solomon L Gibson		15	s
William E. Gibson		 7	s
	The foregoing persons descendants of William Carter claim to have 
Cherokee Blood from his wife Rebecca. I learned from a good source that 
Rebecca Carter never claimed that she was any part Indian but that she 
was in her lifetime in the habit of denying it.  She was said to be part 
Catawba so that none of the ancestors were ever recognized as Cherokee, 
what I can learn.  But in some way Woody Russellís family emigrated to 
Arkansas as Cherokees.  They returned to Haywood County, North Carolina 
where they now reside.  In inquired of a large company of old Cherokee 
men who have know Mr. Russell family.  It seems to be their opinion 
decidedly that they are not Cherokees.  This seems to be the prevailing 
opinion with person whose opportunities for knowing thefacts best.  The 
affidavits of the Cherokee Indians were forwarded to me after I left 
Haywood which declare was a Cherokee.  See paper marked Russell and 
Carter, I have no confidence in the declaration of a Cherokee made 
without proper examination and though an interpreter interested in 
the statements.  The Children of these families were reported to me 
by the heads of the families.

James Trott			45
(On the 1835 Henderson roll)
Rachel Trott			39	wife
Ross Trott			12	s
Nanny Trott			15	d
Oseola Trott			10	s
Timothy Trott			 8	s
William Trott			 6	s
Maria Trott			 4	d
	This family lives in Nashville, Tennessee.   They were reported to 
me by Edward Adair.  I have the statement of many persons to confirm the 
facts that Rachel Trott, the wife of James Trott is part Cherokee.

Sarah Smith			29
John Smith			 7	s
	The names of Sarah Smith and her son John were handed to me by 
her father William Henson, he states that they live in Monroe County, 
Tennesee and are Cherokees, this statement is corroborated by other 
persons that I consider reliable.

Martha Thomson			42
Living in Murry County, Georgia.  This is a white woman who was once the 
wife of John Vann a native, she afterwards married Mr. Thomson, a white 
man who is now dead.

John McDonald			15
	This boy it is said lives some where in Gordon County, Georgia.  
I believe there is such a boy from accounts that I have, though he did 
not attend my meeting.

John Fields
James Fields
	Lives in Hamilton County, Georgia

Sarah Fields
(Widow of George Fields, lives in Hamilton County, Tennessee)
Valentine Fields			d
Rhoda Fields				d
Seifefa	Fields				d
Crissanna Fields			d
Riley Fields				s
Martin Fields				s
Allen Fields				s

John Still
(An orphan, lives in Hamilton County, Tennessee)

Mary Evans
(Formerly wife of George Still, lives in Hamilton County, Tennessee)
Thomas Still				s

Margaret Still
(Lives in Hamilton County, Tennessee)
Franklin Still				s
Houston Still				s
Joseph Still				s

Families 24-28 were REJECTED but this statement was given.
	These families of John Fields, Sarah Fields, Margaret Still,
 Mary Evans with the orphan boy John Still could produce no facts 
to show their Indian blood.  I cam to the conclusion that they were 
mixed with some other races afterwards, Dr. J. L. Yarnell informed me 
that they are Cherokees.  He gives no account of the history of the 
family except Sarah Fields is the widow of George Fields and that 
Mary Evans was the wife of George Still.  Dr. Yarnell is highly 

Benjamin Brackett		47
(Lives in Hamilton County, Tennesee)
Susan Brackett			42	wife
Michael Ann Brackett		20	d
Jesse M Brackett		18	s
Marion Brackett			16	s
Thomas Brackett			14	s
Catherine Brackett		11	d
Adam Brackett			 6	s
Sarah Brackett			 3	d
Benjamin Brackett jr.		 1	s

Lock Langley			46
(lives in Gilmer County, Georgia)
Sarah Langley			38	wife
Albert Langley			22	s
Balus Langley			21	s
Ann Langley			19	d
Samuel Langley			15	s
Thomas Langley			12	s
Susan Langley			11	d
Josiah Langley			10	s
Caroline Langley		 8	d
Franky Langley			 4	d
Lucy Langley			 1	d

John Langley jr.		24
(Son of Lock Langley and lives in Cass County, Georgia)
Sarah J Langley			 4	d
Jack A Langley			 2	s
Mary M Langley			 1	d

Mige Brackett			40	widower
(Lives in Gilmer County, Georgia)
Balus Brackett			16	s
John Brackett			13	s
Bradford Brackett		10	s
Franky Brackett			 8	d
Daniel Brackett			 6	s
Martha Brackett			 5	d
James Brackett			 3	s
	The wives of Benjamin Brackett- Lock Langley and Mige Brackett 
- claim they are sisters and daughters of Mr. Hubbard whose wife was 
a Wilkenson and a native of the Cherokee Nation, this statement is 
corroborated by persons of high standing who have long been acquainted 
with Cherokee affairs, I find however that their claim has been in 
disputed by some persons but from the best information I can get they 
have hitherto enjoyed the benefits of the Treaty.

William Smith			30
John Smith			22
	William and John Smith live in Jackson County, Alabama, they have 
the reputation where they live as being Cherokees.  I learned that the have 
been in the habit of denying their Indian blood, they were raised in 
Marshall County, Alabama.  I could obtain no accurate account of their 
history.  They tell me donít know whether they are Cherokee.  John has 
the appearance of a half Indian.

William Gothard			52
(It is sometimes written Goddard, resides in Leaf County, Georgia)
Jane Gothard			44	wife
John Gothard			18	s
William Gothard jr.		17	s	

Delphina Reeves			18
(Daughter of William Gothard, lives in Carroll County to me by her father)
William I Reeves		 1	son

George Holloway			43
Eliza Holloway
(Eliza is the sister to William Gothard, lives in Cass County, Georgia)

NO.37 Morning Cobb		22
(Niece of William Gothard)
	This Gothard family claim Cherokee descent from a half breed 
woman named Downes, they reside in a part of the Country where there 
is no other natives, I could find no person disconnected with the family 
who could state as to their right- they seem to be people of good 
standing & I am inclined to think they are entitled.  William Gothard 
has two sisters in Arkansaw, Anna Hughs and M Cox, wives of George 
Hughes and a Mr. Cox

John Tidwell			34
(His first wife is now living in Cobb County, Georgia)
(This name does not appear on the census of 1835)
Manuel Tidwell			16	s
Chinnesa Tidwell		13	d
Pleasant Tidwell	 	 8	s
Lodusea A. Tidwell		 6	d
Mary Tidwell		 	 4	d
Gracy A Tidwell			 2	d
Vicky N Tidwell		 	 1	d
	This man John Tidwell has the appearance of a half Indian and 
papers in the county as Indian John, the gentleman to who he referred 
as being able to satisfy me of his right- did not when I inquired of 
him remember the man, other persons whom I consider reliable state 
that he is certainly a Cherokee.

Williaminia C Cleland		44
(She is the daughter of Major George Waters, See Gwinnett County , 
Georgia 1778, lives alternatively in Savannah City and Forsythe 
County, Georgia)
Emily C Cleland			14	d

Catherine E Howell		24
(she is Married to Arch Howell, she is the daughter of Williamina 
Cleland, lives in Marrietta, Georgia)
James C Howell			 2	s

George W. Cleland		22
(Son of  Williamina Cleland, lives in Savannah city)

Setitia Pooler			19
(Married to Robert W Pooler, is the daughter of Williaminia Cleland, 
lives in Savannah city)
Margaret C Pooler		 1	d

Sarah M Charlton		41
(widow, lives in Savanah, is the daughter of Major George Waters)
Thomas J Charlton		17	s
Sarah E Charlton		15	d

William Cu-lit-eh		35
(A full blood Cherokee raised by  Major George Waters)
	These families descendants of George Waters of Gwinnett County, 
Georgia with William Cu-lit-eh were reported to me by Major George Waters 
himself, being of good character and from the fact that the statement 
is corroborated by other persons of reliability I have no doubt as to 
it is correct.

Joseph Miller 			 1
(Lives in Forsythe County, Georgia)
	This little boy  is the illegitimate son of Robert Rogers, a 
native by Sarah Miller, a white woman, his bond is filed in court for 
the maintenance of this child.

Rachel McMullen			 9
(Lives in Cherokee County, North Carolina)
	This little girl is said to be the daughter of J.C. Morris, 
half Indian by Caroline McMullen, a white woman, the child is 
illegitimate, Morris claims it as his.

Susan J Perry			38	wife
Rudolph L Perry			11	s
Hannah A Perry			10	d
Oliver V Perry			 8	s
Eliza J Perry			 5	d
Silas A Perry			 4	s
Florence C Perry		 3	d
Hexson C/E Perry		 1	d
	This family is reported to me by Mr. James Perry who is the head 
of the family.  From the best information that I have been able to obtain 
about Mr. Perry and his family the statement is correct, his wife is a 
daughter of Ezekiel Harland a native, the family lives in Murray County, 

D.C. Shaw			47
Mary Shaw			46	wife
(Lives in Spring Fever, Georgia)
Mary Shaw first married James Wicked, a native and had by him three 
sons Family No. 8 Murray County, Georgia.  James Wicked died and she 
married D C Shaw, a white man before the treaty.  She is white.

Caroline Corn			17	wife 
(J.P Corn is the head of this family)
Josephine Corn	 		 1	d
	Caroline Corn is illegitimate daughter of John Davis a native 
by a white woman, lives in Lumpkin County, Georgia.

Jane Mathis 			24	wife
(Allen Mathis is the head of this family, lives in Union County, Georgia)
William Mathis	 		5	s
Mary Mathis		 	3	d
Sarah Mathis		 	1	d
	Jane Mathis claims as a daughter of Thomas McDonald, a native.  
I learned that Thomas McDonald was never her mothers husband, her mother 
was white and the wife of a white man at the time of her birth.

Louisa J Trout			19	wife 
(Samuel Trout is the head of this family)
George W Trout	 	 	 4	s
William H Trout	 		 2	s
	I am informed by Mr. John Ward (could be Hood) of whom I am 
acquainted who is a man of good character that Louisa Trout is daughter 
of Mary Ward, Family No. 6 Union County, Georgia.

Amanda C Young			 2
	This little girl is illegitimate daughter of John Davis a native 
by a white woman, she lives with William Martin, Lumpkin County, Georgia.

Elizabeth Evans			 3
	This little girl is illegitimate daughter of Charles Raper, 
a native by a white woman lives in Union County, Georgia.

William Colagnee
(lives near Telico Iron works, Tennesee)
Sally Colagnee			wife
James Colagnee			s
Richard Colagnee		s
Crawford Colagnee		s
Mary J Colagnee			d
	This family was mentioned to me by several persons as being 
unable to attend any of my meetings, Mr. Spellman a man highly recommended 
who resides in their immediate neighborhood furnished me with their names 
and informs that they are Cherokee.

Daniel Arnold
(Resides in McMinn county, Tennessee)
Prince Arnold		15	s
	Mr. H MD McElrath sends, the names of David Arnold and his son, 
he states they are part Cherokee, he is a man of good character.

Eliza Woodall		23
(Married to Mr.  Woodall, resides near Athens, Tennessee)
Martha E Woodall	 4	d
	Michael Hilderbrand informs me that Eliza Woodall is his grand 
daughter and a Cherokee, he is well recommended.

Martha H Tucker		17
	The name of this girl is presented by James Lloyd her guardian.  
I have good evidence that she is part Cherokee and part Negro lives in 
Union County, Georgia.

(or Rattler) 		55
(Refused to enroll, lives in Valley River, Cherokee County, North Carolina)
Nah-yuh-hoo-la      	30   	w
Nah-ya-hih               3  	d
Lucy                 	 1  	d
Sally                   16  	d
Takih                   14   	d
A-lee-na           	12   	d
Yel-kin-nih             10   	s

George Axe          	30
(Refused to enroll, lives in Valley River, Cherokee County, North Carolina)
Anice               	28   	w
Willson        		11  	 s
Ail-cih              	 9  	d
Sah-lin-nih           	 7  	d
       Kies-ka        	 3  	s

Axe            		65
(Refused to enroll, lives in Valley River, Cherokee County, North Carolina)
A-qualla       		65   	w
Sal-ka-na      		30   	d
Nelly               	20   	d
I-hu-hy        		24   	s
E-ta-ga-ha         	35   	s

Johnson or Joncinnih    50        
(Refused to enroll, lives in Valley River, Cherokee County, North Carolina)
Jin-nih             	30   	w    
Yo-noo-kil-lah   	 4  	s
John Davis             	 2  	s

James Welch         	26
(Married to a white woman since treaty, Refused to enroll, lives in 
Valley River, Cherokee County, North Carolina)
John             	 3	s
Infant (not named)  [blank]

John Welch          	60        Indian
(Refused to enroll, lives in Valley River, Cherokee County, North Carolina)
Elizabeth Welch     	50   	wife
Jonathan Welch 		25   	s
John C. Welch  		23   	s
Richard D. Welch    	19   	s
Martha Ann Welch     	17   	d
Rebecca Welch           16   	d
Lloyd M. Welch 		14   	s    
Stacy Welch         	12   	d    
	The above named Valley River Indians marked as having refused to 
enrolled were reported to me by Captain John A Powell from my acquaintance in the neighborhood and from the best information I have been able to procure I believe the statement to be correct.

Nancy Holland            20     	w    
(James Holland is the head of this family)  
Pleasant Holland          1      	s      
	This family lives in Gordon County, Georgia according to the 
statement of Jesse Raper who says that Nancy Holland is his daughter 
is part Cherokee, this statement is confirmed by other persons.
Mason Rackley       	 30        
Celia Rackley            35   	wife
William Rackley          15   	s
Elizabeth I Rackley       7  	d
Stephen Rackley           5  	s
James Rackley         	  4  	s    
	This family lives in a remote part of Macon County, North Carolina, 
they are will known in the county as Cherokees but did not attend any of 
my meetings , from the best information I can get- they are correctly 

Elizabeth G Coleman      	w    
Burney M Coleman    	10   	d    
Robert M Coleman    	 7   	s    
James A Coleman    	 4   	s    
Mary E Coleman 		 1   	d
	This family descendants of Major John Walker have been frequently 
spoken of by Cherokees in conversation with me.  I suppose they are 
correctly reported- see affidavit marked James M Coleman- they live in 
Harris County, Kentucky.

James Many		49	
(Lives in Cherokee County, North Carolina)
Barsheba Many		50	wife
John Many		17	s
Fanny Many		16	d
Rebecca Many		13	d
Sarah Many		 7	d
William Many		19	s

Nancy Anderson		25	wife
(Lazarus Anderson is head of this family, his wife is a daughter of 
James Many, lives in Cherokee County, North Carolina)
Martha A Anderson	 7	d
James Anderson		 6	s
Sarah Anderson		 8	d
Robert Anderson		 2	s

James Many jr.		22	
(Married to a white woman, is son of James Many, lives in Cherokee County, 
North Carolina)
John Many		 6	s
Martha Many		 2	d

Martin Many		21
(Is married to a white woman, son of James Many, lives in Cherokee County, 
North Carolina)
Nancy Many		 3	d
Margaret Many	 	 1	d
(Not on census of 1835)
	The above family of Manys failed to be at any of my meetings in 
Cherokee County, NC only a few days before the roll was finished, James 
Many and Lazarus Anderson furnished me with the names from the best 
information I can obtain they are correctly reported as to the blood 
of the Manys, I believe that Agents for the Government of the United 
States have here before recognized them as Cherokees, I have no proof 
that the Cherokees have recognized them, they have generally resided 
outside of the Cherokee country.

Nancy West                       w
(Rufus West is the head of this family, lives in Marshall County, Alabama)
James W. West                    s
Sarah E. West                    d
Martha A. West                   d

Wm. Polston                               
(Lives in Marshall County, Alabama)
Eliza Polston                    wife       
Preston Merrell                	 s of w     
Lorenzo D. Polston               s
Nancy A. Polston                 d
Elizabeth Polston                d        
Sarah I. Polston                 d
Josiah Polston                   s
Margaret Polston                 d

Martha Merrell         	21                 
(Lives in Marshall County, Alabama)
Sarah E. Merrell                 d
Benjamin Merrell                 s        
	For proof as to the last three families above I can only refer 
to papers marked "Rufus West".  The statement is corroborated in a letter 
from Dr. John L Yarnell, who informs me that the Wests, Polsons and 
Merrills are relitives of his wife and Cherokees.

Martha Hildebrand	9
	The mother of this little girl states that she was the wife 
of Mose Hildebrand , died, and that this is her child, no other proof- 
the child has the appearance of a Cherokee, Mose Hildebrand was of 
Cherokee descent - they live in Polk County, Tennessee.

Catherine Vann		50
(Widow of Robert Vann)
James Vann		25	s

Mrs. Brown		48
(Widow of John Brown)

Riley Fields		19
	The four last named person were reported to me in a letter 
from John Cowart of Chattanooga, Tennessee.  He states that they are 
natives and reside not far from his place, he is a man of excellent 
Cynthia Oliver 		25   	wife
(John L Oliver is the head of this family)
Georgia Oliver 	 	 7   	d
Joshua Oliver        	 5  	s

Martha C Nichols   	 22   	wife   
(William P Nicholls is the head of this family)
Mary I Nichols  	 2   	d
Oceola Nichols 	 	 1   	s
	The last two families were reported by the head of each.  
Their wives are daughters of Lewis Blackburn from the statement of 
many persons of good standing they are Cherokees and are correctly 
reported- they live in Alabama.

George W Langley	22
(He was married to a white woman)
Sarah Langley		 2	d
John C Langley	 	 1	s
	This family was reported to me by John Langley- head of Family 
NO. 4 Gilmer County, Georgia.  He states that George W Langley is his 
son, the statement is corroborate  by other persons he lives in Alabama.

Katie Jordan		30	
(Lives in Cherokee County, North Carolina)
	I understand that this woman is an illegitimate daughter of a 
white woman, her father is said to have been a native, she is recognized 
as a Cherokee so far as to receive pay for removal and substance , I 
learned she has children but she did not furnish me with their names.

   Saunders             37  male
This Man is the Son of an Indian woman by a Negro man owned by William H 
Thom living in Buffalo town, North Carolina

Celia Parris		41
Sarah Saunders		48
Christina Martin	45
Nelly Martin		67
	These women met me at Mr. Lewis Blackburnís in Cherokee County, 
Georgia and stated that they had been wives of Cherokee Indians and 
have large families of Cherokee children.  They were well known to 
Mr. Lewis Blackburn and to Mr. Daniel Davis, both men of undoubted 
veracity, they inform me that Nelly Martinís real name is Nelly Moton. 
That the real name of Celia Parris is  Celia Gravitt- That Sarah 
Saunders is really named Sarah Tidwell and that they never were 
married to Cherokees.  They are white women who obtained some 
benefits of the treaty from having taken up for a short time 
with the Cherokees whose names they bear.  As to Christina Martin, 
she claims to be the wife of William Martin, a native, I afterwards 
saw this same William Martin and he informs me  that the woman was 
never his wife and denies that the children were his- he is the 
husband of another woman.  See Family NO. 14 Lumpkin County, Georgia.  
These facts are so well established by a umber of persons that I do 
not deem it my duty to enroll the names of the children that the 
women claim

Annice Jordan		53
Nancy Richardson	28	d
Noah Jordan		21	s
Eliza Jordan		23	d
Maria Stuart		30	d
	The for last named person are the children of Annice Jordan 
whose name is written over theirs.  The two last live in Lumpkin County, 
Georgia, the others live in Cherokee County, Georgia, they claim Cherokee 
blood for themselves and a great number of children.  They produce not 
the slightest degree of proof.  From her own account Annice Jordan 
was raised more than three hundred miles from the nearest point of 
the Cherokee County and does not know any one who can state that she 
is of Cherokee descent.

Samuel Thomas		46
(Lives in Cherokee County, Georgia)
Nancy Thomas		39
	This family are not reported in full.  I have satisfactory 
statements that Nancy Thomas the wife is of Cherokee descent- and 
that they have seven children, they neglected my notices.

James McClure		24
John Mcclure		23	brother
	These men are in California I understand they expect to return 
in a short time to Murray County, Georgia.


The foregoing statement exhibits the names of such persons as I am required 
to mention the circumstances under which they come to my knowledge and to 
which an ______ is designed to accompany- I have heard of a few other 
families residing out of the County formerly occupied by the Cherokees 
and have instituted inquiries by which I hoped to have been able to give 
their names and number with some degree of accuracy.  I have received 
no answers however to this day, any further information that I may 
obtain will be placed in your  hands without delay.			
						Very Respectfully
						David W Siler
						Your Obedient Servant
						Special Agent
Honorable L Lee
 Indian Affairs

					Washington, DC October 28, 1851
	I had the honor on ______ to make a statement to you of the names 
of such persons as claim Cherokee blood; Since that time Mr. John Many 
writes me from Madison County, North Carolina and stated that he is a 
Cherokee and that he has the following named descendants living in his 
immediate neighborhood.
Polly C Many		d
James Many		s
Kessiah Many		d
Nancy Many		d
William Many		s
Lucinda Many		d
Barnett Many		s
Madison Many		s
George W Many		s
Lorenzo M Many 		s

NO. 2
Martin B Many
(Son of John Many)
Robert M Many		s
Matilda L Many		d
Elizabeth Many		d
Eliza E Many		d 
John L Many		s
James W Many 		s

No. 3
John L Many
(Son of John Many)
James A Many		s
William B Many		s
Margaret M Many		d
Polly L Many		d
John W Many		s
Elbert C Many		s

Sally Halcum
(Daughter of John Many)
John A Halcum 		s
Polly L Halcum		d
Fanny Halcum		d
James H Halcum		s
Mira L Halcum		d
	I have no positive proof to establish the claims of the Many Family. 
 James Many the only one of the family that presented himself for 
enrollment referred to the Office of Indian Affairs stated that the 
proof was there on file and that the family had hitherto enjoyed the 
benefits of the treaty.  The rights of John Many and his brother James 
with their numerous descents depends in my mind entirely of the 
connection of this statement.  They have given me no satisfactory proof.
	I will mention here that last summer when I was in Hamilton 
County, Tennessee certain persons were mentioned to me by several 
gentlemen who were acquainted with them as being Cherokees.  It seems 
that they were at this time in the act of removing from the place where 
they had formerly resided and no on that I met could inform me as to 
their place of destination.  I have asked Mr. John Cowert, a man of 
undoubted integrity to address me a letter so soon as he should name 
number and place of residence.  Since my arrival in Washington I 
receive from him the following statement:

Sally Hail
(Formerly Sally Becknell a full blood Cherokee, lives at Chattanooga, 
Michael Hail
George Hail

George W Hail
(Lives in Mayes County, Tennessee)
Elizabeth Hail

Mariam Janes (Jones?)
(Daughter of Sally Hail, suppose to live in Hamilton County, Tennessee)
William H Janes
Nancy Ann Janes
Sarah E Janes
 Isaac M Janes

William Becknell
(Son of Sally Hial, lives at Chattanooga, Tennesee)
Cathlene Becknell
Thurro Becknell
Therzey Becknell
Caroline M Becknell
	Besides these there is Cherokee boy in Mars County, Alabama 
whom information I could not obtain.  Indeed these people are so 
scattered since the breaking up of the Nation that I do not flatter 
myself with the belief that with all the names I have take their names 
have been ascertained and reported in the course of four months, I 
think however that very few indeed have been omitted is there are any.

							Very Respectfully
							Your Obedient Servant
							David W Siler
Honorable L Lee
Commission Indian Affairs

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