1851 Census of Cherokee's east of the Mississippi

  Jerry Wright Jordan and I are coordinating adding the Chapman and Siler rolls. While some of the numbers are the same others are not. Each roll has additional information, and I have left Jerry's Millers numbers with my information. We hope to be adding other rolls as well in the future. Please take the time to compare both rolls. The Siler census is what the Chapman roll was based on then Guion Miller used the Chapman to include those of East of the Mississippi in his 1906 payment to all the Cherokees
The Chapman Rolls by Jerry Wright Jordan (updated link 21 January 1999)
You will note there are some differences if you cannot find a name excepted on the Churchill on the Siler it can be found in the accepted and rejected file. These can be a great bonus as these were researched by Siler. On the Siler census he noted those as being Indian, White or mixed. If there is nothing besides their names they were listed as Indian. If a White man or woman was married to a Cherokee prior to the Treaty of 1835 they are listed with their family on this roll. If they were married afterwards the husbands were usually noted as heads of the household, white woman names were not noted and the children’s names actually had lines drawn through them later.

North Carolina

Paint Town
Wolf Town
Bird Town
Buffalo Town
Valley River
Neighborhood of Murphy


Polk County
Monroe County
Bradley County
McMinn County
Hamilton County


Jackson County
Mashall Co
DeKalb County


Walker County
Cherokee County
Forsyth County
Gwinnett County
Gilmer County
Murray County
Gordon County
Lumpkin County
Union County

Washington DC

Washington, DC

Later applicants and those rejected

Final applicants

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