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Historic Navidad Baptist Cemetery

Established November 1853
2240 Vacek Loop, Schulenburg, Texas
Operated by the Navidad Baptist Cemetery Association
~~a Texas non-profit corporation~~

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A Good Man Gone,
Dr. Benjamin F. Rose
b.1809 Washington, D.C.
d. 1889 Lyons, TX


Ruffin Plez Rimmer

Brother Ruffin Plez Rimmer departed this life Nov. 27, 1890 at 3 o’clock in the morning at his home in Lavaca Co., Texas, aged 33 years and 17 days. During the summer of 1879, he obeyed the Gospel under the preaching of A. J. Bush; his disease was consumption. He seemed to be perfectly reconciled to make the exchange in putting off this mortal body with the hope of being clothed with an immortal body in the morning of resurrection, and to hear the glad “Come you blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world”, and to have aright to the tree of life and permission to enter through the gates into my city; where he can praise the Father and Son throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity. 

    Your brother in Christ,
    A. J. Morrow.
    The Weimar Mercury, Dec. 1890

Lament for Cola Bruin
killed in Fayette Co, TX
Alexandria, VA Gazette, pg. 1
March 11, 1861.



Departed this life, at his residence, in Columbus, on the 3d day of February, A.D. 1854 , Washington H. Secrest.

To the old Texan, no eulogy could illustrate his lif life. Not an act of bold daring and peril during the days of the young Republic, that did not find him a ready and efficient supporter.

As a spy--and there were men his equals--the camp of the Mexican was as familiar to him as the trails in his own immediate neighborhood.

In every battle, the dust of the melee was the breath of his nostrils.

By nature he was bold, ardent, and generous to prodigality: while others courted wealth and lands, he wooed danger as a bride.

Though in early life he sowed with both hands the wild oats of fun and frolic, yet, in his meridian, he turned to the Lord, who abundantly pardons the penitent.

The sunset of his life, calm and serene, was tinged by the bright rays of Christian hope; and a smile lighted up his worn features, when he was called to the muster roll in heaven.
                   Columbus, Feb. 12, 1854


Historic Navidad Baptist Cemetery
2240 Vacek Loop, Schulenburg, TX