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Aharan, Aharn, Ahern, Albert, Allan, Allen, Allingham, Allison, Amos, Anderson, Aino, Armstrong, Arsenault, Arseneau, Ashe, Atkinson, Austin, Babcock, Bagley, Bain, Barnes, Barron, Bastarache, Beaney, Beckwith, Bell, Belyea, Beney, Bennett,Bisket-Richie, Bisson, Blanchard, Boucher, Boudreau, Boudrot, Bourque, Boyd, Boyle, Brennan, Bridges, Brown, Bunker, Burnside, Busha, Butland, Cady, Caie, Cail, Callaghan, Cameron, Campbell, Carr, Carruthers, Carter, Chandler, Chappell, Chase, Chisholm, Clark, Cleveland, Comeau, Connell, Constantine, Cook, Corbett, Corey, Cormier, Cosman, Cougle, Coxen, Craig, Craik, Crowley, Cumming, Currie, Curtis, Davenport, Davidson, Delesdernier, Delaney, DeLong, Dempsey, Denley, Doherty, Doiron, Douglas, Duguay, Dunn, Duplisea, Dykeman, Eagan/Egan, Eddy/Eady, Ellis, Engelhart, Ewing, Fanjoy, Fenney, Fetters, Flemming, Flewellyn, Flowers, Foley, Forgrave, Foster, Galley, Gallant, Galliah, Gallien, Gee, Gerow, Gillin, Girvan, Glennenning, Godin, Goguen, Good, Goodin, Goodwin, Gordon, Goutreau, Govoro, Graham, Hamilton, Hamm, Hammond, Hanlon, Harris, Hartford, Henderson, Hends, Herrington, Higgins, Hinds, Holland, Horton, Hughs/Hughes, Hurley, Hutchon, Ibbitson, Ingerville, Ingrouville, Jackson, Jagoe, Jardine, Jeffers, Jeffery, Johnson, Jones, Jukes, Keene, Kenny, Kerr, Kinnear, Knight, Knowles, Knox, Lagace, Landry, Langell, Leak, Leake, Leek, Leeke, LeBlanc, Leek, Leeke, Leger, Lenentine, Lockhart, Logan, Loggie, Long, Low, Lund, Lynn, MacArthur, MacDonald, MacEachern, MacLeans, MacLeods, MacMichael, MacKay, Mahoney, Maillet, Malaney, Malcolm, Malley, Mallet, Malaney, Maloney, Mann, Manuel, Marshall, Martel, Martin, Masson, Maxwell, Mazerolle, McCleary, McCallum, McCullum, McCarthy, McCormack/McCormick, MacDonald/McDonald, MacFarland, McGraw, McGuire, McInTyre, McKinney, McKinnon, McLean, McLennon, McMichael, McNairn/McNarin, MacRae, Meade, Mersereau, Miller, Mills, Mitchell, Mitton, Munro, Morris, Morton, Mullen, Muller, Munro/Munroe, Murdock, Murphy, Nason, Nelson, Newman, Nicholson, Northrup, O'Connell, O'Donnell, Ogler, Olsen, Orr, Osborne, O'Shaughnessy, Ougler, Ouillet, Palmer, Parlee, Patterson, Paul, Pauley, Pels, Phillips, Pierce, Pledge, Polley, Polly, Pope, Proud, Quinn, Ramsay, Randall, Reid, Renouf, Richard, Richardson, Robertson, Rousel, Rowan, Rush, Sargent, Saulnier, Savoie, Scott, Seely, Sexton, Shannon, Sheilds, Sherwood, Siddall, Sleep, Smith, Somers, Sowerby, Sowers, Spencer, Stack, St. Coeur, Statterway, Steves, Stinson, Stockley, Stone, Stymiest, Sullivan, Sutherland, Sweeney, Sweezy, Taylor, Thibodeau, Thompson, Thorne, Thurrott, Towse, Tracy/Tracey, Trenholm, Trites, Wall, Walsh, Ward, Webb, Wells, Wiggins, Wilcox, Williston, Wilson, Wood, Wolff, Wright, Young

Contact information is available on NB Family Research Group for the above surnames.

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