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With many thanks to Glenda Card and Dianne DeShong

Washington Brooks and wife, Prudence A. Brooks
The Methodist Episcopal Society of McKendra Church

THIS DEED made this twenty fourth day of March A. D. 1859. By and between Washington Brooks (yeoman) of the Township of Gibson, County of Elk and State of Pennsylvania and Prudence A., his wife, of the one part, and the Methodist Episcopal Society of McKendra Church of said County of the other part, charted by the Court of Quarter Sessions in and for the County of Elk Jany. 2nd, 1857 and recorded in the office for recording deeds in and for said County of Elk in Miscellaneous Book A page 124 of the other part.

WITNESSETH, that the said parties of the first part for and in consideration of the sum of one dollar specie in hand paid at and upon the sealing and delivery of these presents, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, have given, granted, bargained, sold, released, confirmed and conveyed and by these presents do grant, bargain, sell, release, confirm and convey unto the said Methodist Episcopal Society of McKendra Church of the second part

ALL that certain lot piece or parcel of land situate in the Township of Gibson, County of Elk, Beginning at a post about six rods from a white pine stump on the bank of the creek and corner of the [lage] tract from which this lot was taken and running north eight degrees, east (N.8°E.) nine perches (9) to a post, thence north sixty five degrees east (N.35°E.) ten perches to a post, thence south eight degrees west nine perches to a post thence south sixty five degrees, west ten perches to a post, place of beginning, and containing about half an acre more or less, and being a part of a large tract o fland, which the present grantor stands seized by virtue of a deed duly executed and recorded from James Shafer, administrator of the estate of Benjamin Brooks Dec'd. (deed bearing date 27 July 1849) and also the estate right title, interest property claim and demand whatsoever either in law or equity of them the parties of the first part their heirs and assigns.

Together with all and singular the houses, woods, waters, ways, privileges, and appurtenances, thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining. To have and to hold all and singular the above mentioned and described lot or piece of land, situate as aforesaid all and singlar its tenements, privileges and appurtenances unto the said Methodist Episcopal Society second part forever.
Washington Brooks [seal]
Prudence A. Brooks [seal]

Sealed and delivered in presence of
James Mason

Elk County, SS:

March 24th, 1859, before me, a Justice of the Peace in and for the said County, personally came the above named grantors and acknowledged the within deed of trust to be their act and deed for the purposes therein declared; the said wife being separate and apart from her husband examined declared that she acknowledged the same without compulsion and of her own free consent.

Witness my hand and seal day & year above written.
Jas. Mason J. Peace [seal]

State of Pennsylvania
County of Elk, SS:
I, M. O'Connor, Recorder of Deeds in and for said County doo hereby certify that the above and foregoing pages contain a true and correct copy of the deed from Washington Brooks and wife to The Methodist Episcopal Society of McKendra Church, so full and entire as the same appears of record in my office in Deed Book "H" at page 160 Recorded July 4, 1859.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and official seal this 22nd day of September, A. D. 1931
M. O'Connor
Recorder of Deeds

Albert H. Jordan


Elk County Miscellaneous Book A, page 124
September 25, 1856, a petition was filed in the office of the Recorder of Elk County for the granting of a charter, and incorporation, for the The Methodist Episcopal Society of McKendra, to be located in Gibson Township of said County [at Huntley]. The petition was signed by:- Washington Brooks, William E. Jordan, Francis Lorshbaugh, Nelson D. Jordan, William R. Lodern, R. W. Collins, Henry Shaffer, Reuben Miller, James Wylie, and Joseph Mason. James Wylie, R. W. Collins, Francis Lorshbaugh, Washington Brooks, and Nelson D. Jordan were named to the first board of trustees. They were to serve until the final quarterly conference of 1856–57, at which time an election would be held.

The petition was approved, and charter granted, January 2, 1857. Washington Brooks and his wife Prudence A. [Chadwick] Brooks, sold the church one-half (½) acre of land for the church for one dollar ($1.00) March 24, 1859. The building was a combination school and church, which burned down 1907–1908 and was not rebuilt.