The Woodpile, St. Barnabas Episcopal Church and Cemetery

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St. Barnabas Episcopal Church and Cemetery

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church is located in Snow Hill, Greene County, North Carolina.  It has three stained-glass windows:  Left Window, Altar Window, Right Window.  There is a Mooring Family plot in this cemetery.  James B. Mooring, Sr., his first wife Heppie, and at least four children of his first marriage are buried here.

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Pictures of the church and cemetery were taken by Charlie Wood, son-in-law of James Blaney Mooring:

Given Name
Mooring, Sr. James Blaney 21 Jun 1882 Greene County, NC 11 Apr 1954 Wayne County, NC 71  
Mooring Heppie (Goff) 27 Jul 1887 Greene County, NC 15 Oct 1941 Goldsboro, NC 54  
Mooring May Belle (Yager) 31 Jul 1905 NC 28 Nov 1992   87 Home Again
Mooring Mildred 28 Aug 1910 NC 9 Aug 1911 NC Under 1  
Mooring John Goff 24 Aug 1912 Goldsboro, NC 20 Aug 1932 Duplin County, NC 19  
Mooring Robert Fields 8 Aug 1923 Goldsboro, NC 27 Jan 1993   69  

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