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Neal / Neil/ Neel

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I would like to thank everyone who has sent in, information to share with others. I would also like thank those people who are allowing people to direct questions to them by email on information posted here. A lot of the information posted here other people know much better then me. So your help with this is wonderful and you should be praised for your time and help. Thank you.

***I am working on a page to list everyone who has helped.***

I have been looking at different things to make this page more informative and I realized we are missing Bios. If you have a NEAL Bios please send it to me.

If you have viewed these pages and wished something was here that you did not find, or have something you would you like to post but did not see a format for your information. Please let me know we will make a place for you to put the information.

This site was created to bring Neal researchers together with hopes of connecting the members of the Neal families together. This is a place where everyone can place their Neal information. Maybe by coming together we can help each other and help someone else. Here are a couple of other ideals, if you do not want to post your family information. Then maybe you can post the information that you have collected in hope it would someday connect to your family. If other people can view that information, your chance of it connecting to someone become greater. Everyone who posts information here will get full credit for the information and it will remain your information. Lets help each other and help ourselves.

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Southern Historical Collection: #4370 Neal Family Papers , Inventory
If you have questions about the Neal Papers you can email Paul Neal, this is his family line and Paul has more information. PaulNeal

1930 Medina Bank Robbery - Neal Involved

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