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A1-Line Dr. Francis and Barbara Neff

By John F. Murray, Updated July 5. 2004

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.A1 Dr. Francis NEFF was born between 1678 and 1681 and died in 1739 in Lancaster Twp.,  Lancaster Co., PA,.  His place of birth is uncertain. It was long assumed that he was born in Dühren, Germany because his marriage record is there. But recent research suggests that he was born in 1678 in Furtelbach, a town near Markirck, Alsace, France. He appears to be the son of Dr. Hans Heinrich Neff who was listed in the Mennonite Census as owning a house in 1687 in Dühren, Germany.  Research suggests that Dr. Hans Heinrich moved to Dühren, Baden, Germany about 1681 after having spent time as an apprentice with his brother Rudolph Neff near Markirck, France. The description of Dr. Francis’s house in Dühren is identical to that of Dr. Hans Heinrich’s house.  So we are fairly sure that ownership of the house passed from father to son.


The fact that in Pennsylvania Dr. Francis and his son Francis Jr. signed their names as Francis rather than Frantz gives some credence to a birth in France because the name Francis is closer to the French spelling Francois.  The German marriage record uses the name Frantz Neff Jr. No doubt he was named for an elder Frantz Neff probably his grandfather. In those days Jr. did not necessarily mean father and son.  The spelling Frantz, rather than the High German Franz, would indicate a Swiss or low Germany influence which in the US we have come to call "Pennsylvania Deutch."


Dr. Francis Neff married Barbara EBY on 22 April 1710 in Dühren, Germany. She was born about 1686 in Michelfeld, Germany. Barbara died before1739 in Lancaster Co., PA.  Their marriage record reads “Frantz Neff Jr. Doctor, Anabaptist, to Barbara Ebin von (from) Michelfeld."  It is recorded in the Altestes Kirchenbuch von Dühren, page 169 – Trauregister, Pfarrer von Berg, 1708‑1741. This marriage might have been performed to satisfy the state’s requirement so Francis could buy land. His Anabaptist marriage could have taken place a couple of years earlier and the sons Francis Jr. and Henry could be a couple of years older than I had estimated them.  Both of these sons were 16 on or before April 1, 1728 when they signed the Naturalization Petition with their father at the home of Martin Meili.


Some people have transcribed Ebin as Boehm. The two spellings look quite similar in the German script of that time. However, when the handwriting in the marriage record is compared with other names on the same page, such as Barbara and Eva, and surnames that end in "in," the name is surely Ebin, the feminine form of Eby.


The inventory of Dr. Francis Neff’s possessions in Dühren was dated April 4, 1719.  Because the inventory was filed in the archives at Gemmingen, Germany for this reason some thought they lived in Gemmingen.  The inventory lists outstanding debts, items he was selling and goods that he and his family were planning to bring to America as they prepared to leave Dühren for Philadelphia. No doubt they left soon after April 4, 1919 for America, such trips lasted about 3-4 months depending on the weather encountered at sea.


The Dühren records make it clear that Dr. Francis Neff (A1) was not one of the Neff brothers who left Bonfeld with the Funks on May 23, 1717 (see the A2 and D-Lines).  At this point we have no primary sources to prove that Francis and Hans Heinrich Neff were brothers. Daniel I. Rupp’s Lancaster County History, 1884, page 906, calls them brothers.  But that account mixes the A and B lines together and so it is a questionable source. Following Rupp’s statement I considered them to be brothers. So in 1985 I gave them the numbers A1 and A2.


As one can see in the notes on the Neff families A2 and D, it seems certain that the two Neff brothers who came in 1717 with the Funk families were Dr. Hans Heinrich Neff (A2) and Jacob Neff (D).  I do believe from secondary sources, occupations, religion, the naming of children and oral tradition that Dr. Frances, Dr. Hans Heinrich and Jacob were brothers and no doubt sons of Dr. Hans Heinrich Neff the owner of the house in Dühren, Germany.


I list 8 children for Francis NEFF and Barbara EBY. There might have been more. The known children of Francis and Barbara are in GENERATION NO. 2 that follows.





.A11 Francis NEFF was born about 1711 in Dühren, Germany.  Francis died after 1763 in Lancaster Co., PA. He had no known marriage or children.


.A12 Magdalena NEFF was born about 1714 in Dühren, Germany. Magdalena died December 1793 in Lancaster Co., PA, Strasburg Twp. She married (1) Samuel MILLER 17 October 1733. He was born 21 January 1711, the son of Jacob MILLER . Samuel died 4 November 1739. Magdalena married (2) John SCHANTZ after 1740. He was born about 1710 and died 1776. The executor of her will was her brother Jacob Neff.  In her will, Magdalena left all her property to her brother Jacob Neff, her sister Catherine Kendig and the four children of her deceased sister Elizabeth (Mrs. Martin) Kendig, named as Martin, Elizabeth, David and Francis. Note: A15 Esther’s two sons are not listed here but then neither are the children her brother Henry (A13) nor her sister Margaret (A14).  Magdalena married in 1733 no doubt raised her brother Jacob and sisters Catherine and Elizabeth after their mother died in the 1730s and their father died in 1739. This is no doubt the reason that they were her heirs.


.A13 Henry NEFF was born about 1712 in Dühren, Germany. Henry died June 1755 in Lancaster Co., PA, Lampeter Twp.  He married (1) ___ DILL about 1737. She was born about 1717 in Germany. They had 3 known children (see the next generation).  He married (2) Mary Schantz and they had 3 known children. Two other children might be the wives of Martin Bare and Christian Hare who were the guardians for the minor children in 1758. Henry’s will probated in 1755 named “my brother Jacob Neff (A16) and my brother-in-law John Huber” as executors. So Huber’s wife might have been a Neff or sister of one of Henry’s wives. (See the next generation). 


.A14 Margaret NEFF was born about 1717 in Dühren, Germany. Margaret died April 1782 in Lancaster Co., PA, Strasburg Twp. She married Martin MILLER about 1740. He was born about 1713 in Lancaster Co., PA, Strasburg Twp. He was the son of Jacob MILLER . Martin died March 1773, will dated 7 Jan. 1773. They had 5 known children. (See the next generation). 


.A15 Esther NEFF died about 1750 in Lancaster Co., PA, Lampeter Twp. (See A24 for more discussion on Esther.) The Hans Herr Book lists Esther as a daughter of Dr. Hans Heinrich Neff A2, which is probably incorrect. The latest edition gives her as a daughter of Dr. Francis Neff.  She married John HERR 1744. He was born 1720 in Lancaster Co., PA. He was the son of Emanuel HERR and Maudlin (Brechbuehl) BRACKBILL . John died 30 August 1797 in Lancaster Co., PA. They had 2 known sons, John Jr and Francis. John Sr married (2) Hester/Esther SHANK after 1750 (See the next generation). She was the daughter of Henry Shenk. They had 7 children.


I listed Esther as a daughter of Dr. Francis for three reasons: 1, If Barbara wife of George Eby was a daughter in this family then Esther could not be as there were only two daughters in the A2 family. 2. Her second son was named Francis. The second son is usually named for the maternal grandfather. 3. Francis A1 had two granddaughters named Esther. 4. Esther and John Herr lived in Strasburg Twp., and had connections with Jacob Neff A16 and had no connections with the A2 line. The Herr Book also wrongly gives A16 Jacob Neff’s father as Dr. Hans Henry Neff, (see family 110 on page 6). One connection is as follows: In his will written 10 Jan 1758 (C‑1‑46), Henry Shank ordered that his widow was to have his real estate for her lifetime but after her death it was to go to his daughter Hester, wife of John Herr. Hester was John’s second wife. On 26 May 1797, the land was transferred by a straw deed from John & Hester Herr to Jacob Neff (A16) of Strasburg Twp. and back to John Herr the following day.  A second reason is the marriage of A1526 Francis HERR, a grandson of Esther (A14), to Veronica Fanny NEFF (.A1631) on 25 May 1852 in Lancaster Co, PA. She was born 29 October 1791 in Lancaster Co., PA, Wheatland Mills. She was the daughter of Jacob NEFF (A163) and Elizabeth HERR . If this is a marriage of second cousins, Esther A15 has to belong to the A1 family.  By placing Esther in this family means that she was also born in Germantown, PA.


.A16 Jacob NEFF was born  8 February 1727 in Philadelphia Co., PA, Germantown. Jacob died 16 February 1814 in Strasburg Twp., Lancaster Co., PA.  He married Anna BRACKBILL 20 August 1755 in Lancaster Co., PA. She was born 8 January 1733 in Lancaster Co., PA, Strasburg Twp., the daughter of Ulrich (Brechbuehl) BRACKBILL and Veronica (Fanny) HERR . Anna died 18 November 1825 in Strasburg Twp. They had 5 known children (See the next generation). 


.A17 Catherine NEFF was born 5 July 1729 in Lancaster Co., PA. Catherine died 5 December 1802 in Strasburg Twp. She married Jacob KENDIG about 1754. He was born 19 February 1734 the son of Henry KENDIG and Maria WOLFE . Jacob died 31 May 1814 and is buried in the Twin Elm Rd. Cem. They had 6 known children (See the next generation).


.A18 Elizabeth NEFF was born about 1731 in Lancaster Co., PA. Elizabeth died about 1787 in Lancaster Twp., Lancaster Co., PA. She married Martin KENDIG as his second wife . He was born about 1715 in Lancaster Co., PA. He was the son of Hans Jacob KENDIG . Martin died 1784 in Lampeter Twp., Lancaster Co., PA. Her brother Jacob Neff was executor for both Martin and Elizabeth’s wills. They had 4 children (See the next generation). Martin also had 2 children by a previous marriage.





.A131 Peter NEFF was born about 1738 in Lancaster Co., PA. Peter died November 1767 in York Co., PA, Newberry Twp.  He married Ann about 1757 [? daughter of Samuel Good who died in Earl Twp., Lancaster Co in 1776.]  Ann was born about 1740 and died after 1794 in Lancaster Co., PA, Manheim Twp. Known children of Peter NEFF and Ann [? Good] are:

.A1311   Elizabeth NEFF             b. 16 June 1760 d. 14 July 1849

.A1312   John NEFF                  b. about 1761                 d. 1831

.A1313   Ann NEFF                   b. 28 March 1766            d. 24 January 1833


This family lived in Newberry Twp. York Co., PA. Peter’s will dated 20 Nov. 1767 and proven 16 Jan. 1768 names his wife Ann and children John, Elizabeth, Ann. {York Co. Will Book]. His uncle Jacob Neff A6 of Strasburg Twp., Lancaster County was named executor of his will.


Peter’s widow then married (2) Jacob MEYER after August 1777 in Lancaster Co., PA, Manheim Twp. He was born 29 March 1721. Jacob died 4 November 1793 in Manheim Twp.  Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society’s card file says his will is found in Lan. Will Book, F‑1, p.528, dated 24 Jul 1793 and proven 11 Jan 1794.


Peter’s daughter Elizabeth married Christian Stoner and moved to Niagara, Canada.  Ann married Christian Meyers of Lancaster County, PA. John married Mary Stoner and died in 1832 in Allegheny Co., PA, Indiana Twp.


.A132 Henry NEFF was born about 1741 in Lancaster Co., PA. Henry died October 1818 in Lincoln Co., NC.  His will was proven, and he was buried in Lincoln Co., NC.


         According to the Lancaster Co. PA. Misc. Bk. 1742‑1760 p. 115 Sept. 4, 1758, Henry being above the age of fourteen... chose Christian Hare, guardian.  Then follows the guardianship for bro. John A133 also over 14. So Henry was older than John was b. ca.1741.

        He was probably the Henry Neff who owned land in Dover Twp York Co., PA from 1861 to 1862.

On Sept. 19, 1807 he was living with his brother John in Botetourt Co., Va. where he gave bond for the marriage of John's daughter Sally (Sarah) to Abraham Holderman.

        Henry’s will in the State of North Carolina, Lincoln County, was dated 21 September 1818 and proven October 1818 in Court of Common Sessions, Lincoln Co. Abstract of text: “I, Henry Neff, of the County of Lincoln and State of North Carolina. Item: I will my debts be paid. Item: to My Brother John Neff living in the State of Ohio $208.00. Item: to My Brother Abraham Neff living in Nigare (Niagara, Ontario) $208.00. Item: to My Sister Anny (sic) Plow or Blough living in (Newberry Twp.) Pennsylvania, York Co. $208.00. Item: to Jacob Kistler ‑Senior, all my Money and property not willed.  Item: I appoint Jacob Kistler & John Blow Jr. living in York Co., PA Executors of this my last will and testament.”  Anne, sister of Henry, was married to John Blow or Plough and not Jacob Snyder. So Jacob Snyder must have married Anne Neff B54.


.A133 John NEFF was born about 1743 in Lancaster Co., PA. John died 1822 in Preble Co., OH.  He married Elizabeth NORD 22 March 1768 in Lancaster Co., PA, Lancaster, Reformed Church. She was born about 1745 in Lancaster Co., PA. Known children of John NEFF and Elizabeth NORD are:

.A1331   Mary NEFF                  b. about 1769

.A1332   John NEFF                  b. about 1771 d. 25 September 1865

.A1333   Margaret NEFF              b. about 1773

.A1334   Elizabeth NEFF             b. 1775          d. before 1822

.A1335   Anna NEFF                  b. 1777 

.A1336   Susanna NEFF               b. about 1779

.A1337   Esther (Hetty) NEFF        b. about 1781

.A1338   Sarah (Sally) NEFF         b. about 1783

.A1339   Catherine NEFF             b. 1790 

.A133A   George N. NEFF             b.  2 May 1793 d. 12 April 1880

.A133B   Abraham NEFF               b. about 1795 d. 1825 


This family first lived in PA, and then moved to Botetourt Co. VA by 1794 and to Preble Co., OH sometime before 1815. The children as listed above may not be in birth order but the order is based on  known facts.


       This John Neff was originally designated as the O-line in "Neff and Related Families of the Early 1700s and Early 1800s." Since May 1995 this family has been placed as John Neff A133. This is based on the will of Henry Neff A132 and the marriage record of Sally (Sarah) to Abraham Holderman in Botetourt Co. VA.


      John’s family moved to Preble Co. OH during or before 1812. It appears this family first lived in PA, and then moved to Botetourt Co. VA by 1794. In John Neff's will of 1822, a parcel of land is described as "southwest quarter of Section number 5, Township 4, Range 3; Children: eldest son John, next two younger sons George and Abraham, eldest daughter Mary, then Margaret (single in 1822), Anna, Susanna, Esther (Hetty), Sarah (Sally), Catherine, and Elizabeth deceased, who was married to a John Gish;" Her children named in John's will were John Gish, Abraham Gish, Jacob Gish, Mary Gish, Elizabeth Gish.


.A134 Abraham NEFF was born about 1746 in Lancaster Co., PA. Abraham died in Welland Co., Ont. CAN, Humberstone Twp., (Sugar Loaf E.).  He married Catherine SCHODDER 28 December 1768 in York Co, PA, Dover Twp, Strayers Luth. She was born about 1748 in Lancaster Co., PA. She was the daughter of Jacob SCHODDER . Known children of Abraham NEFF and Catherine SCHODDER are:

.A1341   John Johannes NEFF         b.  1 December 1770            d. 30 January 1821

.A1342   Heinrich NEFF              b. 11 October 1772            d. 26 February 1841

.A1343   Martin NEFF                b. 1774 

.A1344   Jacob NEFF                 b. about 1775

.A1345   Francis (Franz) NEFF       b. 1776 

.A1346   … . . . . ther NEFF                b. 1777 

.A1347   Maria NEFF                 b. 1779 

.A1348   Peter NEFF                 b. 23 October 1780            d. April 1832

.A1349   Abraham NEFF               b.  9 August 1781            d. 24 November 1859

.A134A   Daniel NEFF                b. February 1784            d. 20 August 1860

.A134B   Anna NEFF                  b. April 1786 d. 23 November 1871

.A134C   Elizabeth NEFF             b. 25 October 1788            d.  2 July 1867

.A134D   Clarissa NEFF              b. about 1790

.A134E   Barbara NEFF               b.  3 May 1793

.A134F   David NEFF                 b.  3 May 1793


Their marriage record in Strayers Lutheran Church, York Co. PA. vol. 3 pages 100 and 101 says Abraham Neff son of Heinrich Neff (deceased) md. Anna Catherine Schodder, daughter of Jacob Schodder. 

     I’m not sure that Barbara and David were twins.  The original Bible record is too faded. Children are from a Bible record in the possession JoAnn Neff, Bellevue, WA.  Abraham is mentioned in his brother Henry's [A132] will, Lincoln Co., North Carolina, Oct 1818, " I will to my brother Abraham Neff living in Nigare, two hundred and eight dollars."

      Abraham went to Canada in 1790 with his wife, six sons, and three daughters. He settled on Concession 2, Lot 30, in the Twp. of Sugar Loaf East, now Humberstone, Welland Co., Ontario, Canada. A cairn in Port Colborne bears their names, along with other family members. One source lists a daughter Catherine born Aug. 15, 1798 but she is also listed as the oldest daughter of Abraham’s son Henry and his wife Rachel Morningstar, which I believe to be correct.  She married Jonas Minor and had a large family.  She named her first child Rachel, no doubt for her mother, and her second child Elizabeth, no doubt for Jonas’s mother. Her eldest son she named Henry, no doubt for her father, and her second son Abram, no doubt for Jonas’s father.



.A135 Ann NEFF was born about 1749 in Lancaster Co., PA. Ann died 29 November 1837 in York Co., PA, Fairview Twp., will proven. She married John Plough BLOUGH . He was born about 1750. John died 28 October 1825 in York Co., PA, Fairview Twp., will proven. Known children of Ann NEFF and John Plough BLOUGH are:

.A1351   Mary Plough BLOUGH      

.A1352   Anne Plough BLOUGH      

.A1353   John Plough BLOUGH      

.A1354   Betsey Plough BLOUGH       

.A1355   Catharine Plough BLOUGH    

.A1356   David Plough BLOUGH      


The name of her husband is from the will of her brother Henry Neff [A132] who died in 1818 in North Carolina. John's will is recorded York Co., PA book P‑339, dated 20 Nov 1822 and proven 28 Oct 1825. Wife given as Anne and children listed as Mary Plough, Anne Plough, Betsey Plough, Catharine Funk, David Plough, and son John Plough.


.A136 Jacob NEFF was born about 1751 in Lancaster Co., PA, Warwick Twp. He married Elizabeth FLORY   1 April 1783 in Lancaster Co., PA, 1st Reformed Ch., Rev. Hendel. She was born about 1757 in Lancaster Co., PA, Warwick Twp. Known children of Jacob NEFF and Elizabeth FLORY are:

.A1361   Molly NEFF                 b. about 1777

.A1362   John NEFF                   b. about 1779

.A1363   Elizabeth NEFF             b. about 1781

.A1364   Ann NEFF                   b. about 1783

.A1365   Jacob K. NEFF              b. about 1785 d. 1845 

.A1366   Susan NEFF                 b. about 1787


More work needs to be done on this family.  I’m not sure that we have the right Jacob here. There was a son Jacob in this family but I’m not sure that he was Jacob K. Neff of Lancaster.


.A141 Samuel MILLER was born        1740/1760.


.A142 John MILLER was born        1740/1760.


.A143 Joseph MILLER was born        1740/1760.


.A144 Magdalena MILLER was born        1740/1760. She married Joseph CARPENTER . Joseph died before 1773.


.A145 Catherine MILLER was born        1740/1760. She married Jacob HAINES .


.A151 John HERR was born 30 August 1745 in Lancaster Co., PA, Wheatland Mills. John died 30 January 1827.  He married Christina HERR . She was born about 1748. Known children of John HERR and Christina HERR are:

.A1511   Francis HERR               b. 19 November 1772            d.  1 July 1804

.A1512   John HERR                  b. 11 December 1774            d.  8 March 1828


.A152 Francis HERR was born  6 August 1748 in Lancaster Co., PA, Wheatland Mills. Francis died  2 January 1810.  He married Fanny BARR . She was born about 1752 in Lancaster Co., PA, Wheatland Mills. Fanny died 1815. Known children of Francis HERR and Fanny BARR are:

.A1521   Elizabeth HERR             b. about 1774 d. 1813 

.A1522   Esther HERR                b. 19 January 1776            d. 16 March 1776

.A1523   Anna HERR                  b. 10 June 1779 d.  8 June 1823

.A1524   Martha HERR                

.A1525   John HERR                  b. 18 September 1781            d.  3 May 1850

.A1526   Francis HERR               b. 24 March 1783            d. 10 December 1852

.A1527   Fanny HERR                 b. 11 October 1786            d.  6 October 1862

.A1528   Martin HERR                b. 12 June 1788 d. 25 March 1869


.A161 Esther NEFF was born 27 September 1756 in Lancaster Co., PA, Leacock Twp. Esther died  2 February 1817. She married Jacob WEAVER   8 November 1776 in Lancaster Co, PA. He was born about 1754. Known children of Esther NEFF and Jacob WEAVER are:

.A1611   John WEAVER                b.  3 October 1777            d. 10 November 1779

.A1612   Susanna WEAVER             b. 23 March 1779            d. 30 April 1805

.A1613   Jacob WEAVER               b. 12 September 1780

.A1614    Samuel WEAVER              b.  8 March 1782

.A1615   Anna WEAVER                b. 24 March 1784

.A1616   David WEAVER               b. 25 November 1785

.A1617   Magdalena Mattie WEAVER       b. 16 May 1787

.A1618   John WEAVER                b. 12 June 1789

.A1619   Joseph WEAVER              b.  5 April 1792 d.  5 April 1872

.A161A   Elizabeth WEAVER           b. 10 March 1794            d.  9 September 1820

.A161B   Esther Hettie WEAVER       b.  5 April 1798


.A162 Anna NEFF was born 21 October 1757 in Lancaster Co., PA, Leacock Twp. Anna died 16 April 1844 in Lancaster Co., PA, and was buried in Lancaster Co., PA, Tschantz Cem. She married Francis KENDIG (See number .A174) 15 October 1787. He was born 23 April 1766 in Lancaster Co., PA. He was the son of Jacob KENDIG and Catherine NEFF . Francis died 25 November 1840. Known children of Anna NEFF and Francis KENDIG are:

.A1621   Jacob KENDIG               b. 20 January 1789            d.  6 October 1811

.A1622   son KENDIG                 b. 22 December 1790            d.  1 January 1791

.A1623   Catherine KENDIG           b. 18 February 1793

.A1624   Francis KENDIG             b. 18 March 1796

.A1625   Samuel KENDIG              b.  3 March 1799            d.  3 October 1835


.A163 Jacob NEFF was born 26 September 1760 in Lancaster Co., PA, Leacock Twp. Jacob died  5 June 1849 in Lancaster Co., PA, Strasburg Twp, and was buried in Lancaster Co., PA, Strasburg Twp., Neff/Brackbill C.  He married Elizabeth HERR 12 May 1789 in Lancaster Co., PA. She was born 29 August 1765 in Lancaster Co., PA. She was the daughter of Christian HERR and Fanny ..... . Elizabeth died 23 June 1848 in Lancaster Co., PA, Strasburg, and was buried in Lancaster Co., PA, Strasburg, Neff/Brackbill C. Known children of Jacob NEFF and Elizabeth HERR are:

.A1631   Veronica Fanny NEFF        b. 29 October 1791            d. 10 July 1871

.A1632   Jacob NEFF                 b.  5 December 1793            d.  7 February 1859

.A1633   Elizabeth NEFF             b.  8 July 1796  d.  8 November 1870


.A164 Veronica [Fanny] NEFF was born  3 October 1763 in Lancaster Co., PA, Leacock Twp. Veronica died  3 July 1840. She married Martin BARR 10 June 1788. He was born about 1760. Martin died 1838 in Lancaster Co., PA, deed R‑9‑387. Known children of Veronica [Fanny] NEFF and Martin BARR are:

.A1641   John BARR                  b. 11 April 1789 d. 10 June 1811

.A1642   Benjamin BARR              b.  3 March 1791            d.  6 January 1882

.A1643   Magdalena BARR             b. 15 March 1793            d. 10 January 1798

.A1644   Martin BARR                b. 11 June 1795 d. 20 December 1867

.A1645   Elizabeth BARR             b. 26 August 1797            d. 24 May 1821

.A1646   Jacob BARR                 b.  4 December 1800            d.  8 April 1803

.A1647   Fanny BARR                 b. 18 November 1803            d.  3 December 1826

.A1648   Anna BARR                  b.  7 June 1806 d. 12 February 1874


.A165 John NEFF was born  1 January 1769 in Lancaster Co., PA, Leacock Twp. John died 12 July 1837 in Lancaster Co., PA, Strasburg Twp.  He married Barbara HERR 1793. She was born 28 July 1762 in Lancaster Co., PA, Strasburg Twp. She was the daughter of Christian HERR and Veronica Fanny GROFF . Barbara died 21 October 1821 in Lancaster Co., PA, Strasburg Twp, and was buried in Lancaster Co., PA. Known children of John NEFF and Barbara HERR are:

.A1651   John NEFF                  b. 19 September 1794            d.  9 May 1869

.A1652   Benjamin NEFF              b. 27 October 1805            d. 19 July 1828

.A1653   Elizabeth NEFF             b. 1806          d. 1810 


.A171 Jacob KENDIG .


.A172 Henry KENDIG .


.A173 Magdalena KENDIG . She married Jacob RESH .


.A174 Francis KENDIG was born 23 April 1766 in Lancaster Co., PA. Francis died 25 November 1840.  He married Anna NEFF (See number .A162) 15 October 1787. She was born 21 October 1757 in Lancaster Co., PA, Leacock Twp. She was the daughter of Jacob NEFF and Anna BRACKBILL .  See number .A162 listed above.


.A175 Elizabeth KENDIG was born 17 May 1767 in Lancaster Co., PA. Elizabeth died 13 January 1825. She married Christian MUSSER . He was born 1760. Christian died 1831. Known child of Elizabeth KENDIG and Christian MUSSER is A1751 Samuel MUSSER b. 19 September 1800 d. 14 March 1832


.A176 Esther KENDIG . She married John HARMAN .


.A181 John KENDIG (stepson of Elizabeth) was born about 1754 in Lancaster Co., PA. John died 1810 in Lancaster Co., PA, Conestoga Twp, and was buried in Lancaster Co., PA, Conestoga Twp., Conestoga Ctr Cem.  He married Anna WITMER 1760/1765 in Lancaster Co., PA. She was born 1739 in Lancaster Co., PA. She was the daughter of John WITMER and Fronica ROLAND . Anna died 1809 in Lancaster Co., PA, Conestoga Twp, and was buried in Lancaster Co., PA, Conestoga Twp., Conestoga Cem.


.A182 Esther KENDIG (stepdaughter of Elizabeth) was born  4 October 1756 in Lancaster Co., PA. Esther died July 1831 in Lancaster Co., PA, and was buried in Lancaster Co., PA, Conestoga Center. She married David WITMER 21 January 1774 in Lancaster Co., PA, St. James Ep. Ch. He was born 15 December 1752 in Lancaster Co., PA, Lampeter Twp. David died 15 August 1835 in Lancaster Co., PA. David was the founder of Paradise, PA. PMH Jan. 1991, pg. 6; Best.


.A183 Martin KENDIG was born about 1763 in Lancaster Co., PA.


.A184 Elizabeth KENDIG was born 22 August 1768 in Lancaster Co., PA. She married David HERR . He was born about 1765.


.A185 David KENDIG was born about 1770 in Lancaster Co., PA.


.A186 Francis KENDIG was born about 1772 in Lancaster Co., PA. Francis died after 1793.