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Neff Family Historical Society, Inc.

P.O. Box 6664
Harrisburg, PA 17112-6664 USA

NEFF NEWS is a 20 page newsletter devoted entirely to sharing NAEF, NÄF, NAFF, NAVE, NEAVE, NEEF, NEFF, etc., Genealogy Research and Information.

See NEFF NEWS Sample Front Page

NEFF NEWS articles usually include valuable genealogical information such as: birth dates, marriage dates, death dates, spouses' families, domicile locations, immigration dates, ancestral lines and descendant lines. All the Neff Genealogy articles in NEFF NEWS are well researched before they are published.

Updates of works by Rev. John Murray, William Neff and other Neff researchers are printed in NEFF NEWS to help you keep your own information current with their on-going Neff Genealogy research.

Subscribers may post Free Queries in NEFF NEWS to locate others who are researching your same family lines. This free service allows you to receive others' Neff research without duplicating their work. Queries for Neff lines in NEFF NEWS will also be posted here - on the Internet Neff Genealogy Homepage - for the whole world to read, and respond to your questions.

Subscriptions to NEFF NEWS are US$10.00 per year in North America (US$12.00 outside North America) from the address above.

Contents of some past issues.

Back issues of NEFF NEWS are available for US$5.00 each from the address at the top of this page. However, back issues are in Very Limited supply; many of the earlier issues of NEFF NEWS are already sold out, and will not be reprinted.  These issues are available:

1992: September.
1993: Feb, May, Sept
1994: Feb, May, Sept
1995: Feb, May, Sept
1996: Feb, May, Sept
1997: Feb, May (no Sept published)
1998: Feb, May (no Sept published)
1999: Feb (no May or Sept published)
2000: None published
2001: Feb, May/Sept combined
2002: Feb

The Date, Location, and Schedule of Events for the NEFF INTERNATIONAL REUNION IN FORT WAYNE, INDIANA in the year 2003 will be in NEFF NEWS, and updated with each new issue. These reunions attract many Neff researchers who can help you with your own Neff genealogy work.