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Translation Between E. C. Neff and Murray Number Systems


In 1886 Elizabeth Clifford Neff wrote her famous Neff "chronicle" about Jacob and Rudolph Neff. She used a lot of "literary license" in her work and some of her data has been challenged recently. This is still a valuable source for all Neff researchers. (Especially since she lived and wrote during the period we research) Her data about her peers in 1880 seems accurate (even lists where they lived in 1886); it is the ancestral history that is questionable. Her ancestral information comes from an even older book titled History of Lancaster County. That book contains a verbal account by Mrs. Magdelen Sehner who was 79 years old at that time, and probably deceased before Elizabeth wrote her own book. Mrs. Sehner seemed to think that all USA Neff's, including her, were descendants of Dr. Francis Neff; we know that is not true. For instance, the people in the table below descend from Henry and Barbara Neff of Lancaster, PA.

The table below translates Elizabeth Clifford Neff's numbering system to Rev. John Murray's numbering system in his booklet, Neff Families and Their Descendants in the 1700s and 1800s.

    E.C. Neff #          Murray #      Name 

111,   pg 103        B71,  pg 8,   Henry Neff
    1115,  pg 104        B715, pg 9,   John Neff
    1118,  pg 105        B718, pg 9,   David Neff
    113,   pg 107        B75,  pg 9,   John Neff, Sr.
    1131,  pg 108        B751, pg 9,   John Neff, Jr.
    1132,  pg 109        B752, pg 9,   Andrew Neff
    1133,  pg 110        B753, pg 9,   Jacob Neff
    1134,  pg 111        B754, pg 9,   Anna Neff Swope/Hercane
    1135,  pg 112        B755, pg 9,   Daniel Neff
    1136,  pg 118        B756, pg 9,   Isaac Neff
    1137,  pg 119        B757, pg 9,   Henry Neff
    2,     pg 179        H1,   pg 28   Rudolph Neff
    21,      ?           H11   pg 28   Elizabeth Neff Baker
    22,      ?           H12   pg 28   Barbara Neff Stricker
    23,      ?           H13   pg 28   Hannah Neff Buckius
    24,      ?           H14   pg 28   Mary Neff Worrell
    25,    pg 187        H15,  pg 28   Peter Neff
    251,     ?           H151, pg 28   Hannah Neff Patterson
    252,   pg 214        H152, pg 28   John Neff
    253,   pg 255        H153, pg 28   William Neff
    254,     ?           H154, pg 28   Sarah Neff
    255,   pg 277        H155, pg 28   Rebecca Neff Biggs
    256,     ?           H156, pg 28   Peter Neff
    257      ?           H157, pg 28   Geo. Washington Neff
    258,     ?           H178, pg 28   Mary Amanda Neff Yardley
    27,    pg 309        H252, pg 28   Samuel Neff

I do not have all the pages of this book. I have photocopies of a few select pages. The "?" above indicate pages I am missing. (I would appreciate receiving copies of the missing pages from you if you can supply them.)

Note that Elizabeth C. Neff used the same number series beginning with "2" for different families. For instance, her #27 and #25 are not brothers even though the close value of their numbers seems to indicate this type of relationship. The Murray numbering system shows clearly that these two men are from different families and different generations, but share a common ancestor, H.

A little known, but valuable Neff Genealogy resource is Rev. John Murray's booklet titled, Neff Families and Their Descendants in the 1700's and early 1800's. His booklet is a product of his years spent in Pa. archives reading wills and other ancient records. If your line ties in with one of the hundreds of families listed in it, you'll have a century of data available instantly. This booklet is now out of print and no longer available.  But updates on each line are available and several new lines have been added.  John can be contacted at jfmurray@netnitco.net.