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I-Line Michael and Margaret Neff

By John F. Murray Mar. 31, 2000

The following records were taken from the Pine Church Records in Shenandoah Valley, VA.

The Pines Church is north of New Market about half way to Woodstock.

There may be other children in these families born later. The names are spelled as found in the records.

These families have not been traced. Im hoping someone has information as to where they went.




.I Michael NEFF was born 1730/1735 in ? Germany or PA? He married Margaret _____ . He was born about 1735. They had 8 children in the next generation.




.I1 John Johannes NEFF was born 8 January 1757. He married Elizabeth ____ . She was born about 1760. They had 7 children:

.I11 George NEFF b. 13 April 1782

.I12 Catherine NEFF b. 27 November 1783

.I13 John Johannes NEFF b. 26 January 1786

.I14 Elizabeth NEFF b. 8 January 1788

.I15 Margarida NEFF b. 21 September 1789

.I16 Phillip NEFF b. 16 January 1792

.I17 Susanna NEFF b. 7 October 1793


.I2 Dorothea NEFF was born 8 October 1758. She married Heinrich or Johannes RAUSCH.


.I3 Ulrich NEFF was born about 1760. He married Margerd _____.. She was born about 1763. They had 1 child:

.I31 Elizabeth NEFF b. 3 November 1783


.I4 George NEFF was born 1762. He married Elizabeth _____.. She was born about 1765. They had 3 children:

.I41 Daniel NEFF b. about 1789

.I42 Johann George NEFF b. 6 June 1791

.I43 John Johannes NEFF b. 5 June 1792


.I5 Heinrich NEFF was born 1764. He married Maria ____ .. She was born about 1768. They had 4 children:

.I51 Emmanuel NEFF b. 26 March 1792

.I52 Michael NEFF b. 20 August 1793

.I53 Heinrich NEFF b. 28 December 1795

.I54 Anna Maria NEFF b. 26 July 1797


.I6 Adam NEFF was born 31 December 1766. He married Elizabeth ____. . She was born about 1768. They had 2 children:

.I61 Dorothea NEFF b. 11 April 1791

.I62 John Johannes NEFF b. 22 September 1792


.I7 Eva NEFF was born 13 May 1771. She married Phillip? HERBEIN.


.I8 Elizabeth NEFF was born 13 May 1771. She married Daniel? RAUSCH.