Neff Sightings

Neff Sightings
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Neffs in the United States Census
Neff Marriages
Neffs in Cemeteries
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Neff Families in the US Census to 1850

Neff Marriages

Neffs in Cemeteries

Neffs in the US Military


Sightings Credits:  Our "Sightings" section would not exist without the contributions of the many people who send in their Neff Sightings.  Eventually, we want to make it easy for you to contact any of the submitters.  For new sightings posted since mid-February 2000, we list the contributors here.  The contributors of older ones will be added as time permits.

Deborah Neff Cousins
Vivian Brown
David Eick
Sandy Fryman
Kathryn Gray
Chet Neff
Gene Neff
Douglas Neff
Ted & Leslie Neff