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Neff Lines in the USA
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Index of USA Neff Ancestral Lines

  Rev. John Murray, author of the 1991 booklet NEFF FAMILIES AND THEIR DESCENDANTS IN THE 1700s AND 1800s is writing an update to the information in the booklet (now out of print).

John's work is the result of careful research on the early sources for all Neffs in America.  It is especially useful to Neff researchers because it is of such wide range for a period that is so difficult to research.  

John's new writing will be published at this web site, line by line, as it becomes available.  It will also be updated with new findings.  

Below is a brief description of each line.  There are also links to the more extensive write-ups that are available.

A-Line: Dr. FRANCES NEFF A1 Line and Dr. HANS HEINRICH NEFF A2-Line: first settled in Germantown, PA migrated to Lancaster by 1728, family settled Strasburg Twp. Dr. Hans Heinrich settled in Lancaster Co., PA by 1722, family migrated to Shenandoah Co., VA and Clark, OH.

B-Line: HENRY and BARBARA NEFF; arrived in USA in Sept, 1717. First settled in Whitemarsh Twp., now Montgomery Co., PA.; by 1723 settled in what is now Manor Twp., Lancaster Co., PA then Hempfield Twp 1750. Mennonites. Family lines migrated to Huntingdon Co., PA and Preble Co., OH. Manor Twp Neffs of today are descendants of this family. This line is the subject of the book NEFF-NÄF FAMILIES by William A. Neff.

C-Line: MICHAEL NEFF; arrived in Philadelphia 11 Sept 1728 from Michaelfeld, Germany on the ship "James Goodwill." Lutheran. Son "C1", Michael, Jr., joined German Reformed Church. Part of this line is the subject of the book, THE FAMILY OF CHRISTOPHER AND ELIZABETH NEFF by Eugene J. Neff

D-Line: JACOB and CATHERINE NEFF; arrived Sept 1717 in Philadelphia. Settled in Frederick Co., MD by 1740. Mennonite. Son "D2" from original 1991 outline has been corrected. See May, 1993, NEFF NEWS for more.

D-11-Line: MARTIN and SARAH NEFF; Frederick Co., VA., first record dated 1783; possibly born ca 1753; possible descendant of Jacob Neff (D-Line), son of Francis Neff (D4)


E1-Line: JACOB NAFF; first appeared in Lancaster Co., PA, Strasburg Twp. in 1769; possible brother of Sebastian Neff "E2" A Jacob Neff is listed as arriving at Philadelphia on the ship "Dragon" on Sept 26, 1749, but we don't know if this is the same man. This was a Lutheran family, turned Brethren.
[Special thanks to Kay Livermore and Roxann Rhea for this: Jacob's sons Jacob Jr & Isaac both had daughters named Elizabeth. For many years it was commonly thought and passed around that the Elizabeth who m. Joseph Flora Jr. was the dau of Jacob Jr and the Elizabeth who m. Abraham Barnhart was the dau of Isaac.  Roxann Rhea found proof in a probate record which indicates that these two Elizabeths need to be switched. I checked this probate record myself when I was in Salt Lake last March and Roxann is correct ...the Elizabeth who m. Abraham Barnhart is the dau of Jacob Jr. and Elizabeth who m. Joseph Flora Jr. is the dau of Isaac.]
E2-Line: SEBASTIAN NEFF; German Dunkard family; first appears in Lancaster Co., Heidelberg Twp., PA. in 1769

F-Line: HANS "CHRISTIAN" NEFF; arrived in Philadelphia 19 Sept 1743 on the ship "Lydia" settled in Lancaster Co., PA Lampeter Twp. Moved to Dauphine (Lebanon) Co.) in 1752; Mennonite. Descendants include Neffs in Ronks, PA.

G-Line (& P-Line): NEFFs of Canton Zürich, Wallisellen/Kloten, arrived in Philadelphia 29 May 1735 on the ship "Mercury" Additional family members arrived 30 Aug 1743, on the ship "Francis and Elizabeth" Swiss reformed Church. Includes the NÄF line who were very early settlers in Tennessee spelling their name NAVE. See May, 1993, NEFF NEWS and Feb, May and Sept, 1994, NEFF NEWS for more.

H-Lines: JACOB (H1) and RUDOLPH (H2) NEFF; brothers from Zell, Canton Zürich, Switzerland; arrived 11 Sept 1749 in Philadelphia aboard the ship "Priscilla" settled in Frankford (Germantown), PA. Members of the Germantown Reformed Church. Stayed in Philadelphia as Merchants. Descendants migrated to Baltimore, MD and Cincinnati, OH. Family was the subject of a book by Elizabeth Clifford Neff, but some of her "facts" appear to be based on "literary license."

I-Line: MICHAEL and MARGARET NEFF; in Hampshire Co., VA, by 1757; German Reformed; possible immigrant of 7 Nov 1754 on ship "John and Elizabeth".

K-Line: CORNELIUS and AICHTE NEFFE; will dated 27 Apr 1711, proven Staten Island 1 May 1712. Children: Johan, Ariante, Katherine, Martie, and Sarah. May have come from Neuwied, Palatines in Holland in 1709. This family appears to have settled in the Mohawk Valley of the New York State. Dutch Reformed. Also a Georg Friderich Neff; New York City, NY 1710. A Jurg Fredrig Nef with 1child was in a party of Palatines in Holland in 1709 from Neuwied, Germany. Appeared on Governor Hunter's 1710/11 ration list at New York City. Father and son died by 1710.

L-Line: JOHN NEFF; born 1762, died 1844, moved to Centre Co., PA. Howard Twp., Bald Eagle Valley by 1793; possibly son of John Neff and Catherine GERBER (B57); Mennonite; migrated to Centre Co., PA during same period members of the A-line went to Canada and B-line migrated to nearby Huntingdon Co., PA. John married Elizabeth BARNHART who was born 1763 and died 1850 (not 1852 as written on her tombstone). Children: John, Barbara PLETCHER, Elizabeth LONG, Catherine HOLTER, Nancy SNYDER, Jacob, Christopher/Christian, Susannah LIGGET, Henry, Abraham, Benjamin.

M-Line: ULRICH NEFF; Feb 1739 immigrant from Zell, Canton Zürich Switzerland; brother to JACOB(H1) and RUDOLPH(H2) NEFF; arrived in Philadelphia on the ship "Jamaica Galley"; son Bernard Neff arrived 22 Nov 1752 aboard the ship "Phoenix" Appears to have stayed in Frankfort, PA until about 1770 when he settled in Northampton which is now Lehigh Co., PA.; Reformed Church. Son Conrad Neff settled in Trumbull Co., OH. See May, 1994, NEFF NEWS for more.

N-Line: MICHAEL KNIFFE; Frederick Co., MD and Fayette Co., PA.

P-Line (& G-Line): NEFFs of Canton Zürich, Wallisellen/Kloten, Switzerland, arrived in Philadelphia 29 May 1735 on the ship "Mercury" Additional family members arrived 30 Aug 1743, on the ship "Francis and Elizabeth" Swiss reformed Church. Includes the Näf line who were very early settlers in Tennessee spelling their name NAVE. See May, 1993, NEFF NEWS and Feb, May and Sept, 1994, NEFF NEWS for more.

Q-Line: HENRY and MARGARET NEFF (NAVE); Rockingham Co., VA. Lutheran or Reformed Church. Possibly connected to G & P-lines.

R-Line: NEFF families of York Co., PA. Lutheran. These family lines have not yet been heavily researched. Don Neff has done research on the "Rk1" and "Rk2" lines from this group.

Rk1-Line: HEINRICH NEFF and ANNA MARIE WILT; married March 30, 1806 in York Co., PA., where he was a blacksmith. They had four children: Rebecca, Anna, Henry Jr., and Catherine/Catharina. They also raised the son of Heinrich's brother, Abraham(Rk2). For more information about this line contact Don Neff, 41818 Independence Drive, Novi, MI 48377-1587.

Rk2-Line: ABRAHAM NEFF and MARGARET "AMELIA" MURRAY; married May 28, 1814 in Frederick Co., Md. Abraham died in Washington Co., MD about 1825 leaving Amelia with 5 children. Her oldest child, Henry Abraham Neff, was raised in York, PA., by Abraham's brother Heinrich Neff (Rk1) Nothing is known about the fate of Amelia or the other 4 children. For more information about this Rk-Line contact: Don Neff, 41818 Independence Drive, Novi, MI 48377-1587

S-Line: CONRAD NÄF from Canton Zürich, Zwillikon (Albisrieden), Switerzland; formerly P1-line; married first to Anna Barbara KLEINER, married second to Elsbeth HALLER. Conrad died on board the ship "Francis and Elizabeth" enroute to Philadelphia. Accompanied by 3 sons, Heinrich, Hans Heinrich, and Jacob. Heinrich, formerly P13-Line, settled in Baltimore (Carroll) Co., MD. Reformed Church. Descendants migrated to Allegany Co., MD and Belmont Co., OH. See NEFF NEWS from May and Sept of 1995 for more.

T-Line: WILLIAM NEFF and MARY CORLISS; Haverhill, Mass, arrived prior to 1685 from England. May have been Quakers. Mary (1646-1722) was the daughter of George Corliss. Several magazine articles have been written about Mary's ordeal during her captivity by Indians.

W-Line: SEBASTIAN NEFF of Springfield Twp., Philadelphia, shoemaker and innkeeper, wife Anna Barbara, had one son, Jacob. Belonged to St. Michael's Lutheran Church in Germantown where both are buried. Record of immigration not found. See NEFF NEWS of Feb, 1996 for more.

Y-Line: HENRY (17?? - 1792) and CATHERINE NEFF of Cordorus Twp., York Co., PA., belonged to the Church of the Brethren and he was minister of the Cordorus congregation.

AA-Line: JOHANN MICHAEL NEEF and 2nd wife EVA ROSIAN THALER; departed Moehringen, Germany and arrived Philadelphia Sept, 1818 aboard "The Susan" Michael was accompanied by his three unmarried brothers, Lorentz, Abraham, and John (Johannes). Family settled in Lycoming County, PA, Blooming Grove, near Williamsport. Church of the Brethren.

AB-Line: JOHANNES\JEAN "JOHN" NEFF (1813-1889) and WILHELIMINE KLEHE. Arrived in New Orleans, LA, 16 Dec. 1851 aboard the ship "Duc de Brabant" from Klein-Karlbach, District of Frankenthal, Bavaria, Germany. Lived first in St. Clair Co., IL, settled in St. Paul, MN. Naturalized 10 Oct. 1853. Arrived with a Mennonite hymn book. Baptist Church in MN. See NEFF NEWS of Feb, 1995 for more.

AC-Line: Children of PETER NEFF and MAGDALENA KREHBIEL: Katharina, Johannes, and Jacob. Immigrated from Assenheim Rhine-Pfalz, Germany, 1840/45 settling first in IL and then in Donnellson, IA. Mennonite. Possible member of the "AB-Line"

AD-Line: ELISA BERTHA NAEF; widow of Kasper NAEGELI, born Buchenegg, Canton Zürich, Switzerland, 20 Feb 1874; arrived in USA 13 May 1903 aboard the "S.S. Southwark" with her son Jakob. Settled in Salt Lake City, Utah

AE-Line: JOHANNES, JOHANN "PETER" and ANNA ELIZABETH NEFF, arrived in New York 1847 aboard the barque "Lewis" from Gagernheim, Starkenberg, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany. Parents: Johann Peter Neff and Rosina Magdelena GOETZINGER remained behind. Children settled in Ohio, Hancock Co., Hardin Co., and Crawford Co. Evangelical Church

As information is received detailing additional immigrant Näf, Neff, Nave etc., families, a letter designator will be assigned and an outline of the family will be listed in NEFF NEWS.