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Neff Family Historical Society
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Neff News
Neff Family Historical Society
1997 Neff International Reunion Memories
2000 Neff Reunion Memories

Neff Family Historical Society, Inc.

P.O. Box 6664
Harrisburg, PA 17112-6664 USA

The Neff Family Historical Society is a private non-profit membership organization with a mission to promote the identification, preservation and interpretation of the family name Näf, Naff, Naef, Neff, Nave, its history, sites, genealogy, and root origins of the families prior to their immigration to America from Switzerland and Germany.  It is an international organization incorporated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  It has informal ties with the Näf family organization in Switzerland.

Neff News, the society's publication, is edited by John F. Murray and William A. Neff, and usually published three times a year.  The publication has unusually high standards for a surname publication and features articles with solid early Neff research.

Neff News Information Update

Projects include the acquisition of microfilms of seventeenth century Swiss records from areas that had Näf's and publication of the research findings.

North American Neff's twice (1992, 1995) made a group trek to Kappel am Albis, Switzerland for the traditional Neff Family Day.  

The first North American Neff Family Reunion was held in New Market, VA in 1991.  There was another in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1994.  In 1997, the reunion was held in Salt Lake City, Utah.  We met in Fort Erie, Ontario in 2000; the most recent reunion was held in Ft. Wayne, Indiana in 2003.

1997 Neff International Reunion Memories.  
2000 Neff International Reunion Memories.