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Q- Line - Henry and Margaret Neff

John F. Murray April 1, 2000

Research on this family was done by Dolores Carlson

I have made some additions later.




.Q Henry (Knave/Neff) NAVE was born about 1736 in PA. Some think he is a son of Dr. Hans Conrad NEFF and Catherine Isler or some say Ann Neff. Henry died 1787 in Rockingham Co. He married Margaret ..... before 1760. She was born about 1740. They had 11 known children.




.Q1 Henry Nave, JR. was born 1760/1765 in VA. Henry died after 1810 in Augusta Co, VA. He married (1) Wife 1 about 1792. Known children of Henry Nave, JR. and Wife 1 are:

.Q11 Daughter KNAVE b. 1784/1794

.Q12 Son KNAVE b. 1794/1800

.Q13 Daughter KNAVE b. 1794/1800


Henry married (2) Mary SIBERT 1802 in Rockingham Co, VA. Known children of Henry Nave, JR. and Mary SIBERT are:

.Q14 Son KNAVE b. 1802/1810

.Q15 Son KNAVE b. 1802/1810


.Q2 Martin Nave (NEFF) was born 1760/1765. Martin died about 1830 in Nicholas County, VA (WV). He married Elizabeth DEAN 24 July 1797 in Rockingham Co, VA. She was born 1770/1775. Elizabeth died after 1850 in Greenbrier County, VA (WV). Known children of Martin Nave (NEFF) and Elizabeth DEAN are:

.Q21 Elizabeth NEFF b. about 1795

.Q22 Joseph NEFF b. about 1799 d. April 1872

.Q23 Henry NEFF b. about 1800 d. after 1880

.Q24 John NEFF b. about 1802

.Q25 Jacob NEFF b. 1804/1810 d. about 1893

.Q26 Sally NEFF b. about 1806 d. 2 May 1892

.Q27 Addison NEFF b. about 1809

.Q28 Margaret NEFF b. about 1813

.Q29 Harvey NEFF b. about 1814

.Q2A Daughter NEFF b. 1810/1820

.Q2B Daughter NEFF b. 1810/1820

.Q2C Martin NEFF b. 1810/1820

.Q2D Son NEFF b. 1810/1820


.Q3 George NAVE was born about 1762. George died in Carter Co. Tennessee. He married Fanny MOORE 19 December 1783 in Rockingham Co, VA. Fanny died October 1840 in Tennessee. Known children of George NAVE and Fanny MOORE are: (This family may not be complete.)

.Q31 Catherine NAVE

.Q32 Thomas NAVE d. 27 March 1815

.Q33 William NAVE

.Q34 Henry NAVE b. about 1790

.Q35 Sarah (Sally) NAVE b. 4 March 1793 d. 20 March 1850


.Q4 Daughter NAVE was born about 1764. She married Madras HOCH.


The marriage bond of Elizabeth Nave (1789) indicates she had a sister who was married to Madras Hoch.


.Q5 John NAVE was born about 1765. John died after 1834 in VA. He married (1) Susannah SHAVER 20 October 1783 in Rockingham Co, VA. Susannah died 1808/1810 in Rockingham Co, VA. Known children of John NAVE and Susannah SHAVER are:

.Q51 Mary NAVE b. about 1785

.Q52 John Nave JR. b. 7 September 1786 d. 22 August 1853

.Q53 Abraham NAVE b. about 1790 d. 1854

.Q54 Magdalena NAVE b. about 1792

.Q55 Adam NAVE b. about 1794 d. March 1850

.Q56 Jacob NAVE b. about 1803 d. 15 April 1852

.Q57 Isaac NAVE b. about 1805 d. 28 March 1867


John married (2) Magdalene DRAWBOND 30 October 1810 in Rockingham County, VA. Known children of John NAVE and Magdalene DRAWBOND are:

.Q58 William NEFF

.Q59 Rueben NEFF

.Q5A Elizabeth NEFF

.Q5B Catherine NEFF

.Q5C Lydia NEFF

.Q5D Kezannah NEFF


.Q6 Elizabeth NAVE was born 1766/1769 in VA. She married Peter WINEGORD 1789 in Rockingham Co, VA.


.Q7 Catherine NAVE was born about 1770 in Rockingham Co, VA. She married John MARTZ 20 May 1790 in Shenandoah Co, VA.


.Q8 Mathias NAVE was born about 1771 in VA. Mathias died 1842 in Rockingham Co, VA. He married Magdalena (Molly) COOK 1792 in Rockingham Co, VA. Magdalena died before 1840 in Rockingham Co, VA. Known children of Mathias NAVE and Magdalena (Molly) COOK are:

.Q81 Son NAVE b. about 1793

.Q82 Catherine NAVE b. 17 February 1795


.Q9 Adam NAVE was born 16 February 1773 in Shenandoah Co, VA. Adam died about 1842 in Rockingham Co, VA. He married Salome (Sarah) FREY 1802 in Rockingham Co, VA. She was born 1 October 1786 in VA. Salome died 1 February 1873 in Henry County, Indiana. Known children of Adam NAVE and Salome (Sarah) FREY are:

.Q91 Abigail NAVE b. about 1802 d. about 1845

.Q92 Levi NAVE b. 15 May 1806 d. 27 April 1883

.Q93 Hannah NAVE b. about 1809 d.

.Q94 Abraham NAVE b. 3 February 1811 d. 14 October 1892

.Q95 John NEFF b. 1 January 1814 d. 16 January 1878

.Q96 Jacob NAVE b. 20 December 1816 d. 3 May 1883

.Q97 Isaac NAVE b. 8 November 1826 d. 27 January 1853


.QA Christian NAVE was born 1775/1778 in VA. He married Margaret ROOP 13 June 1793 in Rockingham Co, VA.

Christian must have moved from Rockingham Co. about 1815.


.QB Michael NAVE was born about 1782. Michael died 1840/1841 in ? Rockingham Co, VA. He married Rebecca BOYERS 21 January 1806 in Rockingham Co., VA. She was born June 1789 in VA. Rebecca died 18 November 1862 in Honeyville, Rockingham Co., Virginia. Known children of Michael NAVE and Rebecca BOYERS are:

.QB1 Deanna NAVE b. about 1806 d. 18 November 1862

.QB2 Hannah NAVE b. 1809 d. after 1880

.QB3 Hezekiah NAVE b. about 1811 d. 1874

.QB4 Regina NAVE b. 15 March 1815 d. 24 November 1862

.QB5 George NAVE b. about 1815

.QB6 Anna NAVE b. about 1816

.QB7 Elias NAVE b. 1 March 1818 d. 30 September 1895

.QB8 Daughter NAVE b. about 1819

.QB9 Elizabeth NAVE b. 11 November 1820

.QBA Catherine NAVE b. about 1822 d. 23 May 1894

.QBB Leanna NAVE b. 29 August 1825 d. 4 August 1903

.QBC Daughter NAVE b. about 1830