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As the Revolutionary War approached, there was a split among the Mohawk Valley Families over their loyalty to England or for pursuit of the New World independence. (There are numerous historical accounts of the family turmoil during this period that are depicted and are available in historical literature for this area.) Those wanting to remain loyal to England migrated west across the Niagara River into what is now the southeastern section of Ontario, Canada. There they setup households in hope that someday they might return to their Mohawk Valley homes following the put down of the independence seekers. History shows that this did not happen. The settlements in Canada turned into new homes for most of them. The Nelles Settlement in the Grand River area grew and exists to this day. It follows therefore that most of the Canadian Nelles are related to the Mohawk Nellis families. The Canadian Nelles Family has an association called the Nelles Family Association. It has a rich history with ties to and parallels the Mohawk Valley history.

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