The information in this file was extracted from "NELLIS-NELLES IMMIGRANTS from the PALATINATE 1710". Each person in this 2 volume set who has a number in the book will have that same number in the Notes Section of this file. Page Indexes have been created for each of the 19,609 families in the Family, Pedigree, Notes and Descendancy Sections.

There are 51,319 persons among the 8,905 surnames in the file. Many of the place names in the Nellis book have been changed to their current county locations. When the Nellises settled in New York State many of the locations were in Albany County. The same is true in Canada. Places that were identified as Canada West have been changed to Ontario. Places that were identified as Canada East have been changed to Quebec. I have added many Family Members to the FIND A GRAVE website. The FAG# is in the Notes Section.



There are 10 families that have over 354 family members in the file. These families are:

Surname Families Number
Nellis 3446 6.72%
Nelles 1115 2.25%
Getman 881 1.72%
Smith 596 1.17%
Snell 545 1.06%
Fox 493 0.96%
Shults 455 0.89%
Young 397 0.77%
Saltsman 375 0.73%
Klock 354 0.69%
Total 8698 16.96%