Many of the families in my Nellis file were from Germany. They came to America at about the same time as the Nellis Family. Additional information about these families is available in the following publications:

The Palatines of New York State

    A complete compilation of the history of the Palatines

    who first came to New York State in 1708-1722.

    Published by the Palatine Society in 1953

The Palatine Families of New York 1710

    A study of the German Immigrants Who Arrived in

    Colonial America in 1710 in 2 volumes

    By Henry Z Jones, Jr.

    Universal City California 1985

More Palatine Families

    Some Immigrants to the Middle Colonies 1717-1777

    and their European Origins


    New Discoveries on German Families Who

    Arrived in Colonial America in 1710

    By Henry Z Jones, Jr.

    Universal City California 1991

Even More Palatine Families

     18th Century Immigrants to the American Colonies

     and their German, Swiss and Austrian Origins

     in 3 Volumes

     By Henry Z Jones, Jr., FASG and

     Lewis Bunker Rohrbach, CG

     Picton Press, Rockport, Maine 2002