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Photos of school classes are here.

School photos, other than classes, are here.

Some photos of persons unknown are here (Over 160 photos now). Please email me if you know who any of these people are.

Welcome to the Nemaha County, Kansas Photo pages! Here you will find photos of our ancestors, separated by first letter of their surnames. Also, some people of whom we don't know the name yet. If you would like to submit a photo (or photos) to be included on these pages, please include the name, dates of birth and death, and how to contact you. Please observe copyright laws for photos (if the photo was taken by a studio in the past 75 years, I can't use it here without permission). These photos are linked to the Nemaha County database on WorldConnect, so you can click on the link, and see how they fit in a family. If you have any questions about a photo, please contact the submitter.

Links to other Nemaha County, Kansas information

Photos of Cities and Towns

1860 Census

1870 Census

1880 Census at

1900 Census is in progress. Currently, I have extracted Adams Township, Mitchell Township, Berwick Township, Capioma Township, Granada Township, Clear Creek Township, Gilman, & Harrison Townships.

Extracted Cemetery Listings

Nemaha County Tombstone Photos

Database of some Nemaha County residents, (deceased).

Submitted Wills

Other Submitted Documentation

Civilian Conservation Corps - Lake Nemaha Project Photos - 221 photos!

Some Brown County, KS tombstone photos.

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