NE PA Photo Collection February Update
NEPA Photo Collection February Update

1889 Large Map of Wilkes Barre
1902 Flood Cab Reiley died in Luzerne Co WB PA
1902 Flood Edwardsville PA Main ST Looking West
1902 Flood Nanticoke PA RR Depot
1902 Flood WB PA D H RR From Carey Ave
1902 Flood WB PA Irving Park Looking to Riverside
1902 Flood WB PA N River ST Sterling Hotel
1902 Flood WB PA S River St Wyo Valley Hotel and Coal Exchange
1902 Flood WB PA St Johns Lutheran Ch Academy and S River St
1902 Flood WB W Market ST Bridge
1902 WB Flood W Market Street
1903 Harveys Lake Ellen Louise Raudenbush and George Adam Taschner Couple on Bottom
1905 Wilkes Barre PA Coal Breaker
1905 Wilkes Barre PA Setting Props in Mine Shaft
1906 Lackawanna Avenue Scranton PA Looking West from Washington Avenue 1
1906 Schuylkill County Court House Pottsville PA
1906 to Miss Helen Nin Mt St Marys Seminary Scranton PA from Helen G Stokes
1909 Sciota PA To Char Bittenbender 1909
1911 to Alice Hunter 435 East 8TH ST Berwick PA from Dau Sadie
1915 Miners Ascending from Mine Shaft
1920 to Miss Ella Long 240 Washington St Hamburg PA b
1920 to Miss Ella Long 240 Washington St Hamburg PA f
1923 Schuylkil Haven PA First M E Chruch St John Street
1923 to Mu and Mrs M M Long 240 Washington Ave Hamburg PA b
1923 to Mu and Mrs M M Long 240 Washington Ave Hamburg PA f
1945 DLL Crew 888 in Scranton
1980s Don Hanson by Harveys Lake Roller Coaster
1981 Hansons Coaster Harveys Lake Demise
5 Generations of Thompsons Family Dallas Pa
A Coal Miners Prayer 1904
Albrecht Family Portrait
Anderson Grampa
Anderson Grandma
Anderson John
Athens PA Daisy Duant S Main St 1925
Audenried PA Church Street
Benson Joseph A Death Cert 1909 1984 Carbondale
Bert Race Factoryville
Berwick PA E Second Street 1908
Berwick PA From Percy Kirkendall 1908
Bidwell Liz Kocher Jane 1933
Blodgetts Mills NY to Mrs A B Freeman
Bloomsburg PA Getha L Hoover W Main ST 1947
Brookside Cubs 1936 in front of Lion Bottling Department Small
Burlington VT from Nanticoke PA 1895
Cambridge Springs PA Thomas Johnson 1917
Canadohta Lake PA Marcresan Beach
Carbondale PA Coal Brook Breaker 1923
Carl Evans son of John Evans was a lightweight boxing champion
Carnival 1949 Plymouth PA at Cherry and High St on the Wheel
Left to right they are Marie Andrukaitis, Arlene Adrukaitis, and Mary Ann Zagora. The picture is of my Aunt Marie, my mother Arlene, and their cousin Mary Ann.
Caroline Morgan
Casterline Emil and Mattie Oney
Catherine Harmans Application forSon Daniel Harmon Victory Medal 1921
Catherine Thompson Benson Born South Mountain with Son Joe Benson
Corry PA Bridge at Porters Pond 1917
Crispell Family Fred Iva Bertha
Crispell Fred
Crossin Esther Sutton
Crossin Josephine
Davenport Dave and Adelia
Davis Asenath Kitchen 1902
Deater Family 1915 Lydia Wilson Harvey Isabelle Thomas Russell Ethel
Del Water Gap Showing Giants Foot Lake
Dubois PA B R and P Railroad Shops
Dupont News 2 4 1951
Dupont PA Sacred Heart Church Steeple Repair Underway November 2002 Small
E Stroudsburg PA State Normal School 1925
E Stroudsburg PA to Jay B Peters 1908
Eric Weber JR
Esther Robinson married Thomas F Hughes at St Marys Church Avoca PA 1886 big
Esther Robinson married Thomas F Hughes at St Marys Church Avoca PA 1886
Exeter PA High School Class of 1957 Reunion 2002 small
Exeter PA Saint Cecilias 8th Grade Grads in 1951 Small
Father Pete Nolan
Female from Howards Studio WB PA
Forty Fort PA Business District Wyoming Ave
Forty Fort PA Community Building
Frank Evancheski Jr Tombstone
Frankenfield Sisters Luzerne Co PA 1905
Gable and Co Department Store Altoona PA
Gaynor Louisa with Eds Son Bill
Ginley Elizabeth Price Death Cert 1891 1956
Grand Pa ANDERSON Early 1800s
Griffins Photo Studio WB PA Unknown Photos 1890s
Hamtown map 11
Harveys Lake PA Linen of Bathing Crib
Harveys Lake PA Steamerr Natoma and Dock
Harveys Lake Ponys
Hazen Michael Cremation Record
Hazen Rosengrants Ethel
Hazleton PA Angrene Solovtch maybe Luton Ct maybe 1954
Hazleton PA to WM Donkerly W 1st ST 1913
Henry MaryEll0002
Henry Drucilla Garrison
Henry Mary and Job Easton PA 1912s
Henry Samuel and Margaret
Henry Tobias and Drucilla Family
Henry Tobias
Honeywell Em Hoppes
Hoover Gertie
Joe Pep Mae Swingle Peoples Outlet
John Lukaschunis From Wilkes Barre Pa
Kathryn Fetterman Report Card
Kathryns Class 1923 1924 Class Photo with Names
Kathryns Class 1923 1924
Kathryns Class back
Kingston PA 109th Field Artillery Armory 1947
Kingston PA Blue Ribbon Cake Company
Kingston PA Hoyt Library
Kingston PA Kingston Corners 1930s or 40s
Kingston PA Kingston High School
Kocher Amanda J Elias Edrie Art Adirene 1910s
Kocher Arthur SR
Kocher Ethel Anderson
Kocher John R Death Notice 1895 WB Record
Kocher Jonathan 1922 and Daughter Rhonda
Kocher Louella Headley and Ephraim and Kids
Kocher Nel Naugle
Kocher Orrie Myrtle
Kocher Reunion 1909 Harverys Lake PA Noxen
Kocher Sutton Fannie
Kocher Sylvester Evaline Poole
Kocher Thomas T another photo
Kocher Thomas T
Kocher WM Josephine Hazel Myron Bloomsburg PA
Laflin Breaker
Laketon High School Class 1924 25 with names
Laketon PA School Class Photo 1922
Laketon PA School Class Photo 1925 26 with names
Laketon PA School Class Photo 1930
Lancaster PA from Elizabeth H Gintzer maybe
Lancaster PA Grade School Photo 1900s
Lehigh and WyoVal Rwy loco 10
Lehighton PA John Hummell Carbon Co 1919
Lewistown PA WM Penn Hwy Juniata River
Lukaschunis Edward John Memory
Mable Gert Edith Ethel
Margaret Rough Henry
Martin Witzigman JR
Meckes Emanuel Livingston born 8 17 1903 Ed Amanda Schoch
Meshoppen hotel fire after
Meshoppen Town View
Michael Hazen Plains Township July 31 1997
Mifflinville PA To Florence Folke 1908
Milford PA Log Tavern 1928
Millville PA To Mrs Chas Kramer Col Co 1910
Moss Belva
Moss Corey and Lillie
MT Carmel Shenandoah PA Locust Summit Largest Coal Breaker
Mt Gretna PA 1895 Field and Staff of 9th Regiment of the National Guard of PA Small
Mules Coming out of Mine Shaft Lead by Mule Driver
Nanticoke PA 1895 to Burlington VT
Nanticoke Pa Armory
Nanticoke PA Birds Eye View
Nanticoke PA Park and WW II Memorial
Nanticoke PA U S Post Office
Necopeck Luzerne Co PA 1923 1924 Class Photo with Names
New Kensington PA M E Church 1908
North East PA Trolleys on Main St
Noxen PA Crispell Family Reunion Photo
Old Forge PA 1911 mentions Frank baby Nj more
Old Main Street Avoca PA 1
Oney Blanche Gallagher Mattie Casterline Susie Wickham
Oney Blanche Mattie Susie Ray Jess Milo Clarence Elwood
Oney Family Group Photo
Oney Fred Ruth George Byron
Oney Jesse
Oney Milo and Alice
Oney Ray from NY Jess Mile Clarence Elwood
Oney Reunion 1960 Hansons Park PA NY
Oney Stella
Oney Thomas and Mary
Overton Elizabeth Birth Certificate
Overton Job and Hannah Marriage Certificate
Overton Philip Obit 1919 2001
Overton Richard and Elizabeth Marriage Certificate
Overton Richard Birth Certificate
Pennsylvania Engine NO 34
Perkins Marcia L Hunlocks Crk PA 1905
Phila PA Helen _wayer maybe Girls Hospital 1915
Pittsburgh PA Frank Raymon Miller Hillside Ave 1947
Pittston PA Bridge over Susquehanna River
Pittston PA Hospital 1919
Pittston PA Jackson School Building 1920s 1
Pittston PA Pittston High School 1910s
Pittston PA Pittston Hospital
Pittston PA View of the Laurel Line
Pittston Township PA Butler Breaker Slope Entrance now Pittston Commons Small
Plymouth PA 1949 Carnival at Cherry and High Streets
Plymouth PA Church of Nativity of BVM
Pottsville PA Centre Street 1954
Rood Lena Alberta Bert Kocher Sylvester Evaline
Sagertown PA Mildred Harpst maybe 1010s
Sagertown PA O T Patterson 1910s
Sayre PA Lehigh Valley Passenger Station 1920
Schlabach Maria Annas Dau Wife of Job Henry
Schoch Grandma Wife of Emanuel Schoch Grdmother of Emanuel
Scranton Pa Green Ridge Coal Co Breaker 1909
Scranton PA Lacka Station Birds Eye View
Scranton PA Lagoon at Luna Park 1907
Scranton PA Slate Pickers in Coal Breaker 1908
Searfoss Dick Lois Oney Judy Searfoss

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