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I would like to thank Aunt Mid for all the hard work she has put into finding our ancestors.  I got most of my information from her but did not list her as a source.  (What can I say -- I'm learning and will fix it asap :)  Check out her page. She has been searching for 30+ years.  If I can't help you, maybe she can.

Our Gedcom file :  We have almost 2800 people in our family tree.  

Visit Judy's Young Family site at GenCircles where you can leave messages regarding family. She also has lots of info on Dickey, Bozarth, and Hillhouse families.  She has lots of info on Gus's family and the Essary line.  She also has a neat Extreme webpage. 

Welcome to our web site!

I'm glad you found us.  I hope you will stay awhile and look around some.  We have met some wonderful cousins here on the internet whom we are also glad to count among our friends.  My goal with this website is to share the info that has been shared so unselfishly with us.  Hopefully you will make a connection or at least find a lead to more info.  Or perhaps you will notice something that we have overlooked  and can help us set the record straight somewhere. 

We are mainly looking for the family of Thomas Woodford DAVIS and Mahala Jane COOK who married in Taney Co., MO in 1860.  They had 8 children, one of which was my great grandmother, Lennie or Lena.

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Lennie married William 'Bill' LEIGH.  His parents were Richard LEIGH who married Mary Elisabeth GREEN in Carroll Co., TN in 1859.  We may have found Richard's parents but need more connective proof.  Mary's family is a total mystery for us yet.

I have added quite a bit of our Leigh family info-- Finally :) and there is a bit of news on Mahala's family.  

I have heard from some people in Albia, Iowa and we have added a few more names and made some corrections there.

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I have been adding quite a bit of stuff and re-organizing too, so if it ain't where you left it -- keep looking, it's here somewhere! 

And remember, don't take my word for it -- if you're not sure about something or it's not documented here, send for the original documents so you can cite your sources.

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This website is maintained by Nettie Mae.  Not everything is documented, so if it's really important to your research, track down those sources!