Wilson Descendants

From what we have been told, there were three brothers and a sister.  All came to the US except for James. Be sure to check out the photo page.

+ 2 i. James2 Wilson, born Abt. 1815 in North Ireland.

+ 3 ii. Henry Wilson, born 21 Aug 1820 in Ireland; died 23 Jun 1900.

+ 4 iii. William M. Wilson, born Jun 1826 in Ireland; died 04 Aug 1866 in Monroe Co., IA.

+ 5 iv. Nancy Agnes Wilson, born Apr 1828 in Ireland; died 24 Aug 1909.

Generation No. 2

2. James2 Wilson (Father1)1 was born Abt. 1815 in North Ireland. He married Rose Walker1 Bef. 1837 in North Ireland.  (This is my family)

Much of the original research on this family was done by Roy Darby, who has since passed away . He wrote: "According to the best available information the Wilson family included 3 brothers - James, Henry, and William and one sister, Nancy Wilson Ford, all born in Ireland." and "James was married to Rose Walker and as far as we know was born and lived in North Ireland . They did not emigrate to the US. Henry and William came to the US before 1870 and Nancy is thought to have come in 1870." Unfortunately, none of Mr. Darby's sources are listed except for the attached obituary of Mary Jane Wilson.

We now know, through the research of Denise Robinson, that Henry originally went to Pennsylvania, probably to work in the mines there. Sometime in the early 1860's Henry, and possibly William also, came to Iowa where there was a large Irish population working in the coal mines and on the new railroads.  William may have spent some time in Canada as that is where he married Jemima Craigmiles (according to her obituary).

Children of James Wilson and Rose Walker are:

+ 6 i. Rose3 Wilson, born in Ireland; died Bef. 1925.

7 ii. Lizzie Wilson1, born in Ireland1; died Aft. 19251,2.  Lizzie never married.   Mary Jane's obit (1925) says she lives in Hutchinson, Kansas

+ 8 iii. Mary Jane Wilson, born 07 Mar 1837 in County Down, Ireland; died 21 Jun 1925 in Albia, Monroe Co., Ia.

3. Henry2 Wilson (Father1)3 was born 21 Aug 1820 in Ireland3, and died 23 Jun 19003. He married Amanda Jane Dent 24 Mar 1864 in Home of Mr. Dent, Monroe Co., Ia4, daughter of Samuel Dent and Sarah Hartsock.

I have not included as a source the research done by Roy Darby because we have gotten more information from Denise Robinson.

A letter (02 Mar 1999) from Denise Robinson, 583 Rita Dr., Odenton MD 21113 (Email denisekay7 11@yahoo.com)

"My great great grandfather was Henry J. Wilson from Ireland. He came to this country in 1850 (please pardon if my dates are off, I am doing this from memory!) His immigration paperwork etc was done in Philadelphia PA, I believe in 1855. I am not sure exactly when he arrived in Monroe County, but it had to be sometime before 1863. He married Amanda Jane Dent. I haven't been able to find the date. Amanda Jane died giving birth to my great grandma, Amanda Jane Wilson. She was born 18 Apr 1884 in Monroe Co., IA. Jacob and Amanda Robinson had 11 children.

When Amanda Jane was little she was raised by Nancy Ford. The family always thought Nancy was a cousin of Henry's, we were never sure of the connection.

Henry has always been a puzzle for us Robinson's...I have not been able to find out who his parents are...his death certificate was filled out by a member of the Arnold family...don't know why Amanda did not fill this out.

I got to see a picture of Henry Wilson last summer, a second cousin came to MD and brought so me pictures. Henry is sitting in front of the Robinson house, Amanda and Jacob and two of their kids are in it. This cousin also has the trunk that Henry brought over from Ireland. In side are pictures, no names, just on the back: Dublin Ireland. She also has a rocking chair that Henry made for his daughter."

Henry's declaration of intent was filed 02 May 1852 at Philadelphia, PA5 He was naturalized 10 Sep 1855 in Philadelphia, PA6

Henry (age 27) is in the 1860 Census, Troy Twp in the home of Wm (age 30) and Gemima (age 30) Wilson. Neighbors are Samuel and Anna Dent.

In the 1900 Census he is living with Lewis and Mary Arnold and family in Urbana Twp. Came to US 1850.

Henry and some others were listed in the 1863 Malitia Roll (found on the Monroe Co., IA GenWeb page at https://sites.rootsweb.com/~iamonroe/militia.txt

Henry is buried at Eslinger Cemetery, Albia IA

One of Amanda's uncles was Frederick, who later moved to Illinois & then to Missouri. His daughter, Julia, married Ulysses Simpson Grant -- the Civil War general and later the 18th president of the United States.

Amanda is buried at  Service Chapel Cemetery, north of Albia, IA

Marriage Notes for Henry Wilson and Amanda Dent: [This is all hand-written.]

Be it remembered that on this 23d day of March 1864 comes Henry Wilson and makes application for license to be joined in matrimony with Miss Amanda Jane Dent. And the Court being satisfied from the evidence that the parties were of lawful age, and no good reason existing why the parties should not be joined in matrimony. Thereupon license issued hte date above written.

Allen H. Mason, Cir. Judge

State of Iowa, Monroe County, SS: I hereby certify that I joined in matrimony as husband and wife Mr. Henry Wilson and Miss A. Jane Dent at the house of Mr. Dent in the County and State aforesaid this 24th day of Mar A.D. 1864.

J. M. Batchelder [spelling?], Minister. 24 MAR 1864

Child of Henry Wilson and Amanda Dent is:

+ 9 i. Amanda Jane3 Wilson, born 18 Apr 1865 in Monroe Co., IA; died 13 Aug 1920 in Urbana Twp., Monroe Co., IA.

4. William M.2 Wilson (Father1)7 was born Jun 1826 in Ireland7, and died 04 Aug 1866 in Monroe Co., IA7. He married Jemima Cragmiles7.

The Probate record for William M. Wilson shows: Dr. Charles W. McIntire - Medicine & visits in last sickness $22.00; Alexander Webb - Coffin $14.00. Sold to Henry Wilson - 1 ox yoke 75 cents; Jemima Wilson (widow) Milk cow $34.00.

Burial: Service Chapel Cemetery, North of Albia, Monroe Co., IA; Lot 50; grave SCH295; Age 40y 2m8

Census: 1860, Monroe County Iowa 1860 Federal Census, Census Family Number 212; Troy Township; Age 30; Place of Birth-Ireland.9

Notes for Jemima Cragmiles:

Eliza was born 3 years after the death of Wm. Whose daughter is she? She is not mentioned in the guardianship papers (Book 1, pg 604) from 1866.   1870 census shows Eliza in home - 2 years old.

Helen Clark writes: "We were in County Down on the Ireland trip -- it is hilly and reminds me a lot of Monroe County, Iowa. I found an obituary for Gemima Cragmiles Wilson which says she was born in county Tirone Ireland and died at her home near Foster, Monroe County Iowa, being 75 years, 7 months and 8 days old. About 1850 she came to Canada where she was married to William Wilson. They came from Canada to Monroe County which has been their home ever since. To this union were born six children, three boys and three girls, all living except the oldest daughter. (We didn't have a record of this older girl who died) Her husband preceded her about 38 years. The children were all present at the funeral which was held at her home Feb. 14. She was a member of the Presbyterian church since youth. Buried at Eslinger cemetery."

Jemima is buried at Eslinger Cemetery, Albia, Monroe County, Ia10

Children of William Wilson and Jemima Cragmiles are:

+ 10 i. William John3 Wilson, born 10 Nov 1856; died 07 Feb 1906.

+ 11 ii. Agnes Wilson, born 1858 in Iowa; died 15 Sep 1950.

+ 12 iii. Robert H. Wilson, born 18 Dec 1861; died 12 Nov 1928.

13 iv. James T. Wilson10, born 01 Apr 1864 in Iowa11,12; died 27 Dec 1949 in Monroe Co., IA13,14.

Helen Clark wrote: "Out in the vicinity of Old Foster there is a little old house back in the field where Martha Frances Robinson and William John Wilson lived. The last resident was their bachelor son, Edgar Wilson. He kept all of his cards, letters, receipts, cancelled checks, etc and that is where I found a reference to the probate of James T. Wilson. I went to the court house and checked the probate records and found the following information: James never married and owned the home place in Urbana township along with the farm ground, estimated value $8400 in 1950." James also had about $5000 in the bank. Mrs. Opal V. Wilson (wife of William U. Wilson) cared for James before he died and was awarded $3150 for board, room, support and nursing care given to James from December 17, 1946 to December 27, 1949. The rest of James' estate went to his nieces and nephews.  He is buried at  Eslinger Cemetery, Albia IA

+ 14 v. Eliza Wilson, born 1869 in Iowa; died Bef. 1950.

5. Nancy Agnes2 Wilson (Father1)15,16 was born Apr 1828 in Ireland16,17, and died 24 Aug 190918,19. She married William Ford20,21.

I did not list Roy Darby as a source for much of Nancy's family because I have received more complete info from Helen Clark.

I got a wonderful letter and family outline from a lady named Helen Clark of Albia Iowa. She filled in quite a bit on Nancy's family. Nancy came to the US in 1864 at age 36 with her 3 living children (she had had 4). Robert was 11, William 10 and Sarah 2. In her letter she writes: "William Barber Ford was my Dad, I recently met John Wilson who has given me some information. William and Jemima Wilson were his great grandparents. When my great uncle , Henry Wilson, came from Ireland he lived with this family. In the 1870 census, Mary Jane Robinson, 30, from Ireland lived with Henry Wilson, Nancy Ford and Amanda Jane Wilson. [The number 5 is circled] Are William Wilson, Henry Wilson, Nancy Ford and Mary Jane Robinson all related? What happened to Amanda's mother?

John Wilson told me that Hoadley's lived across the road from him at one time.

Amanda Jane Wilson married Jacob Horatio Robinson and one of her 11 children was John Ed Robinson. He had a daughter, Deena Lee Hoffman, who is the librarian in Moravia, Iowa.

I went to Ireland last June--in preparation for the trip I started searching the Ford ancestors (I was told in Ireland that Ford and Wilson are very common names so I didn't find anyone) .


Helen also sent a wonderful picture of Nancy and her children. I sent Helen the family outlines I have from Roy Darby and Denise Robinson.

Nancy is buried at  Eslinger Cemetery, Albia, Monroe County, Ia22

Census: 1900, Urbana Twp., widow, 4 children, 3 living, born in Ireland, came to US in 186423  Immigration: 186423

Children of Nancy Wilson and William Ford are:

+ 15 i. Robert3 Ford, born 16 Apr 1853 in County Down, Ireland; died 08 May 1921 in Albia, Monroe Co., IA.

+ 16 ii. William Ford, born Aug 1854 in Ireland.

17 iii. Sarah Ford23, born 1862 in Ireland. She married John Mock 25 Dec 1890 in Near Foster, Monroe Co., Ia23.

Helen Clark notes: "The "Albia Union Republican" dated 22 Jun 1900 records the death of Henry Wilson and states, "the deceased was an uncle of Mrs. John Mock of this city." This is all the information I have been able to find about Sarah."

In marriage book VIII, page 151, there lists a Kate Mock, age 17 married Charles A. Robinson , age 34 on 01 Jan 1893. Could this be a daughter to Sarah?

From the book "Foster, Iowa and Kinser Valley and Monroe County, Iowa", a collection of newspaper articles collected and edited by Bob Kocur, pg 9 is this mention of a Bill Mock in the Albia Republican 15 Nov 1900: "Bill Mock has moved to Foster."

1895 census, Albia 4th Ward, John Mock 32, born in Monroe Co., Miner, United Brethren church and Sarah Mock, 32, born in Ireland.

Generation No. 3

6. Rose3 Wilson (James2, Father1)24 was born in Ireland24, and died Bef. 192524,25. She married Alex Deardorff26.

Children of Rose Wilson and Alex Deardorff are:

18 i. Stella4 Deardorff26.

19 ii. Harry Deardorff26.

8. Mary Jane3 Wilson (James2, Father1)26 was born 07 Mar 1837 in County Down, Ireland27,28,29, and died 21 Jun 1925 in Albia, Monroe Co., Ia30,31. She married William John Robinson32 17 Aug 1868 in Ireland33,34.

Obituary of Mary Jane (Wilson) Robinson

Mary Jane Wilson, Daughter of James and Rosie Wilson, born 3-7-1837 in County Down Ireland. Departed this life at Albia 6-21-1925 age 88 years, 3 months, 14 days.

On Aug. 17, 1868 she was united in marriage to William John Robinson and to this union was born 8 children, 3 died in infancy and James on 7-13-1921. Her husband preceded her in death 6-9-1889.

Surviving are one sister, Lizzie Wilson of Hutchinson, Kan., one son, John Robinson of Foster, 3 daughters Sarah Hoadley and Rose Darby of Foster and Jennie of Albia, 16 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.

With her husband she came to Monroe Co., 1870 where she has since resided having lived at the family home in Urbana Township until 7 weeks ago when she came to her daughter's in Albia.

In girlhood she had united with the Church of England.

She was buried from the home of Jennie Robinson in Albia 6-22-1925. Rev. Donahue officiating. Burial in Eslinger Cemetery.

According to census records, she came to US in 1863. Of course the census could be wrong <grin> and I only have the one to go by so far. The census also says she had 8 children with 5 living. Roy Darby had noted that she may have had twins which died on the way to America.

Burial: 22 Jun 1925, Eslinger Cemetery, Albia, Monroe County, Ia35,36,37

Cause of Death: Lobar Pneumonia37

Census: 1870, Monroe Twp., Monroe Co., IA, 30, born in Ireland, was in home with Henry Wilson, Nancy Ford and Amanda J. Wilson38

According to Roy Darby, Wm and Mary may have had twins who died enroute to the US and were buried at sea. Wm. worked for the Chicago Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad being built thru Monroe Co. They lived in Urbana Twp. south-east of Albia. According to the obituary of his daughter, Jennie, he died in a railroad accident.

Wm John Robinson was naturalized 24 Aug 1878 in Monroe Co., It just says: "Before the undersigned Clerk of the District Court in and for said County, personally appeared Wm. J. Robinson , a native of Ireland and makes solemn oath that it is bonnafide his intention to become a Citizen of the United States, and to renounce and abjure forever, all allegiance and fidelity to every foreign Power, Prince, Potentate, State or Sovereignty whatever, and particularly allegiance to the Queen of Great Britain of whom he was heretofore a subject. Signed William Robinson "X" his mark. Sworn to and subscribed before me, by Wm. J. Robinson this 24th day of August A.D. 1878. John W. H. Griffin Clerk."

(Until a Federal law was passed in 1795, each state made it's own laws in regard to citizenship and naturalization. Federal law allowed a free white person to apply for citizenship provided he had resided in the US at least five years; declared his intent to become a citizen at least three years previously; resided in the state or territory where his final papers were granted at least one year. Women were not naturalized on their own before 1922, but were considered automatically naturalized with their husband or father. Children were also naturalized automatically with their father. Occasionally, immigrant women who were heads of household were granted citizenship.

In 1906 the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization was established by the federal government and took over the responsibility of granting citizenship. October 1930 naturalizations were discontinued in counties and done in the Federal Court.) Many of the books referred to i n naturalization indexes have since been put in storage or disposed of at the Monroe County Courthouse.

According to the probate records (William died intestate), his wife Mary was left with 60 acres of land, some farm animals and feed, (some of the farm equipment was so old that no price w as put on it when assessing the assets of the estate.) the home and furnishings, and a check for $1500 for a claim against the railroad where William worked. All totaled, these assets were worth about $3000, ($50,000 in today's economy). So, although the family wasn't left penniless, they were without further income. I'm sure the money went quicker than Mary would have liked. The family probably had to work very hard to keep the farm operational, just to get by. Mary later sold some of the land for another $2000 or so.

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Nettie Mae: We're probably not related, but I have lots of Robinson relatives in Monroe & Marion Counties, Iowa. My family was probably there a bit earlier than yours. Solomon Robinson, my g-g-grandfather was farming in Cedar Twp, near Lovilia by 1850.

I know I have run across your family line many times in my research. The police chief in Albia was a Robinson, is this your line? There was also a Columbus Robinson family around there. I'm hoping that you have seen some data on my line in your research. Larry Robinson

Children of Mary Wilson and William Robinson are:

+ 20 i. Sarah Jane4 Robinson, born 10 Jan 1872 in Monroe County, Ia; died 03 Sep 1936 in Monroe County, Ia.

+ 21 ii. James Robinson, born 1874; died 13 Jul 1921.

22 iii. Jennie Robinson40, born 05 Feb 1878 in Foster, Monroe Co., Ia40,41,42; died 22 Jun 1952 in Albia, Monroe Co., IA42,43,44.

Jennie's obituary:

"Miss Jennie Robinson, daughter of William John Robinson and Mary Jane Robinson, was born February 5, 1878 in Urbana township, Monroe County, Iowa.

She died June 22 at her home in Albia.

Her parents were pioneer residents of Monroe county. Her father was killed in a railroad accident when Miss Robinson was 10 years of age. Her mother, despite many hardships, managed to keep the family of five children together.

Miss Robinson conducted a number of business enterprises. She operated millinery shops at Blakesburg and Pleasantville. At one time she owned and managed the Byerly Hotel in Albia.

A member of the Methodist church, she took an active role in church affairs.

Miss Robinson was preceded in death by her parents; a brother, James; a sister, Mrs. Sarah Hoadley, and twin sister, Mrs. Rose Darby. Survivors are a brother, John Robinson of Albia, and nieces and nephews.

Funeral services were June 26 at Humeston Funeral home in Albia, conducted by Dr. G. S. Bruland of First Methodist Church, and burial was in Eslinger cemetery."

In the Albia Republican 23 Jun 1904: "David Anderson and wife, Wallace Convey and wife, Chas. Sincox and Jennie Robinson started for the fair at St. Louis Wednesday eve of last week." Jennie would have been about 27 years old.

The Albia Republican, April 30, 1925 has the story in which Jennie Robinson buys Byerlee Hotel.

I also have a copy of her funeral rememberance card which verifies her birth and death dates and where she was buried.

+ 23 iv. Rosa Robinson, born 05 Feb 1877; died 07 Sep 1944.

24 v. John Robinson48, born 26 May 1880 in Monroe County, Ia48,49; died 26 Nov 1961 in Monroe Co. Hospital50,51. Never married. There is a John May Robinson, born 1880, book 1 page 1 of the 'Index to Births, 1880-1897; to Deaths 1880-1897 & 1921-1925; to Delayed Births, all years' (All in same book) He is buried at Eslinger Cemetery, Albia, Monroe County, Ia52,53

9. Amanda Jane3 Wilson (Henry2, Father1) was born 18 Apr 1865 in Monroe Co., IA56,57, and died 13 Aug 1920 in Urbana Twp., Monroe Co., IA58,59. She married Jacob Horatio Robinson 17 Apr 1884 in Urbana Twp., Monroe Co., IA60,61, son of Jeptha Robinson and Sarah Hager.

Obituary of Mrs. J. H. Robinson

Amanda Jane Wilson, daughter and only child of Henry and Amanda Jane Wilson, was born in Monroe County, Iowa, April 18, 1865. She died at her home July 13, 1920 at the age of 55 years, 2 months and 25 days.

On April 17 1884 she was united in marriage with Horatio Robinson. To them were born eleven children, all of whom survive their mother.

W. E. Robinson of Moravia, Iowa; Mrs. J. W. Fletcher of Ward, Iowa; Mrs. Paul Kelso, of Tabor, Iowa; Mrs. Roscoe Bailey, of Mansfield, MO; and Estella Ruth, Edward Lula Sara, Howard and Francis at home. In her girlhood she was converted and united with the Christian Church. To this faith she was loyal and consistent during her life.

For years she was frail, so on April 4, 1920, she went to Colorado in hopes a change would help restore her to health. For a time she rallied but this was only temporary. On July 11 she returned to her home and from there the Angel of Death took her spirit, July 13.

Jane as she was known to neighbors and friends was a popular lady, numbering her friends by her acquaintances. She was passionately fond of home and family and friends and was ever kind and so thoughtful of their comforts and pleasures.

Her life was a happy benediction to all, and her influence will be felt for all time.

The funeral was held at the family residence on July 15, conducted by Rev. York of the Christian church of Moravia.

Pall bearers were Edgar and Willie Wilson, Maurice and Earl Boardman, Max McCoy and Verlin McAlister.

Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Boardman, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Cloyed, Mr. and Mrs. Earle Boardman and Clella McCoy sang her favorite songs.

The large crowd assembled and the long line of cars which wended their way to this lovely cemetery were testimonials of the esteem and regard which all had for this departed friend.

Amanda's will (filed 05 Apr 1920 Book D, pgs 193-194) lists the following heirs: Husband Jacob H. Robinson and 11 children: Nina L. Fletcher, Wm. E. Robinson, Susa M. Kelso; Estella M. Robinson, Agnes Bailey, Ruth Robinson, John E. Robinson, Lulie Melissa, Sarah Amanda, Howard and Francis H.

Burial: Eslinger Cemetery, Albia, Monroe County, Ia  Will: 05 Apr 1920, Bk D pg 193-194 Monroe Co., IA

Jacob's family came from Indiana. They are not related to Wm. John Robinson's family from Ireland. Denise Robinson of Maryland (email: denisekay711@aol.com ) has done a lot of research on this family and that of Henry Wilson.

Jacob is also buried at  Eslinger Cemetery, Albia, Monroe County, Ia

Children of Amanda Wilson and Jacob Robinson are:

+ 25 i. Nina Louisa4 Robinson, born 1886; died 10 Jun 1922 in Monroe Co., IA.

+ 26 ii. William Ellis Robinson, born 1888 in Albia, Monroe Co., Ia; died 21 Oct 1970 in Monroe Co., IA.

+ 27 iii. Susan Mabel Robinson, born 26 Aug 1890 in Urbana Twp., Monroe Co., IA; died 30 Oct 1977 in Monroe Co., IA.

28 iv. Stella Myrl Robinson, born 1892; died 10 Mar 1967 in Iowa. She married Russell Dillard.

+ 29 v. Gertrude Agnes Robinson, born Jul 1894; died 12 Aug 1969 in Monroe Co., IA.

+ 30 vi. Ruth Zelma Robinson, born 05 Oct 1896 in Albia, Monroe Co., IA; died 12 Aug 1969 in Monroe Co., IA.

+ 31 vii. John Edward Robinson, born 17 May 1899; died 07 Aug 1970.

+ 32 viii. Lula Melissa Robinson, born 1902; died 31 Oct 1981 in Moravia, IA.

+ 33 ix. Sara Amanda Robinson, born 30 Sep 1903 in Urbana Twp., Monroe Co., IA.

+ 34 x. Jacob Howard Robinson, born 07 Sep 1905 in Urbana Twp., Monroe Co., IA; died 09 Oct 1967 in Mills Co., IA.

+ 35 xi. Francis Henry Robinson, born 01 May 1911 in Urbana Twp., Monroe Co., IA; died 04 Apr 1984 in Salisbury, MD.

10. William John3 Wilson (William M.2, Father1)62 was born 10 Nov 185663,64, and died 07 Feb 190665,66. He married Martha Frances Robinson67,68 25 Dec 1885 in Home of Jeptha Robinson, Monroe Co., IA69,70, daughter of Jeptha Robinson and Sarah Hager.  

Martha and William have the same tombstone at Eslinger Cemetery.

Helen Clark writes: We were told that Wm walked from their farm home to Eslinger Cemetery in Feb. to dig the grave for his mother, Jemima. He got pneumonia and died shortly after his mother.

Monroe County Iowa 1860 Federal Census: Troy Twp., family # 212. Age 3

1895 Iowa Census Head of Household Index: Monroe Township; page 30- family 171

More About William John Wilson:

Burial: Eslinger Cemetery, Albia, Monroe County, Ia; grave ESL01371

Census: 1895, Iowa Head of Household Index; Monroe Township; page 30- family 171

Notes for Martha Frances Robinson:

Obituary of Martha Frances Wilson:

Martha Frances, third child of Sarah and Jeptha Robinson, was born in Monroe county, Iowa, May 2, 1865, and departed this life Aug. 28, 1929, at her home near Foster, Iowa, aged 64 years, 3 months and 26 days.

Early in life she united with the Christian church at Urbana Center and remained faithful in the work of her Master till God called her home.

On Dec. 25, 1884, she was united in marriage to William John Wilson and to this union three sons were born: Edgar at home; Clarence of Albia, and one son who died in infancy. All of her life has been spent in Monroe county. On Feb. 27, 1906, her husband died and she has stayed on the farm raising her boys and keeping the home together with their help, also caring for her aged father who died six years ago.

About two years ago she was stricken with creeping paralysis. What she suffered no one knew for she never complained but always had a kind word and smile for all.

Besides the two sons she leaves to mourn her loss one brother Devi Robinson of Chugwater, Wyo; two aged uncles, William Robinson of Blakesburg, Ia., and Arthur Hager of Lawrence, Neb; several nieces and nephews, a host of friends and neighbors.

Funeral services were conducted from the home Thursday at 2 pm, Rev. D. W. Thompson of Moravia officiating. Music was furnished by a trio composed of Mrs. Irvin Smith, Mrs. Albert Taubaugh and W. M. Giltner. Pall bearers were six of her nephews: Marve Lockman, Ellis Robinson, William Wilson, Edward Robinson, Jeptha Lockman, Francis Robinson. Interment was at Eslinger cemetery by the side of her husband.

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Was reading through the obit and had a question about the Robinson brother in Chugwater. Looks like it should be Levi instead of Devi, all the nephews would have belonged to Levi, too. Hadn't heard of a 'Devi'. Thanks, Carol Robinson Johnson (I checked and the obit does say "Devi" AL)

More About Martha Frances Robinson:

Burial: Eslinger Cemetery, Albia, Monroe County, Ia72

Children of William Wilson and Martha Robinson are:

36 i. Charles Edgar4 Wilson72,73, born 29 Apr 189074,75; died 25 Feb 197076,77.  Burial: Eslinger Cemetery, Albia, Monroe County, Ia77

+ 37 ii. William Clarence Wilson, born 27 Feb 1906 in Albia, Monroe Co., Ia; died 15 Nov 1983.

38 iii. Son Wilson78, died in in infancy78.

11. Agnes3 Wilson (William M.2, Father1)79 was born 1858 in Iowa79, and died 15 Sep 195080. She married Henry T. Wyrick80 27 Mar 188381.

Helen Clark made a note of a land description: "E 1/2 SW 80 W 1/2 SE 80 E 1/2 SE 62 10-71-16 Urbana 1919 in Agnes' name.

More About Agnes Wilson: Burial: Blakesburg82

Census: 1900, Home #170 lists Agnes as born Sept 1862 in Ireland, came to US in 1863

Children of Agnes Wilson and Henry Wyrick are:

39 i. Earl4 Wyrick83.

40 ii. Mamie Wyrick83.

41 iii. Clarence Wyrick83.

42 iv. James Wyrick83.

43 v. Gussie Wyrick83.

44 vi. Elsie Wyrick83.

12. Robert H.3 Wilson (William M.2, Father1)84 was born 18 Dec 186185,86, and died 12 Nov 192887,88. He married Clara E. Link89,90 27 May 1891 in Monroe Co., IA91,92, daughter of Uriah Link and Melinda.

1895 Iowa Census Head of Household Index; Urbana Township; Page 5, Census Family Number 22/22

More About Robert H. Wilson: Burial: Eslinger Cemetery, Albia, Monroe County, Ia; grave ESL01693,94

Census: 1895, Iowa Head of Household Index; Urbana Township; Page 5, Census Family Number 22/22

More About Clara E. Link: Burial: Eslinger Cemetery, Albia, Monroe County, Ia94

Child of Robert Wilson and Clara Link is:

+ 45 i. William Uriah4 Wilson, born 24 Jul 1896 in Albia, Monroe Co., Ia; died 11 Nov 1978.

14. Eliza3 Wilson (William M.2, Father1)95 was born 1869 in Iowa96, and died Bef. 195097. She married (1) Daniel Herron98,99. She married (2) David Major 12 Apr 1898 in Monroe Co., Iowa100.

Children of Eliza Wilson and Daniel Herron are:

46 i. Grace4 Herron101, born 1890101.

Grace is not listed in probate record of James T. Wilson (1950) so, apparently, she died before 1950.

47 ii. Arch Herron101, born 1893101. He married Gladys L.102.  There are also two infant daughters of "A & G" buried at Eslinger Cemetery. One died 07 Jun 1916 and the other died 10 Apr 1919. 

Arch is not listed in probate record of James T. Wilson (1950) so, apparently, he died before 1950.

Children of Eliza Wilson and David Major are:

48 i. Ralph4 Major103.

49 ii. Gladys Major103.

50 iii. Jemimah Major103.

51 iv. Ora Major103.

52 v. Lola Major103.

53 vi. Tillman Major103.

54 vii. Kenneth Major103.

15. Robert3 Ford (Nancy Agnes2 Wilson, Father1)104,105 was born 16 Apr 1853 in County Down, Ireland106,107, and died 08 May 1921 in Albia, Monroe Co., IA108,109. He married Mary Emily Barber110,111 15 Jan 1874 in Foster, Monroe Co., Ia, daughter of Marcus Barber and Sabina Conger.

According to his obit from the "Albia Republican" dated 12 May 1921, he had 8 surviving children: Mrs. J. N. Repp, John Ford and Wm. Barber Ford of Albia; Marcus Orville, Bussey; Charles R. Ford, Hocking; Mrs. Lewis Van Dorin, Mrs. Wm. Jeffries, Buxton; and Mrs. John Polson, MO . His wife was in Greencastle MO at the time of death caring for a sick daughter. [Helen Clark]

More About Robert Ford: Burial: 12 May 1921, Eslinger Cemetery, Albia, Monroe County, Ia112,113

Naturalization: 24 Sep 1878, Monroe County, Ia114

More About Mary Emily Barber: Burial: Eslinger Cemetery, Albia, Monroe County, Ia115

Children of Robert Ford and Mary Barber are:

55 i. Alta Alice4 Ford, born 16 Oct 1874 in Albia, Monroe Co., Ia. She married Jacob Newton Repp, Jr.116 01 Jun 1892 in Monroe Co., IA117. (Other Researcher: Deb Repp, email repp@iowatelecom.net )

+ 56 ii. John E. Ford, born 1880 in Iowa.

+ 57 iii. Marcus Orville Ford, born 07 Dec 1881 in Iowa; died 22 Jun 1959 in Iowa.

58 iv. Charles Robert Ford, born 11 Oct 1884 in Albia, Monroe Co., Ia118. He married Margaret Ellen McLaughlin.

59 v. Mary A. Ford, born 27 Oct 1887 in Iowa. She married Louis Van Dorin.

60 vi. Henrietta Margaret Ford, born 13 May 1891 in Iowa; died 28 Mar 1964 in Mercy Hosp., Des Moines, IA. She married William Jeffreys. She is buried at Oakview, Albia, Monroe Co., IA

61 vii. William Barber Ford, born 02 Nov 1893 in Franklin Twp., Monroe Co., Iowa; died 25 Jan 1958 in Home of dau Helen Clark. He married Dorothy Ann Lawson. They lived on 15th Ave E according to City of Albia 1935 Pension List.  They are buried at Oakview Cem., Monroe Co., IA119

62 viii. Jennie Adaline Ford, born 10 Mar 1899 in Monroe Co., IA; died 01 Sep 1965 in Unionville, MO. She married John Polson.  She is buried at Concord Cemetery, Putnam Co., MO

16. William3 Ford (Nancy Agnes2 Wilson, Father1)120,121 was born Aug 1854 in Ireland121. He married Margaret Mahoney.

Helen Clark notes: "1900 census shows him in Urbana Twp - farmer, aged 45 and single. I have found no further record of him."

Naturalization: 24 Sep 1878, Albia, Monroe Co., Ia122

Child of William Ford and Margaret Mahoney is:

63 i. Hannah4 Ford, born 25 Jul 1892 in Melrose, IA123.

Generation No. 4

20. Sarah Jane4 Robinson (Mary Jane3 Wilson, James2, Father1)124 was born 10 Jan 1872 in Monroe County, Ia124, and died 03 Sep 1936 in Monroe County, Ia124. She married Theron Hoadley124 16 Feb 1899 in Monroe Co., Iowa125,126, son of William Hoadley and Jane Warren.

21. James4 Robinson (Mary Jane3 Wilson, James2, Father1)153 was born 1874153, and died 13 Jul 1921153. He married Estella Caldwell153 28 Apr 1897 in Monroe Co., Iowa154.  Both are buried at Pleasantville, Ia155

Children of James Robinson and Estella Caldwell are:

71 i. Ruth5 Robinson155, born 08 Aug 1897155. She married (1) Emil Flanagan155. She married (2) Floyd Ditzler155.  Roy Darby has her address as 1414 Robert, Grinnell IA. I'm sure she's passed on by now.

72 ii. Grace Robinson155, born 17 Aug 1898155. She married Howard Tressler155.  Roy Darby lists her address as 10407 Sun City Blvd., Sun City AZ. Grace and Howard had no children. 

73 iii. Guy Robinson155, born 04 Mar 1900 in Albia, Monroe Co., Ia156,157; died 09 Feb 1956157. He married Flo Roe158.  He is buried at Pleasantville, Ia159

74 iv. Leona Robinson159, born 12 Aug 1901159. She married O. A. Finberg159.  Roy Darby has her address as 2511 37th, Des Moines IA. Leona and her husband had no children.

75 v. Pearl Robinson159, born 08 Jan 1903159; died 22 Aug 1962159. She married (1) Clark159. She married (2) Art Ditzler159.  She is buried at  Pleasantville, Ia159

76 vi. Frances Robinson159, born 25 Apr 1909159; died 03 Feb 1964159. She married Louis Doud159.  She is buried at  Pleasantville, Ia159

77 vii. Russell Robinson159, born 30 Nov 1911159. He married Dorothy.  Residence ca 1969, 4105 Clinton, Des Moines, IA159

78 viii. Pauline Robinson159, born 20 Oct 1914159. She married Ardean Furnal159.

23. Rosa4 Robinson (Mary Jane3 Wilson, James2, Father1)159 was born 05 Feb 1877159, and died 07 Sep 1944159. She married George Reed Darby159 22 Dec 1898 in Monroe Co., Iowa159,160, son of Harper Darby. Both are buried at Moravia, Ia161

From the book "Foster, Iowa and Kinser Valley and Monroe County, Iowa", a collection of newspaper articles collected and edited by Bob Kocur

pg. 11: 28 Mar 1901 -- Geo. Darby has been selected as one of jurors for the April term of court.

and 18 Apr 1901 -- Geo. Darby who has been doing court duty at the county seat has returned home.

From the Moravia Union 18 Dec 1952:


George R. Darby was born on the pioneer homestead near the former town of Foster in Monroe township, Monroe county, Iowa, June 15, 1874, the son of Harp and Sarah Darby, and grew up and spent his life as a farmer in the community.

For a quarter of a century, Mr. Darby wrote items of news from his neighborhood for the Moravia Union. Many of his readers will sadly miss his column.

He departed this life December 14, 1952, at the Smith hospital in Albia, Iowa. Although he had been in failing health for several years he had been able to be at home and became critically ill only the day before death.

His wife, Rosa Robinson Darby, preceded him in death in September, 1945.

They were married in December 1898. The four children, R. T. Darby, Des Moines, Iowa, Mrs. Hazel Wilson, R. F. D. 1, Albia, Iowa, and the twins, Donald W. Darby, Oakland, California, and Mrs. Dorothea M. Firkins, Vallejo, California, survive. His is also survived by five grandchildren and two brothers, M. M. Darby, R. F. D. 1, Albia, Iowa and O. H. Darby, Madrid, Iowa.

Funeral services were held from the Turner Funeral home, Wednesday, December 17, at 2:00 p.m., with the Rev. John Grenfell officiating. Interment in the Moravia cemetery.

Children of Rosa Robinson and George Darby are:

79 i. Roy Thomas5 Darby161, born 06 Jun 1900161; died Bef. 1975. He married Elizabeth Goodson161 15 Sep 1934.

80 ii. Mary Hazel Darby161, born 24 Oct 1901161,162; died 07 Jun 1990 in Monroe Co., IA163. She married Lazelle Wilson164,165 23 Jul 1925166,167. Burial: Moravia Cemetery167

81 iii. Dorothea Mae Darby168, born 01 Apr 1914168. She married Norman Firkins168 04 Jun 1939.

Dorothea has written me some wonderful letters about our families and sent us pictures and funeral cards and such. I couldn't be more thankful for her kindness. LeRoy Wilson still farms her dad's farm in Kinser Valley. Dorothea taught at the Elmora School just west of Foster in Kinser Valley, north of where she lived. The Elmora school house has been sold and as of 1999 it was at the funeral stone place just east of Oakview Cemetery in Albia. Dorothea was Mom's teacher for awhile.

82 iv. Donald Woodrow Darby168, born 01 Apr 1914168; died 30 Jun 1967168. This was Dorothea's twin brother. He never married.  Burial: Moravia, Ia168

25. Nina Louisa4 Robinson (Amanda Jane3 Wilson, Henry2, Father1) was born 1886, and died 10 Jun 1922 in Monroe Co., IA. She married Joseph W. Fletcher.

Dorothea Firkins writes, "I did not know Amanda & Jacob Robinson but knew most of their children. Lloyd & Leonard Fletcher attended the country school that my brother, Donald & I did for a year or two before they moved. Lloyd was in the same High School graduating class in 1931 from Moravia, IA."  Nina is buried at  Eslinger Cemetery, Albia IA

Children of Nina Robinson and Joseph Fletcher are:

83 i. Sylvia5 Fletcher.

84 ii. Lelia Fletcher.

85 iii. Leonard Fletcher.

86 iv. Harold Fletcher, born Abt. 1909 in Urbana Twp., Monroe Co., IA; died Abt. 1915 in Monroe Co., IA.

87 v. Lloyd Fletcher, born Abt. 1913; died 1991 in Monroe Co., IA.

88 vi. Lewis Fletcher, born Abt. 1913 in Monroe Co., IA; died 1920 in Monroe Co., IA.

89 vii. Carroll Wright Fletcher169,170, born 13 Jan 1921 in IA; died Mar 1961 in San Pedro, CA. He married (1) Bertha. He married (2) Ruth Allison171. Other Researcher: Traci  email: cascades62@hotmail.com 

26. William Ellis4 Robinson (Amanda Jane3 Wilson, Henry2, Father1) was born 1888 in Albia, Monroe Co., Ia172, and died 21 Oct 1970 in Monroe Co., IA. He married Anna Doty.

Child of William Robinson and Anna Doty is:

90 i. Wayne5 Robinson, born Abt. 1918.

27. Susan Mabel4 Robinson (Amanda Jane3 Wilson, Henry2, Father1) was born 26 Aug 1890 in Urbana Twp., Monroe Co., IA, and died 30 Oct 1977 in Monroe Co., IA. She married Paul Kelso.

Child of Susan Robinson and Paul Kelso is:

91 i. Paul Chester5 Kelso, born 11 May 1918 in Malvern, Mills Co., IA; died May 1964 in Malvern, Mills Co., IA.

From:Carmen Mazza ( cmazza@mo.freei.net )

"Chester Kelso was my father.  Birth name:  Paul Chester Kelso.  All of his life went by the name of Chester with "Red" as his nickname. He was married to Virginia Winslow and they had two children.  Delores Virginia Kelso and Carmen Colleene Kelso. I am not sure, where he was born, it was either Malvern, Iowa or  Tabor, Iowa. After my grandparents married they moved at some point in time from Tabor to Malvern.  He was an only child. My grandfather, Paul Frederick Kelso moved to Iowa from Craig, Missouri.  His Father was James Thomas Kelso, married to Laura Ann Miller.  You may contact me at any time for any reason."

29. Gertrude Agnes4 Robinson (Amanda Jane3 Wilson, Henry2, Father1) was born Jul 1894, and died 12 Aug 1969 in Monroe Co., IA. She married Francis Roscoe Bailey.

Children of Gertrude Robinson and Francis Bailey are:

92 i. Maxine5 Bailey, born 1920.

93 ii. Virgil Roscoe Bailey, born 15 Feb 1926 in Ottumwa, IA.

30. Ruth Zelma4 Robinson (Amanda Jane3 Wilson, Henry2, Father1) was born 05 Oct 1896 in Albia, Monroe Co., IA172, and died 12 Aug 1969 in Monroe Co., IA. She married George McGilvery.

Children of Ruth Robinson and George McGilvery are:

94 i. Clifford5 McGilvery, born in Monroe Co., IA.

95 ii. Robert McGilvery, born in Monroe Co., IA.

96 iii. Harold McGilvery, born in Monroe Co., IA.

97 iv. Frances Jean McGilvery, born Abt. 1925 in Monroe Co., IA.

31. John Edward4 Robinson (Amanda Jane3 Wilson, Henry2, Father1) was born 17 May 1899173, and died 07 Aug 1970173. He married Frances Alida DeTarr. They are buried at  Eslinger Cemetery, Albia, Monroe County, Ia

Children of John Robinson and Frances DeTarr are:

98 i. Dewayne Othello5 Robinson, born 02 Feb 1928 in Blakesburg, Monroe Co., IA; died 20 Jan 1973 in Albia, Monroe Co., IA.

99 ii. Dweena Robinson, born 25 May 1929 in Monroe Co., IA.

100 iii. Deena Lee Robinson, born 23 Apr 1933 in Urbana Twp., Monroe Co., IA.

32. Lula Melissa4 Robinson (Amanda Jane3 Wilson, Henry2, Father1) was born 1902, and died 31 Oct 1981 in Moravia, IA. She married Gus Wesley Hiatt 24 May 1924 in IA. Burial: Hillcrest Cemetery, Moravia, IA

Children of Lula Robinson and Gus Hiatt are:

101 i. Carl Wesley5 Hiatt, born 30 Mar 1925 in Appanoose Co., IA; died 16 Jan 1996 in Albia, Monroe Co., IA. He married Lela M. Davis 05 Jan 1946 in Albia174.

102 ii. Clair Edward Hiatt, born 31 Jul 1926 in Appanoose Co., IA; died 14 May 1996 in Ft. Worth, TX.

33. Sara Amanda4 Robinson (Amanda Jane3 Wilson, Henry2, Father1) was born 30 Sep 1903 in Urbana Twp., Monroe Co., IA. She married Harold Pool 31 Aug 1930 in Iowa.

Obituary of Harold Pool:

Harold R. Pool, 89, of Indianola died of a heart ailment Wednesday at home. Services will be at 1:30 pm Monday at Overton Funeral Home. Burial will be in Norwalk Cemetery.

Mr. Pool was born in Warren and moved to Indianola in 1955. He was a retired farmer an d a member of the Indianola Men's Garden Club and Warren County Farm Bureau.

Surviving are his wife, Sara; two sons, Robert and Richard, both of Indianola; two daughters, Ann Smith of Martindale and Judy Pool of Indianola; a sister, Louis Petry of New Virginia; 11 grandchildren and 17 great grandchildren.

Children of Sara Robinson and Harold Pool are:

103 i. Robert5 Pool, born 01 Jul 1932 in Mills Co., IA.

104 ii. Richard Pool, born 24 Oct 1934 in Iowa.

105 iii. Shirley Ann Pool, born 23 Mar 1938 in Iowa.

106 iv. Judith Irene Pool, born 29 Nov 1940 in Mills Co., IA.

34. Jacob Howard4 Robinson (Amanda Jane3 Wilson, Henry2, Father1) was born 07 Sep 1905 in Urbana Twp., Monroe Co., IA, and died 09 Oct 1967 in Mills Co., IA. He married Estella Ruttan.

Denise Robinson writes: "Jacob Howard served as a member of the 101st Airborne during World War II. He was wounded and received the purple heart, I believe more than one time. He also received the silver star. He was part of the Normandy Invasion on June 6, 1944. I was told he spent the last 6 months of the war in a prisoner of war camp in Germany."

Child of Jacob Robinson and Estella Ruttan is:

107 i. Vera La Rue5 Robinson.

35. Francis Henry4 Robinson (Amanda Jane3 Wilson, Henry2, Father1) was born 01 May 1911 in Urbana Twp., Monroe Co., IA, and died 04 Apr 1984 in Salisbury, MD. He married Hazel Juanita Leggett 21 Dec 1935 in Iowa, daughter of Benjamin Leggett and Ethel Snell.

Children of Francis Robinson and Hazel Leggett are:

108 i. Francis Richard5 Robinson, born 23 Feb 1937 in Malvern, Mills Co., IA.

109 ii. Charles Earl Robinson, born 08 Feb 1938 in Malvern, Mills Co., IA.

110 iii. Jane Elenor Robinson, born 01 Jul 1939 in Malvern, Mills Co., IA.

111 iv. Patricia Marie Robinson, born 12 Sep 1955 in Malvern, Mills Co., IA.

112 v. Lawrence Claude Robinson, born 30 Sep 1955 in Salisbury, Wicomico Co., MD.

37. William Clarence4 Wilson (William John3, William M.2, Father1)175,176 was born 27 Feb 1906 in Albia, Monroe Co., Ia, and died 15 Nov 1983. He married Marguerite G Kent177, daughter of Jason Kent. Burial: Eslinger Cemetery, Albia IA; grave ESL259C178

Children of William Wilson and Marguerite Kent are:

113 i. John5 Wilson179.

From the book "Foster, Iowa and Kinser Valley and Monroe County, Iowa", a collection of newspaper articles collected and edited by Bob Kocur, pg 11:

18 Apr 1901 -- John Wilson the genial storekeeper has just received a large shipment of spring goods, including a car load of flour. (I'm not sure this is the same John Wilson as Wilson is a common name. Maybe I will check this out someday.)

114 ii. Dortha M. Wilson179.

115 iii. James Wilson179.

116 iv. Jason Edgar Wilson179.

117 v. Thomas Clarence Wilson179.

45. William Uriah4 Wilson (Robert H.3, William M.2, Father1)179,180 was born 24 Jul 1896 in Albia, Monroe Co., Ia181,182, and died 11 Nov 1978183. He married Opal Duvall184.

The Urbana Township 1935 Pension List lists William's birth date as 24 July 1896; his place of birth as Blakesburg Iowa; his father as R H Wilson and his mother Clara Tink. He was not checked as a veteran. They are both buried at  Eslinger Cemetery, Albia, Monroe County, Ia186

Children of William Wilson and Opal Duvall are:

118 i. Robert5 Wilson186.

119 ii. Jack Wilson186.

120 iii. William Wilson, Jr.186.

121 iv. Charlotte Wilson187, born 29 Jan 1921; died 02 Mar 1921.  Burial: Eslinger Cemetery, Albia, Monroe County, Ia188

56. John E.4 Ford (Robert3, Nancy Agnes2 Wilson, Father1) was born 1880 in Iowa. He married Ida Gertrude Harris.

Child of John Ford and Ida Harris is:

122 i. Crystal5 Ford. Lived next door to Kenneth Goudy in Ottumwa, IA.

57. Marcus Orville4 Ford (Robert3, Nancy Agnes2 Wilson, Father1) was born 07 Dec 1881 in Iowa, and died 22 Jun 1959 in Iowa. He married Anna E. LaMar. Both are buried at Eslinger Cem., Monroe Co., IA189 

Children of Marcus Ford and Anna LaMar are:

123 i. Infant5 Ford, died Aug 1910. Burial: Eslinger Cem., Monroe Co., IA190

124 ii. Infant Ford, died Dec 1918. Burial: Eslinger Cem., Monroe Co., IA191


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