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My name is Ed Neu - Edward Anton Neu III, to be exact. (Yes. There is a IV too.) I live on a small farm in Buffalo, Minnesota and work in a high tech company near Minneapolis.

During the summer of 1997, upon the occasion of my 50th birthday, I suddenly found a need to learn who my ancestors were, and began a quest to learn about them. What you see here on this web site is the state of my understanding so far. I don't claim to have the definitive study of the Neu family, but it's a start.

I have discovered there are several strongholds of the family Neu in the United States. Some in Pennsylvania, some in Ohio, a few in Minnesota, quite a few in California, and those who settled in Missouri - St. Louis to be more specific. That's where I was born.

On these pages you will find mostly family related to Philip Neu, my great-grandfather. He immigrated from Germany to the U.S. about 1865 from Hassloch, Germany, and settled in St. Louis. He had a brother, Jacob, who ventured further west to Goodland, Kansas.

You will also find the histories of a few Neu's who may or may not be related. Their family histories have been provided to me by fellow genealogists I have met through correspondence. So far I haven't figured out how the various clans of Neu around the U.S. link together, but I hope that those of you who visit this web site might be able to provide more pieces to the puzzle.

Enjoy your visit.


Updated 16 Jun 2011

I see it’s been a while since I updated this site. I do my additional research when I can, and surprisingly it adds up after a while.

In the past 15 months I’ve added or updated 740 individuals and added 193 source references. I’ve made some exciting finds along the way.

I discovered my other maternal GGGrandfather, Carl Adler, who immigrated from Germany with his family in 1882.

I’ve been able to add some depth of understanding to Lin’s side of the family, both on her father’s and mother’s side with some new details on the Hilliard family, and a considerable expansion of information about the Cronce, Seeling and Margell families.

I’ve filled in a few gaps regarding my family of cousins in Florida, Mom’s nieces and nephews – the Edwards clan.

The Friedmeyer family has quite a bit of additional information associated with it now.

Also added during this period is an extensive listing of members of the Hedrick family. This family is of particular interest to me because I’m pretty sure it’s connected to Lin’s side of the family, but I’m still missing a couple key links to prove that out. Thanks much to the efforts of Frank Hedrick for information he has gathered.

I’ve also been able to gather quite a bit of information about the Hern and Johnson families, who represent Lin’s paternal Grandmother’s ancestors.

New learnings regarding the Neu surname have been numerous, adding depth and breadth to my knowledge. I have documented a prominent branch of the Neu family in the area of Evansville, Indiana, but have not proven any link to our branch.

And I spent some hours in the summer of 2010 ordering microfilms through my local Family History Center to study the Neu family in and about Hassloch, Germany in the 1800’s. But alas, the origins of my GGrandfather, Philip Neu, remain elusive.

If you’d like to keep up with the Neu family on a more regular basis, check into my site on the RootsWeb WorldConnect Project. I update it more often because it’s so simple and fast. If you’d like to see it just go to:

Updated 4 Mar 2010


Although I haven't updated this web site in over two years, I have not been idle. With the continued help of countless fellow genealogists providing bits and pieces of family history data, and the availability of more and more on-line databases, or at least my ability to find and use them, I have added much since January of 2008.

I have added or updated more than 2085 entries, and cited an additional 300 sources.

A large portion of that new knowledge came with the special help of Mark Neu, of Kenosha, WI, and the meticulous records of Lee Mich. With their help I have added or updated more than 616 entries, all descendants of Mathias Neu, who settled in Kenosha in 1873.

With the help of my Mom, I was able to add a substantial amount of history regarding the Friedmeier family. This is the family of one of her aunts, of whom she has fond memories.

After a considerable amount of research, I was able to find the passenger list containing the names of my maternal GGGrandfather and his family, who came from Germany in 1857.

I have even discovered that there is an Olympic athlete in our family tree. My GrandUncle, Andrew F. Neu, participated in the 3rd Olympiad, in 1904 in St. Louis. As a young gymnast, he competed as part of a team from the Sud St. Louis Turnverein. He competed in a number of events, including a 3-event series, the Men's Individual All-Around, Field Sports, consisting of long jump, shot put and 100 yard race. There are no flashy medals hanging on this family tree, but he actually came in tied for 3rd place in the 100-yard event.

There are an additional 163 entries that are part of the Duncanson clan - that being the lineage of my son-in-law. Digging into his family history was a lot of fun. I was able to track it all the way back to 1750 in Scotland.

I just wish I could trace my own Neu roots back that successfully. I am still seeking the parents of my GreatGrandfather, Philip, in their homeland of Hassloch, Germany.

So, we'll keep searching until we find that root.

Updated 5 Jan 2008


This update has 417 changes or additions since August 3, 2007, when I last updated my site. I continue to correspond with a number of generous people who have helped me continue to expand this collection. I have dug into a lot of US Census, marriage and death records the past few months and added a lot of detail to families.

Updated 3 Aug 2007


This update has 730 changes or additions since January of 2000, when I last updated my site. I have been corresponding with a number of generous people who have helped me continue to expand this collection. I have added a lot of "branches" to the Neu family tree, not as much to the "trunk".

In addition, a long visit from Mom this summer produced a lot of updates to records of distant cousins, aunts and uncles. Thanks, Mom!!!

I have added extensive notes to a lot of people in this edition of the Neu Family Genealogy. Just click on any name to see more details.

I have some of my cousins interested in the project now. They have filled me in on the details of their immediate families. And I've learned there is a book around somewhere, which was compiled around 1950, with detailed research on my family line. I'm still trying to find it.

Thanks go out to Robert E. Neu, in California. Most of the information about Philip Peter Neu and his family, the co-founder of the Neu und Gintz Brewery in Belleville, IL came from his book, "Always Neu".

Thanks also go out to Paula Hursch, Linda Logue, David M. Hendirx for his help with the Margell family, Edmund West for his information on individuals in and around Belleville, IL, and to Leona Marx for her help with the Andree family.

I hope you continue to enjoy this project and can contribute to it.

7344 27th St. S.E.
Buffalo, MN USA

Updated 16 Jun 2011

Edward A. Neu, III - Buffalo, MN USA - 04 Mar 2010

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