1891 Diary of Emma Crow




1891 Diary of Emma Crow

Crows Landing, California

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Emma Patchett Crow was the wife of Benjamin H. Crow who came to California in 1850 with the Crow Cattle Company. His father Walter and two sons Clinton Pike and Lewis Jacob Crow had gone to California in 1849 looking for gold.  Walter returned to Missouri and bought cattle to drive to California to sell in the mines.  Four more of his sons came west with him: William Henry Crow, James Addison Crow, Benjamin Hamilton Crow and Alfred McDowell Crow.  John Bradford "Brad" Crow, Isaac Crow and Susan Crow Smith came in 1865 by wagon train across the plains.

Emma Patchett Crow was born in Chester county, Pa., a daughter of John and Esther (Passmore) Patchett.  John Patchett was a native of Lincolnshire, England, and is an early day immigrated to the United States.  His marriage occurred in Pennsylvania, in which state he conducted a brewery for a number of years.  Going to Iowa in 1836, he resided in Van Buren County on the Des Moines River for some time.  In 1850 he came to California, locating in Napa Valley, near  Napa, in which vicinity he acquired a large amount of land.  He died in 1875, when eighty years of age, surviving his wife a quarter of a century, her death occurring in November, 1850, soon after their arrival in Eldorado county.  Aunt Emma and Uncle Ben were not blessed with children.  They took Benjamin " Frank" Crow to live with them when he was two years old.  He was the son of Uncle Ben's brother Lewis, who lived near Oakdale, California.


Benjamin Hamilton Crow
Born Feb. 27, 1824, Mercer Co. Ky.
Died Sept. 18, 1906, Crow's Landing, Calif.

Uncle Ben Crow passes away suddenly and peacefully at his home. Close of a long life, of which more than fifty years was spent.  Few of the pioneers of the West Side have lived to see the country develop and blossom as did Benjamin Hamilton Crow, "Uncle Ben" Crow, as he was called by everyone, who passed away last Tuesday morning at the ripe age of 82.  The deceased and his brothers were practically the first settlers in what is now one of the most prosperous parts of the state of California.  Uncle Ben came to this section in 1850 and has lived here ever since.  With the exception of his brother Pike, he was the sole representative of his generation of the Crow family living up to the time of his death.

Uncle Ben has been in poor health for several years past and recently has spent much of his time at Berkeley, under the care of a physician.  Two weeks ago he came up to Crow's Landing, and had been feeling better than for some time previous, up to the day before he died.  He was always an early riser, and Tuesday morning as usual he arose before 5o’clock and went out to the barnyard alone.  Here he was found a little later by one of the ranch employees, lying quit dead.  Death undoubtedly resulted from heart failure due to old age and general weakness.   

Funeral services were held at the Presbyterian church in Newman on Thursday, conducted by Rev. Mr. Crawford of San Jose, a minister well known to the deceased for many years past, assisted by Rev. Mr. Crowther of Newman.  The pallbearers were Messrs. Stewart, Morris, Wanganheim, Clary, Eastin,  and W. T. Moorehead, among the closest friends of the deceased.

The attendance was naturally very large, comprising nearly all the old residents of Newman, Crow's Landing and the surrounding country, as well as many later arrivals, who gathered to pay a last tribute to the memory of the old pioneer.  Most of those present followed the remains to their last resting place in the Newman cemetery, where all that as mortal of Uncle Ben was laid to rest, only a few miles from where he settled some 56 years ago.

Mr. Crow is survived by his wife only, no children having been born to the couple, but numerous nephews, nieces and other relatives mourn his loss.


Thursday January 1, 1891

Frank went to Newman.

It rained last night some this morning and some and some lightly this evening.  Foggy through the night.  Mr. Crow went up to the ranch.  Frank went to Newman took Mrs. Thompson one hundred pounds of dried peaches, then he went out to the plains to see how the grain's looked, he thinks that there will be a pretty good stand on the Tucker land.  Mr. Crow wrote and sent a check to the Modesto Bank for one hundred dollars from Jamison. Ida and I went out to Frank Bell's and spent the day.  Frank was sick in bed.


January 2, 1891 Friday

Foggy awhile this morning looks like it might clear up.  Mr. Crow made up some poison to put out for the squirrels, and Frank out  hunting awhile.  They got 7 or 8 birds.  Frank loaded a lot of blank cartridges for Mr. Crow's shotgun.  Ida cooked an old hen and gave the house a good sweeping.  I made some pies.  I burnt a lot of bones for the chickens.  I picked over the apples cooked what we wanted and took the rest to Mrs. Ingram.  Ida and I went out to see them while we were there she and Brad left to go to Ingomar to stay the night.


January 3, 1891 Saturday

It was cold and foggy or cloudy all fore noon.  This afternoon bright and pleasant.  Mr. Crow went up to the ranch and has been putting out poison.  Went to Mr. Tucker's and choreing around this afternoon.  Ida scrubbed the kitchen and cleaned.  I churned and sorted the pears.  Gave Mr. Crow some cut up bones for the chickens, busy all forenoon.  Ralph and Paul Crow came down in their little cart worked a goat in it.  A man here this afternoon and a couple of other men with some stock they wanted to sell to Mr. Crow.


January 4, 1891 Sunday

Warmer today cloudy, sun shone out part of the day.  Cloudy this afternoon with a strong south wind.  Commenced to rain about 7 o'clock and still raining at bedtime.  Mr. Crow and Frank took some mares up to the ranch this forenoon, wanted to wean the colts.  Frank took a load of barley, plow and four mules up to the ranch to go to plowing.   If it hadn't rained.  Herb was down here for dinner then went to Newman to get a man to go a plowing.  Mr. Crow wrote to Mr. Jameson.  Ida went to see Mrs. Ingram. 


Monday January 5, 1891

Mr. Crow got a letter from Mr. Fentem.  It has been bright and pleasant today didn't rain very much Sun. Mr. Crow put out poison and hauled a couple of loads of wood, Frank helped him with it, and Frank went up to the ranch to start the men to plowing.  He went out to the station Ida went with him.  Tonight we caught 5 dozen roosters and 4 and one half dozen hens.  Frank took them out to the RR station tonight.  Ida and I washed and mended.  I took the baby and went down in the bottoms with Mr. Crow and Frank afternoon.  Two tramps here for breakfast.  A man here today.


Tuesday January 6, 1891

Cloudy with a little sprinkle of rain.  Cleared off late in the evening and the wind turned to the north.  Mr. Crow stayed home all day to meet a man that was coming to see him but didn't come.  Frank, Charley, Jimmie and Eve Crow out a coyote hunting, didn't get any.  Ida ironed; I mended the stocking, cleaned the henhouses and limed it thoroughly after catching the chickens last night and sending them off, made new nests.  Mr. Crow got it from the Modesto bank.  I got a letter from Mrs. Hoyt and a box of oranges from Cousin Elwood of Los Angeles.

The Coyote Industry:  A special to the Stockton Independent, from Sacramento,  under date of July 11th, says:  The coyote industry is flourishing in California.  The impetus given it by the last Legislature in offering a reward of $5.00for each coyote scalp, has had a wonderful effect and bids fair to bankrupt the State.  The first quarterly returns are now coming in from that "infant industry," and the result has almost paralyzed the force in Controller Colgan's office.  Only eleven counties have yet been heard from, yet claims have been sent in aggregating $10,890, or for 2178 scalps.  The claims are made out to individual slayers of coyotes, and Colgan says that if the rush continues he will have to hire a "coyote clerk."  July 18, 1891 The Union Democrat Sonora, California


Wednesday January 7, 1891

Cold, with a cold north through the night and all day today.  Mr. Crow got a quail and this afternoon he helped Frank butcher a couple of hogs.  Frank went up to the ranch this morning.  Ida made her an apron and cooked a large goose for dinner.  I have been cutting up weeds in the chicken yard and sweeping and clearing it up.  Mrs. Ingram over this afternoon.  She has been sick.  We made arrangements to go up to Cash Eastin's on Friday if weather is pleasant. 


Thursday January 8, 1891

Cold and clear the sun shone out bright and pleasant and warm to be so cold this morning.  Mr. Crow went to Modesto won't be back until tomorrow.  Frank cut up his hogs that he butchered yesterday and John came down in the afternoon said that there was a coyote up at Cash's he went but did not find it.  He went up to Herb's been sowing barley this afternoon.  I have been clearing around most of the day.  I mopped my room.  Mrs. Ingram over this afternoon.   and Ida went out to the station said they saw C.P. Crow, Clara and Lizzie Crow.  Mr. Crow got a letter from Mr. Rand.


Friday, January 9, 1891

Emma went to Newman for the first time.

Coldest night of the season, ice and lots of frost.  Mr. Crow got home from Modesto today, got him a new overcoat.  Frank cooked out the lard and salted the meat.  Ida and I and Mrs. Ingram went up to Cash Eastin's and spent the day.  We had a pleasant visit.  We went through Newman, the first time I have been through Newman it is a larger place than I expected to see.  Mr. Cressey came down to see us He was in not seeing us as he is going home tomorrow.  Pike and Brad was down.


Saturday January 10,1891

Another cold night the pipe froze so the water wouldn't run this morning.  The ice didn't melt off in the shade today although it was sun shinny and pleasant.

Mr. Crow putting out poison and getting Brad's hogs out of the 80.  Frank made sausage went to Mc ranch and to the hills.  Ida made pies and scrubbed the kitchen.  I cleaned around.  Pike Crow here tonight.  It seems good to see him.  Mr. Crow hired a man to work.


Sunday January 11, 1891

Cold lots of ice and frost this morning.  Cold all day though the sun shown out bright.  Mr. Crow around the most of the day.  Frank went out a hunting awhile, him and Ida went to the Post Office this evening.  Ida and I have been reading.  Pike here last night went home today.  Herbert down this evening.  Wasn't feeling very well the old pain a coming back that he had so much trouble with.  Ida gave him a ball of butter.  Mr. Crow drew up a check and left with me for Mr. Trefts and gave credit.


Monday January 12, 1891

Another cold frosty night. Been a south wind all day.  Mr. Crow putting out poison here.  Mr. Webber and Frank pulling the old brush fence down along the creek bank.  Going to put a lumber fence.  Frank went up to the ranch this morning.  Ida washed, I mended and sewed.  I sorted the apples and cleaned the pig's feet, ready to cook tomorrow.  Mrs. Ingram here and spent the afternoon.  Clara and Eve Crow here awhile this afternoon. Eve is going to start back to Oakland to school tomorrow.  John Crow down.


Tuesday January 13, 1891

Warmer cloudy all night and today the sun shone out a little while this evening but cloudy tonight.  Mr. Crow and Mr. Webber making on boards on the fence they are making.  Frank up to the upper ranch sowing barley.  Ida and Mrs. Ingram went out to the station.  I wrote a letter to cousin Elwood,  been gathering up and burning outside the most of the day.  I went down where Mr. Crow was at work awhile, Mr. Trefts here Mr. Crow gave him a check on the Modesto bank for five hundred dollars. Cara Crow and Stella Smith here to see us today.


Wednesday January 14, 1891

Warm and pleasant today, cloudy through the night and awhile today, bright sunshiny this afternoon.  Mr. Crow and Mr. Webber mailing on boards on the fence they are making.  Frank up to the upper ranch sowing barley.  Ida and Mrs. Ingram went out to the station.  I wrote a letter to cousin Elwood.  Been gathering up and burning outside most of the day.  I went down where Mr. Crow was working awhile.  Mr. Trefts here Mr. Crow gave him a check on the Modesto bank for five hundred dollars. Cara Crow and Stella Smith here to see us today.



Thursday January 15, 1891

Warm and pleasant today. Cloudy through the night and awhile today bright sunshiny this afternoon.  Mr. Crow and Mr. Webber finished the fence all but the wire around the little field.  Frank went up to the ranch and finished sowing the barley will finish harrowing by noon tomorrow.  I have been sewing on Mr. Crows shirts.  Ida went up to the ranch with Frank her and I went down where Mr. Crow was at work.  Herbert Crow down awhile so was Judith and Susie Haile.  Mr. Crow wrote to Mr. Fentan, Mr. Webber spaded up the vines around the porch.  I will set out violets.


Friday January 16, l891

The wind blew all night from the north.  Today cloudy still a south wind.  Mr. Crow went to Stockton to see brother Jim he is sick.  Mr. Webber was working in the lower garden in the forenoon.  This afternoon he and Frank butchered two hogs.  Frank went up to the ranch this forenoon brought the teams, plows and commenced to plow out in the field this afternoon with his teams.  I set out a lot of violets.  I was working in the yard all forenoon.  Fred Grant here for dinner.  I hadn't seen him in 25 years. 


Saturday January 17, 1891

Foggy this morning.  The north wind blew pretty hard this afternoon.  Frank cut and salted his two hogs and sowed the barley.  They finished plowing out in the filed and one team came in and commenced on the cheek down in the little field.  Mr. Webber finished cleaning the land in the bottom and been spading in the yard this afternoon.  I sorted apples and cooked a lot.  Cleaned the pig's feet.  I cleaned the kitchen.  Ida got a letter from Mr. Mays says that it is very cold back there.  They expect to come back in April.


Sunday January 18, 1891

Fog this morning for awhile pleasant today sunshiny after the fog went off.  Mr. Crow came home from Stockton said that Jim was better.  Frank and Herbert went a coyote hunting caught one.  The plowmen setting around the most of the day.  Ida and I cooking and reading.   Mrs. Ingram here awhile.



Monday January 19, 1891

Cold and frosty last night went off with a fog this morning been bright and pleasant today with a south wind.  Mr. Crow and Mr. Webber hauling wood and spaded in the yard.  Frank cooked lard made sausage and went up to the ranch.  The men plowing in the little field.  Ida and I washed and visited with our company.  Fannie and Mabel Crow came down and spent the day.  Mary Crow and Mr. Ingram were here this afternoon.  Ida got a letter from Mrs. Mays they say that it is cold back there think that they will come back in April.


Tuesday January 20, 1891

C.P. Crow here today got a check for 650 dollars.  Cold and frosty this morning.  Frost went off with a fog warm and pleasant today.  Mr. Crow and Mr. Welber finished hauling the wood and been putting wire on the fence.  Mr.Crow is quite lame in the arm tonight, got cut with the barbwire.   The boys finished plowing in the little field and one of the men left. Frank sowed the barley and alfalfa see and the other man is harrowing it in.  Ida and I went down in the field where Mr. Crow was stretching wire.  I got a nice letter from Mrs. Hoyt.  Mr. Crow got a postal from J.A. Crow.


Wednesday January 21, 1891

Frosty this morning but bright warm and pleasant through the day.  Mr. Crow went a hunting this morning.  Thought he had a coon in a tree up in Mr. Richenson's field.  Frank and Ida him and I took the dogs and went up there.  Frank climbed the tree but didn't find any .  The men finished plowing and sowing the barley in the bottom.   Mr. Webber finished spading in the yard and made a walk by the cistern and fixed up the yard fence.  Mr. John Yates her. Mr. Crow gave him a check for 25 dollars.  Mr. Crow and I went up to Brads and spent the evening.


Thursday January 22, 1891

Cloudy looks a little like rain tonight.  Mr. Crow finishing hauling the posts and old lumber.  Frank went up to the ranch and started Mr. Webber into poisoning squirrels.  George left this morning took his team up and turned it out to grass.  Herbert took the calves and some of the cows up to the ranch three of the calves died.  Something like the black leg.  Ida and I went out to Frank Bells and spent the afternoon.  Frank is looking so much better.  Aunt Evaline came up with her to visit awhile.


Friday January 23, 1891

It has been more or less cloudy all day.  Clear tonight.  Mr. Crow fixing the garden fence.  Frank went up to the ranch to look after the stock and fence.  Ida gave the house a good sweeping.  I was out cleaning the yard until noon.  This afternoon Ida and I went up to see Laura.  We had a pleasant visit.  Laura is very sociable and pleasant.  Brad down and spent the evening.  We saw Mrs. Ingram this evening she said that her lungs were paining her she looks weekly.


Saturday January 24, 1891

Warm and pleasant today north wind blowing this evening.  Cloudy this afternoon.  Mr. Crow and Frank finished putting the wire on the fence.  Mr. Crow pruning trees this afternoon.  Frank and Mr. Roundree was going to the hills quail hunting.  Frank got ready went up after Mr. Roundtree he was sick and Frank came back home.  Ida cooked for Frank, a lunch.  I finished cleaning the chicken yard.  And Ida and I went to Clara's.


Sunday January 25, 1891

The wind blew pretty hard from the north through the night been warm calm and pleasant today.  Mr. Crow around home.  Frank went a hunting and caught 2 coons, a wildcat.  The dogs got after two coyotes.  Frank shot at one of them.  Old Bill so afraid of a gun that he didn't shoot it.  Ida went out to Bell Crow's and spent the afternoon.  M. and Mrs. Ingram here and spent the afternoon.  Herbert down for dinner.

Monday January 26, 1891

A little cloudy with a south wind this morning bright and pleasant through this afternoon the north wind has been blowing pretty hard and still blowing tonight.  Mr. Crow went out to the station to send after salt. Been pruning this afternoon.  Frank went to the hills with the team.  Ida and I washed and mended I cleaned the hen house, all around and limed it all over.  It is so dry farmers are feeling very blue about their future prospects. 


Tuesday January 27, 1891

The wind blew hard all night and today from the north, cloudy and calm tonight.  Mr. crow cutting wood and pruning trees.  Frank got the hogs out of the 80 and out of the granary got a couple of ducks and three quails.  Ida and I ironed.  She went down to see Mrs. Ingram awhile.  Mrs. Ingram came back with her and they went to the post office this evening.  I used the machine sewing on Mr. Crow's two shirts and considerable mending.  Ralph and Walter came down with a note from May says that Jimmie had been very sick.


Wednesday January 28, 1891

The north wind blew pretty hard all night and the most of today.  Mr. Crow pruning trees, Frank choreing around he and Ida went out to the station to take a case of eggs.  I mended the dining room carpet been nursing Bennie he's pretty near sick with a bad cold and teething.  I went up to see Mary awhile this afternoon.   Frank is pretty near sick with a bad cold Frank and Ida saw Herbert out at the station they say that he has rheumatism in his arm.


Thursday January 29, 1891

The north wind blew pretty hard all-night and part of today.  This afternoon calmed down and cloudy tonight.  Crow went up to the ranch in the forenoon and set Mr. Webber to work digging postholes.  He put out poison.  Frank started to irrigate the orchard but the water stopped the ground up in the garden.  Ida went up to see Mary and went to the post office.  Mrs. Carlton and Mrs. Collins here tonight.


Friday January 30, 1891

A little cloudy warm and pleasant.  Although it was cold and frosty last night some ice a gentle south wind today.  Mr. Crow took up a load of posts up to the ranch and they tore down an old fence and making a new one.  Frank took some treatment he is about sick with a bad cold.  Ida mopped the kitchen baked a cake gave the house a sweeping.  I done some reading, some mending took care of Bennie.  Frank nailed up a lot of boxes and I made a lot of hen nests.  Mrs. Carton and Mrs. Collin still here last night left for Modesto today.


Saturday January 31, 1891

Cool and frosty this morning but cloudy and warm all day.  Clear tonight M. Crow and Frank took a load of lumber up to the ranch and have been fixing a fence and to irrigate they put the water on the little field up there tonight.  Ida scrubbed I scrubbed my room and churned and burnt a lot of weeds in the garden.  Ida and I went to see Mrs. Ingram awhile.  Mrs. Ingram came home with her and us and Ida went to the Post office.  Frank went to the station after some salt.  Mrs. Reeves died yesterday and her daughter Mrs. Reed the day before something unusual for so many deaths in this part of the country.

"Mrs. C. Reeves died at Newman this morning of pneumonia, which was contracted while attending her daughter, Mrs. Reed, who died on Thursday last.  The funeral will take place to-morrow afternoon at Cottonwood."From the Modesto Evening News


Sunday February 1, 1891

It rained slightly through the night and sprinkled all day, wind to the north tonight.  Mr. Crow around all day.  Frank went out a hunting and awhile this evening.  Ida wrote a couple of letters.  I wrote to Mrs. Hoyt.  Herbert down today.  They started in to irrigate last evening one of the boxes washed around and they had to turn the water off.  Mrs. Ingram over her and Ida went over to the Post Office.


Monday February 2, 1891

A fog this morning bright and pleasant today.  Mr. Crow and Frank went up to the ranch one of the boxes washed out in the ditch and they had to fix it.  Mr. Crow poisoned squirrels.  Ida and I washed and mended.  Mr. Snedigar came to see Ida and Frank and stayed all night.  Isaac and Eveline here tonight Eveline has improved very much since she came.  We had a nice visit with them.  The baby is sick tonight collie I think I have been putting on hot fermentations and his is so much better this morning.


Tuesday February 3, 1892

A heavy frost this morning bright and pleasant today.  Cold wind.  Mr. Crow and Frank went up to the ranch they finished the fence.  I washed the walls on the porch, the porch and all of the sidewalks.  I gave the house a good dusting.  Ida and Bennie went home with Mr. Snedigar to see her grandma she is sick.  Isaac and Eveline stayed here last night.  They went back to Frank's Isaac going home tomorrow.  I sent Jimmie Morris some butter.  Cara Crow came down and spent the afternoon.  Cash and Paul came down and spent the evening.


Wednesday February 4, 1891

A It has been a little cloudy today cleared off toward evening.  Mr. Crow and Frank out a hunting.  Frank got 7 mallard ducks in the afternoon.  Frank took a case of eggs to the station.  I jobbed around done some mending and done considerable cleaning.  John Hearn here for dinner.  I went up to May's, Anna's had been quite sick.  I went to see Mrs. Ingram she wasn't home.  Alfred Stonesifer is very sick think it is doubtful if he gets well.

C.A. Stonesifer was summoned from Newman last evening on account of the dangerous illness of his oldest son, Alfred, who has brain fever.  Today a considerable improvement is noted in his condition and hopes are entertained of his recovery.  Modesto Evening News 1891


Thursday February 5, 1891

It commenced to rain in the night.  Rained until about ten o'clock about one fourth of an inch of water fell Mr. Crow thinks.  This afternoon Mr. Crow and Frank went a coyote hunting started one but the dogs got away from them expect they caught it because haven't gotten back here at bedtime.  I did some mending marked buttonholes and put buttons on a shirt.  I am nearly sick with a cold.  I went up to Mary's and got some yeast.  Mr. Ingram over this afternoon.  Herbert down after butter.


Friday February 6, 1891

Cloudy showery around in the mountains it looked like it was raining hard up north.  Mr. Crow went up to the ranch he stopped to see Jimmie Crow.  Cash and Cora took him down to Oakland for Dr. Moore to Dr. Mr. Crow has a bad cold I put on hot flannel towels until bedtime.  Frank went over to Mr. Richarson after Ida.  I wrote a letter to Mr. Mundarf to send us two boxes of crackers Cora wanted some.  I churned cleaned up around the well and tank, cleaned the storeroom, been busy all day.


Saturday February 7, 1891

The north wind came up about ten 0'clock today and blowing pretty hard all day and still blowing tonight and cold.  Mr. Crow not feeling well.  I am faneling him again tonight.    The men are at work on the dam.  Mr. Webber was down after a load of brush to fix it with.  I scrubbed the kitchen took a bath made a cake, busy until after dinner since then I finished a shirt. Mrs. Ingram over this afternoon. Brad and George Peasley came down to tell us that Alfred Stonisfer was dead.  Brad, Glen, Clara and Susie went to the funeral at two o'clock today.

Alfred, the bright and intelligent eleven-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Stonesifer, succumbed to brain fever at 11:30 o'clock this forenoon.  The time and place for holding the funeral has not yet been determined.  The stricken parents have the sympathy of all in their affliction.  From the Modesto Evening News 1891


Sunday February 8, 1891

The north wind blew hard all night and all day a fog of sand came from the other side of the river.  Calmed down toward evening, but the wind is coming up about bedtime.  Mr. Crow has been housed up the most of the day his cold is better, but mine isn't much better I ache all over.  Frank and Ida didn't get home today.  Brad down and spend the evening.  We are getting between five and six dozen eggs daily.


Monday February 9, 1891

Cold this morning a heave frost and some ice.  Bright and pleasant through the day.  Mr. Crow went up to the ranch and had Mr. Webber to bring the team.  They got a load of Willows to take to the dam this afternoon.  He pruned trees, I washed and mended.  Mr. Webber here for dinner.  Frank got home from their grandmother.  She was better when they left Bennie looks fine seems so glad to get home.  Brad down this morning, a woodchopper wanting to get wood to chop.


Tuesday February 10,1891

Cloudy all day.  It was cold last night a heavy frost this morning.  It is much warmer and dark and raining tonight at bedtime.  Mr. Crow and Frank took some mules to the ranch and brought down some mares they worked awhile on the dam this afternoon.  Frank and Ida took a case of eggs to the station.  Mr. Crow and I went down through the bottom the grain and alfalfa is coming up nicely.  Ida and I washed this morning.  Mr. Crow got a letter and insurance policy from Mr. Trefts.  I got a nice letter from Mrs. Hoyt.


Wednesday February 11, 1891

It didn't rain much last night been bright and pleasant today.  Mr. Crow fixed a fence and been pruning trees.  Frank went to Modesto.  Ida ironed baked.  I churned and done up the work.  Done some mending.  Ida went up to Mary's.  Miss Roberts, Isadore Ward and Ray Partes came today.  Ida was at Mary's.  Isadore went over to see Mrs. Ingram.  Charley crow here stayed for dinner.


Thursday February 12, 1891

Trip to Modesto

Cold this morning, but sunshiny and pleasant through the day.  A heavy cloud in the north late in the evening.  Mr. Crow and I came to Modesto today.  Frank and Roy Porter had a chase after a coyote before we left.  Frank got it.  It was a large one, they thought it had been catching little pigs.  We went to Nellie P.  She had a very sore throat.  Her and I went to see Mr. Corona.  I don't think that he will last much longer..  I went in to see Effie Thompson, Mr. Thompson came in to Nellie's to see me.


Friday February 13, 1891

She has a dentist visit then went to Lewis Crow's near Oakdale.

Cloudy and cool a strong east wind looks very much like rain.  We stayed at Herbert's last night.  Mr. Crow went and put a deed recorded.  I went to the dentist.  I had the tooth ache badly all night.  We made Herb and Nellie a present of 31 dollars.  I went to the store and got some calico for Lewis some shirts.   After dinner we came on to Lewis Crow's found them, all as well as usual.  Lizzie Thompson is here a visiting them and Mollie had been down to see Mr. Hewitly.  He had gotten his arm broken from a kick from a horse.


Saturday February 14, 1891

The wind blew pretty hard all night and all day from the east.  Cloudy with a sprinkle of rain occasionally, looks very much like it would rail all of the time, but still the welcome water will not fall.  Mr. Crow and Harry out a hunting awhile Mr. Crow got four rabbits.  Lewis busy all day.  Lewis has two men plowing for summer fallow.  Mollie baked cake and pie.  Lizzie Thompson crocheting rick-rack braid into wheels.  I cut out and partly basted Lewis three shirts.  Mollie and Lizzie went to Burneyville to a lecture and panorama view of the Holy Land last night.


Sunday February 15, 1891

The wind blew hard from the south all night and all day very cloudy.  Looked like rain all of the time sprinkled a little occasionally, the sand blew fearfully, house full everywhere it drifts in. in every crevice.  It kept us all in but Mollie.  She went to Burneyville to church in the morning.  Mr. Crow feeling miserable.  Mr. Crow got a mortgage from Mr. John Yates.  I got a letter from Mrs. Wilson and one from Aggie Galden.  Mr. Brown and Lizzie Thompson had quite a scuffle after a knife that belong to Lizzie.  They played checkers.


Monday February 16, 1891

It rained one pretty hard shower in the night wind calmed down and cleared off today has been calm or rather a gentle wind from the north sunshiny but rather cold.  Mr. Crow took a steam bath he is feeling some better today.  I have been working on Mr. Crow's shirts and I helped Mollie clean house so much sand drifted in yesterday.  Mollie and Lizzie Thompson went to Mr. Prides and down to see how Mr. Huntly was he got his arm broken.  The river raised last night.


Tuesday February 17, 1891

Cold and frosty this morning, bright and pleasant the most of the day.  Cloudy this evening and showery in places.  Mr. Crow and Lewis went down to see Mr. Huntly this morning this afternoon Mr. Crow out a hunting.  Mr. Lewis and Mr. Brown plowing for summer fallow.  Mollie and I washed this morning.  I sewed on Lewis's shirts.  This afternoon Mollie, Lizzie and I went to Oakdale.  The first time that I have been there for years.  Mollie and Lizzie are talking of going to Langworth to a prayer meeting tonight if they can cross the river, water high.


Wednesday February 18, 1892

It rained a shower about 9 o'clock last night sprinkled some through the night a cold north wind all day.  Mr. Crow went out hunting this afternoon he got 11 jack and one cottontail rabbits.  Mr. Lewis caught a half grown jack and brought it in alive.  Lewis cold is so bad that he had stayed in pretty close.  Mollie ironed this morning.  This afternoon her Lizzie Thompson and I went to Mrs. Sutleff.


Thursday February 19, 2001

Cool this morning sunshiny in the forenoon.  Com up a heave shower about four o'clock  a looks like it might rain all evening.  A rainbow this evening.  Mr. Crow out a coyote hunting started one, but it got away from them.  Lewis went to Oakdale and went to the shop with the plow points.  Mollie and I finished three shirts for Lewis.  She made some towels.  Charley, Hattie and Dora Walker here last night to get a team to go to Mr.Suttiffs to a park.  Mr. Lenil went along said they had nice time.


Friday February 20, 2001

It rained or rather showered some through the nigh been bright and pleasant today.  Lewis went down to Mr. Kimberlains and been busy all day.  Mr. Crow out a hunting this forenoon,  this afternoon Mollie and I went out to Mrs. Richardson none of them at home but the hired girl.  Mollie and I have been cleaning closets and gave the kitchen a through cleaning.  Mr. Lewis and Mr. Brauer think they will get through plowing about Monday or Sunday.


Saturday February 21, 2001

The wind blew very hard  and cold.  It commenced to rain about 11 o'clock.  Stormed and rained the balance of the day and still storming at bedtime.  Mr. Crow and Harry out a hunting this morning.  They  so cold they came in.  Harry shot Gyp one of his pa's dogs, hurt her pretty badly didn't know if it would kill her or not.  Lewis pretty nearly sick with his cold.  The men didn't plow this afternoon.  Mr. Peterson here dinner.  Mollie and I scrubbed and cleaned and baked as usual on Saturday.  I took a bath.


Sunday February 22, 1891

The wind blew hard and stormed all night and all day today and still storming not raining so much as the wind is blowing so hard looks like it might be raining hard in the north.  Mr. Crow working with a young lamb and gave Lewis a steam bath.  He is feeling pretty badly today is face is badly swollen up , eyes swelled nearly shut.  Mollie went to Burneyville to church.  I got dinner.  Mollie got a letter from Edith saying that they had moved.  She wrote to Edith Ethel had been sick but was better.


Monday February 23, 1891

Traveled back to Modesto

It rained considerable through the night and awhile this morning then the wind changed to the north west with a shower occasionally.  We left Lewis Crow in the afternoon to go to Mr. Richardson's  The river was so high we had to go to Oakdale to cross on the bridge.  We got to Mr. Richardson we went on to Modesto as it was cloudy before we got to Modesto the wind blew a perfect gale from the south.  Rain mixed with it.  I was so cold when I got to Nellie's  found all well.  Lizzie Thompson and Mollie went to Oakdale with us.  And we traveled awhile with a Mr. Tom Darsey.


Tuesday February 24, 1891

It rained some through the night and off and on all day.  The sun would peep out occasionally and then came up a shower with a good deal of wind.  Mr. Crow and Herbert went to the depot to see the Rail Road agent to see about shipping the dogs up to Orland if he went and what it would cost the weather has been so unsettled that Mr. Crow didn't go home today.  Mrs. Willets here to wash for Nellie.  Nell cut out her a wrapper  and fit it.  I had been reading and knitting.  Nellie has had several lady visitors this afternoon.


Wednesday February 25, 1891

Dentist visit in Modesto for Mr. Crow

A heavy frost this morning a little cloudy today at times.  Mr. Crow down and had some teeth filled yesterday afternoon. And down today until afternoon and then went home.  Herbert went to Sacramento for business. Nellie and I went do in town Nellie to do some shopping and  I to the Dr's office.  I had four teeth filled and I came back I called to see Mrs. Thompson awhile.  Lizzie has gotten home from Lewis.  I wrote to Ida.


Thursday February 26, 1891

A dentist visit for Aunt Emma

Another heavy frost this morning.  Cloudy with a west wind and showery this afternoon.  Looks like it might rain tonight.  Herbert got back from Sacramento.  Nellie is busy upholstering some chairs.  I was down twice today in the Dr.'s office.    He took impression and fit me a lower plate on my mouth.  We seem to very busy all of the time.  Herbert, Nellie, Mr. and Mrs. Semple, Dr. Remington, Pene, Allen and I are going to the theatre tonight.  Mrs.  Willet will keep Callie for Nellie.


Friday February 27, 1891

It rained nearly all night and a little cloudy today a good many washout in Los Angles and Arizona.  The train late.  There was to be a theatre last night the washouts delayed the trains so the troupe didn't arrive and there was not theater last night as we bought tickets and expected to go.  I was down to the Dr.'s all forenoon having my teeth worked on they are very sore.  Nellie went downtown to do a little shopping.  She went to Mr. Willits. To take her a pair of rubber boots that I sent to her.  We got a letter from Mr. Mendar.


Saturday February 28, 1891

It commenced to rain about 4 o'clock yesterday evening and rained all night about an inch fell last night and it has been cloudy today with occasional sprinkles looks like it might rain tonight.  The weather has moderate wind south and quite warm.  I have been down to the dentist today getting a new plate for my lower teeth and had one of my upper teeth pulled and a tooth put in the place of it.  I have my new teeth in, but they are very uncomfortable.


Sunday March 1, 1891

It rained the most of last night.  Cloudy with an occasional shower today.  Nellie and I have been home all day.  Mr. Thompson and Lizzie  over to see us today.  Mrs. Thompson is going to Stockton .   I have suffered so much with my teeth my throat is very sore.  Herbert has been down to the store most of the day.


Monday March 2, 1891

It rained the part of the night but not very hard.  It rained pretty hard towards morning and been showery all day.  South east wind.  Mr. Crow came from the west side says that it has rained over there than it has here.  He has the eyspephin pretty badly feeling miserable.  I have the headache and  by today my teeth very sore.  I went down to the dentist Nellie working on her Basque.  Mrs. Stonisifer to see her and take her to going the Eastern Star lodge.  Herbert is very busy today.


Tuesday March 3, 1891

Foggy this morning, bright and beautiful until about four o'clock then it clouded up sprinkled a little her, think it showered hard in other placers from the look of the clouds, a rainbow this evening.  Mr. Crow has been down to the store.  He wrote to Mr. Miller that he and Herbert up there on their hunt on Friday.  Mr. Crow and I went down to Mr. Perleys and had a deed acknowledged and took it  a mortgage from Mr. Yoke.  I went with Nellie shopping and called on Mr. Thompson, came home had the sick headache very bad last night.


Wednesday March 4, 1891

Foggy some this morning clear today the wind has gotten to the north.  I think probably it has cleared off for awhile.  Mr. Crow and Dr. Remenington went over to Lewis Crow's to get the dogs.  Nellie sewing on Callie's dress.  She went to her mothers and got some germaniums and set those out.  She planted some seeds and I went to see Corona.  He is bad off his niece Madeline was there.  I used to know her when she was a little girl .  She seems lake a nice girl.


Thursday March 5, 1891

Pleasant this morning rained a very hard storm about noon and showered some this afternoon.  Pleasant tonight.  Mr. Crow been around the store most of the day talking to his old friends that are in the store.  I went down to the dentist, got my teeth fixed, a little.  Done some mending.  Nelllie and I went to see Mrs. Thompson.  She was sick and Lizzie was nearly sick with a cold.  Frank came over and brought six dogs.  Herbert Crow here for dinner, he had been to his fathers.  He got a bedroom set.  I got a letter from Ida and from cousin Elwood.


Friday March 6, 1891

Mr. Crow went to Orland for a deer hunt, Emma stayed with Lewis Crow's family near Oakdale.

It rained a little last night been pleasant today although we have had some north wind today.  The train was three hours late this morning.  Mr. Crow and Herbert left on it for Orland on their hunt.  They took Ruck, Raner, Ritter,Smut, Flora, Peanuts and Nellie.  They left Lady here for Lewis to take home with him.  I went down to the dentist, stopped and saw Mrs. Thompson she is some better today, so is Lizzie.  I wrote to Mrs. Wilson and to Ida Crow.  Mis. Hanbury in to see me.  Nellie went down to get some silk to make a skirt.


Saturday March 7, 1891

Frosty this morning but bright and pleasant today.  I went down to see the dentist, but he had gone to the city.  I went to the store, Mr. Semple said he had gotten a letter from Herbert and that he and Mr. Crow  had stopped off at Stockton to  stay all night.  I called at Mrs. Thompson she is still sick when I got back to Nellie's, Lewis was there waiting to take me home with him.  I got their found all well Miss Mine Roberts and Miss Effie Thompson was their they are had a good time.  They went out a riding horseback.  Mr. Brown, Mr. Lewis, Mollie Miss. Mina and Miss Ellie went to Oakdale to church tonight.


Sunday March 8, 1891

A lovely warm day.  Mollie went to Burneyville to church, Mina and I got dinner.  There was a young lady buried at Oakdale at two o'clock, a very large funeral.  Mr. Lewis, Miss. Mina, Miss. Effie, Mollie and I went to the cemetery and then went to see Mrs. Rucker, Mr. Lewis went to church.  We came back by Mrs. Thompson's old place.  Effie want to see how it looked.  Mrs. Eastman over and she went to church tonight.


Monday March 9, 1891

Bright and pleasant this morning.  Cloudy this evening and cooler.  It looks like it was raining up north.  Mollie, Effie, Mini and I washed this morning.  I mended, set two hens been busy all day.  Mollie and Effie took Mina Roberts out to Mrs. Slayback, and they went to Oakdale to church.  Lewis's men Mr. Lewis and Mr. Paras commenced to plow Mr. Leachs; land for summer fallow.  A friend of Harry's came home with him to stay all night.  There are two hen's hatching, the mites are troubling them.


Tuesday March 10, 1891

It rained some through he night and rained lightly until about two o'clock today.  Warm and nice, still cloudy , don't look like rain is over yet.  The boys went out to plow but it was too wet and they had to come in.  Mr. Bacon working in the shop and Mr. Lewis.  I took off a hen with 13 chickens.  I wrote to Elwood Chantry and to Mr. Wickery and sent a paper to Herbert Crow.   Mollie and Effie sleeping this afternoon.  Lewis killed a sheep this evening. 

On this date the steamer "Clara Crow" and barge "Champion" left this afternoon for Hill's Ferry.  Hereafter steamers will run regularly up the river.  Modesto Daily Evening News March 10, 1891


Wednesday March 11, 1891

It misted all forenoon from the north.  Cloudy this afternoon wind still in the north.  Mollie went to Mr. Wigleys this morning came back by Mr. Mc Bride's and brought her and baby home with her.  Stayed until after dinner then they went to Oakdale to church.  Mollie will go down to Mr. Wigley's tonight she is very sick she will take Mrs. McBride home with her as she goes.  I wrote to Mrs. Hoyt and Mrs. Aggie Lolder.  I got a letter from Ida .  Effie is sick today.


Thursday March 12, 1891

Foggy awhile this morning sun shone out bright and warm awhile about three o'clock clouded up and sprinkled a few times.  Lewis went up to where the men are plowing.  Mollie went down to see Mrs. Baily.  She is very sick don't expect her to live.  She went to Oakdale to church this afternoon is going down to set up with Mrs. Baily tonight.  I took off two hens, one with 13 chickens.  Cleaned out the nests made new ones, got dinner, baked pies  this afternoon.


Friday, March 13, 1891

It rained until about ten o'clock last night lightly.  Foggy this morning some cloudy with a strong north wind.  Lewis has been in the house out of the wind most of the day.  Mollie hasn't gotten home from Mr. Wigly, Mrs. Baily is either or so sick she can't leave.   Took off a hen with 16 chickens been helping Effie with the work, reading and knitting.  I saw by the paper that Mr. Cressey died Tuesday, poor Clara she will feel so badly.


Saturday, March 14, 1891

It has been bright and pleasant with a gentle south wind.  A little cloudy this evening.  Lewis went up near Knight's Ferry looking for a hound dog that he had lost.  Mollie came up from Mrs. Bailey this morning.  She was a little better.  She went and stayed with Mrs. Burke, She was very sick with a caked breast.  Effie and I scrubbed and mopped.  I have been tending the chickens and reading.


Sunday, March 15, 1891

The wind blew from the south and cloudy all forenoon, turned to the northeast and rained gently all afternoon, still looking like rain tonight.  Frank crow came over here this morning.  He and Ida were at Mr. Richardson's last night.  They are going back home today.  Mollie went to church she went to see Mrs. Burke and Mrs. Bailey, she say that she failed very fast since she was there yesterday.  I have been reading most of the day.


Monday, March 16, 1891

It rained the most of the night, foggy until near noon.  The sun shiny bright.  Lewis sorting over his apples.  Mollie, Effie and I washed and done up the work.  Then Mollie went to Mrs. Bailey.  Mollie came home this afternoon and will go back to sit tonight.  I took off a hen with 11 chickens wrote a letter to Mr. Crow, mended.  Mollie got a telegram from her mother.  Her and Edith will be here tomorrow.  Charley Thompson came after Effie.



Tuesday, March 17, 1891

The north wind blew pretty hard.  A few floating clouds this afternoon.  Lewis' face was all swollen.  I put hot cloths on it.  Mollie came home from Mrs. Wigley's this morning.  Mrs. Bailey died at 9 o'clock last night.  We baked pies, cake, bread, and churned before dinner this afternoon.  Her and I went up to the station to meet her mother and Edith.  They didn't come.  I supposed they missed the train.   We went on to Oakdale they weren't there.  Just before we got to Oakdale a team ran off and dragged a man to death.

Mrs. Nancy Bailey, the aged mother of R.C. Bailey, died at Burwood, San Joaquin county, last night at the residence of her daughter.  She was aged 78 years, a native of Georgia.  The funeral will take place at Burwood tomorrow afternoon at  2 o'clock. The Daily Evening News March 17, 1891


Wednesday March 18, 1891

The north wind blew very hard all day.  Lewis feeling miserable.  Mollie and I went down to the service of Mrs. Bailey and from there we went to the cemetery where they buried her to rest.  There was a large procession, 52 carriages and buggies.  Poor old Mr. Bailey.  I felt so sorry for him.  He took her death so hard.  They had lived together 52 years.  From there Mollie went up to the station after her mother and Edith and then they had to go to Oakdale for their valises.


Thursday March 19, 1891

Calm warm and pleasant a gentle north wind.  Cloudy a little this afternoon.  Edith been making fancy work all day she has accomplished a good deal in that time.  Mollie has been crocheting on Edith's shawl.  Esther has had the headache and hasn't done much of anything.  I set a hen, been knitting, cleaning out button boxes, and busy in general.  Effie Thompson coming back today.  Lewis went up to where the men were plowing.  They thought they would get done plowing there tonight.  We heard that Mr. Spaulding wasn't dead, he was the man that was hurt by the runaway team.

Edward E. Spaulding, who was horribly mangled in the runaway accident at Oakdale, on Tuesday afternoon last, died from his injuries this forenoon at 10 o'clock.  Owing to the conflicting statements of those who claim to be cognizant of some of the particulars, Coroner Phelps decided to hold and inquest, and went up this afternoon to hold the same.  The deceased, in conjunction with his brother, Nelson Spaulding, farmed a large tract of land near Oakdale, and was a young man held in high esteem.  He was a nephew of G.G.  Usher and a cousin of Mrs. C.M. Murray.  The funeral will take place under the auspices of Oakdale Lodge of Knights of Pythias tomorrow afternoon. From the 3-20, 1891 Modesto Evening News. 


Friday March 20, 1891

Today has been lovely, bright and sunshiny.  Lewis went to Oakdale.  The boys finished plowing on the Leach land.  Esther and I ripped up my old satin dress and made a new waist and sleeves to it.  I made me two neck ties.  Mollie went down to Mrs. Burkes done up her work and washed and dressed her baby.   This afternoon she is crocheting .  Edith made a headrest and has been teaching Effie to stitch.  A hen came off with nine chickens.  Harry stayed at Mr. McBride's last night.


Saturday March 21, 1891

Another pleasant day, some north wind late this afternoon.  Lewis, Mr. Brown, and Mr. Lewis working in the orchard.  Mr. Brown pruning.  Edith, Mollie and Effie making cake and pie, churned, scrubbed and busy  in general on Saturday.  Mollie nearly finished Edith's shawl.  Edith and Effie working on fancy work.  I got a letter from Mr. Crow thinks he will be home next week he is having a pleasant time.


Sunday March 22, 1891

Cold and sandy this morning, cloudy and it looked like it snowed in the mountains.  The north wind blew very hard today.  Mollie, Esther, Edith, Effie and I went to Burneyville to church.  Mr. Kensey preached, saw a good many old acquaintances, there was an entertaining sermon and Sunday school.  When we got home Lewis had dinner nearly ready.  Herbert Crow came over this afternoon.  Roy Porter and another boy here this afternoon.  Mr. Burke and Mr. Lewis went to Oakdale.


Monday March 23, 1891

The north wind blew pretty hard all day.  Mollie, Esther, Edith, Herbert and I left Mollie's this morning.  We got done with the washing by half past 7. and then we started for Modesto.  We all took dinner at Nellie's.  After dinner Mollie and Edith called to see Mr. Thompson and then went over to Franks.  Esther, Nellie and I went to the dentist, from there to Mrs. Goodman's and then to Mrs. Allen's and had a pleasant visit.  We went to the store and done some shopping.  Mr. Chantry in and spent the evening.


Tuesday March 24, 1891

Today has been very pleasant some north wind.  Mrs. Willet here and washed.  I helped her with the rinsing and hanging out the clothes.  I wrote a letter to Mrs. Miller this afternoon.  Herbert got a team and Esther, Nellie and I went out to the race track.  Seen some nice horses and good running races.  Saw a balloon accession, a man went up on a trapeze three thousand feet and came down in a parachute, it looks so dangerous.  I didn't enjoy it much.  Herbert came in and Mr. Bartlles went back with us.

Last day of the races.  The crowd at the race track yesterday afternoon was the largest of any day of the spring meeting.  The weather was more pleasant then on Monday, the wind being less strong. Pool selling was the most active of any day during the meeting, and in a number of cases as high as $90 was bid for first choice.  Yesterday Cyclone, Jack the Ripper and Toots were the only horses which came on the track, Lida Ferguson having been shut out the day before and Hawthorn did not come out of the stable.  Cyclone won the first two heats and race in 36 seconds:  Jack the Ripper second money.  The first race advertised to take place yesterday was the one-half mile and repeat, running, for a purse of $130.  The race was won by Revolver.  Time 1:15 and one half;  Capt. Al second.  At 5:30  Prof. Howard had his balloon inflated with hot air and made his ascension, going to a height variously estimated from 1000 to 1500 feet, when he detached the parachute.  He fell several feet rapidly until the parachute spread, after the descent to the ground was quite slow and he landed about a quarter of a mile to the south from where he made the ascent.  From The Daily Evening News March 25, 1891    


Wednesday March 25, 1891

Warm and pleasant all day.  Mrs. Allen came over after dinner and went with us to the depot with sister Esther.  She left for home.  We stayed for awhile at the store, then went to the depot.  Mrs. Wright was there, she insisted on me coming to see her, so we went back we done some shopping.  Nellie took her dress to a dressmaker and I got a dress and took it to another woman to make.  I met Eva Stonisfer and Mollie Pleasley on the street.  Eva looks miserable, she feels the loss of her little boy.


Thursday March 26, 1891

Cloudy more or less all day it looked like it was raining heavily in the north this evening.  A very dark cloud.  I have been mending.  I went to the dentist and had an impression taken fro the lower teeth.  The other one I have gotten didn't fit good and they hurt me all the time.  Nellie went down to get her dress fitted, but she wasn't ready for her.  Mary Crow had come in with a dress, and she had cut and fit Mary's  and let Nellie's go.  Mollie Crow was here for dinner on her way home from the west side.  Frank sent me a letter that he got from Mr. Crow.


Friday March 27, 1891

It rained gently the most of the night and until nine o'clock this morning, been more or less cloudy all day.  Tonight quite cloudy and the wind blew up cool from the west.  I went down to the dress maker and had my dress fit, and went to the dentist, and got my new teeth, they fit fine.  Nellie went down to the dressmaker and got her dress fit.  I got a letter from Aunt Hannah Chantry and one from Agie Golden.  Mrs. Willet and Mattie, Mrs. Senar and her little boy, Mrs. Babevick, Mrs. Corona and Mrs. Belt have been here this afternoon.


Saturday March 28, 1891

Some cloudy a cool north wind all day and still blowing some tonight.  Herbert went down to Lathrop to meet Mr. Crow and help him home with the dogs on the 9 o'clock train.  He has been gone three weeks yesterday morning, says he had a fine time.  I went down to see Ena Stonesfier and Mrs. Wright neither if them at home.  I spent the most of the afternoon at Mrs. Freeman's with Bell Crow.   I came by the dress makers got my dress. Called in to see Mrs. Thompson and to Corona's.  He is a little better today.  Nellie trimmed her a hat this evening.


Sunday March 29, 1891

Mr. Crow back with the dogs from his hunting trip.

A north wind today.  Mr. Crow came with the dogs.  This afternoon, Mr. Crow, Herbert, Nellie and I went out to the cemetery.  There are a great many nice monuments there. We came back by Mrs. Allen's, and she came home with us.  Mr. Crow is going home tomorrow and will send Frank after me.  Mr. Crow wrote to Mr. Miller, and I wrote to Mollie Crow.  Mrs. Thompson over to see me.  Mr. Crow went to see Corona this evening.


Monday March 30, 1891

Very pleasant today.  Mr. Crow went home today will send  Frank after me and the dogs tomorrow.  Mrs. Willet came to wash and iron.  Nellie and I helped her until I took the sick headache.  I was quite sick all afternoon.  Mr. Ingram moved his little house out of Nellie's back yard.  Had to keep the dogs in the back yard.  Mrs. Thompson over to see me this afternoon.  She went to Stockton this afternoon.


Tuesday March 31, 1891

Bright and pleasant this morning.  I went downtown to see the dentist.  I got Nellie a half a dozen teaspoons and some oranges to take to the baby.  I went to see Corona this morning, he looks miserable, and so does his wife.  She is so worn out he has been sick for three years.  Frank came over after me.  I got home about one o'clock.  Isadore is here with Ida.  There was a picture here for Mr. Crow of Mr. Isaac Branhasm and his dogs he is horseback with a deer tied behind.  Mr. Crow as glad he got it.  He wrote to Mrs. Mary Branham, Mr. Tullock the assessor and Mr. Miller.  He lost one of the dogs while he was up at Mr. Miller.  He found her and sent her home by express. I was  busy putting my things away after getting home.  Grain, grass and all has grown so much since I have been away.  The baby has grown a good deal and is good as he can be.


Wednesday April 1, 1891

She is back at ranch near Crows Landing.

Today has been bright and beautify.  Cold and a little cloudy this morning.  Mr. Crow and I went out to see how the grain looked it was fine and if we have considerable spring rain it will make a good crop.  We had dinner at Mr. Sam Moorhead's, had a pleasant visit with his girls.  Came back we stopped to see Frank Bell.  Her baby's face looks pretty badly where he was burned.  I think he will out grow the scar.  Lizzie Crow and Susie Haile were here when we got home.  Lewis and Harry Crow, Mrs. Hall, Albert and Orth Kinberland were here going for a hunt.


April 2, 1891 Thursday

Bright and lovely today quite cool this morning.  Mr. Crow, Lewis, Mr.
Hale, Henry and the two Kimberland boys went up to  John Sharp's
hunting.  I think they had 90 dogs or more from the looks of them, when they
started.  I washed windows in my room this morning done considerable mending.
I have been lying down most of the time.  had the sick headache.  I got a
letter from Nellie Rose tonight.  Herbert and Jess here this afternoon.
Frank went to the station.  Isadore finished her dress and fit it.

Friday April 3 1891

Calm warm and pleasant.  Frank busy jobbing around. Isadore and Ida scrubbed the kitchen, and gave the house a through
sweeping.  I took a bath, done some mending.  Isadore and I went out to the station after the mail.  When we came back we stopped and talked to Brad awhile.  He is looking so well.  He is going down to San Jose in a day or two.  I got a nice letter from Mrs. Hoyht, Mrs. Ingram over and spent the afternoon.  Herbert and Jess Huntly down awhile.


Saturday April 4, 1891

Warm with a gentle south east wind until evening, blew up a cool west wind a little cloudy in the evening.  Frank making  a garden planting corn in the lower garden.  Ida and Isadore went to Modesto.  Isadore went home to stay a few days.  Jessie Crow came with Ida.  I have been busy all day churning, raking the yard, cleaned up in the chicken yard.


Sunday April 5, 1891

Cooler today then yesterday some wind this afternoon quite cool and a little cloudy this evening.  Mr. Crow, Lewis and Harry came back today from their hunt.  They had a good time but didn't get much game.  The other boys went on home.  They had a party at John Sharps last night where they stayed.  Ida and I went up to see Mary Engburn awhile this evening.  Harry went down fishing.  Brad Crow here for dinner.


Monday April 6, 1891

Cloudy with a strong south wind in the forenoon.  It commenced to rain gently about four o'clock and rained all evening gently off and on the most of the night, not very much rain fell.

Mr. Crow and Lewis around the most of the day.  Mr. Crow sent a check to Newman to the lumber Co. to pay for lumber that Herbert got there.  He wrote and sent a check to the S.J. Bank for 865 dollars that Brad gave him.  Ida and I washed and I mended.


Tuesday April 7, 1891

Showery all day it rained pretty hard.  Sunshiny out some times.  A hard west wind.  Mr. Crow, Lewis, Frank, Henry and Glen went hunting caught 5 coons.  Ida and I have been busy ironed and churned had fried chicken for dinner.  I hemmed my black skirt.  Bennie cutting more teeth and is sort of fretful.  He is generally really very good.  He and Stella had a good time playing.  Molly caught a lot of fish. 


Wednesday April 8, 1891

Today has been lovely a little cloudy this evening with a gentle south wind.  Mr. Crow been choreing around.  Frank plowing the orchard.  Ida done some baking her and Mr. Ingram went out to the station to take a couple of cases of eggs.  Lewis and Harry went home today.  Mr. Kitthel here to see Frank.  I cleaned the stove and the yard, wrote to Cora Crow and Mrs. Hoyt.  I hunted through the weeds for eggs got six dozen.  I took off a hen with 16 little chicks.  I got a letter from Aunt Ann.  Ida got one from Stella say that Lillie Raley is sick.


Thursday April 9, 1891

A cloudy day pleasant with a south wind.  Mr. Crow went up to the ranch to poison squirrels and went to the landing to get old Bill shod.  Frank busy working with the stock.  This afternoon Ida and I went to the station to take a case of eggs.  We drove around by Frank Bell's  Frank had going to see Aunt Em Walden.  She is very sick. Pike Crow came to bring us some beef.  Mrs. Ingram over to see us.


Friday April 10, 1891

Cloudy this morning with a strong south wind.  It commenced to rain about 11 o'clock and showered all afternoon although not very much water fell.  Mr. Crow choreing around all day.  Frank and Ida  Mr. and Mrs. Ingram went to Modesto in relation to some business.  I cleaned and worked until noon.  I was going out to see Nellie Stewart if it hadn't rained.  I got a letter from Mrs. Miller, Isadore Ward came back to stay awhile.  I took off a hen with 13 chickens.


Saturday April 11, 1891

Dance at Newman

Cloudy showery around the mountains looks very much like rain.  Mr. Crow putting out poison and he and Frank, Ingram boys and glen running a coyote one came close to Thane Ingrams catching pigs.  Thane came to get the men to go after it.  It caught one of her turkey hens  I have been busy as usual.  Ida and Thane went to the station, brought me a letter from Mollie that she couldn't go to Elwoods with us.  Isadore and Glen went to Newman to a dance last night.  Will and thane over and spent the evening.


Sunday April 19, 1891

Some clouds today but it looks more like clearing off this evening.  Mr. Crow, Frank and the Ingram boys out after a coyote.  There was a coyote out in the field they couldn't resist the temptation.  Frank, Ida, Isadore, Hubert and I went over to Mrs. Ingrams awhile this afternoon.  Mr. Mays down and cut Mr. Crow's hair.  Herbert down most of the day.  Glen came this evening.  Mr. Crow fixing up his books.  We expect to go away tomorrow.  I packed up today.  He sent L.J. Crow a check for a thousand dollars.


Monday April 20, 1891

Warm and pleasant Ida, Isadore washing.   Frank going to look after the dogs when we left home this morning.  Mr. Crow and I came to Modesto today.  Mr. Mays came along with us he went to Lewis Crows will go back home tomorrow with the team.  WE found Nellie and Callie well, but Herbert looks miserable all seemed glad to see us.  Mr. Crow put some checks in the bank.  Nellie painting this afternoon.  I took down a list of Mr. Crow's notes.  Nellie and I went to see Corona this evening.


Tuesday April 21, 1891

Bright and pleasant I helped Mrs. Willet with the washing.  Helped Mr.Crow with his papers took a lot of his notes.  I wrote a letter to Elwood Chantry that we would be there Monday.  Nellie and I went to see Bell Crow she is getting along nicely has a nice baby.  Nellie went to the depot with Mr. Crow and I  came to Stockton on the half past 3 train found the folks in good health.  We went to J.A. Crow.  Sue Crow to see us.


Wednesday April 22, 1891

Bright and pleasant Mr. Crow getting Mr. Manter to do some writing for him.  Kept him busy all day.  I took the teeth ache badly this morning.  Nery went down with me to select me a new bonnet.  I called on the dentist he couldn't find any cavity  my teeth.  I suffered all day.  Sue Smith, Nellie, Will and Stella come to see me.


Thursday, April 23, 1891

Cloudy looks very much like rain.  Mr. Crow around with Jim.  We took dinner at Sue's  I spent the day there, but I suffered very much with my teeth.  I went down to Dr. Henderson's and had two teeth extracted and left my place to have two teeth put in.  Sue and I went to see Stella awhile she has a nice house.  Mr. Smith friendly and sociable.  I would have had a pleasant day if I hadn't been suffering so wit my teeth.


Friday, April 24, 1891

Considerable north wind.  Mr. Crow and Jim went down town in the morning.  I went down to Dr. Henderson's and got my teeth.  I went back Nerve set us a lunch and we started for Modesto.  I was real sick as soon as I got to Nellie's I went to bed and didn't get up any more that evening.  Nellie gave me a hot sponge bath it relieved me some.  Mr. Crow got a letter from Mr. Sehark he wants to borrow some money.


Saturday, April 25, 1891

Warm and pleasant today a little cloudy this evening.  Mr. Crow down to the store part of the time this afternoon.  He and Nellie went to the picnic.  Mollie Crow, Fran, Ida and Bennie here fore dinner.  Isadore here this afternoon.  She got sick at the picnic and came in awhile until she felt better.  Mrs. Allen came to stay with me while Nellie and Mr. Crow were away. I have been feeling pretty miserable. All day.  Mrs. Allen went down to the train to see the President he passed through town today.


Sunday, April 26, 1891

Bright and pleasant today.  Mr. Crow and Herbert down in town the most of the morning.  Herbert is moving is tore and keeps him pretty well employed.  Mrs. Allen went to the city today and René is here to stay until her mother comes back.  Mrs. Gertie Wilson here I haven't felt very well but getting ready to start to Orange at 0 o'clock tonight.  Dr. Remington came up and spent the evening and Nellie went to the train with us.


Monday, April 27, 1891

Cool this morning but quite warm through the day.  Mr. Crow left Modesto at 9 0'clock last night got to Los Angels at 2.25 o'clock today.  Stayed at the hotel until five and got to Santa Anna at 6.15.  Elwood wet us all seemed glad to see us.  We meet some strange in traveling sometimes.  There was one woman on the train that was an incessant talker she was from globe in Arizona, strange to say I met her at J. A. Crow's at Shaw's Flat when his children were small.


Tuesday, April 28, 1891

Cool this morning but bright and pleasant today.  Mr. Crow and Elwood went to Santa Ana to get a load of corn ground for The  chickens,  Mr.Crow the orange trees full of an small oranges.  He ate some loquats the first fruit of that kind that he ate.  I got a letter from May Nash and one from Mrs. Miller.  Some of Elwood's friends Mr. and Mrs. Brown and Mr. Campbell here to see us.  Willie Chantry has gotten to be a large boy.


Wednesday April 29, 1891

Foggy this morning, Warm calm and bright the balance of the day.  Mr. Crow and Elwood riding around the country.  Mr. Crow says that he was at a lovely place.  I am still sick cannot hardly hold my head up. Today.  Elwood, daughter, Oscar and her husband down to see us today.  Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Bishop here to see us.  Ruth ironed and mended Willie raking.


Thursday April 30, 1891

Another cool foggy morning bright and pleasant through the day.  Mr. Crow Elwood Ruth, Willie and I went to spent the day with Esther Spiers.  Elwood and Ruth went into Church this afternoon.  Willie raked hay and Elwood and Mr. Speer hauled hay.  We spent a pleasant day.  Esther is a very pleasant woman has us a nice dinner.  We stopped to see their other daughter Larua as we came home. I am feeling much better today, but not well yet.


Friday May 1, 1891

Cool and foggy this morning very pleasant through the day.  Mr. Crow Elwood Ruth and I all went up to the Santa Ana Canyon to a picnic, several thousand people present all seemed to have an enjoyable time.  I meet several of the friends that I got acquainted with before when I was here.  Mr. Crow got a letter from J. Tully, he answered it and wrote to J. A. Crow and set Jim a check on the San Joaquin Valley Bank for 18 hundred dollars and one in the Modesto bank for 17 hundred dollars.  I wrote to Mollie Crow.  Elwood took them to the office.


Saturday May 2, 1891

Cool and foggy this morning.  Cloudy all day heave black clouds in the south this evening looks and feels like rain to night Mr. Crow has been out to where Elwood, Willie and Ellsworth are putting up the hay.  I have been helping Ruth with the work and finished knitting a sack.  Ruth washed and ironed and we had company all day.  Ellsworth and Esther stayed here last night went home this morning.  Mr. and Mrs. Liquner been here all day going to stay tonight.  Mrs. Campbell and children and wife, Miller here this afternoon.  I can hardly talk, took a cold at the picnic.


Sunday May 3, 1891

Cloudy the most of the day. The sun peeped out awhile quite cool.  Mr. Crow, Elwood Ruth, Mr. and Mrs. Lingner and I went to Elmodena to church and Sunday School.  I heard a woman  a free Methodist preach.  I didn't fancy her preaching very much.  The Quaker preacher finished p I enjoyed his sermon much better than hers.  Esther and Elwood here for dinner.  Young Mr. Beltz here this afternoon.  I met a lot of friends at church that I met here two years ago, all seemed glad to see us.


Monday May 4, 1891

Cold and foggy or cloudy until noon this afternoon, bright and pleasant.  Mr. Crow went out to where Elwood was at work before dinner.  They broke something about the cart this afternoon, he took it to Orange and had it fixed.  He and I wrote to Frank and Ida and to Nellie Rose, I wrote to Aunt Hannah Chantry I helped Ruth about the work and about the washing, been mending  this afternoon.  Mrs. Carmel, Mrs. Miller and Miss Miller here this afternoon.  Ruth gathering strawberries for dinner.


Tuesday, May 5, 1891

Foggy awhile this morning sunshiny out, warmer today than usual.  Elwood out mowing until evening.  He and Mr. Crow went to Mr. Hans to get a shotgun.  Mr. Crow been around the most of the day.  Willie went up to help with the hay.  Ruth ironed and worked on her dress.  Knit on a stocking.  Laura's baby is sick.  Esther brought  her down to stay until the baby is better.  Mr. Bishop here and spent the afternoon.  Mrs. Campbell here awhile.


Wednesday May 6, 1891

Today warm and pleasant this is the nicest day we have had since we have been here.  Mr. Crow went to Orange got some cartridges and he and Elwood went to take Laura home this evening.  Laura's baby is better today.  He was quite sick yesterday.  I finished a stocking for Ruth and sewed some on her dress.  Ruth and I went to see Mrs. Campbell awhile this evening.  Mr. and Mrs. Bet and will and Flora here and spent the day.  I got a letter from Mrs. Hoyt and one from Ida Crow.


Thursday May 7, 1891

Cloudy and cool we thought it was going to rain this morning.  Mr. Crow and Elwood went to Orange and Santa Anna got a letter from Herbert Rose and wrote to Rose and to Mr. Shank at Newman.  He got a letter from J. A. Crow.  I wrote to Mrs. Sanbeby and a postal to Ryan Dehart.  Mr. Crow and I went to spent the day with Esther, Elwood and Ruth went to church brought Mrs. Harpe back with them.  Stopped and took dinner with us and came on home with Ruth.  Mr. Crow took her to Santa Anna this evening.  Hannah came home from Riverside today.


Friday May 8, 1891

Still cool and cloudy though have had more sunshine today then for several days.  Mr. Crow and Elwood went to Santa Anna and got a lot of oranges.  Hannah and I went to Santa Anna this morning done some shopping.  I got Ruth some sateen to make Ruth a dress Hannah got some cloth to make Will a shirt.  We made the shirt today and Hannah cut out mothers dress and got it cut and fit and sewed up.  Mr. Crow and I went to Orange this evening after the mail.


Saturday May 9, 1891

Cool and cloudy again today some sunshine.  Mr. Crow and Mr. Will Beltz went out to the hills a hunting.  They got 4 rabbits

Several birds.  Elwood been busy working in his orchard and garden.  Will cultivating his peanuts.  Esther and Hannah working on their mothers dress. Miss. Katie Miller her this afternoon.  I have been knitting and helping Ruth with the work.  I got a long letter from Cora Crow.  She grieves for her father.  Esther here will stay tonight.  We went over to Mrs. Campbell's and spent last evening.


Sunday May 10, 1891

Cold and cloudy all day looked very much like rain, did sprinkle a little.  I was sick has the sick headache badly all day.  Ruth and Elwood didn't go to church we were all going to Laura's to dinner but I was too sick.  Esther and Hannah went to Mrs. Campbell and Miss. Miller came to see me.  Mrs. Will Bellz up for dinner and him and Willie went to church tonight.


Monday May 11, 1891

Another cool cloudy day looks like it would rain.  Mr. Crow wrote to Frank Crow to meet us at Modesto next Sunday and to Nellie Rose that we would be their Friday morning.  He took them to the office and then took Hannah twice today to the train and missed it both times.  He went to Santa Anna an up to where the men are baling hay.  Esther down and spent the day.  Hannah took her home tonight.  Mr. Campbell over and spent the afternoon.  Katie Miller here awhile.  I helped about the work and Ruth some washing and been knitting.  Esther and Hannah made Laura's baby a white dress.


Tuesday May 12, 1891

Cool and cloudy a little sprinkle of rain.  We all went up to Elmer Hurley and spent the day.  Mr. Crow and Elwood down where they were baling hay, but came up to Laura's for dinner..  Mrs. Hackett came and spent the afternoon with us.  Hannah went to riverside this forenoon.  Mrs. Bishop over this forenoon took Hannah to the train at Orange.  Mrs. Campbell came over this morning and invited us to take supper with her at 6 o'clock this evening.


Wednesday May 13, 1891

Another cool and cloudy day the sun shone out a little while today a heavy black cloud in the south.  Mr. Crow  Elwood, Willie, Rush and I spent the day at Mr. Eeltz.  A Mrs. Phillips was there.  We had a nice dinner and a pleasant enjoyable day.  We went over and took supper with Mrs. Campbell last night and spent a pleasant evening there.  They are all coming this evening to take supper with us.  We are going home tomorrow.  Mrs. Hicke over to see me this afternoon. 


Thursday May 14, 1891

Cool and cloudy.  The son shone out a little lat in the evening on the Mohave Desert.  Mr. Crow and I left Elwood's.  Him, Willie and Ruth took us to Santa Ana and stayed with us, until the cars left t 50 minutes past seven in the morning.  WE went to Los Angeles and stayed, and then left for home.  WE got to Mohave at dark.  Elworth, Esther, Elmer and Laura came down and spent last evening with us.  Mr. and Mrs. Campbell took supper with us, had a pleasant evening with them.


Friday May 15, 1891

Sun shiny although it is cool it looks good to see sunshine.  We saw very little of it whilst we were in Orange.  We left Los angels at 1:30 yesterday traveled all night got to Modesto at 6 o'clock this morning.  Tired out it makes me sick to ride in the cars and I cannot sleep much.  Nellie wasn't at home and we went to Mrs. Albers for breakfast and from their Nellie went home to stay whilst we are with her.  Herbert has gone to the mines in lower California.


Saturday May 16, 1891

Warm and pleasant sunshiny the most of the day.  A little cloudy this evening.  Mr. Crow and I stayed at Nellie Rose's last night and until after dinner today.  Mollie Crow came on her way over to Frank Bells.  She has the pneumonia and is dangerously sick I came home with Mollie and Mr. Crow come with George Stewart, found all is well as usual.  Frank cutting hay, Ida out at Frank Bells, she is still very sick.


Sunday May 17, 1891

Today has been very pleasant.  A little warm awhile today.  Some clouds this evening.  Mr. Crow around home today.  Mollie and I went out to Frank Bell's.  There a little change for the better today.  The Dr. thinks little Charley is very sick too.  Meannie Marion is there she has her hands full. Lizzie crow came and took Frank's baby home with her and Aunt Eve line went and stayed with it tonight.  I came home tonight left Mollie.


Monday May 18, 1891

Considerable wind in the evening, cloudy with lightning tolerable warm.  I went out to Frank Bells early this morning.  She is still dangerously ill. Charley Bell is pretty sick.  Mollie went over to Charley Crows to help them and to of Charley's children are sick.  Mrs. Maure went to Oakland this morning came back by Modesto.  Will Bell sent after her, didn't get back much a before midnight.  John Crow here to see Frank Bell.


Tuesday May 19, 1891

Windy, but cooler today more wind to night.  It stayed with Frank Bell last night and until tonight.  Mr. Crow came after me.  Frank some better but jot out of danger little Charley better.  Mrs. Moore sick today her ride yesterday too much for her.  Mr. Crow and Frank has a small stream of water in the little field today.  Herbert commenced to cut hay up to his ranch.  Broke the knife had to go to Modesto and telegraph to the city for one.  Won't be sent until tomorrow and J. Williams to see Frank today.


May 20, 1892 Wednesday

A cool south wind in the afternoon quite blustery.  They paper says that it
was stormy in Nevada.  Mr. Crow took me out to Frank Bells.  He went to
Dennis' and got old Jig shod and the buggy fixed, and then went to Charlie
Crows'  from there he went home and worked  with the apricots.  Ida went to
take Isadore home.  I go home Mr. and Mrs. Snedigar and two children here
for a visit.  old Lady Medlin died today.  Frank Bell is better Mrs. Will
Fink is sick.


May 21, 1891, Thursday

Mr. Crow thinning apricots on the trees.  He and came out to Frank Bell's
after me last night.  Mr. Snedigar tool me out there this morning.  Frank is
a little better very weak not out of danger.  I. P. Crow came up today.  J.
A. Crow and wife at Franks this morning.  Mr. Boggs and son her today after
Nancy. Ida got back from home today her and Mr. Snedigar out to Mr. Medlin
s' to see the sick folks and if they can be of service.  Mr. John White of
the bank died two or three days ago.

Friday May 22, 1891

Ida went to Newman today.

Cold last night pleasant today.  Mr. Crow took me out to Franks Bell's
today and came after me tonight.  He is pulling off apricots and poisoning
squirrels.  I stayed at Franks until after dinner and then I went to Nellie
Stewart's. Frank Bell is a good deal better now.  Charlie is better.  But
Bell and her are both sick.  Mr. and Mrs. Snedigar still here.  Frank and
Ida went up to Newman today.


May 23, 1891

Warmer today cool this evening.  Mr. Crow took me out to Frank Bells this morning, came after me in the evening. He has been working in the garden pulling apricots and poisoning squirrels.  I went out to Frank Bells, I have been busy all day.  Frank is much better.  Nellie Stewart still sick so is Charley and the children they are some better.  Mrs. Miriam here the first time I have ever met her.  Herbert went over to his pa's.  Frank went to Modesto.


May 24, 1891

The wind blew up cool we made a fire.  Ida went out to Frank Bells after Mollie.  Frank is much better this morning.  Mollie spent the day here, this afternoon Lizzie and Clara Crow came down.   Herbert brought Stella over.  Roy Porter came last night all together makes us a large family.  Stella and Ethel got home from school yesterday.  I wrote to N. Crow, Mary, Frank, Roy and Glen went a fishing and caught 2. 


May 25, 1891

Warm and pleasant through the day.  Cool this evening the wind blew pretty hard so cool we make a fire.  Mr. Crow hoeing and thinning the fruit.  Frank went up to the ranch to take the rake to the two men hauling hay.  Mary and Ida were here.  Ida went done up the work then Mollie went out to see the sick folks.  Frank Bell is better so is Nellie Steward, Charley Crow is still feeble and the baby is pretty bad off.  Stella and Ida went up to see Laura.  Mollie was there too this afternoon.


May 26, 1891

Cool this morning pleasant throughout the day.  Cool tonight cloudy and a west wind.  Mr. Crow went up to Herbert's and to the dam; they are talking of fixing it.  The men and Frank hauling hay.  Ida and Mary ironed.  Id one the work and cleaned the yard.  Ida and I went to Fran Bells, Lizzie and Clara there.  Frank was much better, we went to Charley Crows he is quite sick so are the babies.  I got a letter from Aunt Hannah and Cousin Elwood and Sarah, Wyllie and Stella went home today.  Nellie went to Dr. Burkes


Wednesday May 27, 1891

Cool and cloudy we had quite a showers of rain today still cloudy tonight.  The men hauled hay in the forenoon.  Too wet this afternoon.  Mr.  Crow and I went to take some clothes to the washer woman from there to Charlie Crows the children are getting better, all but the baby she is quite feeble, so is Charlie, he doesn't seem to be doing well.  We came back and stopped at Mr. Finks.  Mrs. Fink is better.  Stopped at Frank Bells she is doing fine.  This afternoon I have been cleaning the buggy house.  Frank went to Modesto.  Ida and Mary cooked pie, cake and bread and will take it up to Herbert.


Friday May 29, 1891

Bright and pleasant, but cool and cloudy this afternoon as usual.  Mr. Crow and Lewis working with the colts.  Frank and his men working on the dam and the hay.  Ida and Ethel went  to help Herbert get dinner, he had several men for dinner.  I stayed at Frank Bells last night got up at3 o'clock to help Frank, Eveline, Isaac and the children get to the train.  This morning Frank is better.  Ethel came after me this morning she and I went out to see Bell Crow and the children are better.  Thane Ingam here this afternoon.

Isaac Pritchett Crow was Uncle Ben's oldest brother.  Eveline was Isaac's wife.


Saturday May 30, 1891

Cool in the forenoon.  Cloudy and rained a little this evening looks like it might more tonight.  Mr. Crow hoed and trimmed the corn today.  Frank went out to the hills and to the dam.  His is quite sick tonight, has been vomiting all day.  I emptied a can of coal oil that was leaking, cleaned the store room, hunted eggs in the weeds in the afternoon.  Ida and Mary went to the Post Office.  Ethel went up to Herberts, Miss Wallace and brother here taking the school senses.  Lewis went home today.


Sunday May 31, 1891

Cool with considerable wind the first day that it hasn't been cloudy.  WE have been sitting around the most of the day.  Pike came and spent the day.  Herbert and Glenn here this afternoon.  This evening Glenn came after Mary and Ethel they went riding with him.  Ida writing letters.  Frank still sick but better than yesterday.  Two of his men left today.  Mr. Ward went to the station.  Mr. Hall stayed around the most of the day.  Laura Crow came home from Stockton last night.


Monday June 1, 1891

Warmer today considerable south wind this afternoon cloudy looked like it was showering in the mountains.  Mr. crow hoeing the potatoes in the lower garden.  Frank up to the ranch and to the dam.  The men finished hauling the hay here and went up to the ranch.  Mary and Ida washed and I done up the work this afternoon.  I ripped up my black dress to wash in Spanish Bark.  Mr. Bemis here for dinner.  He is going to insure the house and all other things, he was here for dinner, Frank sick. 


June 2, 1891

Cold this morning but pleasant through the day.  Cold again this evening. 
Frank went up to the ranch.  Mary and Ida ironed.  I cut up a lot of fish
for the chickens, I washed my black dress in Spanish Bark, and Ida and I
went out to the washerwoman, took her some clothes and got some.  We went to
Bell Crows and stay until train time, and then to Mrs. Finks a little while
and then home.  Lizzie and Crow they went fishing.

June 3, 1891

Warm today, considerable wind this afternoon.  Mr. Crow finished hoeing he
corn and potatoes in the bottoms.  He and Frank cleaned the well out this
afternoon and he wrote to John Patchett. Frank was up to the ranch this
afternoon.  he, Ida and Mary went down to the bottoms and got blackberries
enough to make two pies.  Mary and Ida washed windows.  I cleaned the
lattice work, and sealed and packed the meat in the cellar.  Wrote to John
Patchett and Mr. Hoyt.  I went down to the lower garden and irrigated the
yard.  Been busy all day.  There are loads of people in the bottoms ,
fishing and picnicking.


June 4, 1891

Warm today, cooler this evening.  Mr. Crow up to the ranch thinning fruit.
Ida and Mary went to Modesto.  I washed the windows in my room cleaned the
floor, raked the yard, where I irrigated yesterday.  Glenn Crow down this
evening.  Talked of staying in the mines all summer.


June 5, 1891, Friday

Warmer, considerable wind, mercury at 84.
Mr. Crow fixing up fences and jobbing.  Frank at the upper ranch at work.
Johnnie came down and was moving out the ditch in the 80.  I gathered a lot
of beans, and beets.  Mary baked pie and bread.  Ida took it up to Herbert
and stayed and helped get dinner for the men.  Herbert is sick.  I cleaned
out the tank, been sewing on Mr. Crows shirts.  Mary made her three cook
aprons.  Thane Ingram over. 


June 6, l891 Saturday

Mercury at 81 warmer than usual.  Mr. Crow went to Modesto, and got a step
ladder.  He saw Herbert Rose.  He got home from the mines is going back and
start a store.  Frank and Johnnie making a garden in the bottoms.  Mrs..
Ingram here this afternoon Ida and I went out to the station went to the
washer woman's.

G.H. Rose returned from the Montgomery mining district this morning.  He reports things booming in that camp.  He left this afternoon for San Francisco too purchase a stamp mill for one of the mining companies.   The Modesto Evening News August 14, 1891

June 7, Sunday

Considerable cooler, wind all day.  Frank went to the ranch, and to the
station.  Mr. Crow around home all day. Mr. Roundtree here and spent
the day.  Bennie quite sick all day coughed a good deal.  Herbert and Ethel
down.  Ethel and Glenn went a riding.  Mary, Jimmy and their four
children here this afternoon and we had a chicken dinner , and old hen
roasted, whipped cream, cake, and the other good things.  Mr. Crow putting
beans and corn to soak to plant tomorrow.  Jimmie Crow says he is going up
to Trinity Co. Calif. with Mr. Crow this summer.


June 8, 1891

Cool all day, strong west wind.  Mr. Crow and Frank planting potatoes,
corn, lima beans in the bottom.  Ida and Mary washed.  I done the work,
mended several of Mr. Crows shirts.  Ida mended and fixed the baby a dress
or two.  The little apricots are getting ripe, we have been eating off the
trees for two or three days.  Four hens came off today with chickens, they
stole their nests and hatched in the weeds.  Brad, cash and Cora they
are expected up tonight on the train.


June 9, 1891

Wind blew pretty hard all night and the most of the day.  Mr. Crow planted
pumpkins and melons in the bottoms.  This afternoon he and Frank rammed the
water pipes and cleaned them.  Frank went down in the bottoms got enough
berries to make some pies.  Frank went up to the ranch in the morning.  I
was busy all day, sewing and cleaning outside.  Ida and Mary ironed.  Bennie
is better today, but cross.  I got a letter from J. A. Patchett.


June 10, 1891

Considerable cloudy and sprinkled a little in the morning.  Mr. Crow
thinning the plums.  Frank up to the ranch fixing up the combine to go to
work.  Mary and I went up to Hills Ferry to  Mr. Newson's and Fermur Newsom.  I took them a  satin
dress,  a piece that their grandma sent them.  Fermur lives in the mountains close to the Oris Timbo Creek.    Herbert and Ethel down last evening.


June 11. 1981

Brad Crow down this afternoon.  He looks quite badly.  I finished Mr. Crow's
four shirts.  We had company this afternoon.  Thane Ingram, and Inez Eastin.


June 12, 1891

We had our first ripe peach today.  Cold and cloudy the first part of the
day.  this afternoon clear and some wind.  Mr. Crow and Frank irrigated the
little alfalfa field this afternoon.  The combine at work out in the barley
field.  Ida, Mary and I went out in the wield where the men are cutting
grain and went a couple of rounds to see the machine work.  Tom, is working
on the machine.  I worked some buttonholes on a couple of shirts for Mr.
Crow.  J. B. Crow and John Stewart here today, says that Nellie is better
and has come home.

John Stewart married Nellie Crow, daughter of Clinton Pike Crow.  Clinton Pike was a brother of Uncle Ben's.

June 13, 1891

Cool and pleasant today mercury at 73.  Mr. Crow jobbing around.  The men
finished cutting the barley in the little field.  Frank went out to the
station.  I had a spell of the sick headache today.  Ida and Mary cleaned as
usual and Saturday Mr. Crow got a letter Mr. Black and one from Herbert
Rose.  Mr. Black, is to meet him at Red Bluffs the 29th of next month to go
hunting up in Trinity Co.  Herbert leaves tomorrow for the mines as agreed.


June 14. 1891 Sunday

Pleasant today mercury at 75.  Mr. Crow and Frank tending to the irrigating.
 The water came down in the night.  We have had lots of company here today.
Brad here for dinner.  Mr. and Mrs. Ingram here.


Monday June 15, 1891

A little warmer at 80 some wind this afternoon.  Mr. Crow finished irrigating the little field.  He is very tired tonight.  Frank was up to the ranch and busy all day.  They moved the combine out to the hills today getting ready to cut their grain.  They will finish hauling their hay today up at thee ranch.  Ida and Mary washed I done the work and mended.  I went up to Mary Crows to see the cousins.  They will come to Eastins.  I called at Mrs. Riggs she is sick. I went to see Laura awhile her sister is with her.  Ida spaded up the yard.


Tuesday June 16, 1891

It is very warm today.  Mercury at 92 the warmest day of the season.  Mr. Crow around home today.    Frank went out to the hills.  Ida and Mary ironed.  I done up the work and finished MR. Crows shirts I got a letter from Nellie Rose.  Thane Ingram here this afternoon.  Johnnie came down this evening hauled in one load of barley.  Mays here caught 2 and one half dozen chickens to take with him.  Hr. Hauser and Mr. Weithill here and measured the house and barn on the Pierce place and the barley up at the ranch. 


  Wednesday June 17, 1891

Warm this morning the west wind blow pretty hard and cooled, cloudy the most of the day.  Mr. Crow went up to where Mr. Fen tem is heading and got where the boys are starting up.  Frank and Ida went to Modesto.  I cleaned and limed the hen house.  This afternoon Mr. Crow and I went down to the river to a picnic and
fishing party.  Jimmy, Mary and children, Brad, Glenn, Mrs. Riggs, Clara,
Lizzie, Lloyd, Clara, Sally, Ada, Kate Kilburn and John Crow were there had a pleasant party.
they came by and ate apricots.


June 18, 1891

Considerable wind, cool and pleasant.  Mr. Crow went up to the ranch today
to thins fruit.  He took dinner with Mary Crow.  Frank working, cleaning up
the granary.  Johnnie finished the barley out of the 80 and he took a load
of ground barley out to the combine.  Ida fixing Bennies clothes.  I cut Mr.
Crow out two pairs of drawers, and made one pair and mended him a shirt.  I
went over and spent the afternoon with Thane.  Frank got his leg hurt.  A
horse ran on it.


Friday June 19, 1891

Calm and had a little wind .  It blew up cool mostly strong north wind late this afternoon.  A little cloudy today.  Mr. Crow went up to Herbert's to thin fruit.  Frank went out to where the combine is at work.  I scrubbed the parlor and cleaned up the rooms.  Mary, Ora and Sallie Crow here and spent the day we had a real pleasant and sociable time with them.  We had a nice dinner, chocolate and whipped cream cake, and roasted chicken and lots of goodies.


June 20, 1891

Today very pleasant.  Mr. Crow up at the ranch he finished thinning the
fruit.  Frank was fixing the fence to turn the hogs into the barley field
this afternoon.  Him and Ida, Mary and I went to the station.  I got my
clothes from the washerwoman, and stopped at Mrs. Miriams's and got my black
dress she had dyed for me.  I saw Nellie she is looking pretty well.  I went
to see Frank Bell she has improved very much.  I got a letter from Mrs.

Fanny "Frank" Bell was the daughter of Isaac and Evelyn Crow and married Will Bell.


Sunday June 21, 1891

Warm this morning a strong wind came up about ten o'clock  been cool the balance of the day.  We have all been around home the most of the day.  Frank and Ida went to the lower orchard and got some apricots to take out to the men tomorrow.   Herbert down this afternoon he is feeling sort of miserable.  I wrote to Mrs. Burke and sent her a postal to pay for my health journal that she sent to me.  I got one yesterday when I was out to Whitmans.


Monday June 22, 1891

The wind blew hard from the north the most of the night and all day.  It has been quite cool all day.  Mr. Crow shooting birds and fixing fences.  Frank went out to where they were cutting wheat and up to the ranch.  They are heading the barley up there.  Ida and Mary washed, I done the work and Ida and I mended.  Mr. Crow, J.A. Crow and I went down to the orchard and got a bucket of apricots to send to his boys.  J.A. Crow here for dinner.  Brad here this evening.  A man here with stock.


Tuesday June 23, 1891

 The north wind blew pretty hard all night and the most of the day.  This afternoon warmer mercury at 80 cool tonight.  Mr. Crow working in the garden this afternoon.  He and I went up to Cash Crows.  Cora looks thin but is feeling pretty well they are fixing to start to Yosemite Thursday.  We had a pleasant visit with Cora. Will Cressey came tonight.  I wrote to Mrs. Hoyt and to J.A. Patchett and Mr. Crow to Mr. Casson.  Frank went up to the ranch and sent some apricots to Oakland for a sample.  They are heading the barley at the ranch.


 June 24, 1891

 Warm today and calm until evening the wind blew.  Mr. Crow around all
day until evening.  Then he went to see Cash Crow.  Frank mended sacks and
cleaned up the granary.  Ed Crow will be here tomorrow to crush barley.  I
helped trim, mend socks and cleaned up.  Frank is making a box to sulfur
fruit in before drying.  Mary went to Modesto today.  Nellie and John
Stewart here and ate strawberries and cream with us.  Frank and Ida went out
to where they are at work.


June 25, 1891

Pleasant today considerable wind this afternoon.  Mr. Crow and Frank sprayed
a lot of hogs and have been tending the barley crusher.  Ed Crow's men have
been here today and crushed 300 sacks of barley for Frank.  I wrote to my
cousin Elwood.  I gave the yard a good irrigating.  I went up the road  this morning
to see campers off for Yosemite Valley.  There are 14 of them.  Myra and Evenly with them, was the
first I had seen Myra since she returned from Europe.

Myra Crow was the daughter of Brad Crow and his second wife Judith Allen.  Myra Crow married Col. Robert Marshall, originator of the Central Valley Water Project.


Friday June 26, 1891

Warmer today mercury at 88.  Mr. Crow has been working on the fence, and
propping the apricot trees to keep them from breaking down.  Frank been
fixing a box to make the dried fruit in.  Gathered a few apricots and put
them out to dry.  Ida made her a couple of aprons.  I have been busy most of
the day. choring around.  Brad and Judith came down last evening and stayed
awhile.  Judith came from San Jose yesterday.  Mrs. Ingram over awhile.
Herbert says the header won't get done till tomorrow.


Sat. June 27, 1891

Warmer today Mercury at 92.  Mr. Crow went out to the hills to see about
the grain.  He ate dinner at Frank Snyder's.  He went to see Fentem.  He got
all the grain on Mr. Crows quarters 155 per. Frank went out to the machine
and the ranch and came home gathered apricots.  We sulfured them and put
them out to dry.  I turned and shook out 300  hundred sacks.  Been tending
the irrigating and helping about.


Sunday June 28, 1891

Warmest day of the season mercury at 96.  Mr. Crow and I around all day.
Frank and Ida went  out to the combine to take some fruit.  Will and Thane
Ingram here and spent the day.  Herbert down awhile for dinner.  John Crow
here, so were two of the machine men after water.  It has been to warm.  We
have been staying around.  Had a hen come off with 8 chickens.  Went to see


June 30, 1891

The hottest day mercury at 102 and1/2 yesterday the hottest day that was
ever known in San Francisco.  Mr. Crow fixing the fence in the bottom and
around the house the balance of the day.  Frank went to Modesto came home
tonight, said that Charlie Crow died last night in St. Helena.  Ida and I
went out to Frank Bell's to hear about it.


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