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The Newman Family Site
...that's Nigel, Lyn, Anneliese & Stephanie!
Lest it gets too boring, here's
a picture. What we did on our
holidays! We went to Turkey
in September, and did a
sailing course. Had a jolly
good time, too! We left the
kids behind - on purpose - they
had their own holiday in Kent
with Lyn's parents (Wind, rain
and a fuel crisis) whilst we
enjoyed ourselves
enourmously (sun, blue skies,
warm sea and cheap Raki!).
Sometimes our children get
all the luck!
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Site last updated 7th January 2001
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Welcome to our website! Still in it's infancy at the moment, but we're slowly getting the hang of it all.
(Apart from how to get rid of that first page that opens up, provided courtesy of Rootsweb, and
appearing by magic!.....still, we never claimed to be experts!)

Anyhow, the aim of this site is principally to keep everyone up-to-date with what's going on in our
amazingly hectic lives; a few photos of the kids, what they've destroyed recently (e.g. the lounge
carpet - Anneliese!) and so on, and also to put on-line our family history research, so as to share it with
anyone else who has an interest in the same lines as us, and hopefully to make contact with any other
genealogists who may have connections.....and anyway, doesn't everyone have a family website these

Well, Christmas has come and gone, and we survived relatively unscathed (but not so the wine cellar
or the waistlines!), and if it wasn't for the bits of wrapping paper that still turn up, and the even more-
overflowing toybox, it would already be just a distant memory. A new packet of photos has come back
from Bonusprint, so we've taken the opportunity to change the ones of the kids, as they're getting
older so quickly. For exactly the same reason, we're NOT changing the picture of us! (We'll not look
that good again in a hurry!)

Here's Stephanie dressed in her Sunday
best on the occasion of the last visit of
her Nanna & Grand-dad, early in
December. The ever-present La-La
appears to be a bit camera-shy, while
Steffi certainly doesn't! Must've taken
this one before lunch, judging by the
pristine whiteness of Steffi's top!

And here's Anneliese doing her impression
of Kermit's little cousin Kevin, sitting
halfway up the stairs. Yes, I know that the
trousers and jumper don't go that well
together, but she's potty-training at the
moment, and it was one of those bad days
where we were rapidly running out of
trousers, and so aesthetics took a back
seat to practicality! Make the most of this
historical view of the old stair-carpet as
it's soon to be replaced with something a
little more agreeable, thanks to the nice
Insurance people!
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