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The Early Records of the Town of Dedham, Massachusetts 1636 - 1659, The Deadham Transcript
Don Gleason Hill, Dedham, Massachusetts, 1892 vol.3
Call Number: F74.D3E175x
Courtesy of Joan Hersey Olsson,, and her  WorldConnect Database:

Edward Richards shomaker . . . . . . . Trumble Cowp. & Richard Barber ppownded to consideracon against ye next meeting.
Edw: Alleyn, John Kingsbery, John Luson, Elea: Lusher, John Dwite, Robte Hinsdall, John Bacheler
Lot forfated Wheras Thomas Hastings hath sould vnto Edward Richards all yt his Lott Formerly graunted vnto him wth out Cosent of ye Towne & Contrary vnto an order made ye 14th September 1636 wherby ye sayd Lot is become forfated vnto ye Towne: The same is Referred vnto ye aforesayd Seaven Comittees Chosen for ye Towne afayres to be ordered as they shall thinke fitting.
Decemb 28: 1641

Fra: Chickering Edw: Richards Whereas there hath bin cleare proofe made yt the house lotts of Francis Chickering & Edward Richards are defectiue & also that Jno Dwight wants halfe a Lott which remaines yet due to him.

It is therefore Ordered yt whereas the aforesd psons haue nominated & chosen John Kingsbury & the Towne hath on & in behalfe of themselues hath chosen [ ] Lusher for to view setle & determine satisfaction for each of the [ ] as followeth: viz: for John Dwight on the swamp playne for Francis Chickering on the wigwam playne for Ed Richards [ ] against the East end of the lotts in ye est streete & in case the Comittees shall not agree they shall haue power ioyntly to chose whome [ ] shall please as vmpier to determine the same or any of the sd satisfactions: or in case yt in any of [ ] places there shall not be found ground fit or sufficient [ ] liberty & power to make satisfaction els where.

E Richards Edward Richards for defect in his house Lott hath graunted nowe vnto him the other pte of ye hill & vally by the East side of Tho: Wight: Conteyneing 8 acres more or lesse to Rune also to the Swampe as ye sayd Thomas doth at ye North end of the sayd Hill.
December 30 1642 Whereas the Towne hath formerly granted a pcell of land called South hill to be deuided vnto Thomas Wight Robert Gowinge Edward Richards & Georg Barber & for as much as a smale pcell lying nere thereunto falleth conueniently within the compase of the most fit place of setting their fence there is therefore granted to the sd grantees formerly named liberty to take in the sd smale pcell of vpland within their fence: to haue it to themselues & their heyres for euer: this grant to be appoynted & directed by the discresion of John Luson & Henry Chickeringe
These men whose names are vnder written are deputed to view setle & proportion fences to looke to the due extent of high wayes and that ladders be puided according to the order in that case prouided.

Peter Woodward |for the East streete.
Edward Richards |
Daniell Morse |for the midle playne
Nath Colbourne |
John Luson |for the smoth playne
Willm Bullard |
John Kingsbury |for the Iland
Austin Kalem |

The 6 day of the 1 month cald March: 1643
11 month. 1 day At a genrall Meeting of the Whole Town.
1646 assembled
Mr Joh Allen. Pastor, Henry Chickering, Joh Kingsbery, Antho: Fisher, Joh: Luson, Mich Metcalf. seni, Jonath: Fayerbanke, Joh Dwight, Fran: Chickering, Sam: Morse, Nath Aldus, Elea: Lusher, Tho: Wight, mr Ralph Wheelock, Willm Bullard, Joh Gaye, Eldr Joh Hunting, Joseph Kingsbery, Nath: Coalburn, Robt Hinsdell, Timo. Dwight, Pet: Woodward, Joh: Fraery: Rich: Euered, Ed: Kempe, Tho Leader, Ed: Richards, Robt Mason, Dan, Fisher, Hen: Phillips, Josh: Fisher, Lam: Chinery, Joh Fayerbank, Rich: Ellice, Joh: Hayward, Joh Plimpton, Christo: Smith, Geor: Barber, Hen: Smith, Josep: Morse, Robt Gowen, Joh Thurston, Tho: Jordan, Josh: Kent, Joh: Bullard, Josep: Clark, Hen: Wilson, Thw: Strickland, Ben: Smith, Robt Onion, Sam: Mills, Dan: Morse, Geor: Bearstoe, Joh: Batchelor, Mich Bacon, Robt Crossman, Joh: Eaton, Tho. Payne, Tho: Fuller, Joh Moyse, Sam: Judson, Robt Weare, Sam: Bulleyn, Austen Kalem, Jam: Allen, Joh: Ellice, Mich. Metcalf, Ralph Daye, Joh Guilde, Robt Fuller

It was taken into consideration by the Inhabitants aboue named that the Meeting house being yet vnfinished was not a supplye to the congregation & therfor by joynt consent: It is now ordered that the said Meeting house shall be forthwith Compleatly Finished wth as much expedition as may be. And that the Charge therof shall be raised by a Rate. which Rate shall be asessed vpon Estats onely. and shall be distinct from the former Rate mad for the building of that new pt therof. not respecting the same but shall be for the Compleat finishing therof in what sum so euer the former Rate fall short.
Joshua Fisher1 is chosen to be one of the Select men for the yeare ensueng and to keepe the towne booke the rest of the Select men nowe chosen are Capt Eleazer Lusher: Ensigne Fran: Chickering: Jo Haward Petter woodward John Dwight Sergt Daniell Fisher

Nath: Coalburne | Thomas Fuller |
John Bacon | Surveyers John Furington | woodreeues
Robt Ware | Edward Richards |
Antho: Fisher Sen |
The Inhabatance of Dedham doe heerby renewe the former power giuin to any Commettie as in the 28 of the 8 mo 1651 so now to Issue the cause dependinge betwen Naticke and our towne of Dedham is left to the men heere after named Capt Eleazer Lusher Dea: Henry Chickeringe Ensi Fran: Chickeringe Sergt Daniell Fisher and Joshua Fisher
The returne of the Commetie the 20 of the 12 mo

Whereas the Inhabitants of the Towne haueing generally had former notice were met the 23 of the 11 mo 1656 and ther by thier voate then passed declared and acted thier resolution that all the Comon rights of the towne both of Comon feedinge for the home heards of cattell and all devisions of lands should be devided to the prsent Inhabitants by grants made to them being Townesmen & their heyres and assignes for ever by the rules of persons and estats as lands had been formerly devided and that this should be a standing rule for all Comon towne rights heerafter to be granted: and for further explication of thier mind therein did by voate allso resolue vpon the questan that such men as haue hovses or Lands in towne shall recaiue comon rights accordinge to the pportion of thier estates though them selues liue att prsent out of towne and for the effecting heereof Cometted the care trust and power necessary there vnto into the hands of the Select men for the time being: who there vpon haue accordingly made the followeing devision and grants to the persons heere after named alloweinge each person as much as to 8 estate and to estates being valued as formerly in devisions of lands and to towne and Cuntrie rates the whole account beinge putt to gether to every 18 one Cowe or oxe or 5 sheepe with thier increase for one yeare or 5 goates the whole number of Cowe Comons aforesaid being thus granted being 477 and all brokin sumes or fractions that reach not to one Cowe Comon is pportioned to so many sheepe or goats as it will amount vnto and the rule of devison of Lands to be heereafter granted is pportioned to 532 acres according to which pportion & rule each devision is to be made heereafter. be the devident more or lesse

Where vpon is Granted to the men whose names are heere vnder written and to thier assignes for ever To

The sumes of mens estats Cowe Comons Sheep comons Devident: acres parts of acres Rodes
261 -- Mr Joh Allin 14 3 16 1/4 28
149 19 Elder John Hunting 8 3 9 1/2 28
165 19 Capt Eliazer Lusher 9 1 10 1/4 16
141 15 Deac: Hery Chickering 8 3 9 0 36
69 4 Deac Nathan Aldis 3 4 4 1/4 4
117 0 Mich: Metcalfe 6 2 7 0 32
117 3 Anthony Fisher: Sen: 6 3 7 1/4 28
185 10 John Kingsbury 10 1 11 1/4 36
110 6 John Luson 6 1 6 3/4 38
143 9 John Haward 8 0 9 0 0
220 0 John Dwight 12 1 13 1/2 36
309 16 Ensigne Chickering 17 4 20 0 6
51 0 Henry Phillips 2 4 3 0 24
216 10 Joshua Fisher 12 0 13 1/2 0
108 2 Jonath: Fayrbank Sen 6 0 6 3/4 0
182 9 Petter Woodward 10 1 11 1/4 36
168 12 Joseph Kingsbury 9 2 10 1/2 12
31 0 Will Bullard 1 4 2 0 4
151 4 John Eaton 8 2 9 1/4 32
185 0 Rich: Evered 10 1 11 1/4 38
213 19 Nath: Coalburne 11 1 12 1/2 16
40 18 Robt Mason 2 2 2 1/2 34
203 12 John Gaye 11 2 12 3/4 12
24 10 Henry Smith 1 2 1 1/2 12
139 0 Sergt [Danl] Fisher 8 2 9 1/4 32
139 3 Sergt Fayrbanck 7 4 8 3/4 4
110 19 Sergt Avery 6 1 6 3/4 36
225 4 Edward Richards 12 2 13 3/4 32
57 15 Lambert Generey 3 1 3 1/2 16
165 4 Christo: Smith 9 1 10 1/4 16
161 19 Nath: Whitting 9 0 10 0 20
126 6 Theo: Frarey 7 0 7 3/4 20
96 12 John Fayrbanck 5 2 6 1/4 12
197 10 Samll Judson 11 0 12 1/4 20
108 11 Tho Hering 6 0 6 3/4 0
152 0 Rich: Wheeler 8 2 9 1/4 36
166 5 John Furington 9 1 10 1/4 16
104 0 John Aldis 5 4 6 1/2 4
167 7 Tho: Fuller 9 1 10 1/4 16
109 13 Tho Paine 6 0 6 3/4 0
126 15 Robt Ware 7 0 7 3/4 20
95 10 Antho: Fisher: Ju: 5 2 6 0 12
70 10 Thwayts Strickland 4 0 4 1/2 0
125 8 Robt Fuller 7 0 7 3/4 20
41 8 Thomas Metcalfe 2 2 2 1/2 32
76 14 Nath Fisher 4 1 4 1/2 36
136 8 Tho Batle 7 3 8 1/2 4
84 10 Tho Jurdin 4 3 5 0 28
91 19 John Guild 5 1 5 3/4 12
94 6 Andrew Duin 5 1 5 3/4 16
89 10 Samll Milles 5 0 5 1/2 20
9 10 Anthony Hubard 0 3 0 1/2 28
84 10 John Mason 4 3 4 1/2 32
96 1 Ralph Day 5 2 6 0 12
118 10 Henry Wilson 6 3 7 1/4 28
136 7 John Bacon 7 3 8 1/2 8
110 12 Edward Hawes 6 1 6 3/4 36
74 2 Joshua Kent 4 1 4 1/2 36
80 6 Rich Elice 4 2 4 3/4 32
55 10 Robt Onyen 3 0 3 1/4 20
171 1 Tino Dwight 9 3 10 3/4 8
29 19 Joseph Elice 1 3 1 3/4 8
42 0 Ralph Freeman 2 2 2 1/4 32
41 0 John Rice 2 1 2 1/4 36
80 0 Daniell Pond 4 2 4 3/4 32
128 4 Henry Wight 7 1 8 0 16
76 4 Cornelias Fisher 4 1 4 1/2 36
68 10 Jonathan Fayrbank Ju 3 4 4 1/4 4
42 16 James Vales 2 2 2 1/2 32
12 5 John Houghton 0 3 0 1/2 28
91 19 James Draper 5 0 5 1/2 20
21 0 James Thorpe 1 1 1 1/4 16
96 6 Isack Bullard 5 2 6 0 12
33 10 Benja Bullard 1 4 2 0 4
20 15 Samll Fisher 1 1 1 1/4 16
3 6 John Nevton 0 1 0 0 36
9 0 Tho Wight 0 3 0 1/2 28
10 0 Nath Bullard 0 3 0 1/2 28
5 0 Tho Fisher 0 1 0 0 36
The Elections Joshua Fisher is chosin to keep the towne books for the yere insuinge & to be one of the Select men the rest of the Select men are Capt Lusher Elder Huntinge Ensigne Chickering Jonath Farb Jo: Haward Joseph Kingsbury: & invested with the same power that the Select men formerly had:

Rich: Elice | Thomas Fuller
Surveyers Tho: Fuller woodreues | John Furington
Tho Battele | Edward Richards
| Anthony Fisher Sen.
The Towne declare by voat that in case the Indians & the Towne doe not com to composition a bout the land that the Indians make improument of att Naticke with in three months after the datt heerof that then there shall be a generall deuident layd out to the vse of the towne accordinge to the rules allready prposed 4 of the 11 mo 1657
mrd that Joh Thurston pmise and binde himselfe in a sum to Antho Fisher Ju: that if he the said Antho. doe paye & sattisfie 2 10s to Edward Richards. Anno 53 according to the bargaine betwixt the said Joh. & Edward that then the said John shall [ ] the said Antho such a [ ] of 3 Acres of Foule mead now in the hand of ye said Edward as himselfe receaued or shall receae of Edward Kempe


1 May it please this Honourd Court to Ratifie vnto your humble petitioners your grante formerly made of a Plantacion aboue the Falls that we may posesse all that Land which is left out of all former grants vpon that side of Charles Riuer. And vpon the other side five miles square. To haue and enjoye all those Lands Meadowes. Woodes and other grounds. together with all the Waters and other benifits what so euer now being or that may be within the Compasse of the afore said Limits to vs with our ascociats and our assignes for euer.

2 To be freed from all Countrey Charges for foure yeares. And millitarye excercises to be onely in our owne Towne except som extraordinary occasion Require it

3 That such distribution or Alottmts of Lands Meadowes woods &c within our said limits as ar done and pformed by the Grantees their successors or such as shall be deputed there vnto: Shall and may stand for good assureance vnto the seuerall posessors ther of and thier assignes for euer

4 That we may haue Countenance from this Honoured Courte for the well ordering of the Nonage of our scocietie according to the best rule. And to that purpose to assigne vnto vs a Constable that may regard peace and trueth.

5 To distinguish our Towne by the name of Contentment or otherwise what you shall please.

6 And lastly we intreate such other helps as your Wisdoms shall knowe best in favour to grante vnto vs for our well empveing of what we ar thus entrusted withall vnto our pticular but especially vnto the genrall good of this whole weale publike in succeeding times.

Subscribed by all that haue vnder written in Covent at [prst]

1636 The 10th of ye 7 Moneth this Peticion was published in a full Genrall Court and granted as followeth: vizt:

1 That this Plantacion shall haue 3 yeares Immunitie from publike charges

2 That our Towne shall beare the name of Dedham

3 All the rest of ye Peticion fully granted by a genrall voate. freely and cheerefully with out any exception at all where vpon this short Order was drawen vp and Recorded by ye Secretary Mr Bradstreete
Ordered yt the Plantacion to be setled aboue Charles Riuer shall haue. 3 yeares. Immunitie from publike Charges. as Concord had. to be accounted from the first of Maye next. and the name of the said Plantacion is to be Dedham.

To inioye all that Land on the Easterly and southerly side of Charles Riuer. not formerly Granted. vnto any Towne or pticular pson. And allso to haue 5 miles square on ye other side of the River

This Draught: or Tract of our Plantacion. being prsented vnto the Court Genrall. after publishing of our Peticion. It pleased the said Court. by a full consent. to grante our said Towne of Dedham to extend euery waye according to the same forme there in Delineated. without any contradiction at all made of. or concerning the same. being viewed by the whole Courte.

Dedham, Towne Booke, for the Entering, and Recording, of all such Orders as ar or shall be for the Gouerment there of as followeth,

1. We whose names ar here vnto subscribed. doe. in the feare and Reuerence of our Allmightie God, Mutually: and seuerally pmise amongst our selues and each to other to pffesse and practice one trueth according to that most pfect rule. the foundacion where of is Euerlasting Loue:

2 That we shall by all meanes Laboure to keepe of from vs all such. as ar contrarye minded. And receaue onely such vnto vs as be such as may be pbably of one harte, with vs as that we either knowe or may well and truely be informed to walke in a peaceable conuersation with all meekenes of spirit for the edification of each other in the knowledg and faith of the Lord Jesus: And the mutuall encouragmt vnto all Temporall comforts in all things: seekeing the good of each other out of all which may be deriued true Peace

3. That if at any time difference shall arise betwene pties of our said Towne. that then such ptie and pties shall prsently Referre all such difference. vnto som one. 2 or. 3 others of our said societie to be fully accorded and determined. without any further delaye. if it possibly may bee:

4 That euery man that now. or at any time heereafter shall haue Lotts in our said Towne shall paye his share in all such Rates of money. and charges as shall be imposed vpon him Rateably in pportion with other men As allso become freely subiect vnto all such orders and constitutions as shall be necessariely had or made now or at any time heere after from this daye fore warde. as well for Loveing and comfortable societie in our said Towne as allso for the psperous and thriueing Condicion of our said Fellowshipe
especially respecting the feare of God in which we desire to begine and continue. what so euer we shall by his Loveing fauoure take in hand

5 And for the better manefestation of our true resolution heere in. euery man so receaued: to subscribe heere vnto his name. there by obligeing both himself and his successors after him for euer. as we haue done

Names subscribed to the Couenant as followeth:

Robert: Feke
Edward: Alleyn
Samuell: Morse
Philemon Dalton
John: Dwight
Lambert: Generye
Richard: Euered
Ralph: Shepheard
John: Huggin
Ralph: Wheelock
Thomas Cakebread
Henry: Philips
Timothie Dalton
Thomas Carter
Abraham Shawe
John Coolidge
Nicholas Philips
John: Gaye
John Kingsbery
John Rogers
Francis Austen
Ezekiell Holleman
Joseph Shawe
William: Bearstowe
John: Haward
Thomas: Bartlet
Ferdinandoe Adams
Daniell: Morse
Joseph: Morse
John Ellice
Jonathan Fayerbanke
John: Eaton:
Michaell Metcalfe
John Morse
John Allin
Anthony: Fisher
Thomas: Wight
Eleazer: Lusher
Robert: Hinsdell
John Luson
John: Fisher
Thomas: Fisher
Joseph Kingsberye
John Batchelor
Nathaniell Coaleburne
John: Roper
Martin Philips
Henry Smyth
John: Fraerye
Thomas Hastings
Francis Chickering
Thomas: Alcock
William: Bullard
Jonas Humphery
Edward Kempe
John Hunting
Tymothie Dwight
Henry: Deengaine
Henry Brocke
James: Hering
Nathan Aldus
Edward Richards
Michaell Powell
John Elderkine
Michaell: Bacon
Robert Onion
Samuell Milles
Edward Colver
Thomas Bayes
George Bearstowe
John: Bullard
Thomas: Leader
Joseph Moyes
Jeffery Mingeye
James: Allin
Richard Barber
Thomas: Jordan
Joshua: Fisher
Christopher Smith
John Thurston
Joseph Clarke
Thomas: Eames
Peter Woodward
Thwaits Strickland
John: Guild
Samuell Bulleyne
Robert Gowen
Hugh Stacey
George: Barber
James Jordan
Nathaniell Whiteing
Beniamine Smith
Richard: Ellice
Austen: Kalem
Robert: Ware
Thomas: Fuller
Thomas: Payne
John: Fayerbanke
Henry Glover
Thomas Hering
John Plimption
George Fayerbanke
Tymoth Dwight
Andr: Duein
Joseph Ellice
Ralph Freeman
Joh: Rice
Danll Ponde
John Hovghton
Jonathan Fayerbank Jur:
James Vales
Thomas Metcalfe
Robert Crossman
William Avery
John Aldus
John: Mason
Isaac Bullard
Cornelus Fisher
John Partridge
James Draper
James Thorpe
Samuell Fisher
B Benjamin Bullard
Ellice W woode
Thomas Fisher

Equall Charges Number 11 It is Ordered that whosoeuer shall receaue. and posesse Lands in our Towne of what sorte so euer. either by Grante purchase or Inheritance or any other waye shall beare all equall charges with other men according to his pportion that so publike Charges that concerne the Towne may be borne and defrayed from time to time. according as any shall receaue benefit from the same

Waters free 2 It is ordered: that all waters as well Riuers as Ponds shall be kept free from being Appriated except such as shall lye wholley encompassed within any one mans pper Lands. that so the said waters may be kept free for the vse of the Inhabitants. in comon for the vse of Fishing or other wise. as occasion may require

Meeteings opearanee 3 For as much as due and seasonable apearance at publike Towne Meeteings ar oft times much neglected to the hinderance of ye seasonable dispatch of publike occasions and the discouragement of such as giue better attendance. It is for the pruention there of for the time to com Ordered that who so euer of our Towne. that is admitted a Townesman with vs shall delaye more then halfe an houre after the time of meeteing where of he shall haue had reasoneable notice shall paye for that his neglect one shilling: and for the whole time of meeteing being absent he shall paye two shillings and sixe pence except the reasons of his or thier absence in either of the said cases. be apved of by the company assembled. or in case the pson shall declare the reasons of thier absence vpon reasonable demaund. to the select men they shall haue power to issue the same as to them shall apeare meete and in case of refuseale or neglect of seasoneable and due payment as before said, a distresse shall be taken vpon the goods of the pson so not makeing due payemt by warrant from the select men for the time being: directed to the Constable: and for the better execution of this order according to the true intent there of: its allso ordered that euery Towneseman shall be called halfe an houre after after the time appointed is com

Swampe to Lotts 4. It is Ordered by Genrall consent: that euery Twelue Acre Lott shall haue foure acres of swampe granted in the first grante there vnto. besids what may be granted in any deuident of swampe that may afterward be layed out: And that allso: in like manner euery Eight Acre Lott shall haue the like grante of three acres of swampe layed out as due there vnto [etc.]
Granted to these psons whose names are vnder written of vpland ground fit for improuement with the plough as followeth
To: John Kingsbury: 4 acres (???) 13
To: John Hayward: 4 acres 3 roodes
To: Jno Batcheler: 2 acres: 1 roode 37
To: Mich Bacon 4 acres 3 1/2 roodes: 5
To Tho: Alcocke 1 acre 3 roodes: 38
To Robte Weare: (???) 3 roodes. 51
To Tho: Payne: 1 acre 2 roodes. 34
To Austin Kalem 1 acre 2 roodes 50
To Jno Ellis 2 acres (???) 31
To Jno Eaton: 5 acres (???) 26
To Tho Eames 1 acre 1 roode 48
To mr Sam Cooke: 8 acres 2 roodes 39
To Willm Bullard 2 acres (???) 49
To Jno Bullard 0 acre:
John Gaye: 3 acres 3 roodes 36
Thomas Wight 3 acres 3 roodes 4
Anthony Fisher 4 acres (???) 42
Twaits Strickland (???) 3 roodes 32
Henery Chickering: 8 acres 1 roode 53
John Thurston: 4 acres 2 roodes 15
Elizabeth Fisher 3 acres 1 roode 59
Robert Gowen: (???) 3 roodes: 28
Thomas Jorden: 2 acres: 2 roodes 7
James Jorden: 1 acre 3 roodes 20
James Allin: 4 acres 0 (???) 43
John Newton Edward Alleyn 4 acres 1 roode 12
Edward Culuer 3 acres 1 roode 24
Robte Mason 6 acres 2 roodes 40
Mr Jno Allin: pastor: 23: acres (???) 58
Joseph Kingsbury: 4 acres 2 roodes 27
Henry Brocke 5 acres 2 roodes 41
Nathaniell Colbourne 4 acres 3 roodes 55
Henry Phillips 3 acres 2 roodes 14
Nathan Aldus 6 acres 2 roodes 45
Samuell Morse 6 acres 3 roodes 16
John Morse 4 acres 2 roodes 60
Joseph Morse 4 acres (???) 61
Richard Ellis (???) 3 roodes 25
John Hunting Eldr 14 acres: 3 roodes 6
John Roper 5 acres 1 roode
Henry Smith 4 acres 2 roodes 54
Richard Barber 1 acre 2 roodes 11

Lambert Genery: 7 acres (???) 52
Thomas Ledor 3 acres 3 roodes 56
Timothy Dwight 2 acres 1 roode 57
John Dwight 11 acres (???) 22
Nathaniell Whiteing 1 acre 2 roodes 9
Edward Kempe 3 acres 1 roode
Thomas Bayes 2 acres 2 roodes 35
Edward Richards 4 acres: 3 roodes 29
Francis Chickering 14 acres 1 roode 21
Willm Bearstow 8 acres 1 roode 19
Georg Bearstow 1 acre 2 roodes 47
Johnathan Fairbanke 2 acres 2 roodes
John Fairbanke 3 acres (???) 23
Michael Powell 4 acres 1 roode 30
Michael Metcalf 9 acres (???) 17
Henry Wilson 1 acre 2 roodes 44
John Frary 4 acres 2 roodes 2
Eliazer Lusher 13 acres 2 roodes 33
Peter Woodward 4 acres 1 roode 49
Richard Euerard 7 acres 2 roodes 1
John Guyle (???) 3 roodes 10
Fardinando Adams 2 acres 3
James Herringe 2 acres 8
Samuell Bullein
61 Daniell Morse: 18
(+) Ed Richards sell Joshua Fisher seni 5 acres mead. as page 58--13 deed to make
Granted to Edward Kempe & his heyers foreuer Three Acres of Meadowe in Broade Mead: Abutting Charles Riuer East: waste Meadow west. Ed Richards south & Tymo. Dwight North
Edw: Richards And yt they or some of them to Joyne wth John Luson in giveing estate vnto Edw: Richards of yt Lott he bought of Tho: Hastings, pvided yt he subscribe his name vnto ye Towne booke before.
The 29 day of the 10th Month: 1640:

Assembled those whose names are vnder written:

Mr John Alleyn Pastor, Eldr Huntinge, Sam Morse, Mich Metcalfe, Nathan Aldhouse, mr Ralph Wheelocke, John Dwight, Fr: Chickringe, Robt Mason, Tho: Wight, Johnathan Fairbanke, Jno Bullard, Jno Frary, Robt Hinsdell, Joseph Kingsbury, Jno Gaye, Dan: Morse, Ric Euerard, Jno Morse, Jno Ellis, Jno Eaton, Hen Phillips, Ric Barber, Willm Bullard, Jno Batcheler, Ed Richards, Jno Roper, Jno Haward, Dan: Fisher, Jos Fisher, Twaits Strickland, Robt Gowen, Jos Morse, Eli Lusher, Tim: Dwight, John Luson:(???):
Rich. Euerd & Ed Richards Constables thier account. Disbursed by them out of ye Town Rate of 35: 4s as followeth, by bill from ye selectmen

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