New Orleans Historical Maps and Panoramas

Historical Maps
and Panoramas
of New Orleans

     A collection of links to a variety of maps, panoramas,
     and other useful websites on the streets, wards,
     and geographic features of New Orleans, Louisiana.
1860 Mitchell Map of New Orleans
Detail of 1869 Appleton Map
Maps from a variety of sources
that are easy to use and download:
     1856, 1860, 1867, 1869, 1873, 1878, 1891, 1908

Detail of 1815 Tanesse Map
Maps from the Library of Congress and the U.of Alabama
that can be viewed (and some saved):
     1815, 1845, 1860, 1878, 1884, 1898, 1901, 1908, 1912

Detail of 1856 Colton Map
Maps from the David Rumsey Collection
that can be viewed and saved in the MrSID format:
     1838, 1856, 1890, 1897

1883 Robinson
Robinson's 1883 Atlas of the City of New Orleans, Louisiana
Thirty color-coded maps show numbered blocks, individual lots, buildings, addresses, and landmarks. An introduction is here.

1851 Panorama
Panoramas of New Orleans from the Library of Congress
that can be viewed and saved:
     1851, 1863, 1885

Detail of 1880 Ward Map
Links to useful street and ward finding aids,
such as street name and number changes
and other useful information

Detail from Library of Congress Web site
Other map websites
A collection of links to map websites of all kinds

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