The Staten Cemetery
The Staten Cemetery
Echols County (Statenville) Georgia

The Staten Family Cemetery is located about 3 miles south of Statenville, GA on US 129. It is a small family cemetery and well kept. The dates for living persons have been removed for privacy reasons. Any additions or corrections to the Staten Cemetery website are requested.

Baxley, Mrs. Nancy
Bennett, Carol Paula
Bennett, Cleo
Bennett, Clifford
Bennett, Edna Mae
Beech, Edwin F.
Bennett, George W.
Bennett, Harriett G.
Bennett, Ida D.
Bennett, Infant of Clifford & Ida
Bennett, Infant of John
Bennett,James Stewart, Jr.
Bennett, Katie Lee
Bennett, Margaret Cantey
Bennett, Priscilla Dorothy
Bennett, William Clifford, Sr.
Bennett, William Clifford, Sr.(military marker)
Bennett, Zillie.
Brown, Jennings
Brown, Ollie M.
Brown, Oscar J.
Burton, Edward Lee
Burton, Edward Lee (military marker)
Burton, Laura F. McDonald
Chitty, Barbara Ann S.
Chitty, Daily
Chitty, Elsie S.
Chitty, H.L.
Chitty, James
Chitty, James R.
Chitty, Raymond Von Ne
Gilbert, Ellen Ruth Staten
Gilbert, Wendell (recent burial)
Herndon, Nancy Chitty
Hiers, Geraldine McDonald
Howell, Simmie Chitty
Johns, Mrs. Pink
Lanier, Minnie
McDonald, James P.
McDonald, Lagrande S.
McDonald, Terry E.
Mims, Marian
Ray, Minnie S.
Ray, Roy J.
Sapp, George Billy, Jr.
Sapp, George Billy, Jr.(military marker)
Sapp, George Billy, Sr.
Sapp, Jewell Bennett
Scheuerman, Jerry D.
Scholze, Orlando Otto
Scholze, Orlando Otto (military marker)
Staten, Clyde
Staten, Elmo (son of Frank)
Staten, Elmo Frank
Staten, Foch
Staten, Foch (military marker)
Staten, Frank
Staten, Infant of James
Staten, Infant of Wilmer
Staten, James
Staten, James, Jr.
Staten, Joyce W.
Staten, Laura
Staten, F. Lavon
Staten, Louise B.
Staten, Mabel McCall
Staten, Quinton D.
Staten, Ruth Hill
Staten, Sallie Walker
Staten, Sam
Staten, Samuel (CSA marker)
Staten, Samuel H.
Staten, Sam L.
Staten, Tammy Sabrina
Staten, Thelma
Staten, Theodora
Staten, Tina Marie
Staten, Walter J., Jr.
Staten, Walter J., Sr.
Zanders, Charlie
Zanders, Pinkie Mae Bennett

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