Newfoundland and Ellis Island Connection

The Ellis Island Connection

(Some) Newfoundlanders at Ellis Island, New York 1892 - 1924

Ellis Island

Historic immigration center located on a small island in New York Harbor, in the upper bay just off the New Jersey coast, within the shadow of the Statue of Liberty.
Ellis Island

According to information on the American Family Immigration History Center web site, (a.k.a. the Ellis Island site) between 1892 and 1924, more than 22 million immigrants, passengers, and crew members came through Ellis Island at the Port of New York. In the surviving ship manifests, some details can be found about each person who passed through the immigration lines at this historic location. Recently, through the efforts of volunteers of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, these manifests have been transcribed into a large database which can be accessed and searched via the Internet. As can be imagined, the Ellis Island Database (EIDB) is of great interest to researchers worldwide. Its popularity is so great that the web site appears to be continuously bombarded by heavy volumes of search requests, resulting in long search delays and frequent server timeouts.

Preliminary research of the Ellis Island ship manifests indicates that many Newfoundlanders were amongst the millions who passed through this historic immigration center. The purpose of this web site is two-fold. The main intent is to gather, to one location, alphabetical lists of Newfoundlanders extracted from the millions of entries on the ship manifests. Although we were only a small part of overall immigrants to the US, a substantial number of Newfoundland-born individuals and families choose to start a new life there.

The second motive for creating this site is to circumvent part of the problem, mentioned above. Retrieving, and storing static images of search results on this site, alleviates the long search delays that are inevitable when doing real-time searches of the Ellis Island Database. The arrangement on this site gives researchers an opportunity to quickly view the names of all individuals identified as Newfoundlanders, using simple browser navigation. Furthermore, if you are successful, and find a name of interest on this site, more in-depth information for an individual may still be retrieved through links that are provided to the appropriate documents on the Ellis Island web site. Although these links take you back into the Ellis Island web site, this part of the search process does not seem to be as prone to long delays and server timeouts, therefore retrieval is usually much faster.

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