Artists Rendering of Coat-Of-Arms


I received an email from one of our Boatright list members who sent this in and he has graciously consented to share it with us.  Thank you Dennis Boatright for submitting this for our Boatright Family Heritage site.


This symbol is an artists rendering of a coat-of-arms sent to my grandfather by the research department of the Boston Public Library some 60 years ago.   In their letter of transmittal, the library provided 2 sources:
        (1)  'History of the College of Corpus Christi in the University of Cambridge", by Robert Masters; p. 43; and
        (2) "Proceedings of Cambridge Antiquarian Society", p. which was found the statement "Coat-of-Arms granted to John Botwright, D.D (Master of the College of Corpus Christi) about 1443 by Henry VI".
     The description was:
                The Shield:                        Azure
                The Anchors:                     Silver
                The Tetragonal pyramids:    Black
                The fess(space between the two horizontal lines
                     drawn across the field in the center):   Silver.





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