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Dedicated to the Memory of my wife Alysoun Keeler 1958 - 2004

Last updated January 2017
Apologies that I still haven't managed to update this website as much as I would have wanted, pressures of work and family life have meant that my Keeler studies have gone on the back burner. However I am still interested in hearing from fellow researchers.

This is the introductory page to the UK KEELER Genealogy website. I live in Bristol in the UK and have been interested in Genealogy for a little while now. I have managed to trace my Keeler line back to 1762 in Norfolk, England and have established contact with a number of other Keeler researchers across the world. If you are doing some Keeler ancestry work then drop me a line at the email address above and we can compare notes. I have already managed to put a number of people in touch with new lines of their family history so let me see if I can help you.
I have also put together some pages that people who have ancestors from the villages of Corpusty and Saxthorpe may fine helpful. They can be accessed at Corpusty and Saxthorpe Genealogy Homepage

UK Keeler Genealogy Homepage

I would welcome any additional details that you would be willing to share.

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