The following information is a collation from the Probate Index 1901 to 1941

The following information is a collation from the Probate Index 1901 to 1941

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KEELER William of 4 Brockman Road Folkestone gentleman dies 17 October 1901 Probate Canterbury 23 November to 
Eliza Widow. Effects 2074 16s 7d.

KEELER .Jessey of 39 Beaumont Road Greengale Plaistow Essex died 7 December 1901 at the West Ham-infirmary 
Union-road West Ham Essex Probate London 7 May to Alfred Cook gas-stoker Effects 60 0s. 2d.

KEELER Henry of 76 Berkeley-road Bishopston Bristol retired music-seller died 11 April 1902  Probate Bristol 
12 May to Ruldolph Matthew Keeler pawnbroker and Albert Ernest Keeler shopkeeper Effects 18770 1s. 9d.

KEELER Henry of 2 Manwood's-hospital St. Stephen's near Canterbury died 10 April 1901 Probate Canterbury 18 
February to William Banks licensed victualler Effects 13 14s. 8d.

KEELER William of Bergh Apton Norfolk died 6 June 1902 Administration London 4 April to Georgina Keeler widow 
Effects 407 15s. 6d. 

KEELER Robert of Forncett St. Peter Norfolk inn keeper and coal merchant died 1 July 1903 Probate Norwich  15 
July to Anna Keeler widow Effects 516 12s. 

KEELER Mary Ann Page of Knoll Villa Sandgate Kent spinster died 26 January 1903 Probate Canterbury 21 July to 
Charlotte Harriet Jane Keeler spinster Effects 533 2s. 2d. 

KEELER William of St. Mary's near New Romney Rent died 11 March 1904 Probate London 27 April  Susannah Keeler 
widow and William Else farmer Effects 1037. 

KEELER Stephen of Bladbean Elham Kent retired  farmer died 19 December 1903 Probate Canterbury 3 February to 
Emma Keeler widow Effects 592. 

KEELER Jonathan of 5 West Wood Road Seven Kings Essex died 27 September 1905 Administration London 1 March to 
Emma Keeler widow Effects 30 10s. 

KEELER Susannah of Ivy Cottage St. Marys Romney Kent widow died 24 June 1905 at Newchurch Ashford Kent Probate 
London 11 July to Henry Else farmer and Eliza Richardson (wife of Charles Richardson Effects 1166 18s.11d. 

KEELER Ann Marler of North Walsham Norfolk widow  died 12  January 1901 Probate Norwich 8 February to Elizabeth 
Marler At Le Neve and Mary Marler Frankland  widows Effects 306 1s. 4d. 

KEELER George of 6 Sternbrook Dover died 9 April 1906 at Dover works Dover Administration  London 27 April to 
Marie Louise Alice Marliner Keeler widow Effects 44 5s. 9d.

KEELEH Richard of Priory Villa King's Road Herne Bay Kent died 7 September 1901 Probate London 20  July to Eliza 
Keeler widow Effects 1639 2s. 8d. 

KEELER Mary Ann of Undercliffe Cottage North Lane Sandgate Kent widow died 10 January 1905 Administration London 
28 March to Edward Thomas Keeler coal merchant and carrier. Effects 16 12s 8d. 

KEELER Eliza of 4 Brockman-road Folkestone widow died 10 December 1907 Probate Canterbury 1 February to Thomas 
Keeler dairyman and Arthur Cox solicitor's clerk. Effects 1270 15s. 4d.

KEELER Ann of 2 Elcote Avenue Commercial Road Teckhawl' Surrey widow died 3 October 1907 Probate London 17 October 
to William Thomas Keeler lamp inspector Effects 176 13s 4d.

KEELER Edward Thomas of 1 Underhill Cheriton Kent died 21 April 1910 Probate London 31 May to Emily Sarah Keeler 
widow Effects 499 I6s 6d.

KEELER Walter of 46 High Street Hvthe Kent baker died 3 December 1911Administration Canterbury 3 July to Rosa Emma 
Howett spinster. Effects 205.

KEELER Harriet of the Royal Norfolk Hotel Folkestone widow died 17 May 1912 Probate Canterbury 5 June to Ellen 
Keeler and Frances Harriet Keeler spinsters. Effects 1025 3s 11d.

KEELER Elizabeth of Rosa Villa Cawston Norfolk (wife of Robert Keeler) died 30 November 1911 Administration Norwich 
11 January to the said Robert Keeler Mole catcher. Effects 211 4s 9d.

KEELER Margaret of 159 Lees Road Durham (wife of James Keeler) died 24 April 1913 Administration Manchester 13 June 
to the said James Keeler ironmonger . Effects 121 11s 6d.

KEELER Caroline of Ashley House New-street Ashford Kent widow died 28 February 1913 Administration (with Will limited) 
London 19 July to William Lewin secretary the attorney of Annie Steddy. Effects 67 3s 11d. 

KEELER Arthur William of 372 King's Road Chelsea Middlesex died 8 November 1913 at St. Georges Hospital Westminster 
Administration London 5 December to Jane Keeler widow. Effects 266  12s. 

KEELER Thomas of The Lodge The Zoological Gardens Clifton Bristol keeper died 20 December 1913 Administration Bristol 
2 April to Emily Keeler widow. Effects 91 12s. 

KEELER James of 3 Ridgeway Cottages Milford Surrey died 9 September 1914 Probate London 28 September to Sarah Keeler 
widow. Effects 317 6s. 2d. 

KEELER Thomas of 37 Tankerville Street West Hartlepool died 25 January 1915 at West Hartlepool Probate Durham 8 
February to Mary Ann Keeler widow. Effects 685 10s. Resworn 805 10s. 

KEELER Robert of Gorleston Suffolk twinespinner died 17 September 1894 Administration Ipswich 5 October to Lydia 
Adeline Baker (wife of George Baker)_ Effects 35. 

KEELER Robert of 8 Soap House Row Gainsborough Lincolnshire died 10 April 1917 Probate London 8 June to Christmas 
John Bradfield butcher. Effects 17

KEELER Sydney of 33 The Grove Palmers Green Middlesex died 9 July I918 Administration London 17 August to Emma 
Keeler widow. Effects 335 11s. 2d. 

KEELER Adam of 2 The Crescent Sandgate Kent died 17 February 1919 at 9 The Crescent Probate London 10 January to 
William Rutley Mowll solicitor. Effects 3695 11aIEs. Resworn 3240 11s

KEELER Robert of Cawston Norfolk died 6 September 1920 Probate Norwich 22 December to Walter Robert Keeler Mole 
catcher. Effects  1094 3s 11d

KEELER Emma Jane of Joslin 'Villa South Bank Chichester widow died 30 August 1920 Probate London 7 November to Harry 
John Greenfield pensioner. Effects 902 16s. 9d. 

KEELER Emily of 20 ?? Road Folkestone (wife of Abraham Keeler) died 14 February 1920 Administration Canterbury 5 
April to the said Abraham Keeler pensioned police constable. Effects 491 18s. I ld. 

KEELER Stephen of Joslin Villa South Bank Chichester died 27 February 1920 Administration (with Will) London 13 
January to Harry John Greenfield naval pensioner. Effects 747 19s. 5d. 

KEELER Sarah of16 Hermon Hill Snaresbrook Essex widow died 26 April 1920 Probate London 9 September to John ?? 
manager Effects 155 7s 6d. 

KEELER Mary Ann of 37 Tankerville Street West Hartlepool widow died 28 March 1921 Probate London 17 September 
to Francis William John Webb solicitor and Francis McNeill ships' plater Effects  1680 7s 11d.

KEELER Jane of 2 Mavarino Road Dalston Middlesex spinster died 14 June 1920 Probate London 28 January toJohn 
Keeler and John Henry Keeler tailors. Effects ??? 1s. 7d. 

KEELER George of Stalham Norfolk died 17 November 1920 at Thorpe near Norwich Probate London 19 February to Walter 
Henry Keeler butcher. Effects 20 10s. 10d. 

KEELER Henri Beethoven of 89 Staple Hill Road Fishponds Bristol pawnbroker died 20 March 1922 Probate Bristol 22 
August to Frank Arthur Keeler and Percv Keeler pawnbrokers. Effects 21814 2s. 7d. 

KEELER Hannah of 9 Alexandra Park Redland Bristol Spinster died 1 May 1922 Probate Bristol 18 May to Edwin Joseph 
Cridland commercial clerk. Effects 345. 

KEELER David George John of the Sun Inn St. Bicolasyat-Wade Kent died 26 July 1922 at the Cottage Hospital Margate 
Administration (with Will) London 25 November to Eliza Keeler widowv. Effects ??? ?s. 

KEELER the reverend Wilfred Russell of Raslie Kilmartin Argyll  clerk died 20 January 1923 Administration London 20 
May to Arthur George Keeler retired civil servant. Effects 221 6s. 1d. 

KEELER Rudolph Mathew of 76 Berkeley-road Bishopston Bristol pawnbroker died 19 January' 1923 Probate Bristol 30 May 
To Rudolph Henry Albert Keeler and Reginald Arthur Keeler pawnbrokers. Effects 8006 4d. 

KEELER Mary Clara of Milnis House Swingfield Kent widow died 16 May 1923 Probate London 26 October to Thomas Keeler 
engine driver and Hannah Keeler spinster. Effects 238 ?s. 8d. 

KEELER James of 1 Pastures Springhead Yorkshire died 18 February 1923 Probate Wakefield 26 March to James Herbert 
Keeler ironmonger. Effects 238 9s. 8d. 

KEELER George Frederick of Eythorne near Dover died 22 July 1923 Probate London 11 October to Travers Bidder Flarby 
solicitor and Elizabeth Keeler widow. Effects 3594 7s. 9d. 

KEELER Abraham of 20 Bonscer Road Folkestone police pensioner died 23 May 1923 Probate Canterbury 7 June to Austin 
John Wright master grocer. Effects 353 7s.9d. 

KEELER Robert Charles of 285 Bramford Road Ipswich died 10 November 1924 Probate Ipswich 10 December to Elizabeth 
Louisa Ellen Keeler widow. Effects 442 6s. 8d. 

KEELER John of High Street Limpsfield Surrey died February 1924 Probate London 28 June to John Henry Keeler tailor 
and George Keeler accountant. Effects 552 2s. 10d. 

KEELER Jane of 8z Mercers Road Tufnell Park Middlesex spinster died 20 August 1924 Administration London 11 September 
to James Richard Keeler optician. Effects 528 16s 8d. 

KEELER Eliza of The Home Herme Common Kent widow died ?? July I924 Administration London 10 February to Arthur 
Keeler joiner. Effects 30 

KEELER Arthur of. 8o Berwick Street Willington Quay Northumberland died 31 March 1924 Administration London 19 June 
to Louise Keeler widow. Effects 98 10s. 

KEELER Thomas of Oulton next Aylsham Norfolk died 17 December 1925 Probate Norwich 8 June to Mary Keeler spinster. 
Effects 450 3s. 8d. 

KEELER Charlotte Elizabeth of 6 Holly Gardens Southchurch Road Southend-on-Sea Essex (wife of Arthur Edward Keeler) 
died 26 October 1925 at Weston-on-Sea Essex Administration London 1 May to the said Arthur Edward Keeler stockbroker's 
clerk. Effects 11 14s 7d. 

KEELER Annie Helena of 278 Fishponds Road Bristol (wife of Albert Ernest Keeler) died 26 May 1925 Administration 
Bristol 27 June to the said Albert Ernest Keeler gentleman. Effects 221 17s. 

KEELER Annie of Aylsham Norfolk spinster died 1 January 1925 Administration (with Will) Limited) Norwich 23 September 
to Henry Gidney solicitor and Julia Smith Browne (wife of Edmund Dennis Browne), Effects 649 5S. 6d. 

KEELER William Thomas of 134 Ivydale Road Sunhead Survey died 18 February 1927 Probate London 28 March to Sidney Keeler 
commercial clerk and William Twose commercial traveller. Effects 1465 1s.7d.

KEELER George Poltick of The Royal Norfolk Hotel Sandgate Kent died 5 March 1927 at the Royal Victoria Hospital
 Folkestone Probate London 1 May to Ellen Keeler and Frances Harriett Keeler spinsters and Squire Keeler hotel 
proprietor. Effects 2158 19s.10d. 

KEELER Emily Sarah of Underhill Cottage Sandgate Kent widow died 26 April 1927 Probate London 30 May to James 
Thomas Palmer draper. Effects 2231 13s 6d.

KEELER Mary Jane of 1 Cheltenham-villas Stanley Road Croydon Surrey (wife of Lewis George Keeler) died 18 August 
1927 at Tunbridge Wells Hospital Kent Administration (with Will) London 21 July to Jane Louisa Keeler widow. 
Effects 795. 

KEELER Mary Ann of Seal Chart Seal near Sevenoaks Kent widow died 18 April 1928 at Birchheld House Infirmary 
Sundridge Kent Probate London 9 June to Arthur Greensted Anderson grocer. Effects 135 2s. 11d.

KEELER Lewis George of The Bungalow Beaconsfield Road Hastings died 27 May 1928 probate London 2 July to Jane 
Louisa Keeler widow. Effects 4280 I8s. 6d. 

KEELER Elizabeth Jane of 67 Church Road Murston Sittingbourne Kent (wife of Henry Eli Keeler) died 8 May 1929 
Administration Canterbury 3 July to the said Henry Eli Keeler cement factory labourer. Effects 466. 

KEELER William Robert of 87 Athelstan Road Faversham Kent died 27 October 1929 Probate London 21 November to 
Benjamin John Keeler engineer's fitter. Effects 1491 7s.  

KEELER Emma of 3 Higham Road Tottenham Middlesex widow died 4 August 1929 at North Middlesex Hospital Edmonton 
Middlesex Probate London 20 September to Eva Charlotte Jane Keeler spinster. Effects 223 13s. 8d. 

KEELER Edith Bellingham of DarcVille Old Top-road Ore (wife of Frank Stephen Keeler) died 22 June 1029 late 
Lewes 10 August to the said Frank Stephen Keeler builder and Doris Edith Keeler and Kathleen Mary KEELER 
spinsters. Effects 1301 9s.

KEELER Thomas John of 43 Goldie-street Camberwell Surrey died 15 October 1930 at Long Grove Mental Hospital 
Epsom Surrey Probate London 1 December to Jessie Keeler widow. Effects 270 14s. 

KEELER Mary Jane of 5 Hawthorne-terrace VVhite-1e-Head county Durham widow died 6 October 1930 Probate 
Durham 31 October to John Keeler and Joseph Keeler miners. Effects 276 14s. 10d. 

KEELER George James of 51 Rangefield Road Downham Bromley Kent died 27 December 1929 Probate London 
5 March to Emma Keeler widow. Effects 190 5s. 11d.

KEELER Frank John of Brabourne Sutton-by-pass-road Cheam Surrey died 13 July 1930 Probate London 20 
August to Mary Keeler widow. Effects 1540 5s. 

KEELER Eliza Ann Sarah of Cawston Norfolk spinster died 25 -February 1925 Probate Norwich 24 June to 
Walter Robert Keeler mole catcher. Effects 31 8s. 8d. 

KEELER Eliza of 1 Eskdale Avenue Oldham (wife of Herbert Keeler) died 5 September 1930 at 449 Rochdale-road 
Oldham administration (with will) Manchester 6 October to the said Herbert Keeler ironmonger. Effects 1620 2s. 7d. 

KEELER John of 10 Staveley Road Peckham Surrey died 10 August 1931  Camberley Surrey London 24 September to 
Albert William Reed clerk. Effects 679 13s. 

KEELER Eliza of 10 Hadrian Road Wallsend Northumberland widow died 27 April 1931 Probate Northumberland 5 
May to Susannah Starkey spinster- Effect 159 12s 

KEELER William of 68 Macfarlane Road Shepherds Bush London died 12 June 1932 at 28 Marls Road Kensington 
Middlesex Administration London 20 July to Caroline Agnes Keeler widow. Effects 873 17s. 4d. 

KEELER Walter Robert of Cawston Norfolk died 21 June 1932 at Aylsham Norfolk Probate Norwich 31 August to 
Elizabeth Gar widow land Elizabeth Harriet Garter Neale spinster. Effects 1140 16s. 2d. 

KEELER Ellen of 4 Chichester Villas Sandgate Kent spinster died 22' July 1932 Probate London 3 September 
to Squire Keeler of independent means and Frances Harriett Keeler spinster/ Effects 3183 5s 1d.

KEELER Edgar of 35 Brackenborough Road Louth Lincolnshire died 19 January 1932 Administration London 1 
May to Mary Jane Keeler widow. Effects 190. 

KEELER Arthur of 27 Rosenthorpe Road Peckham Rye Surrey died 15 October 1931 Administration London  26 
January to Kathleen Emily Keeler widow. Effects 621 15s.  

KEELER Harriet Jane otherwise Harriet of 5 St. Johns Hospital Northgate Canterbury (wife of Henry Edward 
Keeler) died 18 March 1933 Administration London 8 May to the said Henry Edward Keeler retired builder. 
Effects 102 2s. 11d. 

KEELER Ellis Britter of The Martello Tea Rooms Dymchurch (Kent and of 1 Fawe Park-road Putney Surrey died 
 5 August 1933 at The Martello Tea Rooms Probate London 7 September to Ellen Elizabeth Potts (wife of 
William Potts) . Effects 162. 

KEELER Annie Maria of 5 Windmill Street Hythe Kent spinster died 14 July 1919 Administration London 14 
January to Stephen George Keeler tobacconist. Effects 2316 9s 5d. 

KEELER Mary Ann of 16 Albert Road Plymouth widow died 12 May 1934 Probate London 14 June to Kate Susan 
Mary Whitburn (wife of Holwill Bneallick Whitburn) and Lilian Mabel Wadian (wife of Sydney John Thomas 
Wadian) . Effects 2456 19s 5d.

KEELER Ellen of 41 Stebondale-street Cubitt Town Poplar Isle of Dogs Middlesex widow died March 1935 
Probate London 20 April to Frederick Keeler barman. Effects 203.

KEELER Elizabeth of 2 Southdown-cottages Eytlhorne Dover widow died 6 March 1935 Administration 
(limited) London 18 May to Elssie Goulder (wife of Alfred Thomas Goulder attorney of William Marsh. 
Effects 92 7s. 7d.

KEELER Mary of 33 Howard-street Jarrow county Durham (wife of Thomas Keeler) died 5 June 1935 
Administration Newcastle-upon-Tyne 10 October to the said Thomas Keeler retired coal merchant. Effects 
766 0s 10d. 

KEELER George Jesse of 36 lvy Way Folkestone  died 25 July 1935 Administration London' 6 September to 
Lavinia Keeler widow. Effects 85 9s. 5d, 

KEELER George of Fenchurch Cottage Cley next the Sea Norfolk died 1O February 1935 at the Union House 
West Peckham Norfolk Probate Norwich 16 March to Benjamin Fox farmer- Effects 1107 16s. M. Resworn 289 3s 6d. 

KEELER Clara of Fenchurch Cottage Cley next the Sea Norfolk widow died 15 February 1935 Probate Norwich 
18 May to Benjamin Fox farmer. Effects 944 14s. 6d. 

KEELER Amelia Susannah otherwise Amelia Suhannah otherwise Minnie Amelia of Bolt Cottage Shelvin Lane 
Wootton near Gantham spinster died 24 August 1935 Probate London 26 September to Benjamin Woodcock 
Keeler bricklayer. Effects 402 5s.

KEELER Richard Samuel of Bradwell Suffolk died 24 November 1936 Probate Ipswich 29 December to Frederick 
Henry KEELER market gardener and john Robert Skeritt confectioner Effects 312.

KEELER Bernard Ashton of I15 Harton-lane South Shields ' died I4 February 1936 Probate Durham 5 May to 
Ann Keeler widow. Effects 734 3s. 

KEELER Annie Christian of Lynton Charlton Lane Leckhampton Cheltenham spinster died 22 October I936 
Probate Gloucester I7 November to George Henry Keeler engineer. Effects 242 18s. 8d

KEELER Robert James of 3 Rushcroft Road Walthamstowe Essex did 30 April 1937 on the Southend Arterial 
Road Essex Administration London 14 June to Eliza Elizabeth Keeler widow. Effects 1545 16s. 3d. 

KEELER Kathleen of 91 Westcombe Hill Blackheath London S.E.3 (wife of Frederick George Keeler) died 17 
March 1937 Administration London 29 September to the said Frederick George Keeler of no occupation. 
Effects 376 5s, 10d 

KEELER Emma of 18 Priory-Road Hastings (wife of Walter Ernest Keeler) died 29 November 1936 Probate Lewes 
4 June to George Alfred Herington solicitor Sidney Herbert Bishop gentleman and Albert Callaway surveyor,
 Effects 2874 17s. 7d. 

KEELER Frances Harriett of 4 Chichester Villas Sandgate Folkestone spinster died 2 October 1938 Probate 
London 5 December to Bertram Harry Bonniface solicitor and Sybil Iris Keeler spinster. Effects 4219 1s.
 5d. Resworn 4703 10s. 10d. 

KEELER Frances Alice of Avondale Little Comberton Worcestershire widow died 21 January 1938 at Kingslea
 Nursing Home Mulgrove Road Sutton Surrey Probate London 22 March to Mabel Fannie Keeler spinster. 
Effects 912 1s. 9d. 

KEELER Charles Davis of St. Annes Stanwell Middlesex died 26 October I937 at Granard House 98* Arthur street
 Fulham Road Middlesex Probate London 7 February to Charles Henry Keeler optician Geneva Helen Russell (wife 
of Harold Russell) Lillian Florence Keeler widow and Harry Borradaile solicitor. Effects 11179 13s.11d. 

KEELER Winifred Florence of 62 Church-road Murston Sittingbourne Kent widow died 20 February 1939 Administration 
(limited) Oxford 27 March to Olive Louise Martin (wife of William James Martin) and George Arthur Stanley Prosser 
boot company manager. Effects 158 Is. 9d. 

KEELER Sarah of The Street Foxley Norfolk widow died 25 February 1939 Administration Norwich 26 August to Florence 
Mabel Lynn (wife of Thomas Frederick Lynn). Effects 165 3s. 4d  

KEELER Harriett of Thorn Farm Eynstead Stelling Minnis near Canterbury (wife of James Knight Keeler) died 21 
June 1931 Administration Lewes 15 December to the said James Knight Keeler retired farmer. Effects 475. 

KEELER Frederick George of Twyford Abbey Park Royal Harlsden Middlesex died 1 April 1939 at Morden Surrey 
Administration (limited) London 8 December to David William Keeler grocer and Winifred Mary Dakins (wife of 
Henry Emest Springate Dakins). Effects 564 9s. 11d. 

KEELER Charles John of The Manse Higham Road Rushden Northamptonshire died 21 May 1939 at the General Hospital 
Northampton Probate London 15 June to Jane Keeler widow and Thelma Sturgess (wife of Charles Alfred Sturgess) . 
Effects 4984 15s. 2d. 

KEELER Olive Ellen of 15 Gordon Road Maidenhead Berkshire (wife of David William Keeler) died 24 October 1939 
Probate Oxford 11 January to the said David William Keeler grocer. Effects 317 15s. Ld. 

KEELER Frederick of 41 Stebondale Street Cubitt Town Middlesex died 28 August 1940 at St. Andrews Hospital Bow 
Middlesex Administration Llandudno 30 October to Florence Austin (wife of Charles Austin) . Effects 140 9s. 5d. 

KEELER Emily of 1 Claremont Road Bishopston Bristol 7 widow died 4 January 1940 Probate Bristol 28 February to 
Charles Thomas Davis mortgage broker. Effects 1246 2s. 6d. 

KEELER Cornelius of 4 Ernest-street Jarrow county Durham died 26 October 1940 at Hebbum Infirmary Hebburn 
county Durham Administration Newcastle-upon-Tyne 2 December to Margaret Keilor Keeler widow. Effects 454 
12s. 11d. 

KEELER Albert Edgar of 20 Graves Trust Houses Little Norton Lane Sheffield died 17 September 1940 Probate 
Wakefield 19 October to the Yorkshire Penny Bank Limited. Effects 244 1s. 9d. 

KEELER William George of 45 Birch-crescent Ardley Green Hornchurch Essex died 25 August 1935 Administration 
(with Will) Llandudno 23 August to Willam Moore warehouseman. Effects 445. 

KEELER WaIter of 18 Priory-road Hastings died 7 October 1940 Probate Lewes 6 February to George Alfred Herington 
solicitor John Lloyd retired printer and Albert Callaway surveyor. Effects 6213 11s. 10d. 

KEELER Mary Martha of Dunrovin School Road Ludham Norfolk spinster died 3 October I941 Administration (with Will) 
Norwich 10 December to William Samuel Keeler retire school- master. Effects 972 10s. 11d. 

KEELER Gladys of 45 Birch-crescent Ardley Green Hornchurch Essex widow died I0 December 1940 Probate Llandudno 
2 May to William Moore warehouseman. Effects 820 3s. 2d. 

KEELER Florence Helena of 22 Sixth-Avenue Lancing Sussex (wife of William Thomas Keeler) died 29 August 1941 
Probate Llandudno 30 October to the said William Thomas Keeler retired railway clerk. Effects 1092 7s. 5d. 

KEELER Emily Louise of The Heath Stourport-on-Severn Worcestershire widow died 6 May 1941 Administration 
Birmingham 12 August to Vera May Gamble (wife of Herbert William Gamble). Effects 226 12s. 7d. 

KEELER Edwin Hardyman of 1 The Green Saltwood Hythe Kent died 23 September 1941 at Hill House Lyminge Kent 
Administration Lewes 17 November to Lilian Ada Roberts (wife of James Stephen Roberts). Effects 181 8s.