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David Nicol & Janet Bremner: Somewhere in Scotland, about the year 1740, was born a man we know as David Nicol. Although his early life is a mystery to us, one thing is sure: in 1763, he married Janet (Jannet) Bremner (b c1740). We know this from Church records, because they fined him for being with child too close to the marriage date. We have no further information on the child of 1763.

The first child we have a record of is Alexander b-1767 at Gooseburn Farm on the Black Isle, Ross & Cromarty Scotland. David & Janet then had John, James, Janet & Isobel (born 1782). (Likely, there were others children, since families then were usually large.)


Alexander's line: Son Alexander Nicol (1767-1855) married Margaret Forsyth in 1794. They lived at Auchterflow, probably a Laird's holding on the Black Isle near Avoch. They had 10 children: David-1795, William-1796, Janet-c1798, Christian "Cursty"-1799, Alexander-1802, John-1805, James-1807, Margaret-1811, Isabella-1814, and Charles-1817.

Christina (Cursty) Nicol

Heneretta Nicol (b 1846) & Andrew MacKenzie

Alexander Nicol (b circa 1860) & Jane Urquhart

Margaret Nicol (b 1811) & Alexander Corbet ---> Australia

Alexander Nicoll (b 1802) & Lydia Bain ---> North America

Ann Nicoll (b 1839) & James Dinsdale

William Nicoll & Emma Swindlehurst

Christiana Nicoll (b 1851) & Robert McConnell


John's line: Son John Nicol of Auchterflow married Ann Bain on 04 August 1871 and had four children: Ann, Janet, David & Thomas.

Thomas' son, John Nicol born 1833 & Christina Cameron

Marjory Nicol born circa 1877

Thomas Nicol  b 1871 & Annie Broome ---> Australia

Charles Nicol b 1873 & Alex Nicol  b 1881 ---> Canada

Christina Nicol b 1874 & John James Fraser McBain


Isabel's line: Daughter Isabel Nicol married Alexander Corbett at Cattenach Croft Gooseburn on 25 July 1807. They had seven children: Janet, John, Alexander, Margaret, John, James & Elizabeth. Her son Alexander Corbet married his cousin Margaret Nicol, daughter of Alexander Nicol & Margaret Forsyth.

Isabel Nicol & Alexander Corbet


James' line: Son James Nicol married Christian Forsyth, the sister of Margaret above. They had eleven children.


Janet's line: Daughter Janet Nicol married William Taylor on 18 March 1807.





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