Family of Cowell, John and Troward, Alice


Married Husband Cowell, John [I0271]
Married Wife Troward, Alice [I0444]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E2913] 1700-07-16 St. Lawrence, Ramsgate, Kent, England Marriage of COWELL, John and TROWARD, Alice
  1. Cowell, John [I0893]
  2. Cowell, Sarah [I0458]
  3. Cowell, Edward [I0661]
  4. Cowell, Benjamin [I0611]
  5. Cowell, Jane [I0018]
  6. Cowell, William [I0145]
  7. Cowell, Troward [I0300]
  8. Cowell, Martha [I1038]
  9. Cowell, Beaton [I0325]
  10. Cowell, Joseph [I0457]


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Source References

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